Make Money Fast The Law of Attraction of Wealth

Make Money Fast The Law of Attraction of Wealth

Want to learn how to make money effortlessly? keep reading as I reveal the Ultimate Law of Attraction and how to successfully apply it in your life.

Life is governed by rules or laws enacted from time immemorial. If you learn to play by the rules, you will be good at anything you do. My experience as an entrepreneur is something I treasure and the reason is that it is shaped by events, people and memories. My responsibility gives me the opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life; all with different perceptions.

There are those who believe that the rich are greedy and wicked; there are those who want government to take from the rich and give from the poor, as well as those who wonder how one person can save billions of dollars when the majority of the population is struggling with poverty. This article is the answer to your questions about wealth attraction.

There are so many laws to attract wealth, but I will only focus on the final law. This unique law is the key to immense wealth and is known to all; but the problem is, most people don’t understand how to apply the law to their own interests.

So in this article I am going to reveal to you the ultimate secret to attracting wealth and how to use it to make money effortlessly. Who are those who have successfully used the law for their own good ?

Men and women who amassed billions of dollars using the absolute law of attraction of wealth

Here are the men and women who have used this law to their advantage:

  • Thomas edison
  • J. Paul Getty
  • Thomas edison
  • Richard Branson
  • Rothschild family
  • Aliko dangote
  • Jk rawlings
  • Oprah winfrey
  • Martha stewart
  • Coco Chanel
  • Bill Gates
  • Larry Ellison
  • Michael dell
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • Jacob Asto
  • Cornelius Vanderbilt
  • Henry ford
  • Steve Jobs
  • Warren Buffett et al.

Actually, I can go on listing the names, but I think you understand me. The men and women listed above were worth billions of dollars in their years in business; and they all applied the same ultimate law of attraction of wealth. Now you could say my list is biased; that it is filled with only entrepreneurs and investors, but it is not.

The ultimate law for attracting wealth is not to start a business, invest, steal funds from the public, or extort money from the public. No, the ultimate law of attraction of wealth is much more than that. What is the law of attraction of wealth?

The law of attraction of wealth to make money fast

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, crushed and shaken and knocked down, is to kick people in the chest. “- Luke 6:38

Yes, the above statement is the supreme law of wealth attraction. If you want to earn millions and billions effortlessly; so obey the law and give. The final law of attraction of wealth did not say, first receive and then give; he said, give, and it will be given to you. It basically means that you must first give in order to receive. Unfortunately, most people know how to do this, that is, get or take what is others’ own.

Let us now take a critical look at this law. How to become a medical expert or an engineer ? First, you have to study hard for years, paying a lot for the knowledge you acquire. You then go through a series of rigorous tests before you qualify to earn a salary as a medical or technical expert.

All of this can take at least ten years. The same is true for money; You must first give before you receive. Now, how do you give in the first place to attract wealth? How do you apply the ultimate law of attracting wealth ?

How to apply the supreme law to attract wealth

If you want to be rich, just serve more people. “- Rich dad

The simple statement above is the only answer you need. If you want to get rich, if you want to accumulate billions of dollars; then just serve more people. Now note that Bill Gates and Larry Ellison failed to reach the richest people in the world until they provided easy to use software for millions of people and businesses. Aliko Dangote did not become the richest black man in the world until he met the basic needs of more than 150 million Nigerians.

Henry Ford only got rich when he took cars that were strictly made for the rich and made them available to the masses. Investing is not Warren Buffett’s main secret of wealth; Warren Buffett provides financial services to millions of people.

Steve Jobs installs a personal computer in every house; Michael Dell made the personal computer more accessible to the general public by selling directly while boycotting middlemen, which you are reading now, earns a decent daily income; but that only happened when I gave away tons of tips and business ideas for free. I can go on and on, but I think my point has been made.

If you want to be rich, just serve more people. “- Rich dad

Simply put, if you want to get rich, just give; or, better yet, serve more people. Give to society, help them solve their problems; help meet their needs / wants and they will give back to you. But employees such as doctors and firefighters also provide a service; they give, so why aren’t they some of the richest people in the world. This brings me to the next sub-principle of the Basic Law of Attraction of Wealth.

How many people can you give in an hour? How many people can you serve per day ?

The question above is a thin line that makes a big difference between employees and successful entrepreneurs. Now let me ask you: what is the difference between me and a doctor “The difference is that the doctor is limited to the number of patients he can serve in an hour.

A doctor cannot personally serve more than 20 patients per hour in a specific area, and he rarely works directly around the clock. But I personally influence the lives of over 1000 people per hour with the articles I have written. on this blog and through this blog; I am always available around the world 24/7. This now excludes my other business interests.

Aliko Dangote employs more than 100,000 people worldwide. It meets the basic needs of over 150 million Nigerians; his company has an extensive network of independent distributors and he has enriched many Nigerians through the companies with which he is linked.

Can you see how much Dangote gave? You see how many millions of people he serves ? This is the only reason he is the richest black man in the world; it is also the reason why he is richer than the best doctor, lawyer and CPA put together.

In closing, I want you to know that there is an abundance of wealth in the world. You just need to be well informed and ready to connect to it. For the law of attraction of wealth to work in your life, you must be prepared to give; you must be prepared to serve millions of people.

You need to change your perception of addiction; We must stop being the main consumer. You must aspire to be the primary producer; capitalist. Now, how do you start serving more people? What you need to give to attract wealth and join the elite ? I leave you with the quote below:

Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Instead, ask what you can do for your country. “- John F. Kennedy

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