What you need to know before pursuing a career in trucking

What you need to know before pursuing a career in trucking

Contrary to popular belief, the trucking industry is constantly changing and constantly evolving. Even more conservative forecasts show that the industry will grow by several percentage points over the next several years and that the demand for drivers is steadily increasing. For this reason, the industry is trying to modernize faster than ever. As such, there has never been a better time to start a career in the trucking industry. Before you start, here are a few things that might surprise you in this industry.

Technological leaps

The trucking industry may seem immune to the effects of technology. After all, the basics of work have always been “loading, driving and unloading”. However, technology affects the industry much more than it appears. New fleet applications make it easier to plan shipments, organize repairs, order and track inventory such as undercarriage parts. This greatly simplifies the entire transport process, helps reduce downtime and improves the route.

Another important factor in the industry is the emergence of automated vehicle technology. It’s true, passenger vehicles aren’t the only ones envisioning a driverless future. While the availability of automated vehicles is still far away, driverless trucks are being explored by several companies, including pioneering company Tesla, which has already invested heavily in electric hybrid freight cabs to reduce industrial emissions.


It is perhaps not that surprising. But the warehouses are really big. Really big. In fact, the average warehouse size has doubled since 2002, and with continued growth in demand for specialized distribution centers, that growth is not going to stop anytime soon. The average shipping warehouse is estimated to be approximately (or more) 25,000 square feet. That number only grows if you think about some of the biggest drop-shippers in the business, such as large retailers and several huge online marketplaces.

Even warehouses strive to streamline the shipping process. While some still use traditional loading docks to fill the trucks, others use a checkpoint model filled with massive mezzanines for large trucks and independent shippers. While it’s not hard to tell these warehouses are large, chances are you’ll have a hard time not saying “wow” when you first walk in.

The need for quality

Do you remember the growing need for qualified drivers? With the growth of the industry, this has never been truer. The best carriers are always on the lookout for new talent. They are also ready to invest in quality and loyalty, and even the smallest carriers have started to develop their strengths to compete with their competitors. This means higher starting salaries, better accessibility of routes, city transport and health insurance benefits.

The enormous prevalence of trucking, which is now truly ubiquitous, means that there is an unprecedented level of operational safety to be had. Plus, since shipping and distribution exist in almost every corner of the country, you could indeed choose where to live, knowing that there is work to be done.

Additional path

Although the trucking industry is not very attractive, it is still taking steps to be much more modern and welcoming. From advancements in technology to the growing need for workers in the industry, this is a great time to consider starting your career in trucking. The only thing left for you to do is explore the road ahead.

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