Starting a business in Kano Top 10 opportunities

Starting a business in Kano Top 10 opportunities

Kano State is one of the 36 states of Nigeria, it is located in the northwestern part of the country, founded on May 27, 2067. The capital of Kano State is called Kano. Kano State was ranked as the most populous state in Nigeria in the last census. Over 98% of the people of Kano are Muslims and less than 1% are Christians.

The state bears the nickname “Mall” … Kano State is bordered by Katsina State, Jigawa State, Buachi State and Kaduna State. The most widely spoken languages ​​in Kano State are English, Hausa, Fulani, and Igbo.

Kano State is the second most industrialized state in Nigeria, and in fact it is a trading house not only in Nigeria but also in the sub-region. Sahara Africa. All Nigerian banks have a strong presence in Kano, and large organizations and multinational banks also have branches in Kano State. The agricultural sector (especially peanut and cotton production), services, trade and commerce are the main sources of state government revenue.

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The state is a major producer of hides and skins, cotton, peppers, garlic and gum arabic. Kano State is also famous for the production and sale of handicrafts, gold, Arab jewelry, shoes, plastics, cosmetics, ceramics, dairy products, vegetable oils, pharmaceuticals. , food and beverage products.

If you are an investor looking to start your own business in Kano, the following 10 best business opportunities will come in handy.

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Kano State

1. Gold and jewelry dealer

Kano State is indeed the center of trade in West Africa and one of the largest gold and jewelry markets in West Africa. If you want to become a gold merchant, Kano will be your best place. You can open your own gold and Arabic jewelry store in Kano and then network all over Nigeria and neighboring countries. Gold trading is a really lucrative business to start in Kano just because people travel all over the world to buy gold in Kano.

2. Shoe company

Another viable and profitable business that an entrepreneur can start in Kano is the shoe manufacturing business. Although there are a few small business owners who make shoes, the shoe market remains open to investors as the sale of your shoes will not be restricted by Kano state. In fact, you will get more profit from this business by finding clients outside of Kano State.

3. Ceramics production company

Another lucrative business that an entrepreneur can successfully start in Kano is a ceramic business. This type of business requires huge amounts of capital to set up, and if you research the market available to you in Kano and other parts of Nigeria, you are sure to get a good return on your investment. Just be sure to contact the construction company as this is your primary market.

4. Vegetable oil company

Kano State is considered one of the largest producers of peanuts; In fact, peanuts are exported from Kano to other parts of Nigeria and West Africa. Peanuts are the main raw material for the production of vegetable oil. So if you are looking for a business to start in Kano, you might want to consider starting your own vegetable oil business. Starting this type of business in Kano is profitable and you have a chance to make money with this business if you work hard.

5. Plastic company

One area that an investor can start in Kano is the production of plastic products. Although you will face some form of competition in Kano, if you have a good marketing strategy, you will gain a significant share of the existing market in Kano and beyond.

6. Fast food business

If you are interested in the food industry, you should consider starting your own fast food restaurant business in Kano. Kano, the state capital, is the perfect place to start your fast food restaurant business. The good thing about fast food is that you can start from one location, and if you’re well received, you can open multiple outlets in different parts of the state.

7.wholesales pharmaceutical company

Across northern Nigeria, Kano State is where pharmacy owners buy their drugs. If you are interested in the pharmaceutical industry, you can do a wholesale pharmaceutical business in Kano and you will be sponsored by clients from all over the north of the country.

8. Corporate cleaning company

Outside of Lagos and Abuja State, Kano State remains one of the states with a high concentration of corporate offices and most of these offices have cleaning contracts with a third party company. you are looking for a service business to start in Kano then you should consider starting your own cleaning business. It really pays to start a business in Kano, especially if you know how to promote it.

9. Chewing gum company

Chewing Gum Business – Another very profitable entrepreneurial business can start successfully in Kano. Kano State is the largest producer of gum arabic, which is the raw material for chewing gum. The chewing gum market is large, there are many companies that use chewing gum daily, and you can become your main supplier. Shoe and bag companies and printing presses should also be your target market.

10 printing press

If you are looking for a very profitable business to start in Kano, you should consider opening your own printing press. The truth is, once your press is in good shape, you won’t have a hard time attracting customers. But you have to work hard not to disappoint your customers if you want to be successful in this type of business.

That’s it, you have it; Top 10 Business Opportunities in Kano State

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