60 best coffee ideas for small businesses for 2021

Are you a coffee lover and want to earn money with passion by starting a coffee related business?  here are 50 of the best coffee related small business ideas for 2021.

Coffee is an infused drink made from roasted coffee beans, which are the berry seeds obtained from the Coffea plant.

Coffee has proven to be the most sought-after commodity in the world besides crude oil because, according to a Harvard study, Americans spend $ 40 billion a year on coffee. This in itself makes coffee one of the largest industries in the world.

Again, according to Statista, Americans drink about 1.6 cups of coffee per day, and more than 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each day. Coffee also continues to gain popularity in major markets such as China, Britain, Japan, and even African countries, making it a great niche.

If you want to get into this $ 20 billion per year industry and profit from it, you can choose one of the business types.

50 best coffee ideas for small businesses for 2021

1.  Marketing of coffee at several levels

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as pyramid selling, is a network marketing and referral marketing strategy for the sale of products and / or services. where the MLM business income comes from the unpaid labor force selling the business products / services while the member income is derived from a pyramid shaped commission system.

Companies like Avon, Marykay and others have grown rich through this business model. You can also set up a system of selling your coffee and coffee products through multilevel marketing.

2. Healthy Coffee Business:  Ongoing research and testing has proven that coffee has health benefits, but most of those benefits depend on the brand and what is added to it. Some brands of coffee have been found to be high in antioxidants and therefore are considered healthy coffee, you can start marketing this coffee as a healthy brand.

3. Coffee Consulting:  You can run a coffee consulting service where you offer a variety of coffee and roasting consultancy services, including staff training, roasting optimization and laboratory analysis. You can target many new coffee businesses and offer help with their complex business fixes.

4. Organization of coffee tasting. You can successfully run a coffee business by hosting a coffee tasting. You can taste dozens of exotic beers and teach your customers to distinguish Colombian beans from Indian beans or other beans. It’s a great way to sell coffee for business.

5. Sell Coffee Beans:  If you know where you can get access to quality coffee beans, you can start distributing them for profit. You can target specific farmers and offer to become their agents as many farmers struggle to find a market for their beans after harvest.

6. Coffee delivery service  . This business can be managed depending on how much capital you have. But no matter how much money you have at your disposal, you can always start small and target a specific niche before you can expand your services, you can certainly start this service from home and deliver your morning coffee to people. I’m sure there are a lot of college students who need morning classes.

7. Subscription Coffee Delivery Service:  Nowadays, with the growing specialty coffee culture, there are many different subscription services. You can subscribe to coffee from a roaster, or you can sign up for a subscription program that allows you to get coffee from a variety of roasters. Promote your customers in the marketplace and start serving them fresh roasted coffee through a subscription service. The delivery service is really hot and has low capital requirements.

8. Start a Traditional Coffee Business:  Many people like to have a proven track record and would like to stick with the famous coffee brewing systems. You can store and sell such traditional technology to them.

9. Home roasting and selling coffee beans:  You can make money by buying green coffee beans in the market, roasting them to a unique flavor, and reselling the roasted coffee in the local market for a profit. .

10. Start a gourmet coffee business: The  Coffee  Gourmet  is a special kind of coffee that is grown in relatively small areas in limited quantities because of its particular microclimate. Kona coffee from Hawaii, coffee from Jamaica, coffee from Ethiopia and Yemen – all primarily for foodies.

Another fun fact about gourmet coffee is that it is more expensive, so you can shop pretty neat and serve up freshly roasted gourmet coffee. You can use subscription services to run your business.

11. Coffee and Espresso Help Business:  If you love coffee lovers, enjoy brewing and serving espresso drinks, supporting sustainable coffee growers and roasters, then start a coffee and espresso stand.

12. Start a cat  cafe  : A cat  cafe   is originally from Taiwan. The cafe became popular with Japanese tourists as well as local visitors who enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with my furry friends while enjoying their coffee. Cat cafes, especially in the United States, have a separate cat park where cats are kept away from the cafe bar. If you are an animal lover, you can open a cat cafe to bring together like-minded people.

13. Start an  original  coffee : An  original coffee also benefits from non-competitiveness. While there are currently over 16,000 coffee shops and cafes across the country, chic coffee doesn’t have to compete on the same level as its USP focuses on turning the concept of traditional coffee upside down. You can open a cafe with a unique concept and an appealing spirit.

14. Sell coffee online  . You can access this market by creating a Shopify store that sells your own beans, single servings, ground coffee, or even mugs. There is also the option to turn your caffeinated products into a monthly subscription service and generate recurring income.

15. Start a coffee delivery business:  Dropshippers store inventory of coffee in their warehouse, then when customers buy from you, they collect and pack each order. This saves time and effort in the production and storage of your coffee, as well as in the fulfillment of each individual order.

Once this task is completed, you can spend more time marketing to find customers. A quick Google search will reveal many viable options for private label dropshippers. Don’t forget to confirm that your dropshipper serves your target market

16. Start Subscribing to Coffee:  Coffee is the perfect product for a subscription business. Monthly or quarterly boxes add value to customers as they simplify the buying process and can also be a good gift. You can customize your box (es) around different regions, flavors or complementary products like mugs and treats. The advantage of this business model is that you can generate recurring income as long as you keep your customers happy and don’t allow them to unsubscribe.

17 Coffee  Blog  :  You can create a coffee blog. You can teach people new ways to make and enjoy coffee, and new things to do with coffee besides drinking. If you have enough subscribers, you can start receiving ads through Google Adsense.

18. Build a Coffee Lab:  If you have everything you need, you can start a modern coffee lab analysis company that will have tools ranging from moisture meters, density analyzers, refractometers and analyzers. colored. In your laboratory, you will perform a thorough analysis of the coffee for consumption to ensure that the product meets the optimum standards required by the industry before it goes to market. Many coffee roasting companies do not have access to this lab, so you can sell your services to them.

20. Become a coffee  farmer : If you live in a farming community, you can start a coffee farm. You can start a farm depending on your farm and the income you have on hand. If you can’t process your berries, you can sell them to a processor.

20. Distributing Green Coffee Beans:  You may specialize in distributing green coffee beans to companies that roast and package them for sale.

21. Manufacture and sale of coffee blends. many people choose not to consume black coffee. They prefer to sweeten it with milk, sugar and sometimes other additives, you can package the coffee in ready-made formats and sell them.

22. Importing coffee:  As an entrepreneur wishing to start a coffee related business, you can start importing coffee. It is a fact that most of the gourmet coffee consumed in the United States is imported from African countries.

If you live in a country that does not produce coffee or that produces a limited quantity, you can start importing to fill or supplement the need. Even if your state or country produces good amounts of coffee, you can import gourmet coffee from other countries.

23. Become a coffee  speculator : A speculator is someone who makes buying and selling decisions based on their expectations for future market developments. Speculation involves the deliberate risk of price changes in the hope of making a profit. You can become a coffee speculator and make money in the fluctuating coffee market.

24. Coffee Export:  You can also export roasted coffee beans and green berries to countries that need them. If you cannot handle all of the exports, you can become a liaison between the exporters and the farmers.

25. Coffee Transport:  If you have a truck, it can be used to transport coffee beans and berries for vending machines.

26. Work in the coffee industry:  If you want to learn all aspects of coffee growing, you can leave the coffee plantation to study there. Although working in the coffee fields is usually reserved for workers and immigrants, if you want to start your own coffee farm, it is recommended that you start working on a coffee farm to learn from your roots.

27, Manage a mobile cafe:  Many people cannot have a soothing cup of coffee when they need it. You can set up a mobile cafe where you target offices and organizations, especially blue collar workers.

28. Start a coffee-related farmers market: A  farmers market is where farmers come together to sell their produce. You can start a farmer’s market where farmers can bring their own berries and stock up on buyers. This business is profitable because customers can find different types of coffee in the same environment.

29. Coffee logistics company:  Logistics refers to the processes of acquiring, transporting and storing resources throughout the supply chain. Logistics covers the entire network of companies that transport coffee from its source – the Central American coffee growers – to where the end product is consumed by consumers in a nearby cafe. If you have that much power, you can get into this business.

30.  Coffee Shop  : A  cafe is an establishment that primarily serves hot coffee, coffee-related beverages (eg latte, cappuccino, espresso), tea and other hot beverages. Cafes range from small, owner-run businesses to large multinationals. You can start a coffee business and make a profit.

31. Coffee grinder: The  coffee grinder is where the harvested coffee berries are sent for sorting, peeling, drying, roasting and preserving for export. You can set up the mill and buy berries directly from the farmers or at a place where they can bring their berries to grind, after which they pay for your services.

32.  Cafe  Coyote: The  coffee  Coyote  buys coffee cherries from farmers at prices below the market price and sells the coffee grinders with high profit margins. You can act as an intermediary between the farmers and the coffee grinders and make a profit.

33. Production of  coffee drinks : Coffee   drinks are good stimulants and a very good source of energy. You can start making your own coffee drink for people who would like to take a bottle on the go.

34. Retail equipment for brewing and roasting coffee. Retailing coffee brewing and roasting equipment is a good business idea for you. You can contact the manufacturers and offer to sell their products.

35.Sell coffee related souvenirs for coffee lovers. You can open a shop where you can sell coffee related souvenirs. You can store things like Christmas decorations, coffee mugs, kitchen night lights, barista money clips, spiked Irish coffee flasks, etc.

36. Presentation of the coffee brand business. Mockups are not the end product you sell to a client, but a visual tool used to display your work. You can create coffee themed layouts and use them to promote your product. Alternatively, you can contact the coffee vendors and offer your service to them.

37. Coffee roasting business:  Another good business idea is to start a coffee roasting business. You can roast your coffee beans in a conventional oven, air popcorn, stovetop popcorn, skillet, or even a wok. If you’re looking to invest the cash, you can even invest in devices specifically designed for roasting coffee beans, like a drum roaster, air roaster, or stovetop roaster.

38.  Coffee  Weight Loss Market :  Coffee is known to help with weight loss. There are currently many brands of coffee on the market and they are selling well all over the world. You can also create your own brand of slimming coffee and even introduce a tiered marketing plan that will increase the sales of your products.

39. Coffee Party  Business :  The Party Business  Plan, in its most basic form, is a method of distributing products through independent contractors. You can use this method to sell your coffee. You can bring people together, prepare samples of your coffee, and sell it to them if they want.

40. App Developer:  You can develop an app that helps people find the nearest cafe to them or tells them about the new coffee recipe in town. The app can also be a coffee themed game that coffee lovers will love.

41. Become a coffee barista  . In the United States, the term “barista” is generally only used for those who offer specialty coffee drinks. Barista is the person who makes espresso-based coffee drinks and usually works in specialty cafes. If you are skilled enough at making great cups of espresso or other assorted coffee drinks quickly, you may decide to make a living as a barista.

42. Coffee Journalist:  If you are a journalist who doesn’t mind traveling from one point to another to gather news and information, you may decide to specialize in the coffee niche. You can visit coffee plantations, factories, logistics companies, etc. to collect news on events in the coffee world and print it in newspapers, magazines and blogs.

43. Write a Coffee Cookbook:  There are many ways to prepare and enjoy this strong drink called coffee, but unfortunately many people don’t know about them. You can collect these recipes in a book and publish it. If you can’t afford the publication, you can publish it on Kindle online platforms and earn some passive income.

44. Start a training center for brewing coffee. you can run a regular coffee roasting training center that offers beginner to advanced courses. You can offer personalized training to individuals or organizations wishing to focus on a specific area of ​​coffee growing or roasting, or to develop the skills of staff.

45. Coffee / espresso break:  Statistics show that 24% of daily coffee drinkers choose espresso-based drinks, up 6% from 2016. If you start by serving an espresso and its side, you would. a good profit. Throwing a coaster of coffee is also a great way to cut costs. Much of this is due to a decrease in potential accrual, monthly rent, insurance premiums, and less equipment.

46. ​​Start serving organic coffee:  People have started using organic agricultural products because it is believed to be chemical free and healthier. You can start finding and distributing organic coffee to people who need it.

47 Podcasting Coffee:  Podcasting is a small version of broadcasting. If you have the skills and abilities, you can start a podcast where you talk to people about coffee.

48. Coffee TV and Radio Shows:  If you can buy TV or radio time, you can create coffee-focused programs. You can also invite guests to talk about the topic on TV or radio shows. They can talk about industry practices, new coffee recipes, etc. You can seek sponsorship from coffee companies to support the programs.

49. Coffee magazine:  Despite the predominance of the Internet, some people still prefer print magazines. Start publishing a magazine where you will interview celebrities from the coffee industry and insert information about coffee. You can generate income through ads and subscriptions.

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