Microfinance bank business plan

Microfinance bank business plan

Are you going to create a microfinance bank?  here is an example of a complete feasibility study for a microfinance banking business plan template that you can use for FREE  .

Ok, so we’ve covered all the requirements for starting a microfinance bank. We also went further by analyzing and writing a sample microfinance bank marketing plan template supported by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for microfinance banks. So let’s move on to the business planning section.

Why open a microfinance bank?

Microfinance banks are small banks that offer loans, savings, and insurance to entrepreneurs and small business owners who cannot access traditional sources of capital like banks or investors. The main goal of microfinance banks is to provide people with money to invest in themselves or in their business.

Microfinance banks are different from commercial banks. For example, commercial bank financing is usually provided through public offerings (stock markets) in the form of shares, while microfinance banks generally receive financing from individuals / private shareholders in the form of debt.

In addition, most of the commercial services offered by commercial banks are doorway services, which means that customers have to turn to banks to use these financial services. But most of the services provided by microfinance banks are “at the door”, which means that bank employees deliver their financial services at the customer’s door.

Setting up a microfinance bank in America today will not be an easy task. But nothing they say can stop the success of the determined mind. Below is a well-written business plan if you want to start a microfinance bank in Nigeria.

Sample microfinance bank business plan template

  • Industry overview

Microfinance banks grant microloans to individuals and small businesses. These people and small businesses tend to apply for loans so that they can pay for real estate purchases and other transactions. This demand, in turn, makes microfinance banking business recession-resilient.

According to industry reports, the growth and development stages of the microfinance industry are generally categorized into four segments for ease of analysis. These are the pioneering phase, the disruption phase, the consolidation phase and the maturity phase. The requirements for an industry’s survival at each of the different stages of development can vary widely. The same goes for nutrients and corrective actions if something goes wrong.

The report states that the Nigerian microfinance sector officially started in 2005 (United Nations International Year of Microcredit) with the Central Bank’s publication, Microfinance Policy Framework for Nigeria. Note that the practice of microfinance, or its predecessor, microcredit, has existed in Nigeria for much longer.

This was manifested in the activities of pawn shops governed by the Pawnbrokers Act and in various other forms of operations in the rural or informal credit market. We believe the upper end was in the form of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) governed by common rules and regulations.

The pioneers of the industry were motivated by the need to help channel financial resources, mainly in the form of microcredit, to microenterprises, which make up over 90 percent of Nigerian businesses. It is estimated that 70% of the more than 170 million Nigerians live below the poverty line. Obviously, there was a lot of work in the area of ​​poverty reduction and microfinance was an appropriate tool.

Summary of the microfinance bank business plan

Ambassador Microfinance Bank, LLC (AMB LLC) is a new microfinance bank in Asaba, Delta State, that will provide microfinance and mortgage services to small businesses, real estate professionals, builders and buyers of single-family homes.

AMB LLC has access to a full range of microfinance and we offer the right loans with the best rates, terms and costs to meet the basic needs of our clients. We hope to provide high quality microcredit and mortgage services to households and businesses scattered all over Asaba. Our plan at AMB LLC is to create a family platform in our bank where customers can feel comfortable analyzing the services they need.

We also plan to create a unique, stimulating, rewarding and innovative work environment. and respect the needs of our customers and employees.Asaba is a town strategically located on a hill west of the Niger River, overlooking the sister town of Onitsha on the other side of the Niger Bridge. This beautiful city is the capital of the Delta State of Nigeria. A rapidly developing urban area, the population of Asaba according to the 2006 census is 149,603 and the population of the capital is over half a million.

This city was founded at the time of the Royal Company of Niger (now UACN). ) and currently enjoys the status of administrative capital of the Delta State, but because the inhabitants of Aniocha-Oshimili retain their Igbo identity, many Igbo from the east of the Niger River are investing in the Delta State and precisely Asaba, thereby improving the economic situation of the Asaba region and Delta State as a whole.

The Delta State government also contributes to the economic development of this city by providing an economic platform on which small businesses can grow. In addition, the construction of a multipurpose dam on the Ubu River could be beneficial for power generation.

AMB LLC is formed as an LLC in order to avoid the double taxation found in the company, but at the same time realize the benefits of avoiding personal liability. We will occupy a standard office building in the business district of the city, which will give us the right traffic to attract customers.

We have developed plans that will allow us to transform AMB LLC into the best of its niche. We at AMB LLC have also identified several milestones that will be ambitious but achievable business goals.

By setting goals, the need to achieve them will create an implicit incentive for all participants to work hard to reach the milestone. AMB LLC is capitalized by two main investors, Mr. Innocent Udensi and Ms. Marta Asika. Both are well known in the microcredit industry with over 25 years of combined experience.

  • Our products and services

“At AMB LLC, we plan to offer unique services in the context of microcredit and mortgage services. We analyzed our industry and focused on the services we can effectively deliver to our customers. We have also hired a strong workforce with special talents to help us deliver these services. We plan to do our best within the law to achieve our business goals. Our business proposals are listed below;

  • Provide loans to small businesses
  • Equipment loan
  • Provide loans for vehicles
  • Mortgage housing supply
  • Online mortgage financing
  • Online Mortgages
  • Providing the online mortgage market
  • Commercial and industrial mortgage offer
  • Provision of equity loans
  • We offer mortgage loans on the Internet
  • Provision of other related loans, including mortgage advisory and consultancy services

Our vision statement

Our vision at Microfinance Bank is to build strong partnerships with individuals, small businesses and corporate clients in Delta Asaba State. We plan to provide better service and be better received throughout the Delta State.

  • Our mission statement

Our mission at After Microfinance Bank is to provide professional, reliable and reliable microloans that will help individuals, small businesses, businesses and non-profit organizations achieve desired goals. We plan to build a business that will become one of the leading microfinance banks in the entire Delta State.

  • Our corporate structure

At AMB LLC, we understand that microfinance banks operate like other banks and microfinance companies, these financial institutions force people to invest in them and pay them interest, while lending that money to people who apply for loans and charge interest. on these loans.

We did our research and decided to improvise or set up a process and a business structure that will bring us a good return on investment (ROI), efficiency and flexibility. We have clearly listed the portfolios that we plan to fill and work in AMB LLC.

We believe these portfolios will be filled with experienced and educated individuals who understand and are willing to buy into our company’s vision. We also look forward to hiring qualified, hardworking and creative people, results-oriented, customer-focused and willing to work to help us build a successful business that benefits all of our stakeholders (owners, employees and customers). .

  • General manager
  • business consultant
  • HR Manager and Administrators
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Company accountant
  • Loan employees
  • Collection agents
  • Clerk
  • Cleaner
  • Security guards

Roles and responsibilities

General manager

  • The CEO will be responsible for providing direction to the company
  • He will be responsible for creating, communicating and implementing the vision, mission and direction of AMB LLC, which also includes guiding the achievement and implementation of all strategies.
  • The CEO is also responsible for setting prices and signing trade deals for companies.
  • He is also responsible for the placement.
  • It also pays the salaries of the employees.
  • He signs checks and documents for and on behalf of the agency
  • The CEO also assesses the success of the organization

Business consultant

  • The granting of residence microloans will be entrusted
  • Responsible for providing commercial and industrial microloans
  • will be required to provide mortgage loans for housing
  • also provides loans for equipment
  • fees are charged for granting auto loans
  • issue mortgages online
  • also responsible for repairing micro and online mortgage financing
  • The business consultant is also in charge of arranging online home secured loans
  • Provides an online marketplace for business microloans and mortgages
  • Still in the charge of prov Consulting on mortgages related to mortgages,

HR Manager and Administrators

  • Oversees the execution of personnel and administrative tasks for AMB LLC
  • The task of monitoring office supplies by checking inventory; place and expedite orders; evaluation of new products.
  • Ensures the operation of the equipment, meeting the requirements of preventive maintenance; call for repair.
  • Job specification task for recruiting and managing the interview process
  • Responsible for organizing an introductory course for new team members
  • The task of organizing training, evaluating and evaluating employees
  • responsible for organizing trips, meetings and appointments
  • Responsibilities include overseeing the proper functioning of the office.

Director of Sales and Marketing

  • Responsible for organizing external research and coordinating all internal sources of information in order to retain the best customers of the organization and attract new ones
  • It is supposed to understand, prioritize and connect with new partners as well as business opportunities etc.
  • The Director of Sales and Marketing is also responsible for creating, executing and evaluating new sales expansion plans.
  • Maintains all customer contacts and information
  • Represent the company at strategic meetings
  • Help develop sales and business growth

Company accountant

  • The accountant of the company is responsible for the preparation of financial statements, budgets and financial statements
  • also provides management with financial analyzes, development budgets and accounting reports
  • The accountant of the company is also responsible for carrying out financial forecasts and analyzing the risks of the company.
  • Must be able to understand and support cash management, general ledger accounting and financial reporting
  • The challenge of developing and managing financial systems and policies
  • The corporate secretary is also responsible for managing payroll.
  • Ensures that AMB LLC complies with tax laws.
  • Also take care of all financial transactions for AMB LLC.
  • internal auditor of the organization

credit specialist

  • informs clients of the reasons for their loan approval or denial and provides evidence to support these definitions.
  • Keep credit documents and conversations private to maintain customer confidence.
  • Stay on top of any changes in the industry by expanding your business knowledge through training opportunities, attendance at company seminars and professional networks.
  • Answer Pro Sign up for customer phone calls and emails regarding the loan or loan application process.
  • Meetings with individuals and businesses for an accurate analysis of their credit, financial situation and any property they own.
  • The ability to handle all customer complaints and questions about the loan process and be able to resolve issues related to their particular loan.
  • Advise and assist clients in obtaining various copies of individual and business financial documents, credit history, and any other financial documents required to meet loan requirements.
  • Provide loan seekers with various loan options available and the terms associated with those options.
  • An explanation to potential clients of the viability of specific loans in relation to the financial situation of natural or legal persons.
  • Denial or approval of loans based on the specific financial limits of an individual or business, and the ability to offer alternatives if necessary.
  • Ability to adequately overcome any obstacle in the mortgage application process.
  • Provide all loan documents related to the loan to credit analysts to ensure that loan seekers can verify their documents and therefore recommend the right type of loan for them.
  • Clarification The various payment planning options available to customers, and assistance in reviewing and updating any credit or credit report.
  • Work with the classroom and comply with all laws, regulations and compliance guidelines.

Debt collector

  • Track designated accounts to identify unpaid debts
  • Plan an action plan for debt collection
  • Find and contact debtors to find out their payment status
  • agree on payment schedules or plans
  • handle questions or complaints
  • Investigate and resolve discrepancies
  • Build trusting relationships with debtors whenever possible to avoid future problems.
  • Inform debtors management of unwillingness or inability to pay if necessary
  • Compliance when legal action is imminent


  • the administrator must greet clients by greeting them in person or by telephone; to respond to inquiries or direct requests.
  • The mission is to provide all customers with the highest level of personalized customer service
  • He should take every opportunity to increase customer interest in the company’s products and services.
  • Stay up to date with any new information on the company’s products, advertising campaigns, and more. to ensure that we are providing accurate and useful information to customers
  • Admin will also receive packages / documents for the company
  • It is marked for sending to the organization
  • Performs all other tasks assigned by the administrator administrator.


  • Floor Cleaning Manager at AMB LLC
  • Follow the rules and make sure toiletries and supplies aren’t out of stock.
  • Ensures cleanliness inside and outside the company.
  • Manages all other tasks defined by the restaurant administrator.

Security guard

  • The security guard is responsible for protecting the company and this environment
  • Also monitors traffic and organizes parking
  • You should also patrol the building 24 hours a day
  • Safety reports should be published weekly

SWOT analysis of the microfinance bank business plan

Our plan as a microfinance bank is to create well-structured microloans that will benefit our clients. That’s why we contacted an experienced consulting firm known for its precise way of doing business and also known for delivering the best. We enlisted the consultants from Jefferson to assist us with the SWOT analysis at our designated office. Below is a summary of the SWOT analysis results for AMB LLC;

According to our SWOT analysis, our strength at AMB LLC is based on the potential, vision and experience of our team. We can pride ourselves on having a team ready to offer the best to our customers; a well-trained, professional team ready to pay attention to detail and maximize the company’s financial returns.

According to our SWOT analysis from Jefferson Consults, our weakness at AMB LLC is the time it will take for us to enter the market and be accepted because we are just a new microfinance bank. But we have developed a marketing plan that will allow us to take this step as quickly as possible.

At AMB LLC, we understand the huge loan opportunity, especially judging by the number of people, startups and business organizations who all need microloans to help them achieve their goals and their individual vision. AMB LLC, a standard and well-positioned microfinance bank, is well positioned to provide microfinance and mortgage services to meet the needs of this growing target audience.

Jefferson Consulting, in a SWOT analysis for AMB LLC, noted that our threat in this industry would include adverse government policies – the emergence of a competitor in our region of operation and a global economic downturn, which generally affects the power of ‘purchase.

They went further by advising us at AMB LLC to be aware of the huge losses in three situations: due to a sharp and sustained increase in interest rates, accounting fraud, or the collapse of hypertonic bubbles. in the residential real estate market. Therefore, to mitigate these threats, we have introduced the use of credit scoring software and created counterattack plans for each possible threat.

Business plan of a microfinance bank MARKET ANALYSIS

  • Market trend

At AMB LLC, we understand that the formal introduction of a national microfinance policy can make a difference in the industry. This will legitimize illegal operators; and encourage capital inflows into the sector. This is why some of the pioneering institutions in the industry have transferred their already public positives to become industry leaders.

Microfinance LAPO continues to be the leading player in this field, creating wealth and leading the way. At AMB LLC, we believe that the goal of industrial policy at an early stage should be to ensure stability and confidence. Regulation should be strict and transparent, or at least give an impression of transparency, while intervention is swift, all in an effort to gain the trust of stakeholders.

Industry experts expect a significant increase in the number of participants. This is strategically motivated by the level of success achieved by the pioneers. As a monopolistically competitive market, it is quite easy to obtain entry conditions (licenses) that allow profit seekers to enter and compete for the perceived profits available in the sector.

According to statistics, there are now over a thousand microfinance companies in Nigeria. banks and several service providers are organized into NGOs. This is a clear indication that the industry in Nigeria is attractive to investors who are willing to bet on their capital.

  • Our target market

Our first goal at AMB LLC is to serve small and medium businesses, from new businesses to other large businesses and individuals. We intend to be decisive at all stages and enter our market one step at a time. At AMB LLC, we plan to offer the best possible microcredit services, which is why we have made sure that all of our employees are well trained and equipped to serve a wide range of clients.

Our target audience at AMB LLC will decrease. in companies of different sizes and individuals. Here is a list of companies and organizations for which we have categorically developed our products and services;

  • Small enterprises
  • Individuals and interested owners
  • Real estate companies and investors
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • House of worship and other religious organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Corporate enterprises

Our competitive advantage

At AMB LLC, we understand that the level of competition in the microfinance banking industry does not depend on the location of the business, since most microfinance banks and other microfinance companies can operate online and do not any part of the world and at the same time be competitive in this sector. …

We have developed market penetration plans and offer our clients what they really want with easy access to microcredits; thus eliminating the complex and time-consuming process required to obtain loans from a bank and other financial institutions. Another advantage we have in this sector is the quality and experience of our workforce. The owners, down to every employee of AMB LLC, are well prepared for working in the microfinance industry.

We have also, with the help of Jefferson Consult, created a comfortable working environment for our employees, offering a work bonus and a loyalty bonus that will be awarded for more or less 10 years, which will push our employees to give the best. of themselves and to remain loyal to the company. and will also help to create a traditional and competitive microfinance bank.

  • Sales and marketing strategy

Our marketing efforts at AMB LLC will focus on how to empower people to make a difference in their world while getting more value for their money. We plan to use magazine advertising and community marketing (networking, sponsorship and attending seminars) to increase the visibility of our business. We plan to make our advertising sustainable so that people know about the investment options that we offer in our bank. We will participate in many thematic events and workshops where AMB LLC will be represented as experts, and we will also provide a forum to describe our various services. We hope to use the strategies listed to grow our business;

  • We plan to introduce AMB LLC by sending cover letters with our business brochure to individuals, households, businesses, schools, real estate players, etc.
  • We also plan to advertise for AMB LLC in major financial and business magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations.
  • We are also planning to visit important international and local properties. , financial and trade shows, seminars and trade shows, etc.
  • We also hope to create different packages for different categories of clients (individuals, startups and existing companies) in order to work with their budgets.
  • We also plan to use the Internet to promote our business.
  • We hope to encourage word of mouth from repeat and satisfied customers.

Advertising and advertising strategy of the microfinance bank business plan

In order to achieve our advertising and outreach goals, at AMB LLC we contacted the services of Stella Maris Advertising Experts, a renowned business development and advertising company, to help us create advertising and advertising strategies that will help us AMB LLC to attract and retain our target audience is interested Here is a list of effective strategies offered by Stella Maris Advertising Experts for AMB LLC;

  • Advertise on print (community newspapers and magazines) and electronic media platforms; we will also advertise AMB LLC in financial magazines, real estate and other related financial programs on radio and television.
  • Sponsor relevant community events
  • Use a variety of online platforms to promote your business. This will facilitate Internet users’ access to our site with just one click. We will use the Internet and social media such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, etc. To promote our brand
  • Place our billboards in strategic locations throughout Asaba – Delta State.
  • Share and distribute our flyers and flyers in targeted areas around Asaba
  • Make sure that all of our employees wear our branded shirts and that all of our official vehicles carry our company logo.

Source income

AMB LLC was founded to meet the specific needs of the industry and generate significant income. Although our goal at AMB LLC is to meet the needs of clients in the microcredit industry, but as a business we want to make profit and grow our business. We plan to generate income by offering the following microcredit services to individuals, real estate companies, non-governmental organizations and businesses. We plan to maximize profits by offering the following services:

  • We provide loans to small businesses
  • We provide loans for equipment
  • We offer loans for vehicles
  • Offer mortgage loans
  • Offer mortgage financing online
  • Offer mortgages online
  • Providing an online mortgage market
  • Offer commercial and industrial mortgages
  • Provide mortgage loans for housing
  • Offer mortgages online
  • Provision of other related loans, including mortgage advisory and consultancy services

Sales forecasts

Our sales forecasts at AMB LLC have been cautious in order to avoid any exaggerated expectations that may not be available. We recognize that the first months of operation will be slow. AMB LLC expects steady and gradual sales growth.

This can be explained by an increase in the sales level of AMB LLC services, as well as an increasing awareness of AMB LLC among target customers. Below is a detailed sales forecast for AMB LLC which we believe and hope to exceed with hard work and persistence. This sales forecast is also based on the location of our activity and on the innovative activity that we will offer to our customers.

  • First year:  N1, 650,000
  • Second fiscal year:  N2,590,000
  • Third fiscal year:  N4,328,000

Our pricing strategy

It is very important to state that the microfinance industry is evolving by increasing the demand and availability of real estate / real estate. That’s why there can never be a pricing model that works for general loans. Indeed, real estate prices and people’s needs change regularly.

At AMB LLC, we also understand that most loan companies are commission dependent as they act as intermediaries between microcredit applicants and secondary financiers. But we hope to establish a more direct approach by offering these loans ourselves, which may be very possible due to the strong incentives our founders are willing to put in place.

Our plan is to keep our prices and costs lower. mid-market rate for our customers at regular time. We also hope to provide them with loans with low interest rates that will bring them closer to the bank, and we hope to raise our prices a bit more when we have acquired a substantial corporate identity in the microfinance sector.

  • payment methods

AMB LLC intends to provide a wide range of payment options to its customers, we understand the needs and diversity of people and plan to provide the right platform that will work for everyone as well. We have selected a reputable bank in Nigeria to facilitate payments for our customers.

We have selected and opened a business current account with Capital One Financial Corporation. Our bank account numbers will be made available on the website and in promotional material for customers who wish to make a cash deposit, and will also be provided to customers on request. Below are the payment options that we will make available to AMB LLC.

  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Online bank transfer payment
  • Payment by check
  • Payment by bank check
  • Cash payment to debt collectors

Business plan of microfinance banks: financial projections and costs

The need for funds cannot be overlooked in the types of services we plan to offer at AMB LLC. We understand that we need funds to build a competitive business, especially in Nigeria. We need funds to obtain a telephone system, workstations, an internal server, a DSL Internet connection and a laser printer.

Funds are needed to purchase office furniture, furniture for meeting rooms and waiting rooms; to calculate monthly maintenance costs for KDB software, purchase a fax machine, copier, lighting and various office supplies. We have analyzed our needs and plan to use the start-up funds wisely. Here is a detailed financial projection and start-up cost of AMB LLC;

    • The cost of registering a business in Nigeria in America is  N15,000.
    • Our budget for basic insurance policies, permits and business licenses is  N20,000
    • Purchase of a suitable office space opposite the town hall. in the state of Delta Asaba (including reconstruction of the object) –  175,000 N
    • Capitalization budget (working capital) –  20 million N  ..
    • Budget to settle other legal processes (obtaining a business license and all city fees, etc.)  20,500 N / <> strong>
  • Equip the office with the appropriate standard equipment (computers, software applications, printers, fax machines, furniture, telephones, filing cabinets, security and electronic gadgets, etc.) –  N110,000
  • purchase of necessary software application software (CRM), accounting and bookkeeping software and payroll software, etc.) –  N10 500
  • AMB LLC Official Website Launch –  16,000
  • Our costs for a minimum of three employees in 3 months plus utility bills are  120,000
  • Other additional expenses (business cards, signs, advertisements and promotions, etc.) –  N40,000
  • Miscellaneous:  N80,000

With the detailed cost analysis above, we will need a  working capital of 5  million  Naira  and  20 million  Naira  to successfully set up AMB LLC.

Note. … This cost is very low as we did not take into account the cost of obtaining a license for a CBN microfinance bank, which could be  20 million  or  N100 million  or  N1 billion  ; depending on the size and style of your microfinance bank.

  • Creation of start-up capital for AMB LLC

AMB LLC is a licensed and registered microfinance bank, capitalized by two main investors, Mr. Innocent Udensi and Ms. Marta Asika. Our founders plan to become the very first financiers of the business, although we plan to accept partners at a very mature and mature stage of the business. Due to the lesser constraints on AMB mortgage financing, we have described several ways of recognizing financing and seed capital. These methods may include:

  • generate part of the start-up capital of two main investors
  • accepting loans on favorable terms from family and friends
  • settle for angel investors
  • Apply for a business loan from the bank (if necessary)

Note  : AMB LLC managed to generate a whopping N5 million from two large investors who separately built and allocated N5.5  million  each. We also agreed with an angel investor to invest in AMB LLC N20 Million in the hope of making a profit and building a strong business.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OF THE MICROFINANCE BANK: strategy for sustainable development and expansion

The goal of every business enterprise is to grow and stay consistent in achieving profits and acquiring customers. The backbone of every business is the number of loyal customers in their customer base and the competence of their employees, the investment procedures and the business structure they choose. At AMB LLC, we understand our market and have developed plans that will not yet fascinate us.

We believe that with our unique business structure and knowledgeable professionals, we will be able to help us make the right decisions and start leveraging our one year strong in business. We also understand that one of the strategies for gaining customer approval and acquisition is to offer innovative services to our customers at more affordable prices than what is available in the industry.

We also made sure to create the right platform, structures and processes. We plan to ensure that all of our employees are well served and represented in an environment that helps them stay innovative and relevant. AMB LLC will be managed and operated like a family with superior values ​​and ethics. We have also created a profit-sharing agreement which will allow our managers to benefit from the fruits of their labor.

This decision will be taken over a significant period of 5 years and by decision of the board of directors. Organization: With these incentives and much more attractive to employees, we hope to hire and retain employees who are the best in the field they are hired for.

Checklist / step

  • Company name availability check:  complete
  • Business registration:  complete
  • Opening of corporate bank accounts:  complete
  • Launch of online payment platforms:  complete
  • Application and obtaining of the tax identification number:  in progress
  • Business license and permit application:  Completed
  • Purchase of commercial insurance:  complete
  • Feasibility study:  completed
  • Rental, renovation and equipment of our establishment:  Completed
  • Receive part of the start-up capital from the founder:  Completed
  • Loan requests from our bankers:  in progress
  • Business plan writing:  finished
  • Compilation of Employee Handbook:  Completed
  • Drafting of contractual documents:  in progress
  • Company logo creation:  Done
  • Advertising printing:  finished
  • Recruitment: in  progress
  • Purchase of software applications, furniture, office equipment, electronics and necessary equipment:  In progress
  • Creation of an official website for the company:  In progress
  • Strengthening of corporate awareness (Business PR):  in progress
  • Health, safety and fire conditions:  ongoing
  • Establishment of business relationships with banks, financial institutions, suppliers and major industry players:  ongoing
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