Data Storage Business Ideas for 2021

Data Storage Business Ideas for 2021

Want to start a storage business but want to carve out a niche and be unique?  here are 50 best storage business ideas and opportunities for 2021.

The storage industry includes the rental of storage space or units to tenants on a monthly basis. This industry has indeed remained, as many households have started to store their surplus in coffers. The industry’s unprecedented growth has been driven by self-service consumers, including tenants, landlords, students, businesses and populations in transition, who are in constant need of rental storage.

In fact, it is estimated that in 2016, there were over 58,000 vaults in the United States with a total storage capacity of 32 million units, which occupied over 2.3 billion square feet of storage space. storage, all used. It was estimated that the industry had revenues of over $ 30 billion in the same year.

Another study found that the number of tenants who used warehouse space in 2007 nearly doubled in 2013, and 2 million of the 17 million tenants said they were more likely to rent in the future. This is what led IBIS World to predict that the turnover of the self-service industry will grow 2.9% per year by 2021.

These statistics alone are enough to encourage any budding entrepreneur to deepen their storage business. Here are a few.

50 Best Storage Business Ideas for 2021

  1. Storage of recordings

One of the business ideas related to storage is the storage of official documents. Many businesses are required by law to keep financial, legal, and records pertaining to their business and customers for an extended period of time due to unforeseen circumstances.

In some cases, this period can be up to ten years or more than the original date of the information or document, which creates a tremendous opportunity for an innovative entrepreneur to put the record store up and running, because of many businesses simply don’t have enough space to store their accumulated documents and files.

The business should be based in a location or warehouse where the following considerations will be taken into account: safety, firefighting, building condition, pest control, lot size, ease of access, potential for expansion, location central with high traffic and accessibility. Record retention rates vary widely depending on specific customer needs, in terms of record storage volume and type of documents stored.

However, a well-planned and managed record-keeping business can reflect annual profits in excess of six figures. If you want to start a record keeping business, you need to get proper training because you don’t want to make any mistakes that could compromise the records you hold.

  1. Data storage company

Data storage are collective methods and technologies that collect and store digital information on electromagnetic, optical or silicon storage media. Information in the form of emails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, audio files, and spreadsheets are the lifeblood of most businesses, and the applications that run and protect them. businesses require a lot of disk space.

Sooner or later this small business will need more storage space. You can benefit from this to start a data storage business.

In order for your business to be successful and be able to find and retain customers, you must have features like automatic backup software, double encryption, and scalable storage space. Storage space for corporate data should be large and you should have the latest hardware and software to be able to back up and recover data.

  1. Cloud storage services

Cloud storage is a model of cloud computing in which data is stored on remote servers that are accessed through the Internet, or the Cloud as it is called. Here, data is served, managed and managed by a cloud storage service provider on storage servers based on virtualization technologies.

Cloud and storage providers offer valuable IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you are very good at the cloud, you can offer companies to back up their services in the cloud or store their valuable data in the cloud. good contacts.

  1. Bicycle storage company

In 2015, the cycling industry generated over $ 6 billion in revenue, which makes the industry very viable. Since a lot of people buy bikes, they’ll need someone to fix them when they eventually break down. As this is likely a seasonal activity, these bikes will need to be stored if you have enough space.

For example, if you lived near the beach, people might instead store their bikes for you. carry them back and forth. Interestingly, as it seems more and more people are deciding to buy used bikes, you can use your warehouse to consider selling used bikes in person or online.

  1. Boat storage company

A boat storage business is a business that helps boat owners store their boats in favorable conditions until they are needed again. Starting a boat storage business offers income potential for the enterprising small business. Boats continue to be popular as young families choose to save money on travel by interacting with their children.

If you live near a popular body of water, owning a boat can be commonplace and boat storage is a must for those with no room at home. With many communities discouraging street parking for boat trailers, storage space for these vehicles is always in demand.

To start this business, you need to get a large lot that can accommodate two boats at the same time. You can rent a lot, but buying can be the best option in terms of home equity. You’ll also need plenty of room to safely maneuver your boat trailers and ensure your customers can get in and out of them easily.

The site should be in an easily accessible location, adjacent to the hull, on the water that boat owners will use, and easily accessible from major highways. The property must be fenced to protect your customers’ vehicles. Make sure your type of business is licensed to be owned so that there are no potential legal issues. This is especially important if you plan to create a private repository.

  1. Cold storage company

Cold storage facilities are large cold storage facilities commonly used to store fruits, vegetables, processed meats, frozen foods, and pharmaceuticals. Cold storage serves as an important link between farmers and end users. Storage temperatures are usually maintained with precision instruments to prevent damage to the product.

Whenever these items are needed, they can be taken out of the cold store and very easily supplied to consumers. Starting a cold room can be quite capital intensive, but it is a very lucrative business, especially if you live near a farming or fishing community. You can store goods for your customers and charge them for the use of the cold room.

  1. Document security and storage

Almost every person, government agency, and business owner has documents that are processed daily, whether or not they have a paperless office system. Document security is defined as the means by which important documents are stored, stored, processed, backed up, delivered and ultimately disposed of.

Storing and backing up your documents takes a lot of planning, not just deciding what type of cabinet or lock you buy. This involves an understanding of the space and means of storing documents for safe storage and easy retrieval. In an effort to save space, many companies rent document storage facilities to store their documents, rather than paying to rent more space.

If you have this space, you can contact companies to help them secure and preserve their official files and documents. Your business can store and index paper documents, digital media, and other business-critical information, including computer disks and tapes. optical discs, microfilms, audio and video tapes, medical records and drawings.

  1. Manufacture of portable / mobile storage containers

Another area of ​​activity related to storage is the manufacture of portable storage containers or mobile containers. People and businesses that move and store always need reliable storage devices to keep their customers safe. You can manufacture ISO containers to national and international warehouse units which help in the warehouse business. As this activity is linked to manufacturing, it is quite capital intensive.

  1. Container Shipping Warehouse Company

Containers used to transport goods on a ship can create a viable business. Due to its large volume and durability, it can be used for just about anything, and some people use it to run a viable storage business.

The storage container industry is getting more and more popular every day, and once you have the required capital it is relatively easy to set up. There are several things to consider before starting this business. Topping the list is sourcing, transportation, and site approval, while the rest are funding, location, legality, and marketing. The location of the storage company will explain the success or failure of the business.

Thus, your location should be centrally accessible to people in the area and the site should have utilities, accessible road network, etc. A container shipping warehouse is complex and expensive, but you can invest in multiple containers and gradually increase inventory as the business grows. To efficiently run your business, you can offer the delivery, collection and storage of goods.

  1. Storage container rental business

Portable storage containers are widely used in various industries such as construction, home improvement, retail and commercial enterprises, etc. These industries have found leasing shipping containers to be a great solution for their storage needs.

These storage containers come in both plain steel shipping containers and reefer containers for perishable goods. This is another data storage business to start. You can rent or rent a site, assemble those containers, paint and renovate them, and start leasing them to businesses.

  1. On-demand storage service

Storage on demand is a more convenient option for a traditional self-storage device. We can say that it is a nice modification of the self-storage device. When set up on demand, the business typically has professional movers who take a truck to their clients’ homes, transport their goods to the warehouse, and return their goods when needed.

These items are removed and stored in a secure, air-conditioned facility for as long as needed. To start this business, you will need a safe and convenient storage facility, a moving truck, and some professional arms, which will make the business capital intensive, but you will surely have many clients who prefer you. leave all the heavy work.

  1. Start a mini storage business

Mini chests allow people to store extra items that won’t fit in their home or office. While you don’t need any experience to get started with Mini Vault, there are still a few things you need to know to get started with Mini Vault.

Depending on your location, the demand for these services can be significant. Start a mini storage business by buying an existing business, purchasing a storage franchise, or building a new facility in a user friendly location.

Apply for a license to operate a mini storage business in your area by contacting you. your local small business administration office or the county clerk’s office. Apply for an Employer Identification Number from the IRS Register your mini safe business with the Secretary of State’s office to start a business enterprise such as a limited liability company, corporation, or partnership.

Purchase business insurance to protect your property against damage or theft and to protect your business assets in the event of a lawsuit or settlement. Obtain the zoning and building permits needed to complete construction and hire a reputable commercial construction company to build your mini-warehouse. After that, you can open your business and start looking for customers.

  1. Agricultural warehouse

Certain agricultural businesses. products are generally valued over time because the supply / demand ratio for these products always decreases exponentially over time. An agricultural storage business is a process in which agricultural products are purchased by an entrepreneur directly from farmers or possibly wholesalers, and stored until there are few products on the market.

This is a business strategy that can be over 100% profitable if done right. It’s a great trading strategy with almost zero risk if done right.

Many business moguls who have discovered this particular process have reaped miracles from it, and so have you. To be successful in this business, you need to make sure that your storage is of the highest quality, otherwise you risk losing your product through noise or hesitation. Temperature.

  1. Create an automated research and storage system

Automated Storage and Retrieval (AS / RS) systems are automated hardware and software that aid in the accurate storage and retrieval of goods in a warehouse. These systems automatically detect and deliver the required inventory to a conveyor system, manual retraction or ergonomic operator station.

This translates into reduced labor, footprint and inventory levels, while improving accuracy and productivity over manual storage methods. Typical storage applications include picking, tooling, consolidation, work-in-progress, and buffering in ambient, cold, freezer or cleanroom environments. You can build and sell these apps to businesses that need them.

  1. Self-hosted business

Self-storage is an industry in which warehouses or storage spaces such as premises, lockers, containers and / or outdoor spaces are rented to tenants, usually on a short-term basis (often monthly). Autonomous tenants are businesses and individuals. The self-preservation industry is primarily an industry in the United States. It is estimated that in 2021 there will be between 44,000 and 52,000 warehouses in the United States.

Self-storage vaults rent out space on a short-term basis (often monthly, although long-term leases are possible) to people who need to store household goods or to businesses who need to keep excess inventory or archived archives. Some properties offer boxes, locks, and packing materials for sale to help tenants pack and store their goods, and they may also offer truck rentals.

It is forbidden to use these objects as living quarters. Self-service is a very lucrative business in the United States as people always choose to be in charge of the properties they have in stock. Ownership of a self-storage space can be revoked upon payment by default, and the properties of that self-storage space can be auctioned off to pay bills.

  1. RV storage company

If you want to start a business with good income potential and minimal maintenance costs, you can start an RV storage business. The term “recreational vehicle” (RV) is often used as a broad category of vehicles and trailers that include temporary accommodation.

Most RV owners do not have RV storage space at home during the winter. And others have restrictive rules imposed by homeowners associations that don’t allow RVs to be stored on their property. These strict rules are basically what gave birth to the RV storage business.

In order for your RV warehouse to be competitive in the industry, it needs to be well lit by wide aisles so that it is easy to maneuver. RV at the designated parking space. It should also have the most advanced security features, including video surveillance, private key code entry and field managers.

  1. Professional storage

Business Storage is the ideal solution for storing important business documents, medical records, excess retail inventory and many other business storage needs. People rarely use their desks for storage. Instead, they seek out local business storage as a convenient alternative for storing non-essential documents, furniture, and computer equipment.

Your institution should provide a professional solution for sales agents who need a central location where they can easily access important business documents and documents.

commercial storage units are commonly used; Pharmaceutical / Commercial Representatives for Retail Inventory Storage, Equipment Storage Contractors, Small Local Businesses for Commercial File Storage, Law Firms for Storage of Confidential Business Records and Medical Services for Storage medical files, etc.

  1. Provide insurance to storage companies

Vault operations are indeed very risky and therefore should not work without insurance. Indeed, anything can happen and you can lose your customers’ valuables. In such a sad situation, you will need insurance to help you.

Plus, the law will never even allow you to start a warehouse business without proper insurance policies. If you are an insurance provider, you can start providing warehouse insurance. You can protect storage companies from improper sales, disposal of property, and damage caused when building new storage facilities.

  1. Bunker storage

It’s another new storage business idea, but it’s taken the industry by storm. With silo storage, customers fill the bins provided by the company, then the bins are sent to the warehouse for storage. Renters are not required to visit their storage facilities as they do not even have traditional storage facilities and therefore do not need to visit.

They can simply submit a request and the supplier company will bring the requested baskets home to them. Bin storage takes the self out of the self storage. Here, valets deliver containers or storage boxes to them. It’s another great storage deal.

  1. Provide mobile storage

Mobile storage units are portable storage devices that are delivered to a tenant’s home, filled, and then returned to the site. This storage method is very convenient for homeowners who are moving from one residence to another and need an easy way to store and transport their belongings like a moving truck.

Once their goods are packed and properly labeled, their portable storage devices can be unloaded at their new address so they can unload them at their new home whenever they want. You can also rely on the provision of this service.

  1. Storage Postal delivery

Postal delivery is another innovative way to enter storage space. Accepting mail deliveries is a convenient way to provide on-demand services to your tenants, which doesn’t require a lot of work on the part of the manager and staff.

Mail-in deliveries allow managers to purchase packages and allow tenants to choose to pick up their packages as they please, providing a ton of convenience for little effort. If you’re already renting to savvy parents who use their safes to hide Christmas presents from their kids, the next step is to accept the gift packages.

  1. Truck rental for storage companies

Trucks are very important to the warehouse business, I mean how can you move people’s property from their house to the warehouse if not without a truck? Because of the cost of a good truck, not all storage companies can afford to buy their own truck, they can only afford to rent one.

If you have a truck that you usually rent to tenants, you might just have found another customer. Go to the warehouses and offer to use your truck for a small fee, but you need to make sure that these charges cover the costs of gasoline and maintenance if necessary.

  1. Provide storage space

Again, most storage companies may not afford to rent space for their storage business. Most of these businesses use commercial warehouses to store their customers’ belongings, but as they grow they will need more space.

If you have large storage facilities, you may very well have the necessary real estate, you can cooperate with storage companies and rent storage facilities from them. It’s a great way to generate passive income from your property.

  1. Car storage company

Car Storage This is a big deal, especially in the northern climates of the United States due to the harsher climate. The first step in starting a car storage business is to provide inexpensive indoor storage space, such as a vacant warehouse or production building.

The next step is simply to promote the business, and this is best achieved by joining automobile clubs and associations and attending club meetings and social events to network for businesses. Current car storage facilities range from $ 40 to $ 80 per month.

Make sure your storage space is heated and in good condition as this will be critical to the success of your business. And, of course, don’t forget to carry trade insurance as needed and a great marketing tool.

  1. Maintain a storage blog

If you can’t start a specific business, talking about it is one way to generate income from that business without having to open a store. This is what the blog does for you. If you are very interested in the storage industry, you can start a blog that covers all areas of the business for readers to come in and educate. You can talk about the best safes, give tips on how to find them, and even how to run a successful vault business.

  1. Self-storage for catering establishments

Professional food service providers often use industrial catering equipment and food processors, and these equipments are quite heavy and bulky. Not only do they buy their food in bulk to keep costs down, but they can also provide fine wines to complement the cuisine they offer, and they can provide chairs, tables, utensils, and furniture.

Non-perishable foods and wine crates are also bulky items, and tables, chairs, napkins, and tablecloths can easily fill an entire garage or home. So where do you store them during the inevitable break between jobs? You read that correctly, in the repositories. You can start a storage business that caters exclusively to suppliers.

  1. Provide wine cellars

Wine cellar is a room for storing wine in bottles or barrels or, less frequently, in bottles, amphorae or plastic containers. Wineries always need to store their wines somewhere before serving them. If you have a suitable space, you can rent it as a wine cellar. In an active wine cellar, important factors such as temperature and humidity are maintained by the air conditioning system.

  1. Classic car storage

Classic cars are old and unique cars that are no longer produced today. This makes these vehicles very valuable to their owners. If you have a spacious and well-ventilated space, you can use it as a classic car rental location. To be successful in this business, you need to make sure that your storage space is well maintained with adequate heating.

Insurance is another important thing for this business as you have to protect the vehicles under your supervision. You should regularly inspect vehicles for fluid leaks, correct tire inflation levels, and any other issues that may arise while the vehicle is under your supervision.

  1. Provide storage for internet retailers

The internet, especially eBay, has revolutionized the start-up world. Thousands of people run sales organizations from their kitchen tables and sell everything from home crafts to resale furniture, clothing, and publications.

As an online business begins to take off, it always needs more space to store what it is selling. There comes a time when the business goes beyond the use of closets, garages, and home basements and requires something more. You can start a storage business by providing storage for online stores.

  1. Sell ​​products for home storage

There are hundreds of home storage products on the market and you can make a profit by starting a business that specializes in the sale and installation of these products. The business does not require a lot of investment capital to start up and can be very profitable because you can set an hourly rate for installing these products and add a markup to all products sold.

Search the internet and directories for the manufacturers of these products, then contact them and see if you will become a sales agent or representative of their products in your community. This is the type of business that, once established and you have multiple clients, word of mouth and referrals will drive business growth and expansion.

31. Start a high-end clothing storage business

Yes, clothing storage exists and people, especially celebrities, have been using it for a long time. If you have enough storage space in a good part of your city, you can start a business where you can store clothes and other fashion accessories for your customers.

It should be noted that celebrities usually have a lot of fashion clothes and accessories that even ten changing rooms cannot fit. What they usually do to free up space is deliver their most valuable collections to clothing safes for storage.

To start this business, you need to make sure that your storage is well guarded, the air is constantly cleaned, and the temperature is properly controlled. You can earn big profits from this business if you know how to penetrate your target market.

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