Shrimp farm business plan

Shrimp farm business plan

Want to start a shrimp farm from scratch and make some money? Or do you need a sample shrimp business plan? then I advise you to read.

If you’ve ever tried boiled, smoked or grilled shrimp; then you will agree that shrimp are indeed very healthy when it comes to culinary adventures. Shrimp is known as one of the healthiest foods in the world and is eaten on all continents of the world.

Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content makes it particularly desirable for those who care about their cholesterol intake. It is classified as a sea creature and is easy to find, especially in the coastal area and along the river.

Shrimp farming is known to be a lucrative business and is growing from a small scale to a global industry in most of the countries where it operates. Countries like the United States, China, Japan, Thailand and even South America have long been involved in large-scale shrimp farming. Nigeria is not far from trade because there are many coastal people whose trade is shrimp.

If you’re looking to get into the seafood business, the good news is that you can’t go wrong in the shrimp business. This is especially true if you live in coastal areas. Easy to start, cheap to maintain, and if you know what to do, it will take you less time to get a good return on your investment. Here are the basic and simple steps you need to follow to start your own shrimp farm:

Launch of an example business plan for a shrimp farm

1. Get the right location -: … When choosing a place to start a shrimp business, the first rule is that you need to consider several factors such as proximity to the shrimp incubator, proximity to the water supply and the proximity to your goal. Market if you have to maximize profits.

As simple as it may sound, skipping one or two of the above points can result in lost profit. You don’t want to spend a fortune hauling shrimp to the local market or buying young shrimp.

2. Get a pond -: Different types of shrimp farms exist, namely:

  • fresh or sea water
  • cold or lukewarm water
  • indoor or outdoor ponds

However, you need to make sure you know which one you are looking for and then hire an expert to help you build it. You should be aware that there are two types of production cycle when it comes to raising shrimp. It can be single-phase or two-phase.

For a two-phase process, you have a main pond and a pond for rearing the young shrimp before they are introduced to the main pond after a few weeks. Whereas a one-step process means the young shrimp are transported directly from the hatchery to the main pond.

3. Get the right water: exposing every living thing to the correct environment will determine its growth and survival. This means that you need to know which water condition will help your shrimp farm grow. Knowing the correct pH value of the water you intend to fill in your pond will go a long way in determining the survival and growth of your shrimp.

Note that you must add the aerator to your shrimp pond water. In fact, running the aerator 24/7 is vital for the survival and efficient reproductive cycle of your shrimp.

4. Know where to find the young shrimp -: What is the point of building a fish pond if you do not know where to take a juvenile to fish? ? In general, you shouldn’t just know where to find the young shrimp, you should have other options. If necessary, you need to learn how to start your own hatchery if you really want to run a large-scale shrimp business.

5. Know when, what and how to feed your shrimp. – … Knowing what to feed your shrimp, when to feed them and how to feed them is vital for their growth and reproduction. It is a known fact that shrimp feed on algae, insects and larvae.

Just be sure to create conditions in your ponds that promote the growth of algae. It is advisable to feed the shrimp twice a day with a meal of shrimp. If you have the right condition in your pond, you may be able to cut the budget for feeding your young shrimp, as what they eat can also grow naturally in their pond.

6. Know when and how to harvest your shrimp : Please note that if you make a mistake in this process, you may lose. Shrimp pots are used to harvest shrimp if you really want to harvest them in good condition, and you also need to make sure that they are ripe enough to eat.

If you grow them properly, you will have plenty for them. Depending on where in the world your shrimp pond is located, you may harvest two or three times a year. Shrimp pond at the equator three times a year.

7. Know where and how to sell your shrimp: it might not be news to you that shrimp are in high demand in most parts of the world. Therefore, you just need to know where to find those who wish to buy it. Delivering your shrimp to local markets or even hotels and restaurants will help you sell your shrimp faster than waiting for your customers to come find you. You can also sell your shrimp online. Sale of seafood online; You need to provide an efficient packaging, storage and delivery system.

Now you can see that those who have made their fortunes in shrimp farming have taken some tough steps to make it work. You too should be willing and focused to learn on the job by strictly following the steps in this reading. Please note that these steps must be combined to achieve the desired result. By default, one or more can be a waste of resources.

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