Inexpensive alternative to Shopify

Inexpensive alternative to Shopify

With the advent of the digital market, it has become increasingly easier for professionals to market their skills to a wide range of clients. There are many online stores that offer services like Shopify, but this is an expensive option. You can use cheap Shopify alternatives namely Sellfy, Bigcommerce, Volusion, and Squarespace.

If you want to sell your digital products in the easiest way, you should consider Sellfy, one of the most amazing electronic stores. This is where you can sell your digital products like software, videos, music, etc. It’s so easy to use that you only need a few minutes to get started and sell. In a matter of minutes, you enter the digital market and comfortably reach your customers.

Small business owners have an equal chance to grow and be successful with Sellfy. It is a cheap alternative to expensive online shopping.

Sellfy Features:

It has some amazing features that have made it so easy to build an online store! This offered an equal chance for all digital merchants to sell their product, regardless of the size of their business.

Its functions are numerous and few are discussed below:

  • Human You can easily add products and digital products to sell. Additionally, subscription products can be added to bill customers monthly and annually.
  • You can customize and modify your business however you want. You can update the logo, change the theme, etc. whenever you need it.
  • Sellfy allows a seller to add their domain, allows buyers to buy multiple items at the same time, and it’s suitable for all types of devices. including laptop, iPad, cell phone, etc.
  • Sellfy has some amazing marketing features including the ability to email customers about new products, discount and sale notifications, and more.
  • Sellfy allows sellers to track the revenue generated by each product. It also helps to monitor the overall performance of the store.


Sellfy’s prices are extremely affordable and there is a great opportunity for business people to grow quickly. It offers three types of plans including Starter Plan, Business Plan, and Premium Plan.

  • The startup plan costs $ 19 per month and is good for starting a business.
  • The business plan costs $ 39 per month and has more benefits like no transaction fees, no restrictions on adding products, discount codes, etc.
  • The premium plan costs $ 89 per month and has a lot of perks like domain customization, priority support, discount codes. and much more.

Sellfy also offers a 14-day free service after registration.

Who can benefit from Sellfy?

All of those businessmen with small or large digital businesses can use sellfy to promote and sell their products. It is very simple, inexpensive and easy to use.

Sellfy Reviews:

Selly’s reviews are positive as most of the users are very happy with this tool and feel so comfortable using it. The download speed of the product is excellent and the tools available are enormous. The support service for both seller and buyer is fast.

A weak point highlighted by users is the method of payment, but it is under study.

Sellfy is an indispensable tool for those who are hesitant to enter the market. You will not regret connecting your customers with Sellfy because you will have a chance to grow and get a good opportunity like any other.

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