Franchise Opportunities For Sale Under

Franchise Opportunities For Sale Under

Are you looking to start a business by purchasing a franchise that costs less than $ 5,000?  here are 50 best franchise options for sale under $ 5,000.

Today, entrepreneurs have realized the advantages of buying a successful business franchise over traveling alone on the business highway. But many future business owners lag woefully behind the number of successful franchises, especially in specific industries.

If you are in this category, do not worry, as there are indeed successful business franchises. that fall into any wallet size. It is for this reason that we offer you deductibles in the United States, which range from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000.

Companies from various industries are represented in this category, so all you need to do is take your pick and start your research. The franchises mentioned here have little or no overheads, so they are very inexpensive. Business depends on your ability to be successful.

50 Best Franchise Opportunities For Sale Under $ 5k


Amsoil Inc. Is an American company based in Superior, Wisconsin which mainly develops and conditions lubricants and synthetic filters. Amsoil uses MLM to distribute its products.

Amsoil products are sold through independent resellers who are willing to devote the time and energy to building a successful business. Amsoil provides training materials, administrative assistance, technical support and everything you need to build a successful dealership. Run your own business, be your own boss, and earn extra income.

As a new AMSOIL dealer, you will receive a Dealer Kit with Dealer Quick Start Guide (G3472) which is simple and easy to use. -Readable guide giving clear instructions to start and grow your business The kit also includes product samples so you can immediately appreciate the benefits of AMSOIL products and start sharing AMSOIL story with others.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1000

2. Walk in space

Space Walk is the leading US supplier of inflatable entertainment. The company has over 40 years of industry experience in the United States. Through its affiliate program, Space Walk will help you in your business and do whatever it takes to help you be successful in your community. The company claims to be the inventor of the inflatable entertainment industry and has already helped many families and individuals like you across the country.

Their experienced and dedicated home office staff and network of partners strive to maintain their reputation as the best in the inflatable boat industry.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 3,500
  • Minimum amount: $ 500

3. American Darts Association

The American Darts League is the only darts league program in the United States. ADA league officials develop and then maintain American Dart Leagues for both traditional English steel tip darts and electronic soft tip darts. The American Darters Association (ADA) began operations in 2090. Of the three national dart organizations in the United States, the ADA is the only one that is “commercial”. There is no license fee for this franchise.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1,500 to $ 2,800
  • Cost of the franchise: $ 500. – 1,000 USD

4. Trip leaders

In 1872, Georges Nagelmakers founded his company Wagons-Lits to install sleeping compartments in European trains. A few years later, he created the Orient Express. In 1888, Ward J. Foster founded the travel agency Ask Mr. Foster, based in St. Augustine, Florida.

Each business has grown in Europe and Africa, and Ask The Foster has expanded to the United States and Europe. Carlson Companies Inc. acquired Ask Mr. Foster in 2079; the company changed its name to Carlson Travel Network in 2090.

Carlson Travel Network and Wagonlit Travel merged in 2097 to form Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Then in 2008, the company partnered with Travel Leaders and Tzell Travel Group to form what is now known as the Travel Leaders franchise.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 2,270 $ 16,910
  • Initial franchise fee $ 1,500
  • Effective royalty up to $ 1K / month.
  • Advertising commission $ 109 $ 274 / month

5. Crack remover

Crack Eraser is a company that offers the best windshield crack repair kits online. Offering reliability, real quality and a truly effective solution, their Cracked Windshield Repair Kits are the perfect product to fix and fix any cracked window you can. collide.

Best of all, each of their kits sells for the most competitive prices, so start-up cost isn’t an issue; just buy one of their kits and you can get started for the cheapest possible price today. Most importantly, their car windshield repair kits give you the chance to start your own business.

Since they are professional grade and offer enough for wholesale windshield repair, starting your own windshield repair business is easier than ever. So, are you looking for a new source of income? Or are you just trying to find an easy new way to start your own business? Whatever your reasoning, this professional windshield repair kit is the perfect way to start.

  • PRICE  : $ 1000 $ 4000

6. Buildingstars

Buildingstars is a commercial cleaning company founded in 2094. With a minimum investment of just $ 2,245, it is very affordable. This $ 2,000 investment will make you what Buildingstars calls a technician, or the person doing a partial cleanup while still maintaining the flexibility to do other work.

So if you’re just taking your first steps towards entrepreneurship, Buildingstars (# 209 in Entrepreneur 500 franchise) is for you.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment: $ 2,245 to $ 53,200
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $ 995 to $ 46,995

7.  My business

My Business Venture (MBV) is a national technology services company with over 25 years of industry experience. They specialize in providing powerful websites, shopping carts, credit card processing, secure payment gateways, strategic marketing campaigns, custom logos and social media programs for entrepreneurs who run successful online, home and mail order businesses.

MBV offers its clients the opportunity to start a home business from the comfort of their own home and to help existing business owners develop a proven marketing program to help them be successful. They are qualified to submit queries to search engines, social media, custom logos, live chat, domain name registrations, email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 2,795 – $ 3,995
  • Minimum money: $ 3,995

8. Umbrella tax solutions

Umbrella is a tax services office that provides professional tax programs, financial services, banking products, and support that provide future entrepreneurs with a path to financial freedom by offering licensing options and assistance in opening services. Umbrella’s financial / tax offices.

In 2010, Umbrella Financial Services Tax Solutions Group, LLC. (UFSTSG) set out to provide high quality tax services to the public. Today, they continue to serve their customers, their community and their brand with the same passion. This proven system has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs successfully build their own tax businesses.

Financial information

  • Investment: 5600 USD

9. Pajama-Man

Almost everyone who needs insurance continues to actively develop. If you want to run your own home-based business in an in-demand industry, consider becoming an independent insurance broker. Pajama Man School teaches you everything you need to know to run a successful business in the lucrative insurance industry.

As an independent insurance broker, you will represent the best insurance companies in all categories, from property to accidents to life. and health without leaving home. The Pajama Man system gets you started right away.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1,000 to $ 5,000
  • Franchise Fee: $ 1,000
  • Minimum money: $ 6,000

10. Smart Money Co.

Smart Money is a financial services company operating in the United States. The company offers a low-cost franchise and offers its franchisees comprehensive training in their specific field, even if it takes around 30 days.

Their curriculum includes all the tools needed for in-depth training in the financial services industry. and their marketing methods are designed to continually bring you new customers. You also get all your documentation tailored to new information about your business and full access to business financing.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 4,950 – $ 12,500

11. Pango Financial

Pango Financials’ full range of innovative financing solutions can help your business get the boost it needs. The company offers a variety of financing solutions that can be used on their own or in combination with another option to create tailor-made financing that suits your long and short term goals.

Pango Financial offers financial solutions for all business needs. From lines of credit to equipment financing and everything in between, their experienced and knowledgeable team can help your business grow and succeed.

Pango Financial offers an easy way to transfer your eligible retirement funds, their ROBS plan and DreamSpark Rollover Business Startup Plan allow you to use your eligible retirement funds as start-up and working capital for your business or franchise with a grace period and without penalty. The DreamSpark plan gives you the lowest prices in the industry. Your funds can be received in just 2-3 weeks.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 3,745
  • Franchise Fee: $ 3,745

12. Global Financial Group

World Financial Group (WFG) is a Transamerica company. Transamerica is one of the world’s leading financial services companies providing insurance, investments and more than 20 million customers.

The Transamerica companies offer a wide range of life and health insurance products that can help create a better future by protecting families and their dreams. With more than a century of experience, Transamerica has built a solid reputation for effective management and decision-making and consumer confidence.

At World Finance Group (WFG), your goals and dreams matter. They understand that financial problems can make it difficult to achieve your goals, so they provide you with the help you need to reach them.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 2,500
  • Franchise Fee: $ 2,500
  • minimum cash amount: $ 2,500

13.Credit Repair USA

Credit Repair USA is a company that aims to help individuals and businesses with financial planning. The company promises its franchisees no monthly license fees, annual fees and renewal fees. If you follow their proven business model, you will be successful and profit from it for a living.

All your customers will be taken care of by the head office. Account updates and deletions will also be updated by Headquarters. These updates will be synchronized with your account and your customers’ accounts in real time, all using their credit recovery software.

Financial information

  • Minimum money: $ 5,000
  • Investment: $ 209

14. 1040TaxBiz

1040TaxBiz is a trusted tax company in the United States. They have been in this industry for 20 years and invented the low cost tax office business model. New companies are starting each season trying to leverage the 1040TaxBiz business model. They use their advertising ideas and our prices.

Their marketing and advertising support is unique and effective in its results. As an example, their Family Dollar program allows you to start a turnkey business during tax season. The company provides you with everything you need including location, software, banking products, marketing, and direct access to 15,000-30,000 potential tax clients each month in one package.

This business model is for those who want to start their own business but don’t have a large initial investment because their model takes a total income start-up approach. They also manage your back office, do your marketing, and train your staff in the same way.

Financial information

  • Investment: 2899

15. Steamatic

From remodeling to cleaning, Steamatic franchise owners dominate their markets. Operating in 23 countries, Steamatic has grown into a leading restaurant franchise with a reputation for highly skilled and professional technicians who do their jobs well.

This reputation has paid off for Steamatic franchisees, which generated one of the highest average annual sales in the industry at just over $ 1.1 million per year, with the top third producing over $ 2 million. dollars per year. The booming $ 210 billion a year recovery industry is attracting entrepreneurs with its high margins and continued consumer demand.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1948 – $ 1967
  • Franchise Fee: $ 15,000
  • royalty: 8-2%

16. “Take care of hearts”

Heart Care is a rescue service based in Castroville, California that is guaranteed for your loved one. It is a home and community service that has accumulated years of excellent experience.

Many older people feel they need to seek help for the first time in their life. Just as aging can contribute to a more relaxed lifestyle, it can also create new obstacles and challenges. With Caring Hearts In-Home Care, LLC, loved ones get the help they need at home to maintain a safe, independent, and happy life.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 4,999 – $ 6,850
  • Minimum money: $ 10,000

17. Baby Boot Camp

Born out of necessity, Baby Boot Camp arrived shortly after the birth of Kristen Horlers’ first child in August 2001. After extensive research, she was unable to find effective training that did not require training. hiring of staff. coach and nanny.

Building on her experiences as a personal trainer and new mom, Kristen designed Baby Boot Camp to balance the fitness needs of new moms with their desire to spend time with their baby. Today, Baby Boot Camp is available all over the United States. Franchise opportunities are available all over the United States.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 5,050
  • Franchise Fee: $ 4,000, $ 7,000
  • Royalty: $ 240-385 / month

18. ABC Do-Re-ME!

ABC Do-Re-ME! is the best children’s music and movement program that offers unique, fun and educational activities.With activities available for babies, toddlers and preschoolers up to 6 years old, their programs will make a splash. difference for your child’s future.

Not only ABC Do-Re-ME! programs designed to educate a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, linguistic and physical development, as well as to provide flexible hours and activities for children with busy parents. Although many activities for children and toddlers take 10 weeks to a year, ABC Do-Re-ME! Allows parents to pay for each course or to purchase a course package or monthly subscription.

ABC Do-Re-ME! the teachers are experienced musicians with a deep knowledge of songs that children love. During music lessons, children sing, dance, play, learn instruments and read books in an atmosphere designed to be fully interactive. The music selection is eclectic and includes everything from nursery rhymes to the Beatles.

Financial information

  • Investment: 2100 USD
  • Franchise Fee: USD 1,000
  • royalties: $ 170 / month.

20. Goods delivered

The delivered goods have helped families across the United States and Canada start their own thriving shipping businesses. Their specialists know, thanks to many years of experience, what to do to make money in this industry, what to do correctly and what mistakes to avoid!

The cost of the service package for the delivery of groceries, restaurants and corporate meals is delivered at once, and they will help you for many years. Whether it modifies your site or gives business recommendations, they don’t charge a fee! Your one-time fee does it all, with no license fees or monthly fees.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 4,500
  • Minimum money: $ 14,900


The USA-designed and patented Hygienitech system uses incredible high-frequency pulsed ultrasonic suction waves combined with powerful UV-C germicidal light to kill and destroy dust mites, bacteria, common viruses, molds and bacteria. mold, fungal spores, and other allergens and harmful contaminants that build up in mattresses, soft items, pillows, curtains, rugs, draperies, children’s toys and all hard surfaces people use come in contact at home or in a typical hotel or any type of multipurpose object.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or what you did before. It is a profession that you can master in a few days thanks to the simplicity of the Hygienitech system. It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, or looking for a full-time or part-time job to earn real money.

You can run your Hygienitech business as a stand-alone business, as many of their 850 authorized service providers do in over 70 countries, or if you are already in a service business adding Hygienitech services will truly increase. your results.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 5,000 to $ 6,000
  • Franchise Fee: $ 5,000
  • Minimum money: $ 5,000

21. Dr Glass

Doctor. Window cleaning is a family business that values ​​quality service and good customer relations. Philip Bregstone began cleaning windows in 2078, one mop and one window at a time.

For the next decade, it was seasonal work, cleaning windows to pay for tuition as a music student at Syracuse University. and later for graduate studies at the University of Maryland. As his business grew, Philip began recruiting others so he could clean more windows while still maintaining a personal signature.

He started his business around his family-oriented lifestyle, giving him ample time to spend at home with his wife Roberta and their two sons, Iona and Julian, and make music his love. They currently have ten franchisees in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Colorado.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 4,600
  • Franchise fees: $ 3,000 to $ 6,000
  • Royalty: 9% -12%

22. GenCorp

Gencorp is a pure franchise operating in the United States. The GenCorp franchise gives people the opportunity to start a business with a great chance of success with minimal risk. Starting a new business from scratch is inherently risky.

Most studies conclude that over 90% fail within 3 to 5 years. In comparison, a US Department of Commerce study showed that over 92% of franchise businesses are still in business after 5 years. The Gencorp franchise gives people the ability to do business for themselves with an excellent chance of success with minimal risk.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1,800

23. Champion Clean

Champion Clean began operations in 2097 with the goal of providing superior cleaning services to municipal, county and government agencies, as well as services for all types of private business facilities, including office buildings, daycares, car dealerships, medical buildings, theaters and more.

The ChampionClean franchise offers future business owners the opportunity to start their businesses with an initial customer service base, reducing normal start-up times. Each regional office offers new franchisees the right to serve ChampionClean customers.

This allows the ChampionClean franchisee to start a business in whole or in part. Additionally, ChampionClean provides a proven business method and brand name with real value to customers. Finally, ChampionClean provides a well-organized support system that helps new franchisees achieve the desired level of success.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 3,300 to $ 33,000
  • Franchise Fee: $ 2,500-31,000
  • Royalty: 4%

24. Premier Weddings

Premier Weddings is more than just a name in the wedding industry. It is a unique concept that not only helps to showcase the local and real weddings of top wedding professionals, but also uses their interactive virtual tours of meeting points, and is a powerful tool for couples to plan their weddings. like never before.

No magazine or publishing experience is required to license the Premier Weddings brand. They have an existing relationship, so you can create and publish your own magazines completely free for you. The total cost of running your own magazine business is less than $ 500! There is no expensive office to rent, no equipment to buy or inventory to buy, so the company’s overhead costs are insanely low.

Financial information

  • Investment: US $ 2,930 – US $ 20,850
  • Franchise Fee: $ 2,500 $ 12,125
  • Royalty Commission: $ 350 / month

25. UGRU

UGRU coaching programs are powerful, unique and results-driven. UGRU Coaches are trained to carry out their programs through an intensive program covering three areas of excellence: Coaching Excellence, Financial Excellence and Business Excellence.

Financial trainers are paid for results, not for selling a financial product. There are many alternatives to building the financial know-how and emotional potential required for financial freedom, but these are pale in comparison to how a financial coach can prepare a person for success. This deductible can get you started on the right foot.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1999 – $ 4800

26. What’s new

What’s On In is a unique home-based advertising franchise that can earn you significant monthly income from your own “exclusive” fortune, earning you a share of $ 300 million. It’s wasted by American online advertisers.

What the game offers you is the unique franchise opportunity to give any business the ability to advertise on top tier sites. With a self-service platform, high visibility, comprehensive tracking, and low advertising costs, it brings something unique to the online advertising market. Payment goes directly from all advertisers.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1000

27. Better work-life balance

The Best Work-Life Balance is a lifestyle transforming company that uses the laws of attraction to do business. Their mission is to teach the Law of Attraction and the principles of personal development in order to transform lives and educate others about personal and financial success.

They offer a world class franchise which is very profitable and can be profitable. give the franchisee a positive cash flow during the first months. They have a very low launch cost and their products attract a large following, so everyone is a potential customer.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 2000
  • Minimum money: $ 20,000

28. Back massager

The Back Massager business is a business model that uses commercial massage chairs. The Back Massager has been used successfully in 27 locations, such as shopping malls, beauty salons, truck stops, casinos, country clubs, laundries, car washes, airports, hotels, hospitals , to name a few. These wonderful dispensing massage chairs make money easy in any busy area.

You can choose from a variety of VIP packages starting at $ 1,295. Choose the plan that’s right for you and get started quickly. There is no limit to your earning potential and your profit is almost unlimited.

With this opportunity, you will start generating income as soon as you place your first dispensing massage chair. From there, the math is straightforward. The more cars you have, the more income you can generate.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1295
  • Franchise Fee: $ 1,295
  • Minimum cash: $ 1,295

29. Hi buddy

If you’re looking for a unique, fun, easy, and innovative way to start your own business, look no further. HI MY FRIEND! represents a rare opportunity to have an exciting and proven new business model on the ground floor. HI MY FRIEND! franchise offers a patented pet vending business that distributes and treats pet supplies with HEY BUDDY, Colorful, Pet Friendly, Convenient and Easily Accessible! Convenient pet supply centers.

Exclusive territories are available with Hey Buddy. To qualify, you must join Hey Buddy as a Regional Developer. The radius of your territory and the development costs depend on the density of the market and the demographics.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 4,205 – $ 8,205
  • Franchise Fee: $ 4,205 $ 8,805

30. Color me beautiful

Color Me Beautiful is a brand of beauty products. This is a direct home sales consultant. Their first kiosk was launched 4 years ago. Today there are 77 kiosks and retail stores in the country.

The Color Me Beautiful, Flory Roberts, Adrienne Arpel, Patti Labelle and Gail Heyman of Beverly Hills are glamorous and affordable. Until recently, these brands were sold in department stores. To improve the customer experience, Color Me Beautiful recently changed its sales direction thanks to well-trained business leaders.

When you start, you receive $ 3,750 for an initial supply of cosmetics, skin care products and perfumes. When you have sold your starter product, usually within 2 weeks, you have recouped most of your investment.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 5,500

31. OASIS Travel Network

OASIS Travel Network is a travel company. They are looking for partners who will take advantage of their high commissions and high purchasing power to help you provide your clients with more value on cruises, vacations and hotels through their group amenities, special hotel privileges and their strong relationships with suppliers.

Financial information

Investment: $ 3000

Royalty: $ 29.60


XOCAI is the ideal no-maturity or debt-free company with 5 years of network marketing experience backed by a retail business with over $ 300 million in annual sales. The company offers its franchisees professional tools including a personal website and strong leadership with continuous learning; excellent compensation plan, local and global opportunities; a high-consumer product and universal mass appeal in the wellness industry is expected to run into the trillions of dollars.

If you are passionate about health and wellness and have the time to devote to a partial home business, you will benefit from this business.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 2000

33, Uzel

Uzel is a simple computer platform and mobile application for finding a freight carrier. They help with moving offices or homes, as well as transporting construction, freight, agricultural products and even cars. The service is absolutely free for its customers; You only have to pay for the services of the carrier, you just need to place an order and get a response immediately, save time and money and get great service.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment: $ 5,320
  • Initial franchise fee: $ 6,260

34. HeartZtrings

HeartZtrings is a fun wedding and event planning franchise that is the perfect home business. Franchising offers high income potential, low start-up costs, and low operating costs, allowing you to build a successful business inexpensively and easily.

HeartZtrings is a low investment business opportunity that offers high returns with no prior experience required. This home-based business model makes it easy for you to set up your business without worrying about covering costs.

There are over 2 million weddings held every year in the United States! You can be a part of a fun, profitable, profitable, huge business with great opportunities. Brides approach their wedding day wanting everything to be perfect, and you can help them with that.

Financial information

  • Investments: from 5,000 to 10,000 USD / li>
  • Franchise Fee: $ 5,000, $ 6,000

35. Vanguard cleaning systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems is a company that provides corporate cleaning and cleaning services in 38 states in the United States and Canada, as well as office and cleaning companies for small, medium and large businesses. Vanguard Cleaning Systems provides office cleaning services as well as carpet cleaning, hardwood floor maintenance, window cleaning and electric cleaning.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchises are located across North America and provide quality commercial and home cleaning services to their customers. at competitive prices. Customers can sign short or long term contracts for the cleaning or cleaning of office buildings, multi-tenant premises and medical facilities. Franchises can also provide bond clearing services.

Financial needs

  • Liquid capital of $ 2,800 required
  • $ 8,000 franchise fee

36. Jazzercise Inc.

While teaching traditional jazz dance classes in Evanston, Ill. In 2069, Judy Sheppard Missett pulled her students away from mirrors and opened an entertainment class that included dance moves to provide aerobic exercise.

After moving to Southern California, she began teaching other Jazzercise instructors in 2077. Six years later, the company began franchising. Today CEO of Jazzercises, she continues to teach weekly Jazzercise classes and stage new dance programs.

Based in Carlsbad, California, the instructors at Jazzercises teach their comprehensive fitness program to nearly half a million participants each year in the United States and more than 30 other countries. Jazzercise instructors are trained and certified before becoming franchisees.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 2,405 $ 17,155
  • Initial franchise fee $ 1,250 $ 1,250
  • Current royalty commission 20%

37. Windows Renewal

Windows Renew can help you take advantage of the $ 40 billion consulting industry that is widely open, requires no experience, and can be started from anywhere. named technology consulting as one of the 6 most popular markets. This program was developed by CEO Ryan Christopher, who is a respected business consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

If you are looking for a rare business opportunity backed by Fortune 500 caliber training and a long history of proven success with other entrepreneurs like you, you should consider joining the Windows Renew family. All the marketing, sales and service training you need is provided to you.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 2000

38. Chess training center in Ho-Mate

HoMat & Chess is the only children’s learning center franchise dedicated to teaching kids math using a game-based approach, i.e. chess.

Many kids are offline and continue to work on boring worksheets, but Ho Math and Chess combined the worksheets using their own innovative technologies such as Geometry Chess Language, Ho Math and Chess Teach Set, and Frankho Chess Maze. created an interesting and fun math series. and chess games. built-in binders.

Ho Math and Chess is a global leader in mathematics education using chess as a teaching tool. This innovative teaching method not only increases school grades in math, but also improves problem-solving ability, increases intellectual ability, improves concentration, improves memory, and improves visualization ability.

In addition to the world’s first integrated math and chess textbooks, this teaching method has been tested in more than 30 math and chess training centers around the world.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 2,500 – $ 31,550
  • Franchise Fee: $ 2,500
  • Royalty: 10%
  • Equity: USD 5,000

39. Proforma

Proforma is a $ 150 billion franchise business opportunity in the printing and advertising industry. No inventory, equipment or store is required to run this business. Proforma is a great opportunity for people who enjoy selling products to mid-to-high-end businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

The franchise can be managed from a home or a small rental office. No industry knowledge or work experience is required as product knowledge is taught during the program.

Potential franchisees are always invited to Discovery Day, without obligation, at the Proforma Global Support Center in Cleveland, Ohio. This information day includes meetings with many individuals and service representatives to help you explore the Proforma model and answer your questions.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 4,730 – $ 39,695
  • Franchise Fee: $ 14,500
  • Royalty: 5-8%

40. TCYonline

TCYonline, a Top Careers You (TCY) online initiative, was founded in 2098. Through its student-centered approach, it has helped thousands of K-12 students succeed in school. The company specializes in online continuing education programs, including online tutoring, online homework help, and standardized test preparation.

Drawing on over a decade of classroom teaching experience and its technology and methodology, TCYonline offers students the opportunity to learn where and at the pace of their choice. TCYonline also offers potential business owners the opportunity to join the thriving online tutoring industry.

It is believed that online tutoring, the hottest business idea today, will soon surpass classroom teaching. TCYonline brings you the fastest growing affiliate network with low investment and the ability to work from home. This unique business model allows you to channel your resources towards promoting your business. All training activities are carried out by the TCYonline team, which significantly reduces your overhead costs.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 2,499
  • Franchise Fee: $ 2,499

41. HomeGate Real Estate

HomeGate Real Estate® is an innovative cloud brokerage company. The company is a virtual cloud company that gives its agents more money, innovative technology services, and the freedom to operate from anywhere.

HomeGate has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 2021. Real estate agent / broker and leading manufacturer since 2096, Founder Paul Tippets has created a business structure that focuses on everything he would love in real estate by as an agent or broker owner.

HomeGates’ unique structure allows its agents to grow their teams across the country and have unlimited residual income potential. They help their agents boost their online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Data Exchange (IDX), and web landing pages. sites that generate leadership positions that include integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and the latest technology services. p225>

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 3,500

42. HouseMAXX

HouseMAXX ™ empowers and provides Canadians, Americans and international homeowners (buyers and sellers) with the tools they need to sell or buy homes privately, while saving time and thousands of dollars. HouseMAXX is looking for exceptional business-oriented individuals to become an Exclusive Territory Licensee to expand their FSBO international advertising services worldwide! Successful applicants must be adventurous in their approach and passionate about developing their own territory.

They must have strong people skills to carry HouseMAXX’s message to vendors, owners and the general public. Knowledge of the internet, real estate, and an interest in photography, combined with a keen desire to help people save thousands of dollars on real estate commissions, is what you need.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 5,000


StrollerFit® Exercise With Your Baby ™ is a stroller franchise designed for the unique needs of moms and their babies from stroller age. This is a postpartum workout that turns mom’s stroller into a portable trainer so she can work with her baby. Mom burns fat, builds strength, increases flexibility, and makes new friends while baby is having fun.

Franchise owners will find this home based business to offer the ultimate in flexibility. Owners can set their own hours and can run 50-minute classes themselves or hire fitness professionals to teach. StrollerFit® franchisees offer classes in parks, schools, churches, shopping malls and fitness centers at virtually no cost. No costly maintenance costs are required as you take advantage of existing tools in your community.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 3,950 – $ 11,700
  • Franchise Fee: $ 2,500
  • Royalty: 15%

44. Suitable for children

Kidproof is a company specializing in offices and living spaces for child protection. By offering the Kidproof child protection program in your area, you are directly contributing to child safety awareness in your community. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have helped protect your child.

This company is developing new products and programs to meet customer needs and increase franchisee revenues. With thirteen programs and resources for ages 5-16, you’ll have ample opportunity to continue selling to your current and new customers throughout your school age.

The founder of Kidproof maintains high visibility in the media and is an internationally recognized expert on child safety, thus building unparalleled brand awareness.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 5,000

45. BeautyWrap

BeautyWrap is a commercial cosmetic packaging franchise operating in the United States. BeautyWrap Body Wrap is the perfect complement to existing salon services, helping you to increase your income from day spas, tanning salons, massage, chiropractic and medical spas; to name a few.

By starting this business, you will be offering a unique service that gives your customers visible results from their first visit. This is your opportunity to own an interesting and profitable beauty business without major upfront investments and months or even years of study.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 1,495

46. ​​Spa evenings everywhere

Spa Parties Anywhere (SPA) is a franchised mobile spa business in the United States. Resort Parties Anywhere will completely transform your everyday space into a warm, welcoming and welcoming SP place. a decor full of fresh linens, luxurious white heavy cotton dresses infused with lavender, sumptuous oversized towels, mesmerizing spa music, soothing water fountains, heavenly scented fung shui candles, rose petals and our oils signature aromatherapy.

The company is currently looking for highly motivated individuals interested in acquiring the Spa Party Anywhere franchise. They are looking for passionate business people who want to create lasting memories for their clients. SPA. A franchise is an affordable franchise opportunity in a rapidly growing industry.

SPA will grant you a license to use the Spa Party Anywhere brand. Additionally, your dba will host spa parties in your city (like spa parties in Atlanta, spa parties in San Diego, etc.)

financial information

  • Investment: $ 3,500 to $ 10,200.
  • Franchise Fee: $ 2,500 to $ 5,500.
  • Royalty: $ 550 per month.

47. Dr Shrink

Doctor. Shrink, Inc. is a full-cycle, full-cycle supplier of high quality shrink film, as well as all installation accessories and accessories. Dr. Shrink, Inc. strives to anticipate and innovate in all of its products and services to meet the needs of current and future customers.

Dr. Shrink, Inc. The company began operations in 2092 and its focus from day one has been to provide customers with one-stop contact for all premium heat shrinking and mounting accessories.

The company is said to be your sole supplier for all shrink packaging products and accessories. including thermal tools, adhesives, zipper doors and ventilation. They are renowned for their innovative products, prompt service, and experienced application recommendations. Their premium products, impeccable customer service and same day delivery have helped their loyal customers rank them among the top suppliers of shrink films and accessories.

Doctor. Shrink, Inc. offers professional training (onsite or onsite), instructional DVD, marketing assistance, excellent customer service, and technical support. Dr. Shrink, Inc. can also provide information about business owners as they learn.

Financial information

  • Investment: 1200 USD

48. Nerds on the spot

Nerds On Site is a technology services company operating in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and India, serving more than 65,000 customers worldwide. They specialize in providing cost-effective advanced solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They are full specialists in IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Nerds On Site works every day to be a more pleasant and efficient partner in choosing traditional and advanced technologies for you. This provides a quick response to problems or implementation needs at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own staff.

Financial information

  • Investment: 3500 USD

49. Youth

Youth is considered the most rewarding way to stay young. The Youth Enhancement System (YES) business is the opportunity that attracts most people to Jeunesse. The unparalleled results people are getting from innovations in stem cell innovation, DNA repair, and telomere maintenance are making a youthful and healthy appearance a reality.

Jeunesse offers an incredibly rewarding plan to earn financial rewards for selling their products and starting an independent distribution business. In addition, they are literally changing the way people experience and experience the world through unusual incentive trips.

Financial information

  • Investment: $ 5,000
  • Franchise Fee: $ 5,000

50 Stroller Spa

Since the company launched in 2006, mother and company founder Jamie Mamikunian has been a pioneer in a growing niche market for almost 9 years, with similar businesses springing up all over the world, including in New York, Canada, Dubai, Japan and even South Africa – but Stroller Spa really has plenty of opportunities.

It all started with a mother’s desire to personalize her stroller, which has resulted in a united community where parents, caregivers, manufacturers and owners connect.

At Stroller Spa, every piece of equipment is turned into new and works like new! All detailed services include their hand washing, customization, lubrication and shine using only the finest eco-friendly products and time-tested special methods.

Financial information

  • Investments: from 3500 to 9000 USD.
  • Franchise Fee: $ 3,000.
  • Royalty Commission: $ 100 per month.
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