Poultry system selection

Poultry system selection

The poultry business is a business that empowers entrepreneurs simply because it is profitable. As well as being a lucrative business, it’s also easy to set up, especially if you’re starting on a smaller scale and from a good location. There are definitely problems with operating poultry farms, and one of the problems is creating the right housing system for poultry.

Many factors determine the effectiveness of a bird placement system; factors such as ventilation system, flooring system, building insulation and fencing etc.

The truth is that if the poultry farmer can manage the poultry system, he can be sure that he will not spend a lot on predators, pathogens and even adverse climates. The essence of a good poultry system is to minimize the costs of operating your poultry farm and to maximize the profits of the business.

Now the question is, which poultry system is the best?

The basic poultry management system for raising chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese consists of barns, batteries and accumulators; they serve different purposes. So the truth remains that the best poultry system depends on your goal in the poultry business. Now let’s take a quick look at some of the factors that will determine the best bird management system for you;

Choosing a poultry system 10 factors to consider

1. The objective of creating a poultry farm

The first thing to do to help you choose the best poultry system for your poultry farm is your goal of opening a poultry farm. ,

If your goal is to start your own poultry business – to build a hatchery to sell chickens to other farm owners, then you must learn how to manage this delicate part of the poultry business. The point is, if you don’t put in place a proper housing system for these chicks before they are sold, you risk losing most of the diseases that can be easily controlled.

2. The age of poultry

Another factor to consider when designing a housing system that is best suited for poultry farming is the age of your bird’s birds. As stated earlier, if you are dealing with young chicks you should design your poultry system accordingly, and if you are dealing with older chicks you should have researched some of the unique factors before choosing. type of poultry system for design and construction.

For example; If one of the goals of developing a poultry business is to supply eggs on a commercial level, you can create a poultry system that can make collecting eggs safer and easier. In fact, you can build a cage that has more than 4 layers, provided that you put other key factors in place, such as light, ventilation, and food, before you design and build a cage to house it. your birds.

3. Climatic conditions of the environment in which you will start your poultry farm

Another very important factor to consider before choosing a suitable poultry system is the climatic conditions of the environment. You intend to open your own chicken farm. It is always advisable to check with poultry owners in your area to find out about some of the climatic challenges they face before designing and building their own poultry system.

If you live in an area prone to cold, you should build a well-insulated poultry system to provide the birds with the heat they need. You also need to think about the proper ventilation system, otherwise you will run into problems when trying to deal with sick birds. In fact, poor ventilation is one of the main factors contributing to the spread of various diseases in poultry.

4. The place where you will start your chicken farm

Another important factor that you should consider before choosing a chicken coop design is where you are going to start your poultry farm, for example whether the location you choose to start your poultry farm can be easily accessible to predators. , then you should consider fencing your bird.

There are various predators that can chase the birds in your bird, it could be cats, snakes, dogs or even wild animals, so you need to create a good fence to help protect the birds.

5. Type / Breed of birds you will be raising on your farm

Another factor that can influence your choice of housing system is the type / breed of birds you intend to keep on your poultry farm. For example; if you intend to keep turkeys in your poultry then you should make a plan for a poultry farm that can accommodate as many turkeys as you intend to host in your poultry at a time.

You don’t have to use the same cage measurement for chickens and turkeys. Additionally, if you intend to breed guinea fowl, quail, or other flying birds, you should consider a chicken breeding design that can prevent them from flying outside of the restricted area.

Whichever choice you choose for the best poultry management system can fit effectively into your start-up plans for your poultry farm, just make sure it gives you easy access to feed your birds, them. treat when they are sick and control their growth.

10 tips and requirements for a good poultry system

If you have ever been to a good poultry farm, you will surely understand that having a good poultry system is a way of ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the farm, and also a factor that determines the health of the animals.

So if you have been poultry or have a fondness for poultry, it really makes sense that you know the tips that are really needed for a good poultry system. When it comes to poultry farming, you really have to take into account the presence of air in the environment. Below are tips to help you with a good poultry system and the steps to deal with it. If you are ready for some advice then like this;

a. Do research

This is one of the most important things to do. There is a lot of information available on the Internet, especially on sites listed in the search engine. The role played by careful and exhaustive research simply cannot be emphasized. Some of the things you will learn when you do your research is that you can get all of the options available for a good poultry management system, and then you can take your pick.

b) A good housing system should be easily accessible.

The hallmark of a good poultry management system is that it should be designed so that workers can easily move around the poultry without any obstruction. This is especially important when birds need to be fed, watered and cleaned effectively on the farm.

vs. The floor / litter should be comfortable for the birds

The floors / litter of a good poultry management system should be comfortable for the birds and should also be safe for the eggs. The truth is, if you don’t properly accept your bird’s litter box, the eggs can break easily and it won’t be good for your business.

re. A good housing system should be easy to clean

A good housing system should be easy to clean. It should be constructed in such a way that your cleaners can easily reach every part of the farm. The truth is, hygiene is an important factor in poultry farming, especially if you want to minimize the death of your birds and the spread of influenza.

e. A good housing system should be designed so that the eggs do not crack and are easy to pick up

Eggs are easy to collect in a good housing system. So make sure that your own poultry farm is designed in such a way that the eggs can be easily harvested in good condition.If you have ever worked or visited a poultry farm, you will find that a significant percentage of eggs are collected. usually crack. It is the result of poor design. Egg safety should be taken into account when setting up a poultry system.

F. A good poultry management system should have good lighting and heating

Another important tip to consider when building a poultry farm is lighting and heating systems. Birds love the warm environment to keep them healthy. So make sure you install the right lighting and heating system that can provide the birds with the heat they need.

g. Good ventilation is the key to a good housing system

Ventilation is another key factor to consider when building a poultry farm. The success of your poultry business depends a lot on the ventilation of the poultry farm. The truth is, if you don’t have adequate ventilation in your poultry farm, you are likely to welcome the easy spread of bird flu. Therefore, be sure to design your chicken farm in a way that provides adequate ventilation.

h. A good poultry management system should have an efficient waste disposal unit

To reduce or eliminate an outbreak of influenza in poultry, you need to have an efficient waste disposal unit. The truth is that some birds cannot be excluded from the farm, but it is very important that dead birds do not litter the whole farm.

Besides the unpleasant smell that it will create, it will also lead to flu for humans and your birds. Of course, you know that bird and egg waste also cause bad odors; it is therefore necessary to install an efficient waste disposal facility.

I. A good housing system should have different stages (boundaries) for different ages and species of birds

It will be a mistake to place birds of different ages and species in the same room. Some older birds can kill your chicks by walking or swallowing them. Therefore, if you plan to breed different types of birds on your poultry farm, it is important to create different conditions for them.

j. A good poultry system should have a standard hatchery

A good poultry system should have a standard hatchery. It is beneficial to incubate your own poultry eggs, rather than buying day-old chicks etc. The truth is, you will eliminate the death of chickens during transport when you have your own egg incubator on your chicken farm. You can buy your own egg incubator or design one according to your needs.

You might want to ask if these tips will help you, you are sure to do so if you are careful to follow the tips listed above. Here; 10 tips and requirements for a good poultry management system.