Find a news or information source for your blog

Find a news or information source for your blog

If you are managing a news blog, you should always update your blog with the latest information and developments.

By being the first or one of the first to report the news, not only will you turn your blog into a source of fresh and hot news, but you will also demonstrate your thought leadership in the category of your choice and increase your blog’s potential. to be linked to other blogs. All of this will lead to huge traffic, volumes of comments and user interactions, inbound links, and widespread acceptance for your news blog.

However, finding the latest news can be difficult, especially if you are just starting out and have little experience as a blogger. Even if you have experience, the burden of having to authenticate stories is usually an issue.

As a news blogger, how to find fresh and authentic news for your blog ? The following tips will help you achieve this goal:

How to find news or information for your news blog

1. Get addicted to the news

You will need to spend a lot of time researching the internet for news that you can post on your blog. And over time, the number of sources you check for the news will increase – maybe over 100 sources per day. Most of these sources will be blogs and news sites.

If you don’t go out of your way to find hot news, you’ll have to settle for posting news that most other blogs have already broken and your readers won’t find interesting anymore. So if you really want to blog for the latest news, you really have to do your research.

Don’t worry, over time you’ll have a list of selected sources to check daily – or hourly – and you won’t have to search anymore, because you already have more than enough. Now you’re probably wondering how to read hundreds of new sources a day, right? Here are two easy ways to do this:

  • Subscribe to RSS feeds from blogs and websites where you are most likely to receive fresh and reliable news If you are new to this field, RSS feed is a format for delivering constantly changing web content that is used by news sites, blogs, and other online publishers. RSS feeds allow you to view all the latest updates from your favorite blogs or websites you have subscribed to on one page. Hence, you don’t need to visit all blogs or websites to get information about them.
  • Find a good chain player … It is a program that allows you to receive RSS feeds from various websites and display them for reading and using. So instead of checking RSS feeds from multiple websites, the feed reader brings them all together in one place, so you can view the latest updates from hundreds of blogs and websites at the same time. Netvibes and Pageflakes are examples of web players that you can use.

2. Use Google alerts

If you are particularly interested in news related to specific topics, you can use Google Alerts to get the latest information on the topics of your choice. All you need to do is set up Google Alerts for any phrase and you will receive an email when new content containing that phrase is indexed by Google.

If your phrase is too specific, you may only get updates at sporadic intervals, and if your phrase is too general, your inbox will almost explode with too many Google Alert updates.

3. Use Technorati and Alltop

Technorati and Alltop are great online resources for finding hundreds of recent blog posts from reputable sites. One of the benefits of using both resources is that most of the websites that appear on their list are reputable websites that rarely disclose inaccurate information. This way you can be sure that you are receiving reliable updates.

However, remember to always reference the original source of any new information, even if you have paraphrased the content.

4. Use social bookmarking sites

If you are looking for news to post on your news blog, another smart option is to regularly check social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Del. and so on. These sites allow individual users to share sites that they have added to their favorites. As with Google Alerts, the key here is to use keywords specific to the type of news you’re looking for. If you use your keywords wisely, you will be amazed at how much fresh content you can submit on social bookmarking sites.

How To Get People To Send You Live Stories / Updates For Free – For Your Blog

Blogging is a serious task; and that can be difficult sometimes, especially when your traffic starts to increase and you feel even more motivated to post new content frequently and consistently.

As your blog grows, you alone won’t be able to produce all of the content you need to support your blog. And you will need more hands to help you. In these situations, you have two options: Hire freelance content writers or have people send you stories or updates for free.

it can be very costly to hire one or more freelance writers, especially if you like quality content. And if your blog isn’t generating enough profit yet to make up for that cost, you can just drop the idea or continue blogging at a loss.

Instead of hiring freelance writers, you can get great content for free. Yes, you can get people to send you stories and updates for your blog everyday without paying for a single piece of content. It will lighten your burden and give you peace of mind, you know ? Here are five tips to get people to send you free articles and articles for your blog:

a. Increase your traffic

Most people will only want to submit free content for your blog if it gets a lot of traffic. Even if you don’t pay the authors for their articles, they are looking for a return benefit – either the privilege of posting with high traffic, a popular blog, or backlinks that they can place in their author bio. The more traffic your blog attracts, the higher your chances of attracting people who will provide free content for your blog.

You can adopt various online marketing strategies which can increase traffic to your blog in no time. Examples include social media marketing, email marketing, forum marketing, paid advertising, guest posting on other blogs, etc.

b. Request stories and updates

People won’t send you free content for your blog unless you ask them to. Therefore, you must inform them that you accept guest posts and that they are free to submit their posts at any time.

A good way to let people know that you are accepting guest posts on your blog is to create a page for us … To make this even more obvious, display a banner requesting guest posts in the parts of your blog where it will be clearly visible. Don’t forget to link the banner to your page Write for us

On my page Write for us don’t just announce that you’re accepting guest posts; Explain the benefits authors will receive by posting their stories or articles on your blog. Examples of such benefits include greater openness and the ability to get their message across to a large audience online, backlinks to their websites or blogs to help them gain exposure. search engines and many more.

In addition, your email must contain the conditions that articles must meet before they can be accepted for publication on your blog. This will allow those who intend to send you free content to understand how to create it.

vs. Create topics that many people can write about

If your blog is about technical topics like medicine, law, or technology, you won’t have many people submitting free content to you. Why? Because only a few people can write on such technical subjects: experts. Thus, you cannot receive free content on an ongoing basis.

But if your blog has topics that a lot of people can write about, you get a lot of free content – so much free content that you don’t have to write anything yourself. Examples of such topics would be entertainment and celebrity news, lifestyle advice, relationships, etc.

If you’re a tech blog and want as many people as possible to send you free articles, you need to broaden the reach of your blog to include related topics that are less technical – topics that many can come up with a great deal on. content.

d.Use different media to trigger guest posts

Presence of the page Write for us your blog may not be enough to attract as many volunteer contributors as you want. Hence, you should use various online marketing tools to advertise your need for volunteer blog writers.

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