8  ideas yourself as a freelance makeup artist

8 ideas yourself as a freelance makeup artist

Are you a makeup artist but don’t know how to promote your brand clients?  here are 9 of the best innovative marketing tips for freelance makeup artists.

The dream of many makeup artists is to become freelance writers. This is because a freelance makeup artist is in charge of his work. They are free to choose what tasks they will perform, and the best part is that they have the option to save all labor income after paying the regular bills.

While a freelance makeup artist is quite attractive, he understands a lot of other things that a stranger or even a beginner might not consider at first glance. For a makeup artist who decides to become a freelance writer, they need to make sure their business is on the right track by creating their profiles, bidding for contracts, collecting reviews, keeping track of accounting, and most importantly, by keeping its commercial orientation up to a point.

To continue working as a freelance makeup artist, you need to know how to promote yourself and your business to the world. Failure to comply with this requirement will cause your business to collapse before it even grows. So it is safe to say that business promotion is the most important part of your job as a freelance makeup artist and also very experienced and professional in your job.

If you’re wondering how to position yourself as a freelance makeup artist in an almost busy profession, here are some tips that can help you move forward.

9 best ideas to advertise yourself as a freelance makeup artist

  1. watch a game

Dare I say that one of the main ways to position yourself as a freelance makeup artist is from the outside. I mean, who will take you seriously as a makeup artist if your face is always straight? Even when you are promoting yourself on social media, posting a photo of your rogue face will display an image that you are not passionate about your art enough.

You should make it a point to wear your makeup in a very inspiring way every time you want to go out. You are your best billboard, so use it to your advantage. People will start to come to you to complete your makeup. You should take this opportunity to let your fans know that you are a makeup artist and give them a business card.

  1. Enter the network ring

Businesses cannot be successful without networking. The more you connect with other like-minded people, the more information you spread about yourself and your art. Talking with other makeup artists can open up a lot of opportunities for you. You can get tons of referrals this way. Hence, it is beneficial for you to find professional makeup artists in your area and be friends with them as it will help your business greatly.

  1. Be bold

I have met many makeup artists who have great skills, but they are just hesitant to approach a client. If you are that kind of person, that alone can cost you tons of jobs. If you want to be successful with this deal, you have to accept it and start dating people.

No shy marketer ever makes a sale; you have to be bold and determined because there are hundreds of other people looking for the same job as you. If you need to take a short course on this topic, do it for the benefit of your business.

  1. Subscribe to various independent forums

Nowadays, there are countless platforms online, for a continuous workflow you should start thinking about joining various freelance websites. If you join various freelance forums, you can find many makeup artists online who can offer to work with you.

These sites are commonly used by creative professionals. You can create your own network with talented professionals in your field so that you can work together to grow all of your portfolios at the same time. Freelance websites can help you connect with interested models and clients.

  1. Get a professional website

Today, it is very important for every type of makeup artist to create a website to showcase their work. When I mean a website, I mean a professional. Anything else can project you as an amateur. Your site should display your bio and prices. You could very well lose potential clients to the competition if you don’t have a website of any kind, as clients can check your previous jobs online before hiring you.

  1. Write a blog

Building a website for your business is not enough, other than that a blog is also very important for your business. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your freelance jobs. You can write a blog post about your previous and upcoming work, you can include photos of the process / clients if possible; You can also post tutorials and reviews. You need to write your blogs with a professional voice because you can use it to promote your business and not talk about your daily life.

  1. YouTube video film

Millions of people are currently searching YouTube for beauty tips, makeup tutorials, and reviews. You can grow your followers for your freelance business by creating high quality makeup tutorials, reviews, and tips for dealing with a common problem.

You should keep these points in mind when creating video tutorials. Always use good lighting, speak clearly, use a high quality camcorder instead of your computer. In addition to posting videos, you can partner on YouTube. If your videos are popular, this will be an effective way to supplement your income while pursuing your passion for makeup.

  1. Create bookmarks

Although professional bookmarks are not very popular, they are really necessary to promote your business. Instead of making simple business cards, you can create professional bookmarks that can be inserted into relevant cosmetics and cosmetics books in libraries.

You can also embed your professional bookmarks into new books at any bookstore. On your business favorites you should include your best photo, phone numbers, and address. You can reap real benefits if you can add bridal makeup books, wedding craft books, wedding planning books, prom books, sculpture books, etc.

  1. Access social networks

Social media is a great marketing tool these days and a very effective way to reach your potential audience. You can promote your independent business on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Instagram and many more.

The best way to promote your business is to offer different types of discounts and packages by posting a link to your blog. By posting or posting videos on YouTube, you can also keep your fans informed about current events in your makeup artist business. For a makeup artist, Facebook and Instagram are some of the greatest social media tools you can use. Here’s how to effectively use these two tools:

Many makeup artists swear by their Facebook pages when it comes to promoting their business. Be sure to use a personalized cover photo. Paste your work on a free photo editing website or create an image with your logo and contact details. Make sure it is sized to fit the Facebook cover image so that it is not blurry.

Upload your profile picture. You can use a photo of yourself doing your makeup on a model, but a crisp, clear image of one of your completed jobs works too. Do not use your logo here.

Fill in as much as possible in the About Us section. The more information you provide, the better, especially if you don’t yet have your own website. Include all the services you provide – from wedding classes to makeup classes to your phone / email. Including your personal bio also helps customers have confidence in who you are and why they should choose you.

Share messages consistently. If it’s okay with you to post once a week, do it on the same day and at the same time. Consistency works with Facebook’s algorithm. You may have to play around with the day / time that works best for your followers, but eventually you will find the time that gets the most attention.

Stick with that. You don’t always have to share images of your work; Share helpful beauty articles or other people you admire and ask questions. This helps build community and allows you to see your page in other people’s news feeds.

Take about 15 minutes three days a week to grab attention and comment on other relevant pages, and don’t be afraid to pay $ 5 to $ 10 per month for sponsored / promoted posts / pages. Unfortunately, this is where Facebook made a profit, and even $ 3 will net you a lot more than $ 0.

after Facebook, the next place will be on Instagram. Use a favorite photo of the client or yourself as a profile photo, and consider naming your account after your independent business. In the bio section, indicate where you are and what you specialize in, then include your email address and website or Facebook page in the URL section. Save your bio in iPhone notes or Word document to format / align as you see fit (centered, bullets, emoji, etc.), then copy and paste it on Instagram.

Make sure your photos are taken in natural light. If possible, display your model outside or near a window. Follow any account in the beauty industry: MUA peers, professional MUA teams, celebrity MUAs, beauty schools, brands, stores, bloggers, industry professionals (wedding venues, etc.). other relevant accounts and comments / follow for about 15 minutes a day. The more time you spend participating, the more participation you get.

Post frequently. The most successful accounts are posted daily – if not two to three times a day (and once or twice a weekend). Create before. Use the same client in your photos from different angles for more posting options. Take a close look or whatever lipstick you are trying on.

Share your favorite products and new purchases. Tag your photos with the brands you used and put the hashtags in a separate comment. You don’t want spam to appear in the photo description.

  1. Forming local alliances

You can form local alliances to promote your cosmetics business. A local alliance can be very beneficial for both partners. For wedding rings, you don’t have to do complicated things. You just need to visit the relevant businesses such as bridal shops, bakeries and wedding planners, accessory stores and beauty stores and ask them to provide you with the information about your business if they have any. fiancée who has not yet hired a makeup artist.

In return, you can offer a commission or pass their information to your customers. Both options are equally attractive to complementary businesses as they generate additional revenue for the store.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for references

You may not get enough referrals for your freelance makeup artist business. You can give your customers a coupon for every new customer they reach with your business. These types of offers are observed more effectively than any other marketing method. If you feel that you are wasting money by offering such a discount, you can skip this tip completely or change it as you wish.

  1. Gift makeup workshops

What’s the best way to tell people you are a professional and then show them? By hosting a seminar, you have the opportunity to communicate with people on a personal level. When you communicate with everyone in a personal note, they have the opportunity to learn about your professionalism in advance. These one-day workshops that we often hear about have in fact become a success. Promote your next event on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp groups.

If you have the money, you can organize your first workshop for free. Make sure however that entry is limited. Pick a specific styling theme, say everyday makeup, hair, eyes, or products, and teach your audience how to apply them.

  1. Let your expenses match the work

If the work you have done is expensive, of course the price is high. Just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean you have to take a low load. Once you become popular due to low commissions, it will be difficult for you to increase them because the chances of your customers losing interest are high.

Keep your rates moderate, neither too high nor too low. However, if you want to compete with the big brands, it is advisable to keep your costs lower than the experts, while still providing the same good and creative services as theirs. … To increase your level of competition, you can also offer personalized and in-home services.

  1. Collaborate on filming and parades

Collaborating on a shoot and runway show is a fantastic way to get a real experience and have great footage of your work to include in your portfolio. Remember, this is a great way to meet other people in the industry, network, and make connections. The people you meet on the set are more likely to be your lifelong co-workers, and they can take you to places you can’t go on your own.

  1. Get business cards

Business cards might seem like an old hat, but they’re still a must-have for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business. Make-up artists are no exception. In fact, a well-designed business card can mean that it’s as easy to open doors to your future as it is not to have none, and can unceremoniously slam those doors in your face. Take a whole stack with you and hand them out at events, display them on your table, and hand one over to the event coordinator when he or she comes to sniff.

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