How much do cleaners make in the US

How much do cleaners make in the US

Optional Course: This is an optional chapter, The Complete Guide to Starting a Cleaning Business. “- People choose a career for a variety of reasons, but the main reason most people choose a career can be attributed to the amount of money they earn. If you want to choose a cleaning lady job in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, the first question you should ask yourself is “How much can I earn as a housekeeper?”

Being a janitor might not be the best job when it comes to the amount of money you earn monthly or annually, but you as a janitor have the flexibility to keep more than one job every now and then. , get advice from clients and work overtime. if you want it.

One thing is clear; not all cleaners should earn the same amount in the countries listed above. This is because job descriptions vary from country to country. Cleaners specializing in cleaning up crime scenes are well trained and they tend to earn more than other cleaners in other areas of the call. In fact, before you can qualify to work as a crime scene cleaner, you will need to pass several professional certification exams, and you will also need to pass security checks before you can be allowed to work as a crime scene cleaner. in most of the developed countries of the world.

Now let’s take a look at the different categories of purifiers and how much to earn monthly and annually in US, Australia, Canada and UK.

How Much Do Cleaners Make in US, Australia, Canada and UK

1. The number of cleaners in UK reports

In the UK, the average janitor with less than 10 years of employment earns around 6.11 BP – 9.79 BP per hour, which equates to around 215.39 BP per month and 2,584.86. BP annually. Please note that housekeepers in the UK usually receive tips, so they can receive additional income on top of what they earn per month or year.

2. Amount Cleaners Earn in United States of America

If you live in the United States and want to start your own cleaning business and you don’t know how much to pay your cleaners; or better yet, if you are looking for a job as a cleaner, this will serve as a guide. For example; a pool cleaner who cleans at least 10 pools per week in the United States earns up to $ 10,000 per month and $ 120,000 per year, and they don’t need a college degree to clean pools. The United States Bureau of Statistics shows that the average cleaners in the United States earn about $ 10.73 per hour, or $ 1,888.48 per month and $ 22,661.76 per year, excluding tips , overtime and overtime. cleaning.

3. Amount of cleaning products gained in Australia

In Australia, as in other countries, years of experience as a cleaner doesn’t necessarily mean a significant increase in the amount they earn. On average, housekeepers in Australia earn about AUD 20.80 per hour, or about AUD 3,484.8 per year and AUD 41,817.6 per year, excluding tips, overtime and extra cleaning work.

4. Amount Cleaners Make Money in Canada

The amount earned by cleaners in Canada is almost equal to that earned by their co-workers in the United States. Cleaners in Canada are paid according to the nature of the cleaning duties assigned to them. Regular home cleaners earn slightly less than cleaners in the healthcare industry. Additionally, crime scene cleaners earn more than household cleaners (oven cleaners, lawn cleaners, street cleaners, carpet cleaners, etc.). But on average, cleaners in Canada earn between $ 16.00 and $ 21.60 an hour, which works out to $ 3,456 per month at 40 hours per week and $ 41,472 per year, not including the amount they can earn for tips, overtime and extra cleaning work.

Without a shadow of a doubt, any hard working cleaner will certainly earn a lot more than the cleaning salaries mentioned above in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. So the responsibility for making more money is yours.

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