Office of change business plan

Office of change business plan

Are you going to open a bureau de change?  here is a complete example of a change office business plan template that you can use for FREE  .

Ok, so we’ve covered all the requirements for setting up a business change office. We also took it a step further by analyzing and writing a sample Bureau of Change marketing plan template supported by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for the Change Office. So let’s move on to the business planning section.

Why start an exchange business?

The world is a global village and the citizens of a country can make a decision. travel and do business, study or play in another country. In addition to understanding how to communicate with the people of the host country, you will need to convert your money into their currency so that you can spend it freely while you are there.

Also, if you want to participate in international trade, you would need some world currencies and the dollar, the pound sterling and the euro come easily to mind.

This suggests that there really is a huge business opportunity for so many budding entrepreneurs looking to start a business. The truth is that if you decide to open a bureau de change / bureau de change in a commercial city in your country, you will surely make huge profits from the business as it is a really successful and viable business in the whole world.

Part of what you need to start this type of business is good business prowess; excellent customer service skills, good understanding of global currencies, start-up capital and required business license etc. exchange offices / bureaus will help you draft a draft;

An example of a currency exchange business plan template

  • Industry overview

If you are interested in starting a business in the financial industry anywhere in the world, one of the businesses that you can start successfully with a little stress is to set up a foreign exchange company / bureau de change; a business where people can exchange one currency for another.

A non-bank foreign exchange company, also known as a bureau de change, is a business that competes with other finance-related companies that profit from selling currencies at an exchange rate that is higher than the rate. which it buys the same currency, and as well as any commissions or commissions that it may charge.

Once set, exchange rates ensure that they follow rates quoted by competitors and may be subject to government currency controls and other regulations relating to their country’s financial institutions.

Typically, a money changer / bureau de change is often located in places such as banks, travel agencies, airports, hotel centers, main train station and international trade centers, or any other. a place where there will likely be a market for people in need of currency conversion.

This is the reason why money changers are particularly visible in tourist centers, although currency can be exchanged in many other ways, both legally and illegally elsewhere. Some of the major market leaders in this sector include HSBC, Travelex, JPMorgan Chase Co., Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

The currency exchange service industry / bureau de change is indeed a big industry. and quite actively in countries like United States of America, Great Britain, France, Italy, Nigeria, Switzerland, Japan, China, Germany and Canada etc.

Beyond that and beyond, building a foreign exchange / business change bureau requires professionalism and an understanding of how foreign exchange works on a global platform. In addition, you will need to obtain the required certifications and licenses and meet the standard capitalization for such a business before you can open a bureau de change / bureau de change in the United States; the industry is heavily regulated to combat fraud and crime.

Summary of the Bureau De Change business plan

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC is a registered and licensed currency exchange / bureau de change company that will be located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Nevada. The company will participate in transactions with currencies of the major countries of the world, whose currencies are traded in the United States of America.

We will serve as a bureau de change for businesses and individuals who wish to buy or sell foreign currency. We understand that setting up a versatile and standardized foreign exchange company can be difficult, which is why we are well trained, certified and equipped to operate flawlessly.

Alex Santiago, Sons, Bureau De Change, LLC is a client-oriented, results-oriented foreign exchange / foreign exchange company that will buy and sell currencies in major countries and provide a wide range of foreign exchange services at an affordable price. will in no way create a hole in the pockets of our customers.

We offer standard and professional forex services to all of our retail clients as well as businesses. We will do our best to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers when using our services.

At Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC, our clients’ interests will always come first, and everything we do is guided by our values ​​and professional ethics. We will make sure to hire professionals with extensive experience in the field of foreign exchange services and services. on the exchange of currencies with a significant bias in online trading in the Forex market.

Alex Santiago Sons of Bureau De Change, LLC will always demonstrate his commitment to sustainability, both individually and within the company, through active participation in our communities and the integration, where possible, of sustainable business practices. .

We will ensure our responsibility to the highest standards while meeting precisely and fully the needs of our customers.We will develop a working environment that offers a human and sustainable approach to earning a living and living in our world for our partners, our employees and our customers.

Our plan is to grow the company into one of the leading foreign exchange service / bureau de change brands in all of Nevada, as well as to be among the top 20 foreign exchange bureaus in the United States of America in the last 10 first years of full opening. Company.

It might sound like too much of a dream, but we hope it will certainly come true because we have done our research and feasibility studies and are very excited and confident that Las Vegas is the perfect place to start our bureau de change / bureau exchange rate before looking for customers from other cities in the United States of America.

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC is a private registered business owned by Mr. Alex Santiago and his immediate family. Alex Santiago is an impeccable forex trader with adequate results to show it. He has over 15 years of experience in various positions in the financial advisory industry with a strong focus on forex in the United States of America. Mr. Alex Santiago graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Accounting and Harvard University (Masters in Finance) and is a Chartered Accountant.

  • Our products and services

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC will be offering various types of services in the field of currency exchange / bureau de change services in the United States of America and of course globally. Our intention to open our foreign exchange business in Las Vegas, Nevada is to take advantage of the opportunities in the city.

We are well prepared to take advantage of the industry, and we will do so whatever US law allows us to achieve our goals, objectives and ambitions. Our business proposals are listed below:

  • Trade Forex on behalf of our clients (corporate and private clients)
  • Buy and sell currencies (currencies) in major countries around the world
  • Provide other financial and Forex related advisory and advisory services

Our vision

Our vision is to create a currency exchange service brand that will be the number one choice for individuals, small businesses and corporate clients in Las Vegas – Nevada. Our vision reflects our values: honesty, safety, service, excellence and teamwork.

  • Our mission statement

Our mission is to provide professional, reliable and reliable money changer / money changer services that help individuals, startups, businesses, manufacturing companies and non-profit organizations with their currency and financial issues.

We will position the business to become one of the leading currency exchange service / bureau de change brands in all of Nevada, and rank among the top 20 money changers / bureau de change in the United States of America during the first 10 years of operation. …

  • Our corporate structure

Alex Santiago Sans Bureau of Change, LLC is a foreign exchange / bureau de change company that intends to start small in Las Vegas, NV, but hopes to grow larger to compete profitably with leading brokerage firms in the industry such than in the United States and on the world stage.

We know it is important to build a strong business structure that can support the image of the world class business we want to own. That’s why we strive to hire only the best hands in our field.

We would normally be satisfied with two or three employees, but as part of our plan to create a standard office of exchange. a business in Las Vegas, Nevada, so we made plans to get there from the start.

The idea of ​​the type of service exchange office activity that we are going to create and the goals that we want to achieve is what we want to achieve. has indicated how much we are willing to pay for the best hands available in Las Vegas and beyond, if they are willing and able to work with us to achieve our trading goals.

At Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC, we’ll make sure to hire people who are skilled, hardworking and creative, results-oriented, customer-focused and willing to work to help us build a successful business that benefits all stakeholders. (owners, employees and customers).

In fact, the incentive agreement will be available to all of our senior executives and will be based on their results. for a period of five years or more in agreement with the Foundation Board of the company. In view of the above, we have decided to hire qualified and competent professionals to fill the following positions:

  • General manager
  • Forex traders / consultants
  • Administrator and HR manager
  • Marketing and Sales Director
  • Accounting
  • Account manager / Reception manager

Roles and responsibilities


  • Improves management effectiveness by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, teaching, consulting and disciplining managers; transfer values, strategies and goals; distribution of responsibilities; planning, monitoring and evaluation of work results; develop incentives; climate development to provide information and opinions; Provide educational opportunities.
  • Creates, communicates and implements the vision, mission and general direction of the organization, i.e. guiding the development and implementation of the overall strategy of the organization.
  • Responsible for pricing and signing trade agreements
  • Responsible for providing advice to the company
  • Creates, communicates and implements the vision, mission and general direction of the organization, that is, leads the development and implementation of the overall strategy of the organization.
  • Responsible for signing checks and documents on behalf of the company
  • Measures the success of the organization

Forex Traders / Forex Consultants

  • Responsible for Forex trading for the organization and for our clients on the company’s platform
  • Manages activities such as buying and selling currencies in major countries around the world. very professional
  • Responsible for ensuring that all foreign exchange transactions, whether cash transactions or online loan transactions, are recorded in the correct journal, vendor ledger, customer ledger, and general ledger general book
  • Provides other Forex and financial related advice and advisory services

Administrator and HR manager

  • Responsible for the supervision of the staff and administrative tasks of the organization
  • Develops job descriptions using KPIs to manage customer performance i>
  • Meet regularly with key stakeholders to verify the effectiveness of HR policies, procedures and processes.
  • Maintains stationery by checking inventory; place and expedite orders; evaluation of new products.
  • Ensures the operation of equipment by meeting preventive maintenance requirements; call for repair.
  • Identifies the jobs to be recruited and manages the interview process
  • Provide staff input to new team members
  • Responsible for training, evaluation and evaluation of employees
  • Responsible for organizing trips, meetings and appointments
  • Updates professional knowledge by participating in training opportunities; read professional publications; maintain personal networks; participation in professional organizations.
  • Monitors the proper functioning of the office.

Head of Marketing and Sales Department

  • Identifies, prioritizes and contacts new partners, as well as business opportunities, etc.
  • Identifies development opportunities; monitors development and contacts; participates in the structuring and financing of projects; ensures the realization of related projects.
  • Draft winning documents, negotiate fees and rates in accordance with company policy
  • Responsible for carrying out commercial research, marker surveys and feasibility studies for clients
  • Responsible for monitoring implementation, defending client needs and communicating with clients
  • Develops, implements and evaluates new plans to increase sales growth
  • Documents all contacts and customer information
  • Represent the company at strategic meetings
  • Helps increase sales and business growth


  • Responsible for the preparation of the financial statements, budgets and financial statements of the organization.
  • creates reports based on information about financial transactions recorded by the accountant.
  • Prepares an income statement and balance sheet using an audit report and records prepared by an accountant.
  • Manage social analysis, development budgets and accounting reports; analyzes the financial feasibility of the most complex proposed projects; conducts marketing research to predict business trends and conditions.
  • Responsible for financial forecasts and risk analysis.
  • Maintains treasury, general ledger, and financial reports for one or more objects.
  • Responsible for the development and management of financial systems and policies
  • Payroll manager
  • Ensures compliance with tax laws
  • Manages all the financial transactions of the company
  • Serves as the company’s internal auditor

Customer Service Manager / Front Desk Agent

  • Greet guests and clients by welcoming them in person or by phone; respond to or direct requests.
  • Ensures that all customer contacts (email, built-in hub, SMS or phone) provide the customer with a personalized customer service experience of the highest level
  • Through interaction with customers over the phone, he seizes every opportunity to get the customer interested in the company’s products and services.
  • Effectively and timely allocates administrative responsibilities assigned by the manager
  • Keep up to date with any new information on the company’s products, advertising campaigns, etc. to ensure the provision of accurate and useful information to customers
  • Receipt of packages / documents for the company
  • Mail distribution in an organization
  • Perform any other task according to my supervisor

SWOT Analysis of the Bureau De Change Business Plan

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC hired an advisory and structuring specialist to help our organization build a well-structured foreign exchange company that can compete profitably in the highly competitive foreign exchange service industry in the United States and in the world in general. …

Part of the business consulting team working with our organization’s leadership to conduct a SWOT analysis for Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC. Here is a summary of the results of a SWOT analysis conducted on behalf of Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC;

Our main strength lies in the strength of our team; our workforce. We have a team that can do everything possible to make our clients value their money; a team trained and equipped to be attentive to detail and deliver great value when our clients use our services to trade with them

We are well positioned and we know that we will attract many clients from the first day we open our doors for business because we are determined to buy and sell currencies from around the world.

As a new money changer / bureau de change in Las Vegas, Nevada, it may take some time for our organization to enter the market and be accepted, especially by corporate clients in the bureau de change / bureau de change industry. already saturated; this is perhaps our greatest weakness.

In addition, we may not have the necessary cash flow to take advantage of the huge opportunities to purchase currencies permitted by US law when provided to us. Also, we may not have enough budgets to advertise our business the way we would like.

Besides the fact that our company is located in a city that receives a large number of visitors year after year, the opportunities in the service exchange service are enormous, considering the number of people, especially students, industry players. manufacturer, importers. and exporters, startups and, of course, businesses that cannot afford to do without the services of a foreign exchange / forex bureau.

As a standard and well positioned foreign exchange / forex bureau, we are well prepared and ready to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Some of the threats we are likely to face as a trading company operating in the United States are adverse government policies, the emergence of a competitor in our site of operations, and a global economic recession that generally affects the power of purchasing / purchasing power. There is virtually nothing we can do about these threats except to be optimistic that everything will work to our advantage.


  • Market trends

The forex exchange / trading service desk is really a very big industry and of course it is a sector that works for individuals and companies from different sectors.If you know the trend of forex / trading industry forex, agree with you that many companies in the United States and other parts of the world are actively involved in international trade, and international students travel to other countries to study the growing demand for currencies.

The truth is that a company in the manufacturing sector that depends on the raw materials of the international market, or a company that is actively engaged in import and export, and of course, foreign tourists and international students and the like cannot handle effectively their own business or integrate into a new country. without having the currency of the host country.

Another notable trend in the forex / Forex trading services industry is that the industry has grown impressively over the past five years as a significant reduction in unemployment has increased the revenue generated by the industry. In the future, increased product penetration and, of course, customer expansion will help the industry grow.

  • Our target market

The demographic and psychographic makeup of those in need of foreign exchange / forex services extends to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

Alex Santiago Sons of Bureau De Change, LLC will initially serve small and medium-sized businesses. Mid-sized businesses, from start-ups to established businesses and individual clients, but that in no way prevents us from growing to be able to compete with other large exchange service companies in the United States.

As a standard and licensed forex exchange / trading office, Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC offers a wide range of forex related services, so we are well trained and equipped to serve a wide range of clients. based.

Our target market covers companies of different sizes and industries. We are entering the industry with a business concept that will allow us to work with individuals, small businesses and large corporations in and around Las Vegas – Nevada and other cities in the United States of America. Below is a list of companies and organizations for which we specifically develop our products and services;

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Blue Chips Companies
  • Corporate organizations
  • International businessmen and businesswomen
  • International students
  • Importers and exporters
  • International tourists and visitors
  • People
  • Entrepreneurs and startups

Our competitive advantage

The level of competition in currency exchange services / bureau de change depends on the location of the business. The truth is, the players in this industry usually set up their offices in a business center that attracts international businessmen and women, tourists and international students.

We are well aware that being very competitive in the foreign exchange / currency service industry means that we need to be able to provide foreign exchange services from major countries around the world, as well as to get results and achieve good results. good profits. on investments, when our clients, individuals and businesses, give us the opportunity to trade the Forex market on their behalf.

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Cheng, LLC could become a newcomer to the bureau de change / bureau de change business. in the United States of America, but management and business leaders are considered gurus. These are the people who are the leading professional and licensed and highly skilled Forex traders in USA. It’s part of what we see as a competitive advantage.

Finally, our employees will be well taken care of and their benefits will be one of the best in our category (start-ups / Forex trading companies) in the industry, which means they will be more than willing to start a business. with us and help us achieve our goal. set goals and achieve all of our goals and objectives.

Business Plan Bureau de Change SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY

We are aware of the increased competition within the United States of America Forex / Exchange Bureau; therefore, we were able to hire one of the best business developers for our sales and marketing.

Our sales and marketing team will be recruited on the basis of their vast experience in the industry and will receive regular training to be well prepared to achieve their goals and the overall objective of the organization. We will also ensure that our honesty and superior service speak volumes about us in the market; we want to create a standard office / office business that uses word of mouth from satisfied customers (individuals and businesses).

Our goal is to grow our currency exchange business. to become one of the 20 largest foreign exchange companies in the United States of America, so we have developed a strategy that will help us take advantage of the current market and become a major force to be reckoned with not only in Las Vegas, but also in other cities of the United States. States of America.

Alex Santiago Sons of Bureau De Change, LLC plans to use the following marketing and sales strategies to attract customers:

  • Introduce our business by sending cover letters along with our brochure to businesses, schools with international students, manufacturing players, importers and exporters, international tourists and other key stakeholders in Las Vegas. and other towns in Nevada.
  • Promote our business in financial and business magazines, newspapers, TV channels and radio stations.
  • List our business on the yellow pages (in local directories)
  • Attend relevant international and local forex, finance and business fairs, seminars and trade shows, etc.
  • Create different packages for different categories of clients (start-ups and existing business organizations) in order to work with their budgets while bringing them profit, they hire our services to trade Forex on their behalf.
  • Internet leverage to promote our business
  • Activate direct marketing
  • Encourage word of mouth marketing from loyal and satisfied customers
  • Join local chambers of commerce to market our services

Business plan and advertising strategy of the Bureau De Change

We have been able to work with our brand and advertising consultants to help us and plan advertising and advertising strategies that will help us get to the heart of our target market. We intend to take the bureau de change / bureau de change industry by storm, so we have taken steps to effectively promote and publicize our trading company.

Below are the platforms we intend to use to promote and advertise Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC;

  • Placement of ads in both print media (community newspapers and magazines)
  • Sponsor relevant community events / programs
  • We will use various online platforms to promote our business. This makes it easier for Internet users to access our site with just one click. We will use the Internet and social media such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, etc. To promote our brand
  • Install our billboards at strategic locations in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Take part in roadshows from time to time around Las Vegas – NV to promote our brand
  • Distribute our flyers and flyers in targeted areas of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Make sure that all of our employees wear our branded shirts and that all of our vehicles are well branded with our company logo and others.

Source of income

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC is formed with We are committed to maximizing profits in the Foreign Exchange / Bureau de Change industry and we will do our best to do our best to regularly attract businesses and individuals.

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC will generate revenue by providing the following services to individuals, manufacturing companies, non-government organizations and businesses;

  • Trade Forex on behalf of our clients. (both for companies and for individuals)
  • Buy and sell currencies in major countries around the world
  • Provide other foreign exchange and financial consulting and advisory services

Sales forecasts

The truth is that a business in the manufacturing sector depends on raw materials in the international market, or a business that is actively involved in imports and exports, and of course, foreign tourists and international students and the like cannot effectively manage their company or integrate into a new country without having currency of the host country.

We are well positioned to take the affordable market of Las Vegas, Nevada and on our online platforms and we are quite optimistic that we will achieve our goal of generating sufficient revenue / profit in the first six months of operation and expanding the ‘business and customer base outside of Las Vegas to other cities in Nevada and other US states.

We were able to critically examine the forex / forex market, we analyzed our chances in the sector and were able to come up with the following sales forecasts. Sales forecasts are based on information gathered in the field and on certain assumptions typical of startups in Las Vegas, NV…

Below is the sales forecast for Freeman Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC based on the location of our business and the wide range of foreign exchange services we will provide;

  • first year:  $ 250,000
  • Second year:  $ 550,000
  • Third fiscal year:  $ 950,000

NB  : This projection is based on what is available in the industry and on the assumption that there will be no major economic crisis or natural disaster during the period specified. No major competitor will offer the same value-added services as us in one place. Please note that the above predictions may be lower and at the same time higher.

  • Our pricing strategy

It is a fact that online and offline forex trading is driven by the demand for a particular currency, so prices cannot be fixed; Forex prices fluctuate regularly.

At Freeman Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC, we will keep our prices slightly below the mid-market rate (among operators through bureaux de change) for all of our customers, keeping our overheads low and collecting prepayments from companies that need our services. In addition, we will also offer special discounts to all of our customers on a regular basis.

  • payment methods

Payment policy accepted by Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC is all inclusive as we are well aware that different customers prefer different payment methods depending on their preferences, but at the same time we will ensure that the financial rules and regulations are respected. The United Nations. States of America.

Below are the payment methods that Alex Santiago Sons of Bureau De Change, LLC will provide to its customers;

  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Cash payment
  • Payment via POS
  • Pay with a mobile money platform
  • Pay by online bank transfer
  • Payment by check
  • Payment by bank transfer

As part of the above, we have chosen banking platforms that will allow our client to pay for the purchase of agricultural products without any charge on his part. Our bank account numbers will be available on our website and in promotional material for customers who wish to deposit money or make an online transfer to purchase our currency.

Bureau De Change business plan Financial projections and costs

Setting up a foreign exchange / forex bureau can be profitable; this is because on average you are not expected to buy expensive machinery and equipment. Besides the working capital or capitalization required by the regulator, your main concern should be the amount required to provide standard office space in a good and busy business district, the amount required for office furniture and equipment. , the amount required to purchase the required software applications, the amount, must pay the bills, promote a business and obtain the appropriate business licenses and certifications.

Here is the financial projection and cost of launching Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC

  • The total fee for registering a business in the United States of America is  $ 750.
  • Basic insurance policies budget covers costs, permits and business license  $ 2,500
  • The amount needed to purchase a suitable office space in the business district in 6 months (including redevelopment of the facility)  USD 40,000.
  • Amount required for capitalization (working capital in different world currencies)  USD 50,000
  • Cost of office equipment (computers, software applications, printers, fax machines, furniture, telephones, filing cabinets, security gadgets and electronics, etc.)  USD 5,000
  • Cost of purchasing the required software applications (CRM software, accounting and bookkeeping software, payroll software, etc.)  USD 10,500
  • The cost of launching an official website is  $ 600
  • budget to pay at least three employees for 3 months plus utility bills of  $ 10,000
  • additional expenses (business cards, signs, advertisements and promotions, etc.)  $ 2,500
  • Miscellaneous:  USD 1,000

Based on the marketing study and feasibility report, we will need more than one hundred and fifty thousand nd (200,000) US dollars to successfully establish an average but standard currency exchange bureau in the United States of America. .

It is important to note that testing and evaluation costs will be high due to the large amount required as working capital.

Fund creation / start-up capital for Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC is a business that will be owned and operated by Alex Santiago and his immediate family. They are the only financial arm of the business, but can probably accommodate partners later, so they decided to limit their start-up capital to just three main sources.

These are the areas in which we intend to generate our seed capital;

  • generate part of the start-up capital from personal savings
  • source of concessional loans from family and friends
  • Apply for a loan from my bank

NB  . We managed to get around  $ 50,000  . savings of $ 40,000 and a concessional loan from family members ($ 10,000) and we are in the final stages of securing a loan of $ 150,000 from our bank. All documents and documents have been duly signed and submitted, the loan has been approved and at all times our account will now be credited.

GROWTH OF THE BUREAU DE CHANGE COMPANIES: A strategy of sustainable development and expansion

The future of the business lies in the number of repeat clients who have the capabilities and skills of the employees, their investment strategy and the structure of the business. If all of these factors are missing in the business (business), then soon after the business closes it won’t be long.

One of our primary goals for founding Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC is to build a business that will survive on its own cash flow without having to inject funds from outside sources once the business is officially established. launched.

We know that one way to get approval and attract clients is to buy and sell foreign exchange services that are a little cheaper than what can be obtained on the open market, and we are well prepared for it. survive on lower profit margins for a while.

Alex Santiago Sons Bureau De Change, LLC will ensure that the appropriate framework, structures and processes are in place to ensure the well-being of our staff. Our corporate culture aims to move our business forward, and training and retraining our employees is at the top of our business strategy.

In fact, a profit sharing agreement will be provided to all of our senior executives, and it will depend on their performance for three years or more, as determined by the board of directors of the organization. We know that if this is done we can be successful in recruiting and keeping the best hands we can get in the industry; they will be more committed to helping us build our dream business.

Checklist / checklist

  • Company name availability check:  complete
  • Business registration:  complete
  • Opening of corporate bank accounts with various US banks:  complete
  • Opening of online payment platforms:  completed
  • Application and obtaining of the tax identification number:  in progress
  • Business license and permit application:  Completed
  • Purchase of all forms of commercial insurance:  Completed
  • Feasibility study:  completed
  • Receive part of the start-up capital from the founder:  Completed
  • Securing a standard office space in a commercial area:  finished
  • Loan requests from our bankers:  in progress
  • Planning of activities  :  Co mpleted
  • Compilation of employee handbook:  complete
  • Drafting of contractual documents:  in development
  • Creation of the company logo:  finished
  • Graphic design and packaging printing Marketing / promotional material:  finished
  • Recruitment:  in progress
  • Purchase of the necessary software applications, furniture, office equipment, electronics; renovation of equipment and tools:  in progress
  • Creation of an official website for the company:  In progress
  • Strengthening of corporate awareness (Business PR):  in progress
  • Occupational health and safety conditions:  ongoing
  • Establishment of business relationships with suppliers and major industry players:  ongoing