YouTube Video Ideas to Make Money

YouTube Video Ideas to Make Money

Do you want to open a Youtube channel with your spouse but are missing some ideas for content?  here are 50 best ways to earn YouTube video ideas for couples in 2021  .

If you run a YouTube channel or have been running it for a while, constantly coming up with great ideas, it can be very difficult, especially if you want to mix something up to attract a larger audience or interest your followers.

When making YouTube videos, it’s not just where you live or whatever you do, if you have a cell phone or video camera that you can use them to record those videos with, you’ll be fine. . Now, while you might think these videos are for fun or for a specific purpose, you might just be famous or make a lot of money. Below are 50 YouTube video ideas for couples to consider.

50 YouTube Video Making Ideas for Couples in 2021

  1. Explanatory video

How-to videos are videos that attempt to explain something to your audience, which could range from hot topics, current events, historical events, or even a philosophical dilemma, and they can come in different formats.

Most explainer videos usually consist of talking on camera, but to reach a larger audience, you can use explainer pictures or theme animation to make comments that are easy to follow. This YouTube video idea is great for couples because while one can handle the explanatory aspect, the other can focus on the appeal of videos depending on the topic.

  1. Video call

Challenge videos have become very popular on YouTube, as creators usually have to complete tasks that have a certain level of difficulty, so when creating a test video, make sure that this task is something that your viewers will enjoy watching and participating. You can create a common challenge for couples and then watch your channel grow. Make sure you do your research thoroughly before you dispute.

  1. Product presentation

There are people who depend on product reviews from people like them before deciding whether to buy a product or not, and as a result, product reviews, from phones and gadgets to kitchen gadgets, can get you a lot of viewers. . However, it is important that you create your own brand by making your review crazy or funny in order to stand out from the crowd. Style

  1. Unboxing the video

This is a strange YouTube trend of unwrapping newly purchased goods – from electronics to gadgets to collectors. The viewers of these videos are fans of the brand or those who are interested in purchasing a particular product and are interested in its appearance and the accessories that could accompany the product. To stand out from other unboxing videos, try niche products and make sure you SEO your video correctly to get good rankings.

  1. Show your house

If you are consistent with blogging, it might not be a bad idea to show your audience how the two of you live. It’s a good idea to show viewers behind the scenes so they get a feel for your home and surroundings, but make sure you don’t show or divulge too much information to protect yourself from stalkers or harassers. obsessive fans. …

  1. Parody video

Although parody videos are comedy videos, they are more specific in nature, as in parody videos; you are expected to make fun of someone or even something in a funny way. There are several topics that can be parodied: politicians, celebrities, songs, internet characters or even other YouTube users.

If you both do your parody videos well, you’re bound to attract a lot of viewers. You can choose from several YouTube parody formats, as well as several trends in the YouTube community. Before you can succeed in your parody, it is important to do some thorough research on the subject.

  1. Visit to the hometown

A great opportunity to connect with your viewers is to take a tour of the hometown where you live, especially if you live in a historic city. As well as offering viewers something new, a tour of your city will help you practice some video editing techniques. To stand out, be sure to provide a funny commentary or something unique that could allow your viewers to show their interest in visiting your city. …

  1. Film critic

Movie reviews are a good way to engage viewers, especially if you’ve watched a recently released movie and your review can cause a lot of people to watch the movie or not. Movie reviews are risky because people are watching. movies in different ways, but an honest review movies will go a long way on your YouTube channel, and if you want to be popular you have to be creative with your reviews.

  1. Travel vlog

If you both love to travel a lot, you can take your camera with you to share your travel experiences. with your audience. Travel vlogs can bring a lot of fun to your viewers, especially since they can not only see many interesting places but also find inspiration to start their adventure.

However, in order to keep your viewers connected to your channel, you need to make sure that your travel blogs are visually interesting whether you are traveling to an exotic location or not. One person can operate the camera while the other is talking.

  1. Cooking Video

Cooking videos are also a great YouTube video idea for couples who love to cook or have new and innovative recipes. The good thing about cooking is that you can try many different recipes, both local and ethnic, and even go so far as to mix recipes to experiment, make your food more interesting and stand out from other culinary chains.

  1. Documentary

Documentaries often get tons of views because people no longer read the story or as many historical events as they prefer to watch it, and it’s a great idea for couples who are thinking of a YouTube video idea that ‘they can use.

Although there are many illegal documentaries uploaded by some channel owners. By creating your own documentaries, you will be different from others. You don’t both need to create a full documentary, as you can both create short documentaries for a specific niche that you are sure will be of great interest to viewers.

  1. Career Video

Many people are often looking for someone to tell them about a career – one they are in or one they are looking forward to. and so if you have deep knowledge of several professions, you can create a video about it. Also, be sure to research the type of career you are going to talk about thoroughly and, if possible, make sure your videos include experts. It’s a good way to stand out from other career videos.

  1. Recover an old video

When someone creates more videos, they also rely on experience and reworking old videos is therefore an opportunity to correct any inexperience you had when creating the video, or rename the video completely. due to the initial lack of resources. Recycling old videos ensures that less content is used and old videos are not wasted.

  1. Celebrate milestones

You can create a variety of videos depending on the circumstances. You can create a vivid video of your first meeting with your partner, or what you’ve accomplished together. You can also create a milestone video after reaching a certain number of subscribers or with a certain number of views.

When you celebrate your personal milestones, it allows viewers to celebrate with you, and when you celebrate your channel milestones, it lets your viewers know that you care about them. You might want to make your videos more interesting by offering prizes.

  1. Analytical Videos

If you like to dig deeper into topics, doing a video analysis can be a great idea for a YouTube video. The advantage of video analysis is that you can use visual content to back up your arguments, as well as validate certain points.

There are many topics to analyze and all you have to do is make sure that a thorough research has been done beforehand on the topic, regardless of the genre. Plus, you have to get creative to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Create something

If you are good at crafting or have other special skills, filming and uploading is a fantastic YouTube video idea for any couple. When creating what you’re good at, you need to make sure you provide a video explanation for yourself or start a commentary on what you do.

If what you’re creating takes time, it’s important that you speed up certain aspects of the video to make the creation process more impressive. Also, be sure to do plenty of research and practice what you’re creating before you put it on camera.

  1. Connect with spectators

If your channel has started to get a lot of views and comments, and you are looking to engage more with your viewers and make them feel like you care about them, then respond to comments as a video. is definitely a fantastic idea.

You can choose a topic that has been discussed by your viewers. in the comment box and then talk about it in detail. Chatting with your viewers also allows you to talk about where your channel is heading or clarify some decisions you may have made in the past.

  1. Make a video on time management

The world has become a global village and therefore everyone leads a hectic life and therefore finds it difficult to manage their work and leisure. Teaching people how to best manage their time is something that is likely to attract a lot of viewers to you, as people are looking for ways to combine their activities without stress.

  1. Make a video on how to take care of your pet

Despite the fact that statistics show that many Americans now own pets, the truth is that not many people know how to take care of these animals, and if you know animals, create YouTube videos that teach people to take care of these animals. You may need to work with many animals and partner with an animal shelter or veterinary clinic if you don’t have all of the animals to use as samples.

  1. Explain the basic tools

The truth is that there are a lot of people – young and old – who don’t know how to use the necessary tools, and therefore making a video that will teach people how to use some of the necessary tools is very important and will likely increase your audience. …

  1. Destructive video about myths

Although the myth busting has been dramatically reduced on television; that doesn’t mean you can’t perform your own myth tricks on your channel. Destroying a myth will take some hands-on or experimental experience, so it is very important that you both are careful with any myths you want to destroy so that you don’t suffer from them. Make sure you research interesting content thoroughly so that you can attract a large audience.

  1. Create Video FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a niche that has yet to be filled by others, and as such, you can easily stand out. You can create videos answering funny or even controversial FAQs, especially if you want to stand out and get more views. Make sure you do your research on the questions people often ask, and then find out how often to upload videos.

  1. Product demonstration video

A product demo video is very similar to taking a product review, but differs from it because in the review you may or may not be able to show the product to your viewers, but in a product demo video it is is very important. Before you start demonstrating a product, you should have an overview of the areas that you intend to demonstrate.

If you are going to introduce blenders, for example, you might need some fruit or veg to show your viewers which blender would be best for blending their fruits and veg to an appropriate standard, and what the standard should be for that. which concerns mixers.

  1. Create a photo slideshow

Just because you’re both looking for a YouTube idea doesn’t mean the idea has to be a video clip, as making a photo slideshow can be a great idea too. If you both have great photos or are just starting to edit videos, this is a great idea. A photo slideshow can be anything that shows something exciting or unusual. To make this interesting for your viewers, try adding music or voiceovers.

  1. Creation of time-lapse movies

Time-lapse videos are montages that show what you’re doing for a day or a week, but at a fast pace. There are plenty of time-lapse videos on YouTube, so to stand out it is important that your videos not only meet high standards but also edit with excellent quality edits. If you are looking for inspiration you can watch other time-lapse videos on YouTube, however, make sure to bring new things every time you upload and your video is no longer than 6 minutes.

  1. Create a video contest

Competitions are a great way to unleash skills your viewers may not be familiar with. However, in order for many people to know about your competition, you need to make sure that you have a good competition experience, a fantastic price tag, and a great competition promotion strategy.

  1. Create Video Message for Public Services (PSA)

Creating videos for public announcements is a great way to troubleshoot issues in any industry. especially if you use a humorous angle to solve the above problems. In addition to industry issues, you can shoot a PSA video on other issues that you feel are necessary. Make sure to look for issues that get a lot of attention and resonate with people in order to get a large number of viewers.

  1. Create a video ad

Some YouTube videos usually show certain ads before playing, and you can invest in creating video ads to use to promote your own channel. It is inexpensive to buy space for these ads, but be sure to buy from popular channels in order to get lots of views as some of those views will convert to your fans especially if you have a quality content.

  1. Make a short film

The fact that directors always want their films to be shown on the big screen is the reason most of them don’t advertise or even upload their videos to YouTube, but that hasn’t stopped millions. others to download their short films, especially knowing how difficult it is to show their films if they have to take “normal” routes.

If you are both interested in making short films, choose a specific subject or genre, but be sure to do extensive research on the genre you choose. This video idea might not work with simple gear, however, but that doesn’t mean you might have to allocate budget video gear or pay for additional crews and actors as you might be using family and friends.

  1. Create a video clip

Screencast refers to the digital recording of the output of a computer screen. which usually includes audio. Creating a video clip can be something very simple as you don’t have to be in front of a camera or even have a camera before you can teach or share an idea you have with others because everything what you need is screen broadcasting software.

  1. Create a joke video

Jokes have become one of the most popular YouTube videos, not least due to the fact that they can be shared on many social media sites. You can make fun of your partner or even publicly on strangers, but while it may be easier for family and friends, since all you need is a good camera and a good microphone, you will need to a more thoughtful setup for pranks. in public. Also, to prank strangers in public, you need to get their permission to post to avoid legal issues or the risk of filming a video.

  1. Make a behind-the-scenes video

If you don’t want to worry about filming something new and still want to attract more viewers, consider creating a behind-the-scenes video. However, make sure that whatever you do is considered cool for the viewers of your streams, and then show them how you did it. It is imperative that you do a lot of research on fun activities.

  1. Create a video magazine

Magazine videos are very interesting because they document the changes the creator is going through – it could be a change in status, weight loss, or going vegan, or something complex that you accept and think will be of great interest to your viewers. . … Magazine videos can be created daily or weekly, depending on the changes or habits you choose to show your viewers.

  1. Make a video

YouTube videos are a thing of the past. In the video, viewers will see what you just bought in the store, which can range from groceries to other types of purchases that most people are not afraid to watch. In the videos, you can also comment on the purchases you have made because you prefer a certain product or brand to all the special features that you think a product might have.

  1. Create a response video

Reply videos are becoming very popular because not only can you create videos to reply to people’s comments, but you can also create videos that will allow you to reply to channels or opinions that are considered controversial on YouTube.

Response videos can also be used to share a similar experience with an original discussion topic. Response videos are a great way to actively participate in the YouTube community. If your responses are not positive, you should be prepared to receive any positive feedback you may receive.

  1. Start a classic video blog

An abbreviated blog for a magazine video blog is usually about how the creator shares stories about their personal life, events, personal opinions or even documents certain moments in their personal life – more like a journal, but a visual that can be seen by the public with a camera. To start creating a video blog, you need to make sure that you and your partner are comfortable enough to share your personal life or opinions, and that you are both open-minded to try new things.

Even though YouTube users have done it, it looks pretty straightforward with a large number of blogging, you should know that it takes a lot of effort to be able to vlog consistently. You can vlog weekly, multiple times a week, 5 times, or daily while your partner is on the move.

  1. Create a video advice for couples

Couples Video Tips is a big hit for couples and even singles because it is a more personalized form of video than most YouTube video ideas. Creating a video advice for couples can work if you are using informative or video blogs.

Advice videos are a bit more personal, as they are often based on experience rather than data. The good thing about YouTube idea video is that you don’t need to use fancy animations or complicated edits most of the time because all you both have to do is to speak in front of the camera.

  1. Web series

If you both have a lot of fictional content, that’s a lot, it makes sense to create a series of it, especially one that has a specific theme that will engage your audience. However, this idea of ​​YouTube video can be much more difficult to implement due to the fact that there must be multiple episodes, which may require not only additional video equipment, but also cast and crew days to complete. film a web series. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t do things simple enough, because all you have to do is be smart.

  1. Hairdressing and makeup tutorial

While hair and makeup are more important to a woman, many men can handle this aspect as well. Just make sure that any hair and makeup video you upload is not only informative but also fun. While it may seem like a rich content segment, building your own brand will help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Video for interview

Interview videos are one of the best YouTube video ideas for couples, especially those who have channels on a specific topic, which will make the interview video very interesting for the audience. You have the choice: formal or informal interview. Formal interviews will require a traditional setting, a nice room, one or two microphones and cameras.

However, interviews are currently being conducted over Skype, which allows the creator to skip traditional settings. For informal interviews, doing street interviews and asking humorous questions may interest your viewers.

  1. Blooper Videos

Viewers love videos where the creators aren’t as perfect when they perform on camera, which is why videos are the best thing to do because they show viewers that you can laugh at yourself. Make sure to post videos every now and then, maybe at the end of the week or the month, or you can even make a joke video by capturing funny moments in front of the camera and then linking them to upload. .

  1. Duo videos

If you are both music-inclined, you can sing a lot of videos together, or if one of you is good at playing instruments, they can play while the other sings. You can sing your own song or a friend’s song, you can do a song parody, cover songs, or you can sing a recently released song.

It doesn’t require complicated setup, because all you need is a good camera and a good microphone. You can focus on a particular genre, such as gospel, or sing any genre as long as you’ve both done a lot of practice and agreed on which song to sing.

  1. Workout Videos

Fitness and fitness videos are very popular on YouTube, so creating videos that not only provide health tips but also new exercises will help you become a big hit with your viewers. However, it’s important to keep fitness trends in mind so that you can give viewers what they want.

  1. Make a video to sting

This can be considered a risky video especially if you are in the developing world as exposing corruption can have repercussions and therefore it is very important that you have a convincing plan for how you plan to create this type of video. . video without revealing any danger to you.

  1. Make a Rant video

Random videos can be about any topic – from your personal experience to a popular story or report. You could even both create an outrageous video on the YouTube community itself. However, the trickiest thing about creating an explosive video is that not only will you get a lot of views and even provoke discussions depending on the emotion of the topic you are discussing, but you can also have a lot of negative reactions, especially if you are declaiming a controversial character or event. While welts can be viewed negatively, you can both make it respectable by providing compelling arguments and making sure they’re presented in a fun way.

  1. Make a cute baby video

Everyone loves a cute baby video and so if you both have kids, creating cute baby video clips is definitely a great video idea for any couple. If you don’t have kids, you can consider making cute kids videos from other YouTube channels or making cute kids videos of family or friends if you have their permission. However, it is imperative that the quality of the video you are about to download is excellent.

  1. Instructional videos with instructions

More and more people are using YouTube to improve their skills, and how-to videos are a way to show others what they didn’t know how to do in the first place. The instructional video is similar to how you are in the classroom and therefore it is very important that you have specific knowledge or skills that you can impart to your audience.

If you feel that you do not have the special skills to teach others, you need to think about the daily activities or hobbies that you have invested a lot of time in and the knowledge of which can affect your audience – from household chores to school. quick maintenance of your car.

  1. Video tags

Tags are one of the most important formats YouTube relies on. Tags usually have a set of instructions to follow or a list of questions that must be answered and treated as a string. You can both start a tagged video and see who you can tag at the end of the video, or you can follow interesting YouTubers pages and indicate in the comment box that you like the tagging.

Mark video as Funny that viewers can get to know you better and let your personality shine. As a couple, you should be aware that not all tags may match your goals and therefore should only participate in those that do, or you both agree.

  1. Top List Videos

The top-ranked videos are rated videos, but in a specific niche with listings spanning 10, 15, or even 100 items. Although shorter lists are more popular, there is no limit to the size of the video in the top list that you can create while you are creative. The reason you both should consider this idea is that the videos on the top list usually get a lot of views and there are many channels dedicated to them that have been hugely successful.

  1. Sketch

A sketch is a short comedy video of less than 5 minutes. Sketches often require serious editing due to their speed. However, as simple as the sketches are, it’s really not easy to make people laugh or get them to subscribe quickly.

The sketch video will ask both of you to research in depth realistic ways to create your sketches. and also what equipment you might need. You can also check out other sketches uploaded by other YouTube users for inspiration.


In conclusion, while there are many ideas that can be explored by couples looking to start a YouTube channel, it is important that you have an idea of ​​what you are going to do. It should be noted that there are a lot of videos on YouTube and it takes creativity to stand out, make sure your partner is supportive of any video ideas you may have and be notified of every video you have. both follow.

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