SWOT analysis of the photo studio

SWOT analysis of the photo studio

Are you going to write a business plan for photography? here is a sample photo studio SWOT analysis to help you develop a competitive strategy.

In 2014, 3 out of 5 photographers were self-employed and 3 out of 10 photographers were part-time; In addition, the demand for certain types of photographers generally fluctuates according to the season. For example, the demand for wedding photographers typically increases in the spring and summer.

The photography industry’s revenues are $ 10 billion, with projected annual growth for 2011-2016 of 2.6%. Over 185,075 photography companies employ more than 231,171 people.

Economic analysis of business plan photography

Recently, there has been a downturn for professional photographers, not due to the economic downturn, but also the rise of amateur photographers. Despite the expected growth between 2011 and 2016 at 2.6%, this shows that growth is slow.

Indeed, many people use their own devices such as smartphones, personal cameras, tablets and other gadgets to take pictures of themselves, their friends, family and memorable occasions, and not will not want to buy the services of a professional photographer. In addition, the economic downturn has meant that people do not have enough disposable income to afford the services of a photographer.

Who then determines the demand for professional photographers ? Most professional consumers like companies who want the best photos for their products so that they can be used in advertisements like political campaigns and gatherings like weddings etc.

However, the demand for photographic services depends on the consumer’s income and the circumstances arising from it. In order to generate income and profit, photographers can reduce their overhead costs, especially since acquiring equipment is one of all activities.

Sample SWOT Analysis Business Plan Photograph

We are keenly aware that we have to build on our strengths if we are going to build a successful photography business in the United States of America, which is why we have taken the time to analyze our strength, our weakness. , our opportunities and also as a threat. that we are likely to encounter in the photography industry.

Our strength is not limited to the reliable professional training, certification and experience we have gained before starting the photography business, but also through our rich network, passion and conversion ability. , allows us to retain customers in a short period of time.

Part of our weakness as a start-up photography company is that we have fewer employees and experts, and we also have limited funds to do whatever we decide to do before starting a business. For example, we would like to create our own CRM software.

  • Capacities -:

The United States of America and New York in particular is one of the cities in the world that attracts many visitors or different classes combined with the fact that some of the best photography schools are located in New York. It’s easier for a photography start-up to use these factors to grow their business, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

There are well-established photographers / photographers in NYC who may not need a lot of stress to convince new clients to patronize them. There is also the threat of huge costs to do business in New York, because it is high. Therefore, we have to be at the top of our game if we are to grow our photography business towards profitability.