Franchise Opportunities For Sale Under $ 200K

Are you looking to start a business by purchasing a franchise that costs less than $ 200,000?  here are 50 best franchise options for sale under $ 200,000.

One thing that you should note when considering purchasing a franchise is that franchising is expensive. Of course, you don’t expect the company to let you build on its already established reputation by using your marketing skills for free. If you want to skip the difficult phase of starting a new business, you must be prepared to shell out money to capitalize on the suffering of others.

But then again, not all franchises are terribly expensive. There are indeed franchises that can adapt to all budgets. If you are looking to buy a franchise for an existing business but don’t have thousands of cash, you might want to take a look at these franchises for under $ 200,000 to see which one is right for you. budget.

Top 50 Franchise Options For Sale Under $ 200,000

  1. At home

Right to Home is one of the reasonably priced franchises that you can get in the United States because it costs between $ 75,000 and $ 100,000. to get that franchise. This adult day care center was founded by Allen Hager in 2095 after witnessing a shortage of quality adult homes. The founder felt that patients needed more care than at home, which led to repeated visits to the hospital.

Right at Home offers different levels of customer support, including: communication, which includes cooking, cleaning and shopping; personal hygiene; and a lightly trained nurse who primarily helps prescribe medication to their clients.

Right at Home is a very successful franchise, with nearly 30 percent of its franchisees exceeding $ 1 million in sales, and the highest paying franchisee has $ 9.4 million in sales.

Cost of the franchise

  • Total launch cost is between $ 75,000 and $ 100,000
  1. Shining star

This adult care home, which has deductibles worth less than $ 200,000, was born when its founders had a bad experience with caregivers. The care home, which was founded by JD and Shelly Sun in 2002, offers what they call a full continuum of home care. This model of care includes care for adults and the elderly, child care and health care services for individuals, families and health facilities.

They can help you with everything from communication to the toilet and hygiene, to taking blood at home. No medical experience is required to purchase this franchise, but you must have management, marketing, and sales experience.

Cost of the franchise

  • Initial launch costs range from $ 95,000 to $ 163,000
  1. Staff block

Human Resources is one of the main tax franchises in the United States. Since brothers Henry and Richard Bloch founded HR Block in 2055, the company has filed over 720 million tax returns, franchising began in 2056 and went public in 2062.

In addition to providing personal income tax preparation services, the company offers software products for PCs and desktops, as well as a number of other financial services. Each of the company’s tax specialists has completed a 6-level certification program and must complete 18 hours of continuing education each year before the start of the application season.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 31,557 $ 149,398
  • Initial franchise fee $ 2,500 $ 2,500
  • Permanent fee rate 30%
  1. Liberty Tax Service

The tax office in the United States cannot be mentioned without the appearance of the Liberty tax office. The company has made a name for itself in tax services not only in the United States, but also in other parts of the world through its online service.

In 2097, John Hewitt, founder of the Jackson Hewitt Internal Revenue Service, acquired a tax company that had franchised in Canada since 2073. The company changed its name to Liberty Tax Service and now offers franchises throughout the United States and Canada .

Liberty offers two guarantees: Maximum Refund The guarantee states that if customers apply online through Liberty, but receive a higher refund for the same benefit from a competitor, the preparation fee will be refunded. The accuracy guarantee states that if Liberty math is deactivated, resulting in – either fines or interest, the customer will be reimbursed for these charges.

Liberty also has a changing combination of promotions such as a $ 50 referral fee for each friend you send to Liberty who becomes a customer, a 50% deal where customers can switch to Liberty this year and only pay 50%. what they paid a competitor last year and a free two-month MileIQ mileage tracker app.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 58,700, $ 71,900
  • Initial franchise fee $ 40,000, $ 40,000
  • Current payment fee of 14%
  • Advertising commission 5%
  1. Xpresso delight

Xpressor Delight was founded by Paul Crabtree and Stephen Sptis in 2004 and has grown steadily to become quite popular. This company brings a unique perspective to the coffee industry by bringing coffee quality expertise to the workplace with its range of fully automated gourmet espresso coffee systems.

Their equipment, made in Switzerland and Italy, produces high quality cappuccino, latte and espresso and they are quite easy to use.

Homeowners house high-end espresso machines in local office buildings and then earn semi-passive income as their fully automatic machines sell espresso cups, Americano coffee, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, chocolate hot and more at the tap knobs. They have over 200 franchisees around the world, and only two of them are in the United States.

Financial needs

  • Liquid capital required: $ 50,000
  • Net worth required: $ 200,000
  • Total investment: $ 62,000 $ 84,500
  • Franchise Fee: $ 15,000
  1. Hotel recruitment Patrice Associates

Patrice Associates Hospitality Recruiting is a franchise recruiting company. Their specialty is dealing with senior executives and directors at all levels. The franchise serves all hospitality markets including hotels, restaurants, casinos, airports, clubs, resorts, university hospital canteens, grocery stores and specialty research. It is truly the largest hospitality executive search company in North America.

Financial needs

  • Minimum money required: $ 20,000
  1. Decadent bar, coffee and dessert

The first of its kind, Decadent is a quick and relaxed dessert bar offering high quality desserts at an affordable and equally timely price. they have been making desserts for over 15 years.

Decadent stores provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere with incredible high-end desserts hard to find outside of their restaurants. Their signature coffee is roasted in small batches and they only use 100% Arabica. Their desserts and pastries include seasonal fruity Danish, chocolate croissants, handmade donuts, cheesecakes, the popular pan-fried cookies and more.

The company works as a team with franchisees and their franchisees don’t have to pay high fees and marketing costs that rob them of their profits. The goal of the Decadent is to ensure that franchisees can get a return on their investment while reaping the benefits of being part of the international The Sweet Brands family.

Financial needs

  • Required liquid capital: $ 30,000
  • Net worth required: $ 100,000
  • Total investment: $ 80,000 $ 130,000
  1. 770 Cash

770 Hard Cash is a leading provider of emergency financing for real estate investors for the purchase and restoration of residential and commercial properties. With years of successful mortgage experience, Derek Harris founded 770 Hard Cash, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia.

From the outset, their success would be based on unique marketing strategies, competitive loan programs and a 100% focus on customer satisfaction. Now is the perfect time to be a part of the growing real estate industry at a lower cost. No real estate license is required to participate in this brand and no mortgage experience is required.

Financial investments

  • Initial franchise fee: $ 20,950.
  • Liquid capital required: $ 24,200
  • Total investment: $ 24,200 $ 39,450
  1. Property management

In 2083, Kirk McGary and two friends began offering residential property management services to earn money while studying at university. Shortly after graduating from McGary, his father was fired and McGary offered to start a property management company together.

The company, which began franchising in 2004, offers residential and commercial property management services, including marketing, leasing, maintenance, fees, evictions, accounting, inspections and legal compliance.

The company has grown to become one of the largest residential property management franchises. With over 30 years of experience in improving property management, they can be trusted. a leader in the country, recognized by the main authoritative sources.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 86,795 $ 117,795
  • Net worth need of $ 150,000
  • Liquidity requirements $ 86,795 $ 117,795
  • Initial franchise fee $ 45,000 $ 45,000
  • Effective duty of 7%
  • Advertising commission 2%
  1. JAN-PRO

JAN-PRO has become one of the most popular commercial cleaning franchises in the United States. The company offers personalized commercial cleaning plans provided by cleaners who are franchise owners rather than hourly employees.

The company’s backpack vacuums are designed with high-quality filtration standards that help deep clean and improve indoor air quality. They use the same color-coded microfiber cleaning wipes to prevent the transfer of germs from one area to another.

Founded in 2091 and franchised since 2092, JAN-PRO offers both master franchises and a franchise unit. Its sites have grown steadily over the past seven years, growing from 7,084 in 2011 to 8,790 today, none of which are company-owned and 1,381 outside of the United States.

Financial needs

  • Franchise Fee: $ 1,000
  • Investment: $ 5,000 $ 60,000
  • Cost required: $ 50,000
  1. Combination

Coverall is another well-known commercial cleaning franchise in the United States. States. This cleaning company has been providing commercial and office cleaning services to all types of customers since 2085, from simple offices to a wide range of industries such as healthcare, fitness / spa, retail, education / childcare and industrial facilities.

Combination franchisees use a program designed to reduce the spread of pathogens in the workplace. Unlike many other commercial compensation franchises, the company only offers unitary franchises, not master franchises.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 16,498 $ 51,361
  • Liquidity requirements – $ 4,000, $ 22,257
  • Initial Franchise Fee – $ 13,500, $ 40,320
  • 5% applicable fees
  1. Morrison Plus Property Inspection

Morrison Plus Real Estate Inspection is proud to be the leading property inspection company in the United States. The company, understanding the intricacies of the industry, continually strives to maintain the highest level of excellence in the industry.

They view each home they work with as unique, and their inspectors have the in-depth knowledge and experience to perform in-depth inspections, while providing a detailed report.

Property Inspectorate Morrison Plus prides itself on its thorough inspections. Their primary focus is the basic home systems including all easily visible areas of the roof, plumbing, electrical, attic, foundations, exteriors, playgrounds, pools / spas, systems heating and air conditioning. All of their reports are written in a narrative style and are always very detailed.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 37,543 60,663
  • Required net worth of $ 50,000
  • Cash requirements $ 30,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 20,000
  • Constant royalty rate 7%
  • Advertising registration fee 1.5%
  1. Take care of transitions

Transition Care franchisees offer a wide range of services, including cancellation, reduction, document management, real estate sales, online auctions, full household liquidation, and relocation and relocation of people. elderly. Most of the clients are seniors and their families, but the company also serves empty nests and people facing major life changes such as death, divorce or layoffs.

Over the past 14 years, the owners of Caring Transitions have reduced stress and the best interests of seniors and their families by providing a complete solution. Caring Transitions has built an excellent reputation for providing moving, downsizing and selling real estate services, educating and supporting over 200 franchisees.

With a low initial investment, growing markets, three main revenue streams, a trusted name, and extensive training from the strategic franchise team, anyone can become a successful Caring Transitions owner.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 58,912 $ 82,712
  • Cash requirement $ 50,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee $ 44,900 $ 44,900
  • Constant royalty rate 5%
  • Advertising commission 2%
  1. FastBucks

FastBucks is a reliable payday loan service that offers franchises in the United States. The company has a ready-made business opportunity with proven systems and a recognized brand that can ensure the profitability of the franchise business in no time.

FastBucks specializes in payday loans that allow customers to borrow against future wages for emergencies or other short-term cash needs. It is well known that the number of loan sites in North America has more than tripled over the past decade, and FastBucks has been at the center of this growth.

The secret to FastBucks’ success is simple: They strive to do their best to help people with short-term financial needs. Their position as one of the industry leaders is believed to be the result of their cutting edge software and superior customer service.

Financial needs

  • Liquid capital required $ 125,000
  • Investment $ 125,000 $ 150,000
  • Franchise Fee $ 27,500
  1. Business Express

Business Express is a financial service that offers a variety of financial services to businesses and businesses and aims to help them solve their cash flow issues.

This company does not offer a franchise, but it is a licensing agreement under which you acquire technology, training and know-how. This could be a home business opportunity performed outside of the office or even a small store; This is ideal if you are targeting authorized sellers such as real estate agents, insurance and mortgage brokers, or anyone else who earns their commission.

Business Express can be a great addition to any business that serves the commercial sector, such as travel agencies, tax preparation companies, mortgage bureaus, and real estate. Business Express offers factoring, bill discounting, check cashing (payday loans for businesses) and business financing.

If you are seriously considering offering large scale financing to businesses, not consumers, in a business where local and state laws are not as restrictive and restrictive as those which offer consumer loans, then Cash Now Business Express can be your answer.

Financial needs

  • Working capital of $ 150,000 to $ 200,000
  1. Children in sport

Kids in Sports This is a specialized sports program for children aged 12 months to 12 years, which offers a wide range of activities, including activities, camps and parties. They teach the basics of baseball, basketball, flag football, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball in multi-sport or athletic classes.

They believe in providing children with a foundation in all traditional sports that will serve them well for life. Whether it’s a 3-year-old who is just starting to learn basic skills or a fourth-grader looking to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive sports arena, Kids In Sports offers an environment conducive to children’s success.

Cost of the franchise

  • The minimum amount required is $ 50,000
  1. RedLine Athletics

If you have a passion for sports for the purpose of serving the youth sports market, you must have the RedLine Youth Athletics Center franchise.

The RedLine Track and Field Training Center was founded by John Leonesio. The institution focuses on increasing speed, power and core strength, as well as preventing injury in student athletes between the ages of eight and eighteen. RedLine Athletics offers high return on investment with its youth athletic training centers.

Cost of the franchise

  • The minimum amount required is $ 100,000.
  • Veteran 10% reduction on deductible and regional fees for qualified veterans.
  1. Listo tax solutions

Listo Tax Solutions is a company that prepares taxes for clients reliably and accurately. This tax company strives to ensure that its clients receive the maximum tax refund or, failing that, the minimum amount of taxes owed to the government. The company promises to discuss all return and payment options with its customers, weighing the pros and cons, with the final decision made up to the customer.

In addition to preparing taxes, Listo Tax Solutions also provides accounting, payroll and even some translation services.In general, Listo Tax Solutions places great emphasis on the confidentiality that it offers to clients, as they don’t not have multiple clients sharing information in the same room like others. tax preparation companies.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 54,700 $ 90,400
  • Net worth required of $ 110,000
  • Cash requirements $ 75,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee $ 30,000 $ 30,000
  • Current registration fee 11.5%
  • Advertising costs 3%
  1. USA Ninja Challenge

The USA Ninja Challenge is an obstacle course program that includes the basic skills of gymnastics, rock climbing, cross-training, and track and field. The Ninja Challenge is open to boys and girls aged 4 to 18. The program is designed to meet the demands of a comprehensive fitness program for today’s youth. These include standard machines including rings, dumbbells, balance weights, and rocking surfaces.

Other specialized ninja training equipment is also used, such as cargo nets, ties, slings, ropes and ladders. Each part of each obstacle course also includes the corresponding air conditioning and flex stations. The desired result of the program is to improve the strength, flexibility and complete athleticism of children.

Cost of the franchise

  • The minimum amount required is $ 50,000
  • Total amount of investment from US $ 121,333 to US $ 206,600

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  1. Paris Express School

Bill Parisi opened Paris Speed ​​School in 2092, offering free clinics and quick learning and motivational workshops for high school athletes. Parisi Speed ​​Schools offers speed, coordination, agility, flexibility and endurance training for children ages 7 and up, adults and even professional athletes. Over the years, the company has opened three more establishments, and also merged Parisi health clubs and speed schools. He started franchising the concept in 2005.

Cost of the franchise

  • Initial investment of $ 67,800 to $ 167,800
  • The need for liquidity – $ 20,000 li>
  • Initial franchise fee $ 6,000
  • Current royalty $ 600 per month
  • Collect $ 600 royalty free per month
  1. Hawkeyes Home Seated Franchisor

Hawkeyes Home Sitting is one of the most trusted names in home seating today. Hawkeyes – Chief of Police, specializing in home care when people are out of town.

Hawkeyes Home Sitting provides building security checks, animal grooming, keeping home busy / lively, cleaning mail and newspapers, plant maintenance, oven and water checks . plumbing, lawn maintenance, snow removal, emergency visits and special requests (bill payment, jacuzzi and pool maintenance).

You can comfortably manage this deductible if you are not sitting at home mom. Sometimes you may need to move into the house with your child and it can create a little vacation for both of you.

Financial needs

  • Liquid capital required $ 1,000
  • Requires a net worth of $ 1,000
  • Investment $ 5,000 $ 10,000
  • Franchise Fee $ 4000
  1. The animal wants

Pet Wants is riding a huge wave of pet owners who spend a lot on their beloved pets. In fact, in the $ 74 billion pet products industry, Americans spend more than $ 22 billion a year on pet food and treats. Meanwhile, animal lovers across the country are starting to adhere to the same standards as pet food and crave fresh, highly nutritious foods.

The costs of premium and artisanal feed are skyrocketing. In addition, the Pet Wants Pet Food franchise is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend, which generated more than $ 8 billion in pet food sales last year, or more than a third of the market. American pet food.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment: $ 56,830 to $ 201,000
  1. Junior golf TGA Premier

TGA Premier Junior Golf founder Joshua Jacobs started playing golf at the age of three. old. In 2003, it began offering golf enrichment courses at six Los Angeles schools, and TGA (Total Golf Adventures) continued to grow.

In 2006, the company started franchising. Franchisees offer after school golf programs for children in Kindergarten to Grade 8. Camps, tournaments, clinics and parent / child activities are also offered at partner golf clubs.

Cost of the franchise

  • Initial investment of $ 21,450 to $ 62,800 / li>
  • Capital requirement of $ 25,000
  • Liquidity requirement of 25,000 USD
  • Initial franchise fee of $ 10,000 to $ 40,000
  • 8% applicable tax
  1. Skyhawks

Skyhawks is the nation’s leader in children’s sports programming. The company is a brand that has national exposure and appeal. Skyhawks teaches children and youth meaningful life lessons through sport. Their many years of experience have helped them create a menu of successful sports programs.

Over the past 35 years, Skyhawks has hosted over 1.6 million children in 23 states to teach life lessons through sports and instill a passion for athletics and health. Skyhawks offers up to 10 different sports in a variety of programs, including traditional summer camps, leagues, after-school programs, clinics, and classes.

Cost of the franchise

  • Liquid capital required $ 30,000
  • $ 100,000 net worth required
  • Total investment $ 50,000
  • Franchise Fee $ 27,500
  1. Daniel Ahart Revenue Service

Daniel Ahart Tax Office is a tax office offering state-of-the-art tax preparation and free electronic filing. with paid tax preparation and all banking products such as repayment loans. Many deposit options offer the customer a cashless alternative.

Some of the services offered by the company include Income Tax Preparation, Electronic Filing, Direct Deposits, Cashless Withdrawals – Preparing Tax Pockets, Payout Loans, Advance Loans and Checks return.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 26,300 $ 44,600
  • Net capital requirement 100,000 USD
  • Cash requirement $ 20,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee $ 12,500 $ 12,500
  • Effective fee 12%
  • Advertising costs 2%
  1. HomeTeam Inspection Service

HomeTeam Inspection Service is a powerful 25-year-old brand in high demand. HomeTeam is the only home inspection company in the world that employs a team of inspectors for every inspection, ensuring high returns for their owners and high demand for their customers.

Since its inception, HomeTeam has been a dominant leader in technology, operations and marketing, and the brand continues to set the standard for the rest of the industry.

HomeTeam’s growth rate is the fastest in the industry, exceeding 600% in 2016, with a 5-year continuity rate exceeding 95%. Their richest 25% of homeowners have average annual incomes of over half a million dollars, with no office buildings or inventory to drive down profits.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 50,100 $ 76,800
  • Required net worth of $ 50,000
  • Liquidity needs $ 15,000 $ 25,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 35,000 $ 55,000
  • Operating fee 4-6%
  • Advertising costs 3%
  1. Real estate agent managers

In 2065, Dale Rector, frustrated with the split-commission system traditionally used in real estate, opened a 100% commission office in Phoenix, Arizona, under the name Realty Executives. In his model, business partners received 100% of their commissions and evenly split internal expenses, including the salary of a full-time broker who coordinated the office.

This way of doing business grew in popularity and in 2073 real estate executives began to franchise the concept. The company provides in-house financing to cover the initial franchise costs ($ 1,000- $ 50,000) for interested franchisees as well as additional start-up costs.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 23,500 $ 171,000
  • Net worth required $ 20,000 $ 200,000
  • Cash requirement $ 10,000 $ 100,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 1,000 $ 50,000
  1. 9round Fitness and Kickboxing

The 9Round Fitness franchise opportunity breaks through the harshness of the fitness industry by appreciating the simplicity of the business model and low cost of entry. With a proven business model, a network of dedicated support staff, and hundreds of other franchise owners, 9Round owners always have a place to turn for help and advice.

The center assists its franchisees by finding them and arranging leases – software and client management assistance, technical support, marketing support, intensive 4-day training at the Greenville head office and technical support.

Cost of the franchise

  • The minimum amount required is $ 50,000
  • Total amount of investment from 65,700 to 101,800 USD
  • Requires a net worth of $ 75,000
  1. Business incentive solutions

Business Incentive Solutions – Provider of tax credit, profit recovery and cost sharing services. Since 2004, Business Incentive Solutions has helped businesses in various industries save millions of dollars through our existing business incentive programs. Cutting costs and increasing profits are essential for any business, especially during tough economic times. However, even in good times, your business cannot afford to lose sight of opportunities to improve its bottom line through incentives, grants, and other economic development programs offered through federal, state programs. and local. get the most out of incentive programs and make a profit.

Their integrated suite of consulting services are designed to facilitate a wide range of profitable programs for businesses. Business Incentive Solutions maintains relationships with third party sources that provide financing to cover franchise fees, start-up costs and equipment.

Financial needs

    • Initial investment $ 34,850 $ 70,300
    • Net worth required $ 50,000
    • Need for cash flow $ 10,000
    • Initial Franchise Fee $ 20,000 $ 20,000
    • Advertising commission 2%
  1. Permanent Money Tax Service

The Fixed Money Tax Service is a tax company that provides tax preparation, quick refunds and instant tax refund advances for low and middle income taxpayers. Owning a recession-resistant Nstant Money Tax Service franchise will allow you to take advantage of a $ 10 billion tax opportunity.

The company has been operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro complex since 2096. They have prepared and filed thousands of personal and small business tax returns. Nstant Tax Office specializes in individual tax return preparation, instant tax refunds, and electronic filing.

With an investment of $ 53,700 to $ 61,900, you can own your own Nstant Money tax deductible.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 58,700 71,900
  • Equity required $ 50,000
  • Need for cash flow $ 50,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 40,000 $ 40,000
  • 12% effective tax
  • Advertising costs 5%
  1. HouseMaster

Another company that has made its mark in the home inspection industry in the United States is HouseMaster. Ken Austin founded an independent property inspectorate in upstate New Jersey in 2071. Nine years later he founded HouseMaster and began franchising, using the marketing experience gained at Johnson Johnson and Warner Lambert Co. to publicize his new business.

HouseMaster inspectors check all major home systems, providing a detailed report of all physical conditions. The HouseMaster Express report can be completed on site. HouseMaster franchises provide buyers with a limited verification guarantee and the company has a group errors and omissions insurance program to protect its franchisees.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 61,100 $ 106,150
  • Net worth required $ 100,000 $ 200,000
  • Cash requirement $ 30,000 $ 50,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 42,500 $ 42,500
  • Constant royalty rate 7.5-5%
  • Advertising commission 2-2.5%
  1. National property inspections

National Property Inspections, Inc. Is North America’s premier franchise for residential and commercial inspections. National Property Inspections Inc. (NPI), founded by Roland Bates in 2087, inspects commercial and residential real estate, as well as government agencies, insurance companies and relocation companies. NPI is the only property inspection franchisor to offer business inspection training and truly exclusive areas with no plugs or hidden fees.

Whether you want to start your own business, expand your current skills, or create a whole new profession, national inspections offer you the possibility of a better future.

With 30 years of experience and hundreds of successful franchises in the United States and Canada, NPI is a globally recognized brand with a proven track record. Their turnkey franchise system offers the tools, training and support you need to rise to the top of the home inspection industry.

No technical experience is required for anyone looking to buy an NPI franchise, when you become an NPI franchise owner you will go to their extensive NPI training academy where you will learn everything you need to know to conduct property inspections. professional and quality.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 40,700 $ 43,000
  • Liquidity needs $ 43,400 $ 47,100
  • Initial franchise fee $ 34,900 $ 34,900
  • 8% permanent payment rate
  1. BodyBrite United States

BodyBrite USA is a very popular and successful laser hair removal franchise in the United States. The company specializes in providing IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal and skin care services. BodyBrite USA prides itself on being one of the leading personal care franchises with the most investor friendly, easy to buy, easy to launch, and easy to earn opportunity.

Other body care services provided by BodyBrite USA. the franchise includes facial contouring around the neck and skin tightening, oxygen treatments and teeth whitening.

Founded in 2011, the BodyBrite USA franchise has Chris Hardy as CEO and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The BodyBrite franchise division began operations a year after its founding. BodyBrite USA maintains relationships with third party sources that provide financing to cover
franchise fees, start-up costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, and salaries.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 114,383 $ 177,500
  • Required net worth of $ 150,000
  • Need for cash flow $ 50,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 29,000 $ 29,000
  • Continuing royalty 6%
  • Advertising registration fee $ 300 / month
  1. Tropicalaser laser hair removal

Tropicalaser is another well-known American hair removal franchise that is worth mentioning. This cosmetics company opened its first location in Weston, Florida in 2007 with the goal of providing the best laser hair removal services at the best price in the industry, using top-notch technology and tools, while keeping overhead costs low and providing the service you need. customers, while using the most effective marketing approach.

Tropicalaser is seeking professionals who share similar goals and interests in providing exceptional service and value in the growing aesthetic industry. The ideal business partner should be a doctor with an existing practice and clinic, but not necessarily a healthcare professional.

Financial needs

  • Liquid capital required: $ 100,000 $ 200,000
  • Capital required: $ 200,000
  • Total investment: $ 129,000 $ 150,000
  1. Laser Lounge Spa

The Laser Lounge Spa is a private, first-class rejuvenating day spa with roots in Southwest Florida. They specialize in skin care and anti aging health services. The beauty business uses the latest cutting edge technology and the most effective products and treatments offered in the medical spa industry.

Laser Lounge Spa prides itself on treating its guests like family, offering exceptional service and equally affordable beauty treatments. The Laser Lounge Spa was founded by a team of husbands and wives, Jonathan and April Sigg. Its headquarters are in Bonita Springs, Florida. Laser Lounge Spa is a registered trademark and registered in the United States and Canada.

Financial needs

  • Initial franchise fee $ 49,900
  • Total amount of investment from 125,000 to 200,000 US dollars
  1. TIME

ERA Real Estate is a leader in the residential real estate industry, with more than 30,000 real estate brokers and business partners in approximately 2,500 offices in the United States and in 34 countries and territories. When it comes to buying and selling real estate, working with an ERA Real agent The estate offers many advantages in local markets.

For sellers, ERA can help prepare a home for sale by simplifying pricing, home physical preparation, negotiating navigation, and more.

For buyers, ERA agents help make home searches as efficient as possible by allowing more time to inspect a home that meets the budget and personal needs of buyers. ERA Realtors are committed to adding value at every step of the home buying and selling process.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 66,000 $ 85,900
  • Initial franchise fee $ 59,900 $ 59,900
  • Effective fee 15%
  • Advertising commission 3%
  1. Stanford Raffles Real Estate Franchise

Stanford Raffles Realty started in 2011 with the creation of an agent-focused brokerage center that focuses on the real estate professional as a client, as well as full administrative and technological support in a flat rate structure. of 100% to ensure the success of the partners.

From Los Angeles, their revolutionary business model is now also in Newport Beach and San Diego. They are now ready to expand to other US and international markets in China, South Korea, Singapore and Canada.

They invite all independent brokers, agents, teams, entrepreneurs and future business owners to explore this unique opportunity to acquire one of the most revolutionary real estate franchises that is set to redefine the model of real estate service for the world. .

Financial needs

  • Liquid capital required: $ 50,000 $ 100,000
  • Capital required: $ 150,000
  • Total investment: $ 60,000 $ 150,000
  1. ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean franchises provide cleaning, floor maintenance, disaster recovery and restoration services. ServiceMaster Clean began providing commercial cleaning and cleaning services over 60 years ago and is focused on all types of customers.

The company has developed a training and certification program for its local owners covering five levels of cleaning. and adheres to standards it has developed based on industry best practices and procedures established by OSHA, CDC, AORN, HIPAA, EPA, and other health regulatory bodies.

ServiceMaster Clean offers internal financing through its subsidiary, Service Clean Acceptance Company (SMAC). It also only sells unit franchises, not top-tier franchises.

Financial needs

  • $ 40,000 in liquid capital required
  • Equity required of $ 75,000
  • $ 51,000 investment
  • Franchise Fee $ 31,900
  1. Buildingstars International

Buildingstars, a commercial cleaning company founded in 2094 and based in St. Louis, Missouri. The company began franchising in 2000 and now has regional offices in Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and New York. Services include night cleaning, green cleaning and consultations, as well as carpets and floors.

Buildingstars International offers personalized, all-inclusive cleaning services to create cleaner, healthier workplaces in all types of facilities and industries. Cleaning services are provided by franchise owners who have a clear path to progress through the Rising Star management program.

The company’s franchise seats have grown steadily over the past nine years, up from 276 in 2009. Currently 883, of which six are owned by the company and are all in the United States.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 2,245 $ 53,200
  • $ 500 net worth required
  • Need for cash flow $ 1000
  • Initial Franchise Fee $ 995 $ 46,995
  • Effective royalty 10%
  1. New condition

After gaining cleaning experience as an associate in a Houston, Texas building maintenance company, Jack Samby moved to Charlotte, South Carolina in 2087 and, with his wife Marcy, founded his own commercial cleaning company, Maintenance World. In 2096, he launched the Mint Condition franchise.

Mint Condition offers the typical full line of commercial cleaning services with a service guarantee. Services are provided by franchise operators who have received extensive training in the sector. They are committed to the principle of “cleaning for health” and guarantee the use of cleaning chemicals certified Green Seal.

Founded in 2096 and since then the franchise company has been offering franchises for singles and master classes. Over the past nine years, the number of locations has grown steadily from 134 in 2009 to 344 today, none of which are company-owned and all are located in the United States.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 4,644 $ 32,384
  • Cash requirement $ 1,000 $ 6,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 3,000 $ 22,000
  • Current fee 9%
  1. Succentrix Business Consultants

Succentrix Business Advisors provides entrepreneurs with tax preparation, payroll and business support services. The Succentrix Business Advisors model allows the franchise owner to start their practice quickly and inexpensively with effective, efficient, profitable and competitive solutions.

Each solution is designed for the franchise owner. leadership and support for their clients in the search for tailor-made real-time solutions that meet their needs. Succentrix Business Advisors offers in-house funding to cover franchise costs and the company maintains relationships with third party sources that provide funding to cover their franchise costs only.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 37,100 $ 48,700
  • Net worth required $ 50,000 $ 100,000
  • Cash requirements $ 25,000 $ 50,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 21,900 $ 21,900
  • Current fee 7%
  1. We sell restaurants

We sell a brand of restaurants, as the name suggests, a brokerage firm in the U.S. A company recognized around the world for their professionalism, industry knowledge, and unmatched service. Whether you are in the market to buy a restaurant, find a restaurant to rent, resell a restaurant franchise, or sell an independent restaurant or bar, the We Sell Restaurants brand has unmatched experience and expertise.

We sell restaurants – It is believed to be the leader in restaurants for sale. The company’s mission is to sell more restaurants than anyone else. They specialize in selling restaurants, leasing space for restaurants and the nation’s leader in resale franchises.

We Sell Restaurants was created by the dynamic team of Eric and Robin Gagnon. This renowned team not only sells more restaurants than anyone else in the United States, but also writes, represents and serves national organizations that support the industry. These industry experts are frequent radio presenters and guests on the topic of restaurant buying and selling.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 59,875 $ 95,650
  • Need for cash flow $ 50,000
  • Initial franchise fee $ 40,000 $ 40,000
  • Constant royalty rate 15%
  • Advertising rate 2%
  1. Transworld Business Consultants

Transworld is one of the most popular business brokers offering franchises in the United States. Business Consultants – This company was founded in 2007 by Transworld Business Brokers and United Franchise Group, franchisor Signarama, EmbroidMe, SuperGreen Solutions, Experimac, Jon Smith Subs, VentureX and Paramount Tax.

Transworld Business Advisors was originally founded in South Florida by Don (a 30-year-old IBM executive) and his wife Bonnie Parrish. Andy Cagnetta, CEO of Transworld Florida, originally came to Transworld as a buyer seeking to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams. From his first meeting he knew that Transworld was special and special. After working for Don for several years, Andy bought Transworld and quickly made it the largest brokerage in Florida.

If you want to become a Transworld franchisee, you will automatically become an important part of your small business. community. As a business consultant, you will provide advice, solutions and, of course, help your clients grow, buy or sell their business.

Selling or buying a business can be the most important transaction in a person’s life, which is why the role of a business consultant or broker is so important. Transworld franchisees provide franchise consulting, brokerage and franchise development assistance services.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 74,855 $ 97,185
  • Required net worth of $ 60,000 $ 86,877
  • Cash claim $ 60,000 $ 86,877
  • Initial franchise fee $ 49,500 $ 49,500
  • 8% applicable tax
  • Royalty Fee $ 150 / month.
  1. Timsky wine market

The Timskiy wine market operates on a very simple model, which is service delivery, choice and cost. This outdated, customer-centric attitude has made it the # 1 choice of Florida Wine drinkers. The store is focused on personal interaction with its customers. They have customer service agents who listen to the needs of the customers and also help them make choices according to their budget and tastes.

The Tims Wine Market is a nationally respected leader in the retail wine industry. They provide each of their franchisees with in-depth advice on location selection, pre-operational training and continuing wine knowledge.

Upon opening, each franchisee receives ongoing training in business operations, wine knowledge, and location marketing assistance. In addition, each franchise benefits from the ability to wholesale essential items, special features and club choices.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment of $ 40,000
  • Liquidity requirement of USD 130,688
  • Total investment of US $ 130,688
  1. Mr. Brews Taphouse

The Mr Brews Taphouse Concept debuted in March 2013 in Weston, Wisconsin. With a wide selection of craft beers, Mr Brews Taphouse offers a simple menu concept that engages and excites customers. The menu format ensures ease of execution, food preparation, and ideal food and labor costs. Staff training programs are comprehensive and specially designed for their unique concept.

Mr Brews Taphouse offers a comprehensive training and support program to help franchisees every step of the way. It starts with extensive training at company sites. This introductory training is given before opening and teaches how to run a business for their leaders.

Financial needs

  • Initial franchise fee $ 30,000
  • If there are two units in the zone development agreement, the franchise fee is reduced to $ 25,000 per unit.
  • If the zone development contract contains three or more units, the franchise fee is reduced to $ 20,000 per unit.
  • 5% royalty
  1. Baby bodyguards

Baby Bodyguards offers a great opportunity to own an exciting and truly rewarding multi-stream business. Baby Bodyguards is a recognized regional innovator in the baby proofing industry. If you are sitting at home mom looking for a suitable franchise business, you can go for this other business.

You can run a child rights business in your spare time, and you will always make good profits in the business. You just need to master the necessary skills.

Financial needs

  • Initial investment $ 33,215 $ 59,855
  • Capital requirements $ 25,000
  • The cash requirement is US $ 15,000.
  • The initial deductible payment is $ 15,000. USD 15,000.
  • Constant payout rate – 7%.
  1. Healthy 4U distributor

Healthy 4U Dispensing is the best delivery system for healthier food choices for people on the go. With several different levels of investment, you can become the independent owner / operator of these ingenious national brands in your home.

Healthier 4U Vending does even more to make it easier for you to start a business by providing you not only with vending machines and a business model, but also a selection of actual locations to place your vending machines.

Financial needs

  • Minimum amount required: $ 30,000
  1. My company

My Business Venture gives you the ability to start an online business from the comfort of your home, and that business can include over 15,000 top-selling products and up to 200% margin on each sale. My Business Venture has developed a complete suite of customized e-commerce compatible websites using the latest technology. This program has been designed to work on almost any budget and can be performed in the privacy of your own home.

Your website will feature more than 15,000 top-selling products including: electronics, toys and games, toiletries and beauty products. products, home and office products, gifts, jewelry, perfumes and colognes, holiday and seasonal items, home and home decor and much more. Plus, all orders on your website are free. There is no better time to start.

Financial needs

  • Minimum money required: $ 3,995
  1. Club Z! Home education services

Home schooling and online training allow franchisees of this business to grow their business as big as they want. Club Z! Tutoring is the nation’s leading national tutoring and home schooling franchise system that provides its franchisees with great value through online tutoring and test preparation services.

These programs provide additional income without requiring additional work because the Z! The company’s head office takes care of everything from recruiting and deploying faculty to billing and customer service. And in return Club Z! franchisees receive 50 to 80% of the profits, depending on the program.

Financial needs

  • Minimum amount required: $ 30,000
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