Opportunities for Small Businesses in South Korea

Opportunities for Small Businesses in South Korea

Do you want to start a business in South Korea as a foreigner? If so, here are the Top 50 Small Business Idea Investment Opportunities in South Korea.

South Korea is an Asian country located in the eastern part of the Asian continent. The capital and power center of South Korea is Seoul. Seoul is also the largest city in South Korea and is considered the second largest city in the world with over 25 million residents. The official language of South Korea is Korean, and English is widely spoken by the average South Korean on the streets.

Recent statistics estimate South Korea as the 8  th  largest country in the world in terms of international trade. South Korea’s economy is considered a developed, high-income economy. It is important to say that South Korea is a developed country and has the highest average income in Asia.

When it comes to the ease of doing business, standard education, quality health care and job security, South Korea ranks first among Asian countries.

It is ranked 7  th  largest exporter in the world. In fact, South Korean brand Hyundai Kia ranks 4th among car makers in the world. South Korea is undoubtedly one of the leading tech-driven countries in the world with top brands like LG and Samsung, and is also the biggest exporter of flat panel displays and memory chips. If you don’t know, South Korea has the fastest internet connection in the world.

This country has a rich and strong economy and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The main contributors to South Korea’s gross domestic product are the technology sector, the automotive sector, the manufacturing sector, the oil and gas sector and the insurance sector. Now let’s take a look at the Top 50 Business Opportunities Available in South Korea;

50 Best Small Business Investment Opportunities in South Korea

  1. Open an acupuncture clinic

One of the best businesses that a budding entrepreneur with alternative medicine background should start in South Korea is to open an acupuncture clinic.

Acupuncture, which is a complementary medical practice, is a treatment technique that involves stimulating certain points on the body, most often with a needle that pierces the skin, to relieve pain or to treat various conditions. terms; it is a complete medical protocol aimed at correcting energy imbalances in the body.

  1. Start a bicycle courier business

A bicycle business is a business of helping your customers deliver goods, documents, and packages using a bicycle. With this type of business, you can work from any part of the country if there are businesses and people who frequent your services.

The truth is, the bicycle delivery business in South Korea is a lucrative business, it is very easy to start and does not require capital compared to a standard courier business. Getting the right environment (bikes) and the right tracking devices are the secrets to running a successful bicycle courier business.

  1. Start the drone manufacturing company

Another viable and certainly profitable business to start in South Korea is the manufacturing of drones. Unmanned aerial vehicle technology is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition outside of the military circuit.

Drones are unmanned but guided aircraft (aerial vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles) used by the military during a war to attack an enemy camp. They are used by the military for surveillance and intelligence gathering. Drones are useful when the risk associated with a military operation is high and dangerous for soldiers.

  1. Create a freight delivery business

As a budding entrepreneur looking to take advantage of the e-commerce industry to start a business in South Korea, one of the many businesses that you can successfully start in the industry is dropshipping.

Dropshipping business model is a retail method where a store does not necessarily stock the products it sells in a warehouse or store. Instead, when a dropshipping company sells an item, they buy the item from a third party and ship it directly to the buyer, so the seller can never see or process the item in question.

  1. Start a contract drywall business

If you have experience in the construction industry and want to start your own business in South Korea, one of the companies that can guarantee you a good return on your investment is drywall. As a drywall owner or contractor, it is your responsibility to help your customers install and install drywall panels and assemblies.

  1. Start a financial consulting company

Another viable business to start in South Korea is a financial consulting firm. In case you didn’t know, there are plenty of small businesses out there without any accounting skills. These businesses are having trouble with their books and accounting issues.

You can be sure that your services will always be in demand not only by small businesses that cannot afford to hire a full time accountant, but also medium and large businesses, especially for auditing purposes.

  1. Condiments, sauces and condiments company

One of the companies that must absolutely do well in South Korea is the condiments, sauces and seasonings business. The Condiment, Sauce and Condiment Company manufactures products such as mayonnaise, dressings, spices, extracts and dry food blends from a variety of ingredients.

The industrial products are then sold to downstream wholesalers, food manufacturers and retail markets. A food seasoning business can be considered capital intensive, but it’s a really profitable business if it’s in a good location and you are able to build a reliable distribution network.

  1. Open a F Ull gas station 

A gas station, also known as a gas station, gas station, gas station or gas station, is a business that sells gasoline (gasoline), diesel fuel and lubricants for automobiles. Gas stations offer their customers one of three types of service: full service, minimum service or self-service.

A full-service gas station has maintenance personnel who run the pumps, frequently wipe the windshield, and occasionally check the car’s oil level and tire pressure, then a fee is charged, and possibly be a small tip and minimum service personnel for pump maintenance. often required due to laws in some cities in South Korea which prohibit customers from operating the pumps themselves.

  1. Start a health and wellness business

Health and wellness coaches are well aware of how exercise, lifestyle and nutrition affect a person’s health, physiology, and well-being. They help people lead healthy lives. If you want to participate in this thriving industry in South Korea, you must obtain all the required licenses and certifications.

The truth is, the market is still widely open to new practitioners. Although competitions are held at different levels in the industry in South Korea, if you can come up with a good business strategy, you are sure to get your own share of the market available in the industry.

  1. Create a health and wellness fund management company

Setting up a health and wellness fund management company is one of the many business opportunities that can be created in South Korea. There is a very large market in South Korea for the management of health and social security funds, as workers and entrepreneurs in the private and public sectors tend to focus on their core business and are therefore assigned to management of health and social security funds. personal for professionals.

  1. Open a palliative and palliative care center

If you are naturally inclined to take care of people with illnesses and diseases that can kill you off, you should consider setting up a hospice and hospice care center in South Korea. It is a very tricky business to start, as one mistake can have dire consequences for your patient and their family.

The palliative and palliative care sector is a delicate business, you must team up with hospitals and other companies in the health sector to be able to refer patients. That doesn’t mean you can’t contact your customers directly, but your marketing needs to be very sensitive.

  1. Start a  Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Business

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a type of outsourcing service in which knowledge and information work is carried out by qualified people in another organization or in some cases a subsidiary of the same organization .

If it is a subsidiary of an organization, they may operate in the same country or abroad, mainly for the purpose of reducing costs. The organization uses the services of KPO organizations for various reasons – reduced costs and a lack of qualified employees.

  1. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning service and maintenance company

If you are a technician (depending on your field of study), one of the businesses you can start in South Korea is an HVAC service and maintenance company. Almost all homes and offices have heating and air conditioning systems, and over time these systems will require maintenance, service and repairs.

This suggests that the heating and air market is really big. Company maintenance systems. All you need to do to start this type of business is to acquire the technical skills necessary to maintain, maintain and repair heating and air conditioning systems.

  1. Start a vending machine business

Another business to start in South Korea is vending machines. A vending machine business is a retail business that does not require personal communication with customers and can operate 24 hours a day, depending on location. The dispenser dispenses items such as drinks, snacks, lottery tickets, alcohol, cigarettes, perfume, toys, candy and more.

  1. Wheat flour company

Wheat flour companies are mainly engaged in grinding wheat grains into flour, then packing and selling them to wholesale distributors, food wholesalers or other food related companies. They buy wheat from wholesalers or directly from producers.

Wheat flour is consumed in all parts of the world in the form of flour or flour for the production of bread and other baked goods. This suggests that there is indeed a significant market both locally and internationally for wheat flour companies.

  1. Synthetic leather company

Another thriving business that an investor should consider starting in South Korea is the production of synthetic leather, commonly known as Korean leather. The truth is, there is a fairly large global market for Korean leather, as it is a good substitute for the original leather.

Artificial leather products are products that are used in all parts of the world, and of course those that are known to be profitable year after year, if the business is well run.

  1. Start Company for the production of toys and video games

Another thriving business that can be started in South Korea is the production of toys and video games. If you start this business, you must produce a wide variety of toys and games. You will be involved in the design and manufacture of action figures, dolls, doll parts, plush toys, hobby sets, games for children and adults, etc.

  1. Open fabric, craft sewing supplies company

If you are looking to start a business in South Korea, one of the best business opportunities you can choose is in fabrics and sewing materials. manufacturing company. You are expected to produce a wide range of textile and sewing supplies and accessories such as fabrics, patterns, upholstery, yarn, craft supplies, sewing machines and seasonal decorations. Indeed, there is a large international market for tissue paper stationery and sewing supplies which are made in South Korea.

  1. Get started in sports production

Another very successful business to start in South Korea is a sporting goods business. Starting this type of business means that you will be in the business of producing sports equipment, sportswear, footwear, bicycles (other than motorized), bowling equipment, diving equipment, simulators, swimming equipment. fishing, golf equipment, other sporting goods (eg scuba diving, skiing and the outdoors) and saddlery Indeed, there is a large international market for sporting goods made in South Korea.

  1. Start a shoe manufacturing business

South Korea is known to support the growth of the manufacturing industry, and if you are looking for a business to start in South Korea, one of your options is to start a shoe manufacturing business.

This type of business requires you to manufacture men’s shoes, women’s shoes, men’s sports shoes, women’s sports shoes, children’s shoes, slippers and other types of shoes such as shoes. sport shoes. The truth is, products made in South Korea can compete globally, and shoes made in South Korea are not left out.

  1. Start a clay brick and tile product business

Another successful business that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in South Korea is the production of clay bricks and tile products. Typically, the clay brick and tile industry produces clay bricks, ceramic tiles, and refractory products.

Clay bricks and roof tiles are mainly used for residential construction and renovation, while refractory products are used for baking and for various purposes in the production of foundry products, cement and glass . The main markets include the residential sector as well as the primary steel and non-ferrous metals sector.

  1. Create a generic pharmaceutical company

If you are a pharmacist and you are convinced that you have a winning formula for producing effective generic drugs, you should consider starting your own generics business in South Korea. It is a business that is always open for investors to enter and compete. It is assumed that you are developing prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are used to prevent or treat disease in humans or animals.

  1. Start-up company for the production of plastic bottles

It is known that the plastic bottle is one of the products which is mainly used in the retail trade for the packaging of water and liquids in general. This suggests that there is indeed a very large market for plastic bottles in our world; therefore, many investors are pitching their tent in the plastic bottle industry.

If you are starting a plastic bottle business in South Korea, you will be involved in the production of a wide range of plastic bottles, depending on their end use. These bottles are then sold to beverage, food and chemical manufacturers to be used as packaging for soft drinks, milk, condiments, and household chemicals.

  1. Start the manufacture of the sack bag manufacturing company

Another successful business to start in South Korea is the making of paper bags. A paper bag company produces paper bags of various sizes and designs for the transportation of goods. In addition to the production of paper bags, companies in this direction also produce cardboard and bags. Carton packaging includes corrugated and solid cartons, folding cartons and individual cartons.

  1. Paint production plant

Another successful business to start in South Korea is the paint factory. Paint companies produce a variety of paints, wood varnishes, and other surface coating products to brighten and protect surfaces from wear, weather, and corrosion. Products such as paints, varnishes, varnishes and stains, as well as fillers, sealants, and paint thinners and thinners are the primary products produced by paint companies.

  1. Start a solar panel business

If you are looking for an opportunity to start a business in South Korea, one of your options is to start a solar panel manufacturing business. A solar panel is a device that converts sunlight into electrical energy and stores it for use.

There are many areas where you can use solar power and that is why many solar panel powered (energy) inventions continue to develop. Solar panels come in a variety of sizes, shapes and capacities, just make sure your solar panel business takes all of these factors into account so that it can meet the needs of the different types of customers who will need your panels. solar.

  1. Open a screen printing shop

The printing industry is indeed a very big industry with many subassemblies and screen printing is one of the active enterprises in the printing industry and it is indeed a flourishing enterprise in Korea. South. Screen printing is essentially a printing technique in which a grid is used to transfer ink to a substrate.

The process works by moving a blade or squeegee across the screen to fill the open holes in the grid with ink, and the backstroke then causes the screen to momentarily touch the substrate along the nip. This process causes the ink to wet the substrate and come out of the holes in the grid. when the screen bounces after the passage of the blade.

  1. Start a pressure flushing business

Another lucrative business that an aspiring entrepreneur can start in South Korea is pressure washing. Pressure washers use pressure washers to perform their washing services, and pressure washers or pressure washers as they are also called are primarily mechanical high pressure sprayers used to remove substances such as clogged oil. . , greasy stains, unwanted graffiti, loss of paint, mold, dirt, dust, grime and grime of surfaces.

  1. Create a mortgage brokerage firm

Setting up a mortgage brokerage company is one of the best business opportunities one can open in South Korea. Mortgage brokerage companies are created for the sole purpose of providing a convenient platform for those looking to purchase their own property.

With a loan from a bank through a mortgage brokerage company, you can finance any property you want while you go through the selection and appraisal process. Selection and evaluation are carried out in such a way as to ensure that due process is followed before issuing a loan and that the person receiving it must be creditworthy.

  1. Create a mobile application development company

You can set up a mobile application development company in South Korea. Beyond a reasonable doubt, you won’t find someone who owns a smartphone, has never used a mobile app, or has mobile apps in their phone.

As long as people use smartphones, tablets, and tablets, mobile app sales will continue to grow and the industry will continue to expand. Mobile application development is a term used to define the action or process by which application software is designed and developed to perform specific functions in portable devices.

  1. Start a hazardous material (waste) disposal business

The demand for hazardous waste disposal is increasing in South Korea, so the country can start to prosper. Hazardous waste is classified as waste (usually solid waste) that can cause or significantly contribute to an increase in mortality or an increase in serious irreversible diseases; or wastes which present a potential risk to human health or the environment if not properly handled, stored, transported, disposed of or otherwise managed.

  1. Public furniture manufacturing company

It is an accepted fact that furniture is an important part of our life Objects of sperm; there is hardly a remedy with which you will not find furniture. This suggests that the furniture industry is indeed an important sector of the South Korean economy.

Furniture companies mainly manufacture or manufacture household items (living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, upholstered furniture, coffee tables, sofa tables, side tables, sofas, baby seats, chairs, shelves, ottomans, display cases, consoles and stands. Televisions, etc.), outdoor and office furniture (tables and home office supplies, lamps, armchairs, rugs and outdoor furniture make up the rest of the sales).

  1. Start an electrical contractor business

Another successful business to start in South Korea is the electrical business. Electrical contractors are not only an integral part of the construction industry, but also play a very important role in ensuring that households, offices and public facilities are supplied with power and that electrical appliances are repaired in case of any damage. breakdown. Actors in this industry perform electrical work on construction sites. They can also perform new work, additions, modifications, maintenance and repairs, etc.

  1. Open a dance studio

Another business to start in South Korea is the dance studio. When we talk about a dance studio, we are talking about a space where dancers and aspiring dancers and choreographers learn or rehearse different dance steps; The dance studios are specially built and equipped for this purpose.

The dance studio is equipped with a smooth floor and, in some cases, wooden floors, especially for tap dancing. Smooth vinyl flooring in dance studios is usually not permanently attached to the ground floor and can be removed and delivered to location when the need arises.

  1. Start a martial arts school

If you are a martial arts pro and a warrior, you can benefit tremendously from your passion just by starting a martial arts school to teach martial arts to people. Recently, it has become imperative for children and young people to learn martial arts not only for fun, but also for self-defense.

With the increasing crime rate, it has become imperative to learn martial arts skills from an early age. At this point, it’s important to clarify that it takes someone who has been practicing the art for at least 10 years to set up a martial arts studio.

  1. Open a bowling center

If you are looking for a business to set up in South Korea as a sports and entertainment enthusiast, you should consider opening a bowling center. Opening a bowling alley in an area where there are a lot of bowling enthusiasts and socialites, but fewer bowling alleys, can be very profitable. Bowling is a global sport and people who love the game will always be looking for ways to play it much more than just watching people play it.

  1. Start a mannequin manufacturing business

Another viable business to start in South Korea is the manufacture of mannequins. A mannequin, also known as a mannequin, mannequin, mannequin, or dress uniform, is an articulated doll that artists, tailors, dressmakers, and others use to display or adjust clothing. The term is also used for life-size dolls with simulated airways, which are used in teaching first aid, CPR, and advanced airway management.

  1. Start a vocational school

There are countless people trying to learn the skills that will allow them to put food on their table, pay their bills, and ultimately become their own boss and their job training. School is simply the perfect place to start their journey.

You can rest assured that your services will always be in demand not only by the young or the elderly who cannot make it to university or college, but also by the elders who want to start a skills-based business. theirs. The truth is, if your vocational school has many courses (professions) and is approved by the government, you may not have to do everything you can to persuade students to enroll in your school.

  1. Creation of an advertising company for the production of LED screens

Another lucrative business to start in South Korea is an LED screen advertising company. An LED screen is a flat screen that uses an array of LEDs as pixels for a video display, so when you use an LED screen to advertise your products or services, your target market is easier to reach.

The truth is that this line of business is very profitable because every business wants to increase its sales. Even though your level of profitability depends on your ability to deliver actionable solutions to address different advertising challenges for different businesses.

  1. Open a laser hair removal studio

Another successful business to start in South Korea is a laser hair removal studio. The laser hair removal business might not be easy to get started, but one thing is for sure, it is a straightforward business that can generate huge and stable profits if properly positioned and managed correctly.

People often think that starting a laser hair removal business doesn’t require any technical or professional skills; As far as this is true, you still need to learn the art of laser hair removal, good business skills, and of course, customer service skills if you really want to build a profitable business.

  1. Start an intellectual property management agency

If you are looking to start a business in South Korea, one option is to start IP management. agency.

The Intellectual Property Management Agency, as the name suggests, is a company that helps corporations, businesses and individuals manage their assets, such as patents, trademarks, trade names and contracts of franchise, for a license fee. Such a business requires the efforts of more than one person and it should be noted that this business is very profitable.

  1. Start a rink business

Starting a business usually requires money (start-up capital), and if you have enough money to invest in a successful business in South Korea, you should consider starting to skate. Skating Rink Business – The truth is, starting a business that targets kids and adults is a sure-fire way to make money, especially if the business has what it takes to make them have the most fun.

It’s important to clarify that when it comes to getting into ice skating, the real deal is providing a facility large enough to include more than just ice skating tracks and other outdoor activities. for kids. but also a place where parents / guardians can hang out while the accusations are having fun.

  1. Start an energy efficiency audit service

If you did not know, there are many households and businesses that do not know how to reduce their energy costs. If you are an energy consultant, you can use your city gap to run your own energy audit services in South Korea.

You can be sure that your services will always be in demand by households. and small businesses within your business coverage area. Energy efficiency consultants help their clients, most of whom are manufacturers, to reduce their energy consumption and emissions.

  1. Start Company Export Export Company

Another activity to be started in South Korea is the export of fruit. There are many markets for fruit exporting businesses and the fruit exporting business requires little start-up capital, in fact, you need to be prepared to pool a huge monetary base to be able to successfully start a fruit business. export or export business.

This is because you are supposed to own a fruit farm, rent / rent a warehouse, pay freight / shipping and any other logistics that you are supposed to take care of from the country of purchase to the country where you export the fruit.

  1. Start flight school

If you are interested in opening a flight school in South Korea, then before starting this business, you should consider knowing how to get the license and permits needed to run this type of business, the rules of the airspace in the chosen location, the ideal insurance coverage and the type of air required. ships.

The next thing to consider before starting a business school flight is how to get different planes. Available options: direct purchase or rental; Buying direct is generally more expensive than leasing. You will also need to decide how many planes you are going to start, keeping in mind that the more planes and professional flight instructors your company has, the more you earn.

  1. Starting an eye surgery equipment business

Another lucrative business to start in South Korea is eye surgery equipment. The eye surgery equipment manufacturing company belongs to the ophthalmic instrument manufacturing industry, and the players in this industry produce ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical equipment.

Examples of diagnostic equipment include optical coherence tomography scanners, ophthalmic ultrasound systems, cameras, optical instruments, tonometer, and tonometer. Lightning equipment. Examples of surgical equipment include ophthalmic lasers, as well as cataracts, glaucoma, refractive devices, and other surgical devices.

  1. Open the charging station for electric vehicles

South Korea is a country with a growing number of electric vehicles. The fact that electric vehicles must be charged at home or at public charging stations gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to start an electric vehicle charging station business.

An electric vehicle charging station, also known as an electric vehicle charging station, charging point, charging point, charging point and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), is an element of infrastructure that provides electricity for recharge electric vehicles.

  1. Eyeglass lens company

Another ideal business that is sure to thrive in South Korea is the manufacture of contact lenses. Eyeglass contact lens factories manufacture ophthalmic products consisting of spectacle frames, lenses, and contact lenses. Just make sure you enter the international market as there is a large market for eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, and safety glasses.

  1. Start an energy drink business

Needless to say, energy drink markets are easily accessible no matter where in the world you decide to start your own energy drink business. This is because a lot of people consume energy drinks.

While starting a standard energy drink business can be capital intensive for a starting entrepreneur, if you are able to do in-depth market research and feasibility studies before starting a business, you will most likely be broke before even most. companies that have started. on the same day, in the same place and under similar economic conditions. The bottom line is that the economic downturn has little impact on the consumption of energy drinks, especially during the summer.

  1. Start a wind business

If you have the capital as well as the technical capabilities and aspire to start a tech business in South Korea, one option is to get into wind power. Renewable energy that does not harm the environment is the most preferred option in our world today, therefore the world is saving the world and a wind farm falls into this category.

A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in the same location used to generate electricity. A large wind farm can consist of several hundred individual wind turbines and span an extensive area of ​​hundreds of square kilometers, but the land between the turbines can be used for agricultural or other purposes.

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51. Online store

The trend of e-commerce is such that it has steadily gained in popularity over the years. So, this activity certainly pays dividends even in South Korea, as well as in other parts of the world. However, you need to define your niche.

There are a lot of things that can be sold on the Internet; but you have to decide who you want to do business with. Among the list of products online that you can consider is; food of all kinds, fruits, clothes, shoes, electronics, equipment, telecommunication accessories and what have you.

52. Smartphone and accessories store

Smartphones quickly eliminated cell phones from the marketplace. So it is one of the types of business that you can use due to its popularity in recent times. The smartphone and accessories business means that you will serve the needs of people who are smartphone geeks and have accessories and phone spares to display and buy when needed. p115>

53. Car sales and service center

The number of cars owned in South Korea seems almost endless, as many people have made their lives easier by purchasing vehicles for themselves beyond what the government has put in place. Hence, you can make a good profit by opening a car sales and service center.

However, you can consider specializing in a specific brand of car to fit a specific segment of the company. On the other hand, dealing with all makes of cars won’t hurt if you can pool the huge capital needed to start such a business.

54. Insurance brokerage business

The need for people to get the right insurance coverage cannot be overstated. This means that with a proper and comprehensive brokerage firm, it is possible to maximize profits while being covered by insurance. If you have experience in the insurance industry or want to take training in this area, you can start a brokerage business in South Korea.

55. Company producing children’s toys

Toys for children are an integral part of the experience of children and should not be overlooked in the world. One way to exploit this fact is to start a toy business. In this business, you will certainly produce various toys to meet the endless needs of children in South Korea and around the world.

56. Evening school in English

The lingua franca in South Korea is not English, but you will agree that it will always be necessary to learn English, if not for nothing, to cope with foreign customers and traveling visitors. in South Korea. So you can exploit this by setting up a business like an English school. As an expert you can educate people who don’t understand English, the essentials and beyond.

57. Video games and accessories store

Gone are the days when you could say that video games are just for kids. Even adults these days find video games really intriguing because they can relax after a hard day’s work. This way, you can be sure to get a return on your investment in Korea by opening a video game and accessories store.

It might not be too expensive, but start by keeping up with the latest trends in the video game industry so that you continue to attract new customers.

58, electronics and home appliance company

Almost every house in the world has some electronic or household appliance or something. The same is happening in South Korea because there is a big market for this business. You can harness this by buying electronics and home appliances from manufacturers at very competitive prices and then selling them at good prices to retailers around the world.

59. Security service

The need for security has become a very serious problem in all parts of the world. If you have a penchant for security or if you are already a security expert, you may want to get started in the security business. It is a business that can generate huge profits from your bottom line in South Korea.

60. Automatic distribution company

The automotive distribution business is a very viable business that can be beneficial. This means you need to be able to meet the needs of the population with the right products in your dispensers. Make sure your machines are strategically located to meet the needs of a large number of customers.

Here are some of the business opportunities that you will find in South Korea. Make sure you know more about these companies when you start with them. This is because you can earn a lot when you go on a business trip with the information you need.

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