Pest Control Business Owner Make

Pest Control Business Owner Make

Want to know the average salary of a pest control worker? here is a detailed breakdown of the monthly / yearly quantity of pest control technicians and business owners.

Pest control officers are also responsible for preventing and managing insect and insect infestations in homes and public places. Do your job by spreading chemical solutions and toxic gases which kill or contain pests and indoor pests.

Pest control officers are also required to check homes and businesses to determine if an infestation is present and, once identified, will need to develop an action plan to eliminate the infestation. After distributing the required chemicals, they will need to keep track of the relevant literature and documentation.

They should also have a thorough working knowledge of pest control equipment like sprayers and truck equipment, and a high school diploma is required to work in this field.

How Much Money or Salary Does the Owner of a Pest Control Business Make

A pest control worker typically earns an average salary ranging from $ 24,000 to $ 36,000 depending on experience level.

Pest control workers receive the highest median salary in the District of Columbia, where they make an average salary of around $ 42,320. Professionals in this career receive the most compensation in government, where they can earn an average of $ 39,700.

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