Private military contractor without military experience

Private military contractor without military experience

Are you looking to become a private military contractor? here is a complete guide on how to become a private military contractor with no military experience.

The general rule is that if you want to work as a professional for a private military contractor who carries and uses firearms, whether as part of a security service, instructor, security guard, etc., you will need some military experience. a police officer or security guard.

Joining the military is a rigorous process that requires mental and physical stamina and dedication. Not only that, joining the armed forces comes with a variety of requirements, including those regarding health and physical standards. If you can’t join the military for some reason, you can still provide service to the country as a private military contractor.

Obligations of a private military contractor

A private military outsourcing company, like any other company, requires all types of transactions for full and independent operation. Private contractors provide the military with a variety of support, often at a lower cost than the military.

Private military contractors subsidize military personnel in positions such as force protection specialist, fire aircraft, vehicle armor technician, and armed security guard. They also perform routine tasks such as mail delivery, customer support, inventory management, and personnel management.

Once hired, people working as private military contractors receive competitive salaries and benefits. Depending on the company, they can get health and life insurance, disability coverage, paid vacation, retirement plans, and flexible expense accounts.

How to become a private military contractor

Private military contractors are rigorously vetted and trained to ensure they are capable of working alongside the military and in support positions. All applicants undergo rigorous background checks, drug checks and security checks.

To be able to qualify as a private military contractor, you must maintain your fitness level, as companies will require performance testing as per the contract. You should also make sure that you have no crime or other charges that concern you. Having previous experience with guns will also be seen as an advantage for you, so you should try signing up for gun training courses to increase your chances of getting a job.

How to increase your chances of hiring as a private military contractor

  1. Become a defense contractor

Employment entrepreneurs hire private workers in a number of occupations. They are made up of engineers, human resources specialists, information technology specialists, financial directors, business development experts, lawyers and production and service staff. They also offer career opportunities, such as management training programs that prepare new and experienced workers for career opportunities, whether or not they serve in the military.

2. Obtain a degree abroad

If you are continuing your studies, you may need to decide to complete your studies abroad. If you cannot do this, you can move on to another course which will give you more opportunities to become a private military contractor. Take the foreign languages ​​like Arabic, French, Spanish and English that they speak at hotspots around the world and the one that private military contractors will use among themselves. Earn your degree and obtain a TOEFL certificate in your languages ​​in order to become a qualified teacher.

3. Take firearms training

One of the very important requirements when hiring as a private military contractor with no military experience is firearms experience. Get to the firing range and familiarize yourself with the firearms commonly used by military and security organizations. 9mm blocks, Beretta M9 series, SIG P220, AR rifles, AK assault rifles, Remington and Mossberg shotguns, etc. healthier, stronger and more endurance. Know that if you are not in good physical shape, you can forget about this urge.

4. Check the constitution

The constitutions of some countries prohibit any of its citizens from becoming private military contractors abroad. First of all, you should check your own laws on this subject and familiarize yourself with the legal acts regarding security consultants, as well as the level of company operations that will be illegal in your country.

5. Sale of military supplies

No military experience or qualification is required to sell force or military service. Armies buy all kinds of goods and information from civilians without military records.

Anyone who sells something under contract to a military organization is a military contractor. Not all products and services include active warfare. You can start selling or providing related goods and services to the military, such as the goods needed to navigate a ship (i.e. mops, buckets, paints, emergency kits, etc. .). You don’t need to have military experience to do this.

6. Become an ambulance driver

There is a way to become a weapon carrying a guard weapon without that four year combat arms diploma. The escape must be a paramedic. Indeed, there are security contractors with no military or police experience who were hired as arms transport contractors because of their medical qualifications. From PSD work to disaster response to site security work, these non-military / police contractors have worked like gunmen carrying guns on these jobs.

Although they are not just shooters, they are nonetheless armed, and this is due to their medical qualifications, this is why they were hired and they work alongside the military hired as shooters. . – a bit like using a combat medic in a military unit.

To go further in this area, you may need to invest in security / weapons training to complement your medical certifications so that you are not responsible in this area. But let’s face it, EMTs / Nurses / Doctors are all very valuable assets for businesses, and businesses will look back to pull these types of contracts, especially when a particular contract requires medical assets.

How to register with private military contractors without military experience

If you are looking to work as a private military contractor, the best way to do so is to submit an application. The method of recruiting is not that different if you have military experience.

To get started, you must first conduct a survey of companies that can accept your services without military training. They’re in stock, you just need to know where to look Private military contractors like Constellis and GardaWorld Federal Services list vacancies along with their requirements.

Next, you need to update your CV and write an application.

Then you need to visit the websites of these companies and fill out the application form or get an address where you can mail the application form. These websites usually list the jobs that are available at their companies, so you just need to choose the ones that suit you the best and refer to them.

Private military contractor jobs that do not require military experience, which you can find:

  • investigator
  • car reservation technician
  • driver / nursery
  • firefighter
  • Case management
  • Proposal manager / writer
  • Anti-theft alarm monitor
  • Unarmed security guard
  • Wastewater treatment plant operator

Please note that you must be qualified for one of these positions before you can start submitting your application. Again, most companies will require you to be a US citizen before you can apply.

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