Ideas for small businesses to make money fast

Ideas for small businesses to make money fast

Need some ideas on how to make money legally fast?  here are the 30 best business idea opportunities you can start creating at home in 2021.

As this year draws to a close, you need to position yourself correctly as there are so many income opportunities that can take you to a whole new level. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, you will surely find this compilation valuable. Therefore, without wasting your time, here are the top 30 business ideas to help you get rich.

PS  . This article is only researched information, so you need to conduct your own feasibility study and write a business plan, or you can talk to a knowledgeable business consultant.

30 Best Ideas for Small Businesses That Make Quick Money in 2021

  • Planning of events and parties

If you get compliments at parties, you can be good enough to be a party planner. Many people who throw parties will be in desperate need of your service, let them know that you can handle everything from invitations to food, entertainment to clean up after, liquor stores to decorations.

The best places to schedule your services will be in the entertainment section of most dailies. I recommend a soft sell magazine because advertising in some of these magazines will definitely help reach some customers. Typically, this work is done for a fixed fee, depending on the size of the lot. From N 15,000 to N 200,000. Think about what you are going to do in a year if you do at least 2 parties a month.

  • Biographical writing

Many writers will become millionaires this year and even next. I checked my records and found that many Nigerian businessmen, CEOs and politicians were  40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 years old  . If you have a passion for writing, you can list their birthdays, set a date for lunch, and you’re done. Some of them have many companies and friends who are willing to donate books for lunch, so what are you waiting for today to be targeted by a Nigerian millionaire and become an instant millionaire?

  • Computer class instructor

Computers are now a part of every person’s life, not only in the workplace, but also at home. They are part of our work and also part of our entertainment. You can check out the computer books section of a bookstore near you and use the knowledge you learn to teach others how to get started with a computer; how to use it more efficiently, how to get the most out of it or how to use certain software.

This type of course can be offered at your home, but you can also contact your local computer dealer and offer to teach at their store. This will drive traffic to the store that is particularly interested in their product and also give you access to a variety of machines and software to showcase.

  • Corporate photography

We’ve all seen professional photographers for sporting events. We may have hired a professional for the wedding. But what about the local Pee Wee football league or the block party. Most people love good photos, but most people don’t have the knowledge or experience to take good photos all the time.

If you like to use a camera, be it a camera or a camcorder, you can make money with it. Perhaps the easiest way to get started is to bring your camera to your local youth sporting event and start taking photos. Make sure you have inexpensive brochures showing proud parents how to order photos of their little superstars in action. A few big weekends of this kind of freelance work will let you see the scale of this market.

  • Sale of educational material

Selling educational materials is big business today. Pencils, notebooks, recommended textbooks, charts and drawing materials are some of the materials that students cannot do without on a daily basis. People who set up their stores near these schools are bound to earn a lot of money. If you can find your store near one of these schools, you are bound to make a lot of money.

If you don’t have enough money to rent a store, you can get a table and show off a few. your dishes or you can get an umbrella or awning. Make sure you know the relevant materials that are in demand in this environment; Your success in this business is directly related to your ability to sell at a very competitive price.

Do you have a fridge, freezer or do you live next to cold rooms; then you can start a clean water business. It is true that millions of people are in business today, but there is still room for another person who is still passionate about doing it in business.

Markets, schools, churches, mosques, football matches, playgrounds and parties In some places you can get a good deal. Other ways to make money are targeting really big events, booking a booth, renting a freezer and you will earn money.

  • Printing and sale of GSM card recharge vouchers

Printing mobile top up vouchers can mean printing money. We all know that GSM recharge cards are the best-selling product in the country today. Imagine that you are producing GSM top up coupons which are used in your area. I don’t know how many GSM subscribers live in your area, but I’m sure there are over 40 million subscribers in Nigeria.

You can start your own recharge card printing business. Printer costing 38,000 N; You can start with pins from 20,000 N. You can print and sell top up vouchers for all  MTN, GLOBACOM, STARCOMS and AIRTEL cards  . You can never run out of recharge cards or be out of stock.

  • Creation of homemade bread and bakery

The amount needed to set up a bakery is In terms of money, if you want to start small, you can get a small plot, about half a plot or a full plot, and build a tiled oven, it will cost around NZ 40,000 to start, while to start large scale, from 4,000,000 N to 5,000,000 N or more.

  • Creation of a security company

Setting up a security company is a very lucrative business, for many people setting up a security company is a capital intensive project. A lot of people were afraid to try to create one because of this mindset and mentality. It is very possible to start or establish a security company with little or no capital. Multinational companies pay up to 65,000 N for a security guard and a security company collects 15,000 N, while they pay 50,000 N for a security guard.

  • Television and radio production

Nigeria currently has over 140 TV stations and 200 radio stations across the country. There are different types of television and radio broadcasts; such as current affairs, news, sports programs, automobiles, information technology, telecommunications, buyer’s guide, marine television, politics, aviation, finance, insurance, dance cultural, personal profile, educational programs, musicals, fashion, construction, oil industry, religion, hospitality and tourism, real estate, dating game show, agriculture, women empowerment programs, quiz contests schools, programs for adolescents, etc.

It is imperative to adapt your show to your professional background, your orientation and, finally, your interest. The Nigerian film industry is not making money like it did 16 years ago, as TV and radio production has become more profitable as TV and radio producers now receive millions of naira in sponsorship fees.

  • Real estate company

The boom in the real estate sector is already indicative of the high cost of cement, even stocks on the stock market smell hot. This growing wealth will likely fall into the hands of middle and lower income earners.

It is now clear that in the face of the increased land and property values ​​in the real estate industry, this is actually a great opportunity for many who know the secrets of how to do it on the cheap while others still do not know it, then sell it for a high price.

This is real estate, after all, except for the intelligence you need to play the market properly. As a new entrant in the industry, all you have to do is act as the liaison between buyer and seller; and you are eligible to receive a certain commission.

  • website development

Web designers are always sought after by businesses, government agencies, and NGOs because they are willing to pay a lot of money to design their website. Some of them are also looking for website developers because some of them need to update the information on their sites.

Make sure you don’t value yourself too much and make sure you get the necessary training. A website development course can take a week or two; if you are very good at browsing the web, there are many FREE programs that can help you build a website step by step.

  • Create an NGO

The creation of an NGO depends heavily on the nature and nature of the NGO. However, you need to make sure that you are pursuing your passion; whether it is looking after children, the elderly, the environment, or solving socio-economic problems, etc. You just have to start by not having enough; starting with your immediate surroundings. Let all businesses and individuals in your area know what you are doing.

You don’t even need an office; You can go from home, looking for reliable people to work with particularly influential people who can help you fundraise through your friends. Millions of dollars are allocated annually to nongovernmental organizations in Nigeria by foreign donors, but these funds are returned to these foreign agencies at the end of their fiscal year.

  • Stock broker

Brokerage is a profitable business. Like any other business that makes money. He has his own problems. This is because the market does not stop, stock prices go up and down. In Nigeria, the brokerage activity has not been fully utilized.

This is because we only trade stocks, not derivatives. Once you’ve decided, you don’t need an office; just look for a reputable brokerage firm to work with. The more clients you convince to invest their money in the stock market, the more money you will earn.

  • Earn Money as a Registered Independent Oil Trader with an NNPC

It is the main and most important of all the oil and gas companies, because it gives you a wide scope in this sector. For example, as a Certified Petroleum Marketing Specialist with NNPC, you can get the following opportunities:

  • Own storage
  • Clean filling station
  • Import / export of petroleum products
  • Retail kerosene

However, to become an independent petroleum dealer registered with NNPC, the starting point is the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), the regulator of the petroleum industry, and find out their requirements and the area in which you want participate, as depot owner or gas station owner. And once you can meet this requirement, you will be given a license to store and sell.

  • Create a microfinance bank

Nigeria’s microfinance, regulatory and supervisory framework was introduced to stimulate and empower the poor and vulnerable by increasing their access to inputs. To begin with, microfinance banks must be well capitalized, technically sound, and lending-oriented according to cash flow and the character of the clientele.

The Microfinance Bank offers two categories of MFBs. Confidence will be another major issue for new microfinance banks. Investors will need to secure their funds securely, just as MFB operators will also need some form of collateral for their loans.

  • Party equipment rental

Rental of party equipment has become a big business, especially in many large cities. Awnings, chairs, stage platform, block of ice, drums, kitchen utensils, tablecloths and other party equipment are in great demand by party planners. Barely a day off when the holidays are not organized.

Your first step is to determine what fees are charged for the items and for how long. Next, you need to determine the cost of making or purchasing some of these items. The amount you earn directly depends on the number of your customers. A dozen plastic chairs are rented at rates ranging from N 300 to N 400 per dozen, while double canopies cost N 800 each

  • Freight contractor

Transportation involves the use of trucks and trucks to transport goods from one point to another. Traffic can be in town. During transport, the goods are accompanied by the owners. In most cases, truck owners do not clean the cargo. They leave their trucks / trucks to the transport companies, while the contractors move the trucks from the transport companies to the freight transport companies.

As an entrepreneur, your role is  that of a maritime entrepreneur  . Note that truck owners value long-term contracts over single contracts; keep your margin as low as possible, but double your income by paying for the goods collected on your trip home. Depending on the number of trips and the number of vehicles used, you can earn more than N 100,000 per month.

  • Import and sale of generators

PHCN’s troubles began with a total disregard for the industry by the then military government between 2080 and 2099. The near total collapse of the industry was caused by weak government funding, inefficient management of public services. , corruption, poor service delivery and loss of load, use of substandard materials, theft of electricity, low income and non-payment of bills by consumers, technical and non-technical losses .

You can import any brand of generator into the country. If you don’t have the money, the banks will be ready to help investors. Just make sure to provide good after-sales service to your customers.

  • Yam flour production

Processed yam flour is a simple invention. to store the sweet potatoes and make them available on our dining table all year round. In addition, it improves the storage and movement of the product. The preservation process can be completed with the use of a chemical preservative widely used in Nigerian markets.

Yam flour is processed in the process of grinding, drying, parboiling, drying and grinding. I recently visited a company that makes yam flour; I waited 2 hours before I could get my package up just because they can’t meet the demand

30 Best Money Ideas To Create Quick Ideas That Can Make You Rich

Do you want to sell a foreign product in Nigeria? If so, franchising is for you. A franchise is an agreement or license between two parties that gives a person or a group of people (  franchisees  ) the right to sell a product or service using the brand of another company (  franchisor). ). Both the franchisor and the franchisee have a strong interest in brand success and customer satisfaction.

Franchising is now available to service companies, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and even healthcare professionals. health, fast food and hospitality, educational services, learning management, business support, property management, health, beauty, etc.

The consumption of bread and other baked goods such as cookies, chin, gala, meat pie and others has created a huge market for the wheat flour industry and it is steadily growing. expanding every day. These foods are now considered part of our dietary needs in the form of meals or snacks taken between meals.

The flour mill, however, is not limited to the processing of wheat, some Nigerian grains and tubers are crushed and preserved to a powdery taste to expand their industrial use and preserve their shelf life for domestic use.

These include corn flour, cassava flour, millet flour, etc. Therefore, their transformation into flour and packaging in bags has great prospects, as these agricultural raw materials are obtained from local sources. Flour is widely used in the bakery, brewery, confectionery, pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • Road transport

The transport sector in Nigeria is as old as the country itself, and there is no doubt that the people involved in this sector have made a significant contribution to the economic development of the country. Transportation plays an important role in most business operations. Efficient transportation is an essential part of the production and distribution process; commonly referred to as supply chain logistics.

As a new entrant in the transportation business, you can purchase one or more trailers and list them for sale from one of these multinational companies. They will take care of your trailer for you, hire a driver for you.

At the end of each month, all you have to do is go there and collect your check; they pay N 400,000 to N 600,000 for a trailer every month. Before you can participate in this, you must register with them as a contractor or be assigned to another contractor in their fleet. Second, you can decide to become an independent operator for some of the big companies in the country, they will provide you with an invoice; it can be 10 to 15 trips.

  • Create an e-book

If you have specific, in-depth knowledge of a particular hobby, activity, or skill, use it and write it down. Maybe you know different ways to tie knots. Maybe you are really good at making homemade Christmas decorations.

You may have a deep understanding of caring for a sick loved one. Or maybe you know some special cooking tips for large or small families. You can resell your ebook over and over again. If you only make 50 cents per sale; 10,000 downloads of your book will net you $ 5,000.

  • Get paid for your decoration

imagine you have a high paying, high paying job that allows you to use your creativity to make homes and businesses more beautiful and more comfortable. Welcome to the world of interior design. There are several jobs that offer so many benefits.

As an interior designer, you will be happy to make your vision a reality. You will meet some interesting people, and since most of the people who hire interior designers are wealthy, you will likely spend time in many beautiful homes. If you start your own home decorating business, you can enjoy the freedom of your own boss and earn N 50 million or more per year.

  • Start your business with bottled water

Bottled water is very popular these days. This is why starting a home-based bottled water business can be a profitable business. Purchase all the equipment you need and designate a room in your home for this project. Start small and keep growing as your bottled business customer base grows.

  • Start a food business

Owning a food business is the first step for many entrepreneurs towards self-employment around the world. The food business can mean any of a variety of commercial establishments, from temporary food stalls to catering establishments.

Depending on the type of food business you plan to have, you will have different levels of investment. If you have a temporary grocery stand, you will need very little money to get started. If you are planning to run a restaurant or even a high-end catering business, you will need a lot of money to get started.

  • Become a manufacturer representative

If you are a bestseller with years of experience behind you, you will be independent because a manufacturer representative can be your ticket to sales success. If you love to sell and want to be on your own, the life of a Manufacturer’s Representative, also known as an Independent Sales Representative, can be of use to you. Experienced salespeople tell us that being a manufacturer representative is a level of sales that offers potentially higher income and freedom from company policy.

  • Production of aluminum windows and doors

Manufacturing aluminum storm windows and doors is a relatively straightforward process that can even be done in a well-equipped home workshop. This business creation will appeal to entrepreneurs with specific skills in construction and mechanics.

Again, aluminum storm windows and doors are easy to fabricate because the material required is called extrusion. This is a simple process of cutting the frame rails lengthwise, wrapping the glass in a rubber gasket, and attaching the rails screwed to the corners.

  • Employment and career publications

Starting a computer-assisted publishing business that specializes in producing a monthly career and employment counseling journal is a fantastic new venture to start. The material can be distributed free throughout the community and supported by companies that charge advertising fees to list their jobs and career opportunities in the newspaper. …

In addition, the document should also include useful information and tips for readers on topics. and topics related to getting paid work. Tips can include information such as preparing for an interview, ten secrets to a winning resume, and more.

  • Internet trainer

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people; including many seniors and retirees who do not know how to access the Internet or where to go when they are there. If you are a technician and hate nothing better than playing the internet; then you can teach these people how to navigate the information superhighway easily as an internet trainer.

You will lead seminars, workshops, one-day courses or provide individual assistance in centers for the elderly and homes. And you can teach the basics or tailor your programs to the specific types of Internet use your customers want to know.

In conclusion, these are the 30 Best Business Ideas That Can Help You Get Rich. You don’t even have to invest in everything, just pick one of the companies listed above and focus on them. Success will certainly be yours.