Septic tank cleaning business

Septic tank cleaning business

you want to start a septic tank cleaning business?  here is a detailed guide on how to start a septic tank cleaning business with no money / experience.

There are many business opportunities in the United States of America and any entrepreneur who wants to start a business in the commercial cleaning industry, it is possible to successfully start a septic tank cleaning business and generate good business income by not much time. This is because the industrial cleaning industry in the United States of America is a thriving industry.

A pretty good septic tank cleaning business can be started by anyone as long as you have an eye for the details. If you have experience in this regard, it will be easier for you to start and effectively manage a septic tank cleaning business.

It is important to clarify that before starting a business, you should make sure that you do your due diligence with regard to market research, economic and cost analyzes and of course feasibility studies. You need to make sure that you have real reasons why you want to make your chosen business. If you do this right before you start your septic tank cleaning business, it won’t be long before you secure enough customers to give you leverage in the industry.

You can start your business in a small town in the United States, and if you are consistent and creative, your brand will soon become a recognizable brand.

Start of cleaning work on the septic tanks. The Complete Guide

  • Industry overview

The sewage treatment industry includes septic tank cleaning and maintenance services, collection and sanitation services, and other related cleaning services. A septic tank, which is generally buried underground, is a reservoir (sealed chamber) made of masonry. , concrete, fiberglass, PVC or plastic, in which wastewater is collected and decomposes under the effect of bacterial activity before being drained by soaking. a way.

A recent report released by IBISWorld shows that operators in the septic tank, sewer and sewer cleaning services industry have benefited significantly from broad economic improvements over the five years to 2021. Industry operators provide sewage cleaning services for residential and non-residential buildings.

During the period, favorable credit conditions gave way to active construction work, which increased the pool of potential customers for operators in the industry.

As the number of households and non-residential buildings increased in the five years ending in 2021, industry operators saw increased demand for industrial services. The report also says the industry’s revenue is expected to grow 7.0% year-over-year to reach $ 3.3 billion in 2021.

The septic wastewater treatment service industry, of which septic tank treatment is a part, is indeed a large industry which is quite active in most of the countries of the world. According to statistics, there are approximately 3,237 registered and licensed wastewater treatment and cleaning companies in the United States alone, employing approximately 15,050 people and generating $ 3 billion annually in the industry. UNITED STATES.

The industry is expected to grow 7.0% per year in 2013 and 2021. It is important to note that only the Carylon Corporation can boast of having the lion’s share of the market available in this industry in the United States.

As with any business, the demand for septic tank cleaning services has generally declined during recession / economic downturns due to declining household spending on cleaning services. As the economy grows and incomes rise, there will be a corresponding increase in demand for services such as cleaning of septic tanks and drainage systems.

Some of the Factors That Make Entrepreneurs Start Their Own Septic Tank Cleaning Business If the business is profitable, it requires minimum start-up capital and minimal manpower to start and operate septic tank cleaning businesses around the world continue to enjoy good patronage, especially if they are well positioned and know how to penetrate your target market.

Start of market studies for septic tank cleaning and feasibility studies

  • Demography and psychography

The demographic and psychographic makeup of those who use septic tanks Tank cleaning companies cover all households, offices, public buildings, laundries and self-service laundries, hotels and all facilities that have and can pay for toilets, so the demographics for septic tank cleaning companies covers it all.

The truth is, when it comes to septic tank cleaning, there is indeed a wide range of customers available. So, if you are planning to start your own septic tank cleaning business, you must reach your target demographic.

A list of niche ideas in wastewater treatment services that you can specialize in.

The septic cleaning business is a niche for commercial cleaning services, so there is no niche in this business. Another positive aspect of the industry is that within each category of cleaning businesses there are market niches and working styles that vary widely.

This means that you can build a business that matches your individual style and talents. If you like to do the work yourself, you can stay small and do it. If your skills are more of an administrative nature, you can create and manage teams to get the job done for you, and possibly a franchise.

Level of competition in the sewerage and drainage service sector

The competition that exists in the septic tank cleaning business goes beyond that of the septic tank cleaning business in your area; You are expected to compete with other commercial cleaning companies that also offer sewerage and sewage treatment services. So, it would be fair to say that the competition for septic tank cleaning is relatively fierce.

Since the level of competition in this industry is relatively high, if you have done your due diligence and properly advertise and promote your services, you will always progress in the industry. Just make sure your staff can do a thorough septic tank cleaning service, you can provide great customer service, and you know how to attract and reach your target market and offer related services.

List of famous brands in the industry

Here are some of the leading sediment cleaning companies and commercial cleaning service brands in the United States of America and around the world;

  • American Septic Tank Services Inc
  • American septic service
  • American pumping service
  • Atlantic plumbing and septic tank
  • Cliffs Septic Services, Inc.
  • Ammunition for septic tanks
  • Service de Fosse Septique Express Inc
  • Miller Septic Service
  • All American Wastewater, LLC solutions
  • Pumping, repairing and inspecting EcoClean septic tanks
  • Seal digging services inc
  • BR septic tank pumping services
  • TN Septic Tank Co
  • Artis septic tank cleaning services
  • AMA septic tank cleaning services
  • Septic Drainage Treatment in the United States
  • Sloboda American Septic Service Brothers Inc. DBA
  • Skip Wooten Septic Tank Services
  • JLBJ septic services
  • Campbells septic tank pumping

Economic analysis

If you plan to start a successful business and maximize your profits, you need to make sure that you do your economic and cost analysis correctly and try to adopt global best practices of the industry in which you decide to start a business best. .

A septic cleaning company is not a green business, so if you are planning your economic and cost analysis for your business, you need to do a thorough market research to find out the amount required to lease the space you need to open. your septic cleaning company, and the amount needed to purchase the necessary tools and work equipment, such as a septic tank drain, disinfectant cleaner, cleaning chemicals, detergents and soaps, and a truck, as well as the cost of running a successful business.

If you are considering starting a septic tank cleaning business, your concern should be limited to not only what expenses you have to incur, but also branding and how to build a reliable customer base. The truth is, if you can successfully build a strong customer base, you will be maximizing your business’ profits.

Start your septic tank cleaning business from scratch or by purchasing a franchise

If you want to start a septic tank cleaning business, you have to start from scratch because you can hardly buy a septic tank cleaning franchise.

Additionally, starting a septic tank cleaning business from scratch is less stressful than other similar small businesses, which usually require detailed study before starting a business.In the septic tank cleaning industry, you should simply try to learn the trade as much as possible, register your business, acquire the necessary tools and equipment, then use all the marketing tools available to you, especially the Internet, to market your septic tank. tank cleaning company.

Note that most successful septic tank cleaning companies started from scratch and were able to build a strong business brand. Success in business requires dedication, hard work and determination.

Threats and potential challenges you will face when starting a septic tank cleaning business

If you decide to start your own septic tank cleaning business today. One of the main issues you are likely to encounter is the presence of well-established septic tank cleaning companies and other commercial cleaning services that also clean septic tanks. The only way to avoid this problem is to create your own market.

Some other problems and threats you are likely to face are the economic downturn; If the economy is in bad shape, septic tank cleaners usually have a hard time retaining old customers or even accepting new ones.

For example, when the cost of borrowing increases, investments in new construction and residential renovation should decrease, which will have a negative effect on operators in the sector. The yield on 10-year treasury bills is expected to rise in 2021, posing a threat to the sector. What’s more, unfavorable government policies can also hamper the growth of your septic tank cleaning business.

Beginning of legal activities for the cleaning of the septic tank

  • Best entity to use for septic tank cleaning business

If you decide to open a septic tank cleaning business, the entity you choose will go a long way. determine the size of your business.

Well, you can choose a limited liability company, a limited liability company commonly known as LLC, or even a sole proprietorship for your septic tank cleaning business. Usually, the sole proprietorship should have been the ideal business structure for small septic tank cleaning services, especially if you are starting out with little start-up capital in a small area and with just one tank of waste.

But if your intention is to grow your business and have customers in all of the key cities in the United States of America through franchising, then going sole-proprietorship is not an option for you. A limited liability company, LLC, or even a general partnership will do this for you.

LLC training protects you from personal liability. If something is wrong with the business, only the money you put into the limited liability company is at risk; this is not the case for sole proprietorships and partnerships. Limited liability companies are simpler and more flexible to manage, and you don’t need a board of directors, shareholder meetings or other management formalities.

Here are some of the factors to consider before choosing a legal entity for your septic tank cleaning service; limitation of personal liability, ease of transfer, acceptance of new owners and anticipation of investors, and of course taxes.

If you take the time to research the different legal entities that you can use to clean septic tanks with the option of selling a franchise, you agree that a limited liability company; LLC is the most appropriate. You can start this type of business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and in the future turn it into a “C” corporation or an “S” corporation, especially if you are planning to go public.

When upgraded to a C or S company, this will give you the opportunity to grow your septic tank cleaning business to compete with the major players in the industry; You will be able to generate capital from venture capital firms, you will have a separate tax structure, and you can easily transfer the ownership of the business.

Attractive business name ideas suitable for septic tank cleaning businesses

When it comes to choosing a name for your business, you have to get creative because whatever name you choose for your business, you will have a great idea of ​​what the business is. If you are planning to start your own septic tank cleaning business, here are some catchy names you can choose from:

  • Double Drain® Septic Tank Cleaning Services, LLC
  • Lake Freetown® Septic Tank Cleaning Services, LLC
  • Benjamin Jordan © Septic Tank Cleaning Services, Inc.
  • Dothan Township® Septic Tank Cleaning Company, Inc.
  • Cloe Lucas ™ Septic Tank Cleaning Services, Inc.
  • Fresh Air ™ Septic Tank Cleaning Services, Inc.
  • King’s Pride © Septic Tank Cleaning Services, Inc.
  • Queen’s Pride® Septic Tank Cleaning Company, LLC
  • Total © Septic Tank Cleaning Services, Inc.
  • Jael Joel Kingston © Septic Tank Cleaning Services, Inc.

Insurance conditions

In the United States and most countries around the world, you cannot run a business without some of the basic insurance policies required by the industry you want to work with. Therefore, it is important to budget for insurance and perhaps consult an insurance broker to help you. you choose the most suitable insurance policies for your septic tank cleaning business.

Here are some basic insurance coverages. which you should consider buying if you want to start your own septic tank cleaning business in the United States of America;

  • General insurance
  • Health / medical insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Workers compensation
  • General disability insurance costs
  • Group insurance for business owners

Protection of intellectual property / registered trademark

If you are considering starting your own septic tank cleaning business, you generally won’t need to seek IP / Trademark protection as the nature of the business allows you to run it without any reason to challenge. anyone who is in court for the legitimate use of your company’s intellectual property.

But if you just want to protect your company logo and other documents or software of your own, or even jingles and media production concepts, you can access the file to protect intellectual property. If you want to register your trademark, you must begin the process by filing an application with the USPTO.

Is professional certification required to start a septic tank cleaning business?

Along with your professional cleaning service results, professional certification is one of the main reasons some septic cleaning services stand out. If you want to contribute to the commercial cleaning industry related to septic tank cleaning, you should strive to obtain all the necessary certifications in your area of ​​specialization.

Certification confirms your competence and shows that you are highly qualified. committed to your career and your modernity in this competitive market. Here are some of the certifications you can aspire to if you want to start your own septic tank cleaning business;

  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Reconstruction IICRC
  • IJVSC Certification of International Cleaning Services
  • CBO Cleaning Business Owner Certificate

List of legal documents required to run a septic tank cleaning business

The essence of having the necessary documentation before starting a business in the United States of America cannot be overstated. It is a fact that you cannot successfully conduct business in the United States without proper paperwork.

If you do, it won’t be long before the long branch of the law catches up with you. Here are some of the basic legal documents you need to have in place if you want to legally run your own septic tank cleaning business in the United States of America. ;

  • Registration certificate
  • Business license
  • Taxpayer ID / Taxpayer ID
  • Chemicals certificate for charger
  • Solid / Sanitary Waste Collector Certification
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Business plan
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employment contract (letters with proposals)
  • Operating Agreement for LLC
  • Insurance policy
  • Online privacy policy document (mainly for an online payment portal)
  • Company charter
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  • Construction license
  • Franchise or brand license (optional)

Finance your septic tank cleaning business

Starting a septic tank cleaning business can be profitable, especially if you choose to start a small business, run a home business, or use an office. Securing a standard office space in a business district and purchasing work equipment is part of what will require a significant chunk of your start-up capital.

If you decide to start a large-scale business, you will need a source of funding to fund the business as it is expensive to start a standard septic tank cleaning business with more than a few employees.

When it comes to business financing, the first thing to consider is writing a good business plan. If you have a good, achievable business plan document, you may not have to work on your own before convincing your bank, investors, and friends to invest in your business.

Here are some of the options you can explore when looking for start-up capital for your septic tank cleaning business;

    • raise funds from personal savings and sell personal stocks and property
    • raise funds from investors and business partners
    • Sell ​​shares to interested investors
    • Apply for a loan from your bank
    • Submit your business idea and apply for business grants and seed funding from donor organizations and angel investors


  • Source of loans on favorable terms from family and friends.

Choosing a suitable location for a septic tank cleaning company

When it comes to choosing a location for your septic tank cleaning business, you can choose to locate the business anywhere. Ion of your choice, especially if you offer basic septic tank cleaning services, services that do not require your clients to come except for meetings.

It’s important to note that a well-located business center doesn’t come cheap, so you should be able to book enough lease / rental within your budget. If you are new to the dynamics of choosing a location for a business, such as a septic tank cleaning company, then you may feel free to speak to a business consultant or real estate agent who fully understands the city you are looking for. you intend to open up with your business.

Most importantly, before deciding on a location for your septic tank cleaning business, be sure to do a thorough feasibility study and market research first. It cannot be excluded that you will come across a similar business that will simply close the store in the place where you want to open yours.

Here are some of the key factors to consider before choosing a site for your septic tank treatment plant;

  • Location demography
  • The demand for septic tank, drainage and other related cleaning services in the location
  • Purchasing power of households, residential neighborhoods, local government councils, corporate site organizations
  • Location availability
  • Number of septic tank cleaning companies and other commercial cleaning companies that also clean septic tanks and drains on site
  • Local community / state laws and regulations
  • Transport, parking and security.

Beginning of the cleaning work on the septic tank. Technical and personal data

There are no special technologies. or the equipment necessary for the operation of a medium-sized septic tank cleaning company, excluding a septic pump tank and possibly a high pressure cleaner. You will also need computers / laptops, internet, telephone, fax, and office furniture (chairs, tables and shelves), all of which can be used fairly.

But if you decide to set up a standard high-tech wastewater treatment business, you will need 3 high pressure compartments with a high pressure stick, insulating washers with pump pressure of about 1000 psi and nozzle pressure. 500 to 750 psi. centrifugal water pump, stainless steel water storage tank, high pressure water hose, high pressure deadman water gun and electric mass for washing gun and washing system, and cleaning chemicals.

When it comes to renting or outright buying an office and a store, the choice depends on your financial situation, but the truth is, to be on the safe side it is advisable to start with a lease / short term lease during on-site commercial trial period. If everything works as expected then you are taking a long term lease or a full purchase of real estate, but if not go look for another ideal location / object for such a business.

When it comes to hiring employees for day-to-day septic tank cleaning operations, you should plan to hire a knowledgeable CEO (you can fill this role), administrator, and director of human resources, supervisors, a sales and marketing manager, accountant, cleaner and drivers. … On average, you will need a minimum of 5-10 key employees to run a small but standard septic tank cleaning business.

The service business process associated with the septic tank cleaning activity

The work process associated with septic tank cleaning companies largely depends on their field of activity and organizational structure.

Typically, when a septic tank cleaning company gets a contract from a client, it could be households, subdivisions, local governments and businesses to clean their septic tanks, drainage systems and the environment. (occasional or long-term cleaning). They will first perform a cost analysis in order to know the manpower and resources required to do the job.

Once they complete their cost analysis, they will deploy the necessary manpower and machinery to do the job, and then they will receive payment after successfully completing their job. The challenge is to empty the septic tank and then transport the waste to a designated location approved by the government for the dumping of that waste. In some cases, the waste can be transported to a processing plant where it can be used to produce organic fertilizers or biogas, etc.

It is important to clarify that a septic tank cleaning company can choose to improvise or adopt any process and business structure that will ensure their efficiency and flexibility.

Starting a business marketing plan for septic tank cleaning

  • Marketing ideas and strategies

Generally, running a business requires you to be proactive in marketing your services. If you decide to start a septic tank cleaning business, you need to employ strategies that will help you attract customers, otherwise you will likely have a hard time with the business, as there are some well-known brands that set the direction of the business. commercial cleaning services market.

Here are some of the ideas and marketing strategies you can adopt for your septic tank cleaning business;

  • Introduce your septic tank cleaning business by sending cover letters with your brochure to households, residences, industrial estates, local government councils, corporate organizations, small and medium businesses and other key stakeholders of the city where your cleaning business is located. Septic.
  • Advertise on the Internet on blogs and forums, as well as on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to get your message across
  • Create a basic website for your business to give your business an online presence
  • advertise your services directly
  • join local professional sewage treatment associations for sewer cleaning for the latest trends and tips
  • join local chambers of commerce and industry to network and market your services
  • Promote your business in community newspapers, local TV and radio stations
  • List your business in yellow page ads (in local directories)
  • Encourage the use of word of mouth marketing (referrals)

Factors to help you get the right product prices for Septic, a wastewater treatment service

One of the key factors that will help you offer the cheapest septic tank cleaning services is the purchase of your detergent. Supply of micro-preparations of cleaning chemicals directly to wholesalers and importers in sizable quantities. The truth is, the more products you buy directly from importers and wholesalers, the less you buy.

Another strategy to help you offer septic tank cleaning services at the right price is to make sure you minimize your operating costs and focus your efforts on marketing and promoting your brand. In addition, this strategy will allow you to save money. it will also help you get the right prices for your products.

You can also try to work with independent contractors and marketers as much as possible; this will help you save on sales and marketing personnel costs as well as purchasing costs.

Possible competitive strategies to win over your competitors in the sewer cleaning industry

Having knowledgeable and reliable employees within your payroll system, your business process, and of course, your pricing model is part of what you need to stay competitive in the industry.

Another possible competitive strategy to beat your competition in this particular industry is networking and building a reliable customer base. Also make sure your organization is in good standing; key members of your team are highly skilled and can successfully compete with some of the best in the industry.

Possible ways to increase customer loyalty for septic tank and sewer cleaning services

When it comes to business, no matter what industry you decide to pitch your tent in, one of the easiest ways to increase customer loyalty and possibly attract new customers is to get results and always satisfy your customers. If your customers are happy with your service, they are unlikely to be able to find other service providers.

Statistics show that one of the main reasons customers choose other service providers is the decline in quality. Another reason is poor customer service.

Without a doubt, one of the strategies that you will need to employ to generate repeat sales from your customers and keep them coming back is to keep your cleaners on time and your customer service is not shy. The truth is, if your services and customer service are hesitant, you will probably have a hard time getting your customers back; people tend to look for good quality products or services.

Make sure to offer incentives to your customers if you want to retain them and of course continue to get repeat sales from them and attract new customers.

Part of what you need to do to achieve this goal is to track progress, results or results with a view to improving them quickly depending on the situation. When it comes to managing your customers and building customer loyalty, you need to buy dedicated CRM software.

With a personalized CRM system, you can easily keep in touch with your customers (you can do quick surveys, you can submit new products and their prices without any difficulty, you can congratulate them on their birthdays and other anniversaries, you can follow for their progress you can send personalized SMS and email and most importantly you can easily get feedback and feedback from them).

Strategies to build brand awareness and strengthen your corporate identity

If you are in business and have no intention of building brand awareness and spreading your corporate identity, you have to be prepared to accept what the company describes as a business. One of the secrets of big business is that they are willing to spend a fortune to increase brand awareness.

If your goal of starting a septic tank cleaning business is to grow a business out of town, you intend to become a national and international brand by opening offices in all key US cities and franchising, you must be prepared to spend the money to promote and promote your brand.

No matter what industry you belong to, the truth is that the market is dynamic and requires continuous brand awareness and promotion to continue to attract your target market. Here are the platforms you can use to boost your brand awareness and brand identity for your business. cleaning of septic tanks;

  • Advertise on print (related newspapers and magazines) and electronic media platforms
  • Sponsor relevant community events / programs
  • Use on the Internet and social networks such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and more to promote your septic tank cleaning business.
  • Install billboards in strategic locations in the city or state
  • Take occasional road shows to spend time in the target business district to learn about your septic tank cleaning business.
  • Distribute leaflets and flyers in targeted areas
  • Connect with households, subdivisions, industrial estates, local government councils, legal entities, small and medium-sized businesses, and other key stakeholders in the city where your septic tank cleaning business is located, by keeping them informed about your business and the services you offer
  • List your septic tank cleaning company in local directories / yellow pages
  • Promote your septic tank cleaning business on your official website and implement strategies that will help drive traffic to your site.
  • Place the Flexi banners in strategic positions where your septic tank cleaning business is located.
  • Make sure all of your employees wear your branded shirts and have your company logo and more on all of your pumping tanks, vehicles, trucks and vans.