How to start a massive reseller business in Nigeria

How to start a massive reseller business in Nigeria

Are you interested in starting a Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria? You want to become a huge SMS from a home reseller and get a stable income ? So I advise you to keep reading.

The demand for mass personalized SMS has been increasing for quite some time. This is due to the ease with which users can reach thousands of recipients with just one click, as well as the relative cost of personalized bulk SMS compared to the SMS rates charged by telecom service providers.

Many people now use Bulk SMS to greet friends and family while on vacation and broadcast other messages. Companies are now reaching out to their customers and potential customers via bulk SMS.

Religious organizations like churches are now using mass texting to deliver special messages and announcing important events to their members, and political candidates are now using mass texting during their campaigns to get their manifestos to voters. All this and many more confirm that the demand for personalized bulk SMS will remain high for a long time.

If you are looking to start a very profitable business that requires little capital, you should consider reselling SMS. This article explains the steps to start a bulk SMS resale business.

Bulk SMS reselling is simply buying custom bulk SMS units and selling them to customers for slightly higher prices. For example, if you buy 10,000 units for $ 100 ( priced at $ 0.01 per unit ), then sell to customers for $ 0.02 each, you will get 100% profit after you sell all 10,000 units.

You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a bulk SMS reseller, and you don’t need more than a PC ( or tablet ), a reliable internet connection and some money to get started. Once you have all these resources, you need to take the following steps to start your own SMS reselling business:

How to Start a Bulk SMS Reseller Business in Nigeria

1. Register with an SMS wholesaler

Since you will be buying and selling custom SMS units, you need to register with a wholesale SMS specialist from whom you will purchase your SMS units. Most wholesalers will provide you with their own bulk SMS resale platform, which will act as a portal through which your customers can buy and send SMS units from you.

You will likely have to pay a fee for the SMS resale platform that the wholesaler has created for you, and these fees vary by wholesaler. Be sure to search the internet for reviews of any wholesaler before choosing one.

2. Purchase of non-standard SMS units

After opening a reseller account with a wholesaler, you will first need to purchase a certain volume of personalized SMS units. You can start with 10,000 units. The wholesaler will then credit your account with the number of units you have purchased and send you recommendations for setting up the resale portal.

3.Customize SMS resale platform

By default, your bulk SMS resale site will be a clone of the wholesaler site. You will therefore have to modify and customize it as you wish. You will add your company name, slogan, logo and other content.

And add your details so that potential customers can reach you easily. While you can do the customization yourself, as it doesn’t require any technical skills, you can hire a professional to help you create a fun design.

4. Promote your business

You never attract customers if no one knows your business exists. You will therefore have to promote your business on different platforms; online and offline.

Print flyers and flyers advertising your bulk SMS resale business. Promote your business on social media. Partner with blog and website owners that your potential customers regularly visit and promote your business. You can also consider paid advertisements on online platforms.

5. Suggest potential customers

Another proven strategy for attracting big customers is to offer them to customers. This includes sending suggestions on how personalized bulk SMS can help them. For businesses, you can let them know how Bulk SMS can help them improve their customer experience and ultimately help them grow.

You can also suggest faith-based organizations or associations with hundreds to thousands of members, the rule here is to point out the benefits they will receive by sponsoring your business.

You can only reap significant profits from bulk SMS reselling, targeting big customers. Besides the fact that they will order a large number of SMS modules, they will frequent you for a long time as long as they are satisfied with your services. So getting 5-10 large customers is much more profitable than attracting 50-100 individual customers who buy small amounts of SMS at short intervals.

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