Approach and sell a product to a customer face to face

Approach and sell a product to a customer face to face

Are you afraid of door-to-door marketing but want to face your fears? here’s how to approach and sell a product to a customer face to face.

Sales are one of the most important aspects of a business, and the reason is that without sales there will be no income or profit.

It is now common knowledge that buyers are a deciding factor in sales and in today’s world where the market is full of similar products; having a good product is no longer enough. You must know or learn to sell.

What is personal marketing?

Face-to-face or door-to-door marketing involves the physical transition from one business (or customer) to another for the purpose of selling them a product or service. Personal marketing can seem like a scary business for a new entrepreneur or freelance writer, but done right, it can be a very powerful way to grow your business and expand your customer base.

Plus, personalized marketing can bring immediate results and can be easier for newbies than selling over the phone. If you know how to do personal marketing, you can decide whether you want to implement it in your business or not.

You might have a great product, but you don’t know how to sell it. this to people, you will have a hard time generating sales. Selling is now a process that takes preparation, and you also need analytical and marketing skills to get your product noticed.

Many sellers take the path of least resistance. They prefer to call or email a potential client rather than meeting them in person. However, it is easy for customers and potential customers to ignore emails and calls, which makes selling much more difficult.

When you meet a client face to face, you can focus on that moment. A face to face meeting is much more convincing; you get more information, you can assess their reactions, understand their objections and overcome them.

“Selling is the number one skill in business. If you can’t sell, don’t think about owning a business. “- Rich dad

While the sales methods may vary depending on your target market, some of the principles and fundamentals of selling remain the same regardless of various factors. Whether you operate a retail store, wholesale store, or sell services or products online, here are some sales tips to help you promote your products faster:

How to approach and sell a product to a customer face to face

1. Find the company: You should check out the company’s website and see if you can find any news and announcements about the company. Find a corner to help you sell. This information can be useful during a meeting.

If they’ve just returned from an industry show, for example, ask them how it went. In addition, you should also google the person you are dating. Learn about their origins and find places where they are cited, such as press releases and articles. You can also find information about them on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

2. Know your product by heart

There is nothing more terrible for a buyer than a seller who does not know what he is selling. As a professional salesperson or entrepreneur, you should be prepared to answer your customers’ questions about your product.

To sell your products faster you need to know the basics of your products. for example, its function, place of manufacture, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, expected results of using the product, etc. In fact, you have to know the ABCs of your products like the back of your hand, because sometimes sales involve educating and training customers …

3. Turn your product features into benefits

Knowing the main characteristics of your product is not enough if you really want to sell your products quickly. Why? The reason is that customers don’t care about the features or specifications of your product; rather, they’re interested in what your product can do for them.

So you can take advantage of this by leveraging the key features of your product to communicate the benefits of the product to you to your customer. him. Don’t talk to the customer about the features of your product, tell them what they can get out of the product or how they can benefit from a particular function of the product. Amplify the benefits of your product and you will sell faster.

4. Get to know your potential buyers

Do you know your existing customers well? What do you know about your potential customers? What is the demographics of your potential customers? Where do they shop? Why are they buying? What do they buy? What is their income level? What is the maximum benefit they are looking for in the product ?

To sell faster than your competition, you need to answer all of the questions above. And to answer these questions, you need to research your target market and get an idea of ​​what they are looking for in a product similar to the one you are selling.

Also find out the group, age group, and socio-economic status of your potential customers to develop more strategies. Armed with this information, you will discover your customer’s weak spot, give you an edge over the competition, and sell your products quickly.

5. Promote your product

Selling your products faster can be done with the right publicity. When you promote your product, customers can easily understand what exactly you are trying to sell. So instead of presenting your product, you can just focus on answering your customer’s questions and clearing up their doubts.

Advertising your products will also allow you to connect with potential buyers who have little or no knowledge of the quality of your product. It is important to interest or interest a customer to visit your establishment.

6. Be frank and honest

Never make false claims about your product. Do not overdo its benefits or features as it can only cause problems. In order to sell your products, as well as repeat sales periodically, you need to be honest and trustworthy.

Customers are getting smarter; they learn to read the lips of sellers and get bored with advertisements in the press. People don’t like being tricked into buying something that doesn’t meet their expectations.

7. Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm can go a long way, especially in the game of selling. To sell well, you have to love to sell. You have to love to interact with people, and most of all, you have to be happy to help people better understand your product or business. You must love to promote and sell your product because it will reflect the way you communicate with customers. Give the customer some space, but let them know you’re there to help them answer their questions.

Knowledge. This will help you be more confident and better judge how the meeting is going. In addition, you can show that you are ready by asking additional questions related to the knowledge acquired during the training. It shows your point of view, you are informed, prepared and you value your time.

Avoid monologues in this first step. Try to focus on listening, feeling comfortable and learning more about your colleague. By taking short notes, you can memorize when needed.

8. Prepare and ask reasonable questions … Asking questions and listening to the answers is very important if you want to impress the person you are dating. Ask them if they have any problems they need help with. Use this information to change your selling angle.

9. Remember to plan the area … If you travel a lot, you have to be good at using your time. Arrange multiple appointments in the same area to minimize travel time and plan the most efficient routes from one location to another.

Ten. Try to overcome the urge to jump and give up too soon. Let the customer discuss and tailor your flow to their exact needs.

Eleven. Make sure you have a pledge form before you go. If it’s too early to close the sale, mark the date of the next meeting in your calendar.

12. Make your product visible

Now, if you’re just a seller, there really isn’t much you can do in this area, but if you are a business owner or a retailer, you can do a lot: to sell more items in less time, you have to separate your items from the rest of the packaging. What sets your products apart from those of your competitors? Does your product stand out in the market? You must answer these questions.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to tell your buyer why your product is better than others in the market. Talk about the additional benefits, unusual features, and reasons they can get the most for their money if they buy your product. You can stand out by giving your product a unique packaging, branding your products, offering a specific promise, positioning your products strategically, especially at trade fairs or events, etc.

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