Luxury Business Ideas Targeting Rich People

Luxury Business Ideas Targeting Rich People

Do you want to run a business and sell goods or services aimed at the rich? people?  here are the 50 best luxury business ideas for wealthy people for 2021.

Even a blind person can testify that rich people are getting richer these days. Since they have millions of dollars to spend, many of them use their enormous wealth to support charitable activities, while others simply spend their money on what they love. This is why seasoned entrepreneurs create new business ideas to tempt the super-rich who crave luxury.

Choosing the type of service or product you want to sell in this industry can be a very difficult task. There are many possibilities and options to consider before deciding which one is best for you. For example; Many business plans have focused on sales, conversions, and measuring success.

In some industries that may be enough, but in luxury, more must be done to be successful. Below are 50 of the best luxury business ideas for wealthy people.

50 Best Luxury Business Ideas Targeting Rich People for 2021

  1. Special carpet sale

A luxury business aimed at the wealthy is the sale of Oriental, Indian and Persian rugs and rugs. You can find a foreign carpet supplier and negotiate exclusive sales and distribution contracts to showcase their products in the United States.

  1. Solarium

Every day, many people give up natural tanning and use an artificial tanning bed for convenience. You can open your own tanning salon and capitalize on this growing trend. Keep in mind that the location of your tanning bed will be one of the most important things to consider when getting started.

  1. Treehouse kits

You can truly combine childhood memories with business and profit by starting a business that makes tree house kits for owner purchase, assembly and installation. These kits can be packaged and sold to bulk retail stores or direct to consumers through online advertisements, newspapers and publications, as well as creating a display template that can be displayed at exhibitions.

  1. Safe installation

With the increase in theft and crime, the wealthy are increasingly active in protecting themselves and their families from victims of crime. With this in mind, you can start and run a business that specializes in the sale and installation of safes.

  1. Personal concierge

There are nearly 16 million dual-income families in the country, according to reports. And when everyone goes to work, no one stays home to take care of all the little things to do. These things might include finding a dinosaur birthday cake for a kids’ party, tracking a pant weaving service, getting a car in a store, waiting in line at the post office or booking hotels and dinners for visiting guests, etc.

  1. snowboards

Since the introduction of snowboarding a decade ago, the sport has not looked back, as snowboarding now rivals skiing in popularity and attracts almost all age groups, from 5 to 100 years old. . Snowboarding is not a difficult task. Please note that starting snowboard production is best for people with experience in production and design.

  1. Themed bunk beds

These beds are very easy to build and design, and kid-themed bunk beds are popular these days. Themed bunk beds can be designed to look like race cars, spaceships, tree houses, or any other popular theme that sparks children’s imaginations and makes parents open their wallets. Themed bunk beds can be sold in bulk at furniture retailers and children’s stores. Or the finished product can be sold directly to parents using traditional advertising media.

  1. Silk scarves

We have found that a good genuine silk scarf can cost $ 100 each, but it can be purchased wholesale and wholesale for as little as $ 10 from overseas manufacturers. … You can start by simply entering into an exclusive import and distribution contract with a foreign manufacturer and start marketing the product.

  1. Factory direct online

There are thousands of home based manufacturing businesses in the United States alone. But note that two of the biggest threats these entrepreneurs face are marketing and competing with much bigger and better funded competitors. Note that you can create a factory direct website that features products for sale made by these home entrepreneurs.

  1. Red carpet service

Please note that the red carpet service includes separate services such as valet parking, attendants, event planning, and professional presenters, all combined into one service. We believe that the market for red carpet services is huge in every city in the United States, and clients can include event and wedding planners, business owners hosting special events, businesses hosting seminars, and exhibitions, and even political and sports organizations for award ceremonies. …

  1. Mobile foot massage service

It has been medically proven that foot problems that are not corrected early can lead to additional medical problems later in the future, providing an incredible opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur to make money by starting a mobile service from foot massage. Ideal clients would be people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

  1. Pedicab

This business is a very attractive and profitable business. Whether it’s a romantic walk in the park or a city tour, tourists love to take in the sights and sounds on vacation while relaxing in a pedicab. We believe that the first thing to overcome when starting a bicycle taxi service is licensing. But if a bicycle launch license can be obtained or purchased, you can successfully build a fun and profitable business.

  1. Gazebos

Installing garden gazebos is a surprisingly inexpensive way to start your own business. We believe that the demand for custom gazebos has never been higher and that the demand continues to grow, especially for gazebos used to house spas. Please note that this business can be started with a very modest investment and can generate significant returns.

  1. Bed and breakfast

First of all, note that guesthouses are by definition accommodation that serves breakfast in the room rate. There are different types of BB properties, ranging from cozy family homes with few rooms to full-fledged country inns with a dozen or more rooms.

  1. Slate tables

Slates and tables in natural stone are becoming extremely popular both as functional designer furniture for residential buildings and as bold furniture for professional offices. We believe this growth creates tremendous opportunities for an entrepreneur with creative design skills to benefit from starting a business that develops, manufactures and markets coffee tables, tables, tables and slate board tables. and natural stone. “16”>

  • Perfume

Launching, packaging and distributing your own line of perfumes can make you very rich. Developing your own perfume or perfume line will require careful planning and research. But keep in mind that this hard work can really pay off, especially if you can secure national accounts with reputable retailers. When it comes to the type of fragrance your business is developing, consider an all-natural approach to ingredients, as natural products are the biggest trend right now.

  1. Interior decoration service

In the age of startup and indoor startup, decorating is the perfect business for someone with artistic abilities and a creative flair. Generally, certification from a recognized institution in decoration and interior design is required. But the service can be started without a certificate, but potential customers will perceive it much better as a professional service with proper accreditation.

  1. Luxury smartphones or tablets

As we noted in the introduction, some wealthy men cannot do without luxury goods, especially technology. This is why some versions of smartphones come with cases plated with gold, diamonds or other precious materials.

  1. Drapery studio

Starting and running a drapery studio is a great new business idea and there are three great options for running a home decor business. We believe the first option is to run the business on a mobile basis when you visit customer sites with samples of fabrics, rods, and accessories and give a presentation on site. Then the second option is to open a small shop where customers come to you; or a combination of both.

  1. Good manners training

We can all confirm that well-groomed children with excellent manners are the pride and most often the envy of all parents. Creating a good manners training service for kids is an amazing way to start a business. The market for training methods is large and easily accessible. To start this business, you need to know all about good manners.

  1. Sale and installation of a satellite dish

You may not have noticed it, but mini satellite dishes are in great demand these days, as many of these systems can accommodate several hundred televisions and radio stations for the price of one service. basic cable TV. We believe that there has never been a better time to start a business that sells and installs miniature satellite dishes as the product and service is still relatively new but has been proven to work and the market is saturated for many more years. late.

  1. Sale of antique furniture

A business that buys antique furniture and resells it for profit is a lucrative new business to start. Keep in mind that the very first option for starting an antique furniture business is to start and operate a home business.

  1. Patio cover

Reports have shown that patio covers are a great low cost, high cost home improvement project because patio covers are an attractive addition to any home, more importantly, they can provide protection and protection from solar heat. The success of this business will depend solely on your marketing plan.

  1. Summer school

We firmly believe that the relatively low cost of small aircraft and ultralights fuels the passion of people who want to learn to fly. And starting a flight school is the best way to capitalize on this passion. Indeed, there are many obstacles, both financial and regulatory, that must be overcome when considering setting up a flight school as a new business enterprise.

  1. Walk through self-service laundry

We all know there are banks, restaurants, and photo retailers out there, so why not drive through the laundromat? Self-service laundry is not a new business concept; However, they have become more popular in recent times, with several companies even starting to franchise their self-service laundry businesses. Setting up a laundromat does not require a lot of experience or business knowledge.

  1. Sale of medical equipment

Reports show that medical equipment sells for millions of dollars every year in the United States, it is not difficult to get a share of this very lucrative industry, especially for an entrepreneur who does careful research and plans to enter the medical device sales industry. We believe that there are several different approaches to selling medical devices.

  1. Vintage shake chests

We can all agree that antique cabinets and sideboards create fantastic vanity in sinks, especially when used in ancestral and Victorian homes. Turning old buffets into dressing tables is an excellent and potentially very profitable new business to start. To run this business you must have a well-equipped workshop, undeniable skills and experience in carpentry and construction, excellent marketing and promotion skills.

  1. A spa day

We can all attest to the fact that our existence and survival as humans is based on our daily efforts. This is why starting a day spa business is a great choice for a new business. We believe that the initial investment to start and operate a day spa is substantial, but the potential for income or revenue is great.

  1. Leather fashion

Believe it or not, leather fashion is another big business in fashion retail. launch. There are thousands of manufacturers of leather goods and accessories around the world, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a wholesale source for the products.

  1. Design and manufacture of bags

Designing and making designer bags is a very big business to start right from home as it not only can work part time, but there is also almost no operating overhead to bite into the monthly profits. Please note that the unique design and use of unusual materials to make bags can be a competitive advantage, and the finished products can be sold to fashion wholesalers or shipped to local retail stores.

  1. Jewelry boxes

From our feasibility study, we could see that jewelry boxes can cost 10-20 times more than they are. the cost of building them, making them a very profitable home business. We believe this is a type of manufacturing business that will allow you to be very creative in the designs and materials selected for the building process.

  1. Production of screens for decorative partitions

We believe that starting a decorative room divider manufacturing and selling business may be the lucrative opportunity you’ve been looking for. First of all, partitions are commonly used in homes, offices, and even outdoors as an additional decorative element or to divide and divide spaces. To start this business, you will need a basic knowledge of carpentry, artistry, and a desire to be successful in this business.

  1. Automotive painting service

In the modern age, auto painting is not just a proven and stable industry; It can also be a very lucrative business to start with. Keep in mind that starting an auto painting service has a basic requirement for a successful business; You or an employee must have the skills and experience required to do auto body work and paint cars.

  1. Home theaters

In the technological age, home theaters have become a very popular home improvement. Large-screen TVs, great sound and full-contact audio output help meet the demand for the perfect family entertainment venue. That’s why we think starting a business that focuses on designing and remodeling home theater rooms is great for the new millennium.

  1. Glass tinting service

Glass tinting is a very affordable business idea that can be started right away with a little practice, it can be mastered by just about anyone. Based on our experience, we believe the best part about a business is the fact that it can be operated year round, directly from a mobile vehicle.

  1. Boat rental

Reports and studies have shown that the rich spend a lot to enjoy life and play, creating a huge market for rental services. Although this activity is capital intensive, it will bring you stable income and profit. If you have what it takes to start this business, you will make a lot of money for the rich who like to spend their free time on the water.

  1. Air conditioning service

Indeed, it’s time to stop making money for the boss and start using your talents to work with your own air conditioning system. and repair business. We all know that starting a business can be very difficult, but you shouldn’t be let down. Just promote your service and build a customer base before you leave your job.

We suggest that you start by developing a presentation kit that will showcase your particular abilities and skills as well as air conditioning repair and maintenance rates, and start distributing this kit to potential customers such as air conditioning companies. management of residential and commercial properties and also directly to owners of residential and commercial buildings.

  1. Bed cover

Start hiding – The bed business will allow you to capitalize on the ever increasing consumer demand for this functional furniture product. Beds can be sold directly to consumers by displaying product advertisements in local newspapers and yellow pages, and providing shelter.

  1. Collection clothes

We believe that the value and popularity of collectible clothing has grown steadily over the past decade, and the demand for collectible clothing from the 2040s to the 2070s shows no signs of abating. Note that starting a business that sells collectible clothing in a retail store is a lucrative business to start.

  1. Gondola

If you want to find a unique, fun and interesting transportation business that allows you to use your skills and certifications on boats, then you should consider starting a water taxi business. Of course, one of the main requirements is to live by the water where the type of service will be requested.

  1. Sale and installation of car alarms

Despite the fact that many new cars now come with car alarms, starting and running a car alarm installation business is still a good choice for the dedicated entrepreneur, especially if the goal is to start a small business. sole proprietorship that can provide the owner with a comfortable annual. Income.

  1. Custom fireplaces

If you take a closer look, you will definitely notice that the hottest home upgrades right now are upgrades or new gas fireplaces. Many newly installed fireplaces have one thing in common – they need a chimney for their chimney. This is why designing and installing custom fireplace mantels is a great deal for a beginner who has experience in construction or more specifically in carpentry.

  1. Custom French doors

It is very important to clarify that running your own business of manufacturing, selling and installing custom interior French doors is a great way to work independently and create a very lucrative profit, we have found that there is very few competitors in this sector; However, the demand for unique and high quality French doors is very high, especially in expensive markets such as luxury homes and professional offices.

  1. Art Headboards

Note that headboards with intricate artwork or photographs are starting to appear in specialty retail stores across the United States and are increasingly featured in interior design magazines and publications. This growing need and design has created a tremendous opportunity for the dedicated entrepreneur to capitalize on this new trend in furniture fashion by starting a business that designs, manufactures and markets artistic headboards.

  1. Commercial real estate guide

Launching a monthly publication highlighting the sale or lease of commercial real estate is a great home desktop publishing business to operate. In addition to commercial real estate advertisements, the newspaper may also contain advertisements for business and franchise opportunities.

  1. Luxury wines
  1. Boat cleaning service

Indeed, the competition in this business is minimal, and if the cleaning is in the right place, the number of potential customers can be practically unlimited. Starting a boat cleaning service couldn’t be easier, as no special skills or equipment are required to run the business, and marketing the service only requires a few printed flyers and a bit of labor distributing the flyers. in marinas and sailing clubs. …

  1. Finishing of antique furniture

We believe that there has never been a better time to start an antique furniture decorating and remodeling business as consumer demand for antiques has exploded. Keep in mind that an antique furniture finishing business can be easily operated right from your home workshop. We also believe that attracting customers for the service can be as simple as going to auctions and antique sales and handing out business cards to people who have just bought an antique piece of furniture that needs to. renovation or finishing.

  1. Book binding and repair

Note that you can work directly from home, bind books in small quantities, and repair old books. Buying binding material is very inexpensive and there are even building plans that will allow you to create your own binding material. . Promoting this service is also as easy as forming alliances with second-hand bookstores and collectors’ clubs.

  1. Automatic efficiency center

There are currently over 100 million cars and trucks registered in the United States, so you can’t go wrong with starting an automotive performance center that sells the latest and greatest in auto accessories. We welcome you to stock and sell such items as wheels and tires, wheel covers, engine parts, audio equipment and alarms, spoilers and body kits and sports driving lights.