60 Best Family Vacation Business Ideas for 2021

Are you interested in starting a family entertainment business?  here are 50 best family entertainment business ideas you can start in 2021 with no money.

It is undeniable that the business world is huge, complex and demanding, it takes a lot of dedication, determination and resilience for anyone who is determined to succeed. But despite the many challenges facing the business world, there are some known tactics that   successful  adventurers have  undertaken in the past and even this 21st century that have helped them succeed. If you follow them diligently, anyone can accept them and adapt them to be successful in their own endeavors.

The entertainment industry in the world has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, an economy like the United States receives a lot of dividends in its GDP due to the fact that there is great entertainment in this country, especially in Hollywood, which is the largest film industry in the world, followed by Bollywood (Indian film industry) then Nigeria-Nollywood.

But entertainment is not just about playing and singing alone, it is huge and for those who dream and are determined to make big profits, the opportunities are plentiful. It is important to note that these business ideas can be broken down into three parts. There is; music industry, film industry and support services. Let’s take a look at 50 business ideas you can take advantage of in the entertainment industry.

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50 best business entertainment business ideas for 2021

Music business ideas

  1. Singing

Of course, not everyone can sing, and indeed, not everyone has the time and talent to sing. But for anyone who has what it takes and is looking for opportunities to create other sources of income, becoming a musician is not a bad idea.

There are a lot of musicians around us that we all know who have become mega superstars because of the music. People love; Beyoncé, Ciara, Western Life, to name a few, have become who we know them today because they are musicians.

  1. Music production

Music producers are just as important as the musicians themselves, if not more important. A producer is the person (or organization, as the case may be) who develops the overall concept of the song, comes up with the rhythms, and helps refine the music as a whole.

Nigeria has exceptional music producers who now occupy legendary positions in the lives of musicians who have helped transform their regular songs into home accepted music with the kind of beats that young and young at heart find interesting to dance to. . While producer roles are usually in the background, some are no longer content to just be in the background and are now adding vocals to their calling.

  1. Song writing

Don’t be fooled, because not all musicians hit hits that know how to write songs; even those who can write sometimes write songs for them. So, you may not know how to sing, but you can write that this is a business idea in itself, which can become another source of income for you and help you get a lot of money. income. And the more hits you write, the more your customer base will grow and the more you can earn and earn. Are you ready to go?

  1. Studio operations

With the number of musicians arriving almost daily and the cost of studio sessions increasing, owning a recording studio won’t be a bad business idea for anyone who can muster the courage and resources to do so.

Now the truth is; You don’t need to know how to manage the equipment, just hire a studio manager. But if you know how to deal with them, good for you. All you have to do is make sure that you meet the standards that will ensure good music production and before you know it you will have a lot of customers.

  1. Artist manager

Imagine leading an artist like John Legend, which invariably means you are a millionaire yourself. Are you a coordinated person and can help others manage and coordinate their time and schedule?

If so, being the manager of an artist might not be a bad idea. Your main role will be to organize his schedule, make contracts for him, remind him of his appointments and generally keep him on his toes. I think it’s not that much and it’s still millions.

  1. Music Promoter / Marketer

Can you come up with a distribution network and strategy to reach a wide range of music listeners? If it’s something you can do, then it’s a business idea that you can use as another source of income.

  1. Musical reality show

Did you know that you can generate income and even wealth by hosting a musical reality TV show? Well, if you didn’t know it, you know it. Think about big reality TV brands like American Idol, X-Factor and what have you got, it  sounds like making money with those funds, right? This is good if you have the necessary funds in terms of finances. Then you can DIY this idea.

  1. Music video director

Once the script for the clip is written and it’s time to execute it, the director is the one who takes center stage. It’s time to give an artistic interpretation of each role. Although this is a high-tech skill that requires some level of training, especially in the field, it is with determination and care that one can learn the intricacies of becoming a music video maker. world class.

  1. Music education

Without the fact that many private schools now introduce music education into their schooling, many people who left school in the 1980s did not have such opportunities in some parts of the world. It is because of the passion for music that, more than ever, schools have started to teach music with care.

This is largely due to the fact that learning to music goes beyond singing. It requires the ability to read musical notes, have an ear, a rhythm, etc. Do you have these technical skills so can you become a music teacher? If so, you can be sure that many people are looking for private music teachers.

  1. Own music school / academy

It is true that many people today want to get into the music business, but the question is; how many of our musicians really know music? This is why many of them prefer to use the keyboard rather than singing on real musical instruments.

However, if we have more music schools and academies, more and more people will be encouraged to study music, which will invariably affect the school owner’s bank account, as well as those who can pursue music. music from there as a career.

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  1. Instrumentalist

Drummers, keyboardists, guitarists and other professionals who know how to play different instruments are in demand today for different shows and different musicians. Religious houses are always looking for the services of those who can give them very good rhythms and sounds. So, without quitting your regular job, you can add playing musical instruments to your income stream. Note that this can eventually replace your regular income.

  1. Learn to play musical instruments

Yes, as in general, when learning music, more and more people want to learn to play certain musical instruments such as guitar, keyboard and drums. What do you know how to play well and can you teach it to others  ? If so, you can see it as an idea that you can use as another source of income. You can do home service when you go to train your home clients, or you can have a specific location where your clients come to practice.

  1. Music and restaurant clubs

Regular restaurants are everywhere. But people are looking for something more. Could you give them that by having a dinner where the music is slow, soft and smooth. What clearly deviates from the usual and normal. where music helps digest food. Does this sound strange to you?

Such a place offers the experience of a place where serenity mingles with the divinity of the soul and refreshes the body. We can also say that it is a place where different people can regularly come and communicate. Do you think you have the talent for this? It could be a good deal.

  1. Record label company

If you think you are smart enough to uncover promising new musical talent, you can make a profession out of it. This is exactly what record companies do. They look for new talent, then help them create their albums and also give them adequate visibility. Please note that by starting this business you must be prominent in the music business.

  1. Listening organization

These days, more listeners than ever. This happens when the artist is about to release an album and therefore invites people to a party where they can listen to a track that has not yet been released. If you have the knack for organizing, you can build a business around it.

Musicians these days; I love to listen to parties. So how does this relate to this business? Well, that applies to you, especially if you have good organizational skills. This means that you can help take the burden off the planning of auditions for the musician. It’s a good way to make a lot of money.

  1. Owner of the studio

Musicians spend most of their time in the studio putting together one package or another. The studio, on the other hand, is a money line, especially if it’s the high earning type, so you might want to consider creating a very well equipped studio. It might not be easy to start a video like this, but it will pay off in the long run.

Ideas for cinema

  1. Acting talents

The theater is one of the professions that has been around for over two thousand years. It is a natural talent that some people show that makes them appreciate the fact that indeed some actors are naturally born to act. You watch them on TV and you are fascinated by the way they fulfill their roles. Sometimes you wonder if what you see on screen is really what they really are.

You have grown to love some of them to the point that you see them as role models. You create your life after them and you watch them. However, if you were to take the stage with some of these idols, you would take them to the janitors and come back. The theater is a profession that gives you fame and popularity. And there are things that fame and popularity can buy, that money cannot buy. If you think you have what you need, why not.

  1. Script writing

Imagination and creativity are one of the attributes of a good screenwriter. A screenwriter, able to draw scenes and situations so that people can deal with him. As with musicians, where they don’t necessarily write all of their songs, like in movies, there are people who mainly specialize in writing. They do not act, direct or produce. They just write scripts and a lot of them do well.

  1. Video montage

after When recording a movie, it becomes necessary to cut unnecessary scenes that were shot by mistake. This is done to make sure that everything that was filmed was as professional as possible. The entertainment industry is very large and has many business opportunities to seize. Video editing is another lucrative business venture that anyone can profit from.

All you need is your desire, your determination and your Notebook, which is already installed with the editing kit. And hello, you are good to go. This is another opportunity that you can start from outside. You continue your regular job and use your evenings and weekends to concentrate on it. Again, over time, depending on your motivation and personal goals, this can become your main source of income.

  1. Director

“Cut, take one, take two” are some of the words that come from the director’s mouth. This is basically the official language of directors, if you’ve ever wondered how the actors acted and it looked so believable when the whole sequence was filmed then you have to give the directors credit.

These people tend to be overwhelmed by the way the scenes are performed. to play. Therefore, if you think that being a director is a force that you want to pursue; then you can learn the skills you need to start the film industry.

21. Make-up artist

All the looks and the way the actors and actresses are done in the movie depends on the makeup artist. It means that you can make a lot of money as a makeup artist. In addition, the makeup artist is also responsible for creating the paintings that are worn by those who are supposed to act on the stage.

  1. Costume designer

Movies are never complete without the clothes and costumes that the movies must begin with. This is in a real sense the role of the consumer. Who is the dresser really? The costume is the person responsible for determining what clothes are appropriate for the scene in the film, and they do their best to make them accessible. If you love the movie world and have a rich sense of style, this business may be your forte.

  1. Film Marketing

Without the right marketing skills and methods, a business can remain stagnant and unsuccessful.If you like to channel other people – for the purpose of helping others advertise your business, etc., your best bet is to become a film marketer. What you need to do is help the newly filmed movie reach everyone. There is a great benefit to this if you know which buttons to press.

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  1. Video operator

That doesn’t mean the movies are over until they’re filmed. In fact, filming is one of those things that makes cinema work. Unlike stage productions, which have nothing to do with cameramen. Cameramen are a constant necessity in filming movies that cannot be ignored. Therefore, you may want to consider being experienced in this regard if you are determined to do so.

  1. Photographic company

Pictures capture what a word cannot. This is one of the reasons why the profession of photographer will develop and become major. Just like a cinematographer, a photographer is necessary and important due to the fact that it would be necessary to take photographs for recording, as well as for other cinematic purposes. If you know how to take photos, being a film photographer should be the right step in the right direction.

  1. Filmmaker

One of the things that suits filmmakers is the fact that they are so knowledgeable in their niche that they cannot make very profitable films. Some of these filmmakers are certified because they have a degree or another in cinema. If you think being a filmmaker is what you want to do, then you are striving to become famous. However, keep in mind that making movies is not a snap, so you need to have an investment source ready.

  1. Hairdresser for video set

Good looks are definitely a bargain; and being on the set means you have to look your best. This is one of the reasons hair never plays on the set. The best hands are used to keep things smooth and very professional.

If you are a very creative hairstylist, you don’t need to limit yourself to those who come to work to get their hair done. You can go up a few steps and become a hairdresser. This means that you are responsible for all hairstyles performed on set.

Entertainment services

  1. Humorist

Yes, you can become a comedian and start making millions of naira every year just by making people laugh. The problems of life weigh heavily on humans, and life expectancy decreases gradually, if not rapidly. It is a proven medical fact that joy and laughter can help increase your lifespan.

So, do you have what it takes to make people laugh and maybe roll on the floor? Instead of just telling you these jokes, why not take a bold step and start by asking your friends who are having events to let you take 5-10 minutes to joke. You can start from there, and if you’re good at it you can soon be the next big thing.

  1. Compere (master of ceremonies)

Cases are not complete without the right person taking on the role of anchor. It would be amazing if you knew that for some it is a full time profession. They’ve learned to harness the power of chatter so well that when they take the stage or hold a microphone, people adore them and then combine them with help to spice things up like anchors.

Some comedians combine this with their comedy profession, but there are those who are strict about what they do, you just have to tie up events like Comperes and they live comfortably. You might not want to do this full time, but you can do it in parallel. and it will become another source of income for you.

  1. Dancing

Dancing does not depend on whether you are young or old; if you think you are flexible and fit and have what it takes to be a dancer, why not. So you go to parties and dance and sweat When you dance, do people come together to watch you and clap because you do it so well? If you do this, you might really need to rethink in this regard.

While it’s understandable that many in this profession encourage nudity and somewhat erratic dancing, you could be a factor for change. The difference you make to the dance floor may be that some “healthy” people are looking for and will be willing to channel their money.

31. Online entertainment portals

The Internet has been rich in knowledge since its inception. This is the reason why people are unconditionally dependent on it. Entertainment being big business, it usually attracts a lot of followers. And wherever people find entertainment, they tend to flock to it.

Are you familiar with the internet and can you create a portal that brings together entertainment around different industry players and keeps people up to date with the latest news? Then you already have a business idea waiting to be used.

  1. Event and social media management

Event management is very important today, many people have neither the time nor the time. They don’t want to go through the stress of organizing an event so they contract with the event organizer / manager. It is the planner / manager’s responsibility to integrate the different aspects of the event – whether it is a musical performance, music awards or movie awards. Keep in mind that you just need to coordinate all the different aspects and activities of the event. And I’m sure you know at least one great event planner around you. Maybe you even tell yourself sometimes that you will do better.

  1. Sound engineer services for film screenings, music concerts and film previews

Whether you are an individual or establishing the right business structure, the need for professional sound engineers is enormous. It’s not as disturbing as holding an event and the sound is inactive because the speaker wires are not properly connected or for some reason not properly positioned.

Many entertainment companies will seek your services if they know you are there and can give them good quality sound that will make their events special. You can even become a consultant in sound engineering and even in churches.

  1. Nightclubs

Nightclubs have been around since time immemorial. If you ask your grandma about nightclubs, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you they went to nightclubs in the old days. Another very popular business venture in the entertainment industry is nightclub.

Nightclubs are everywhere and thrive in the metropolis. Night clubs are especially good on the weekends, so if you are going to do this activity you should be prepared to sacrifice your weekend or find someone who can conscientiously handle you.

35. Dance studios

Much like her colleague, a music studio that owns / operates a dance studio could be a very profitable business if well managed. As interest in dancing is on the rise due to the fact that many dance groups have emerged from many dance competitions and programs, setting up a dance studio to teach people to dance would not be a bad idea. commercial.

In addition to couples, loving birds look for fun activities that they can participate in or learn together, and dancing is one of those activities that can help couples connect a lot more. You can / or hire someone to teach different dance steps such as salsa, tap, bata, and various dance steps.

  1. Blogs for entertainment blogs

A blogging business is a mega-bucks business because it generates a lot of followers and brings traction to your blogging site – what advertisers are looking for. Because of this massive traffic, advertisers will be willing to pay millions just to have their products and services listed on your blog. Keep in mind that if you know your bow, you will do it with minimal overhead.

  1. Journalist

Do you think this is new  ? No, this is not the case. A publicist is one who publishes in a nutshell. Yes, there are artists who need opportunities to connect with their followers beyond the TV screen. The publicist can help find or create such opportunities. This can take the form of shows, television and radio interviews, or participating in other social events that will ensure a “star” s reputation. All you have to do is make some contact.

  1. Voice over artist

Do you have a loud voice and are you fluent in English? Well if you can read some thoughts on voice recorder without explosive devices then you are the right person to be the voice actor. You will be amazed at the number of jobs that await you if you cut your teeth in this business. There are several jobs you can get involved in including; radio jingles, commercials and more.

  1. radio host

if you have something to be a radio host, will it be one of the best steps you will take in your life? It is because of the high level of fame that you can order. The great thing about this business is that you have a huge fan base.

  1. television presenter

Who is your favorite TV host and what makes him tick? Well you know why you chose your loved one. But the point is, being a TV presenter makes you famous beyond the money you make.

Just like being a radio host, being a TV host is a great way to do business. This means that you can present as many programs as you want so that none of them clash. One of the benefits of this business is that you have time to pursue your other interests without coming into conflict with them.

  1. Independent entertainment content creator

Have you ever read entertainment stories and wondered how some blogs write so well and get information? Well, most of the time it’s true that it’s the job of freelance entertainment content writers, these people are always looking for stories to write, and once they do, they sell. You can also join the train if you have a passion for writing.

  1. Dance School

If you have what it takes to hold back the plight of the audience while they watch you dance, then you have what it takes to start a dance school. What does this imply? This means that you attract other people who can teach other dances from different cultures, help teach those who pay to learn to dance. In fact, you can participate in the creation of dancers that can be used for music videos and other recreational activities.

  1. A karaoke bar

A lot of people would love to sing that. Alas, they can’t, and they take karaoke to rest. It is for this reason that you might consider starting a karaoke bar. This means that you will give them as well as a lot of other people to try their fancy. Running a karaoke bar also means that you need to have the best and largest collection of songs that have been hits in the past and present.

  1. disc jockey

Look at yourself and count how many DJs you know or have met. There may be too many to count, right? Well, the truth is that even though the industry seems too saturated, people still smile at the pot on a regular basis. You can also register if you have the gift of collecting music. It also has a lot to do with listening to good music.

  1. Circus

If you went to a circus as a kid and really liked what happened there and the experience, and you will agree that the way circuses are run now has taken on a better and more interesting form. If you think that’s one of the things you want to do, you can fly away. Remember that running a circus business has a lot to do with music, as you will need to serenade the people who come to your circus with some of the best tunes.

  1. Comedy shows

They appear on television late at night and sometimes during the day; well, that’s what he says on the comedy shows. If you’ve ever waited patiently for your favorite sitcom to air, you’ll agree that comedy shows are a great stress reliever. So if you have a natural ability to divide people, you might want to consider starting a comedy show. It can be radio or television.

  1. Puppet shows

It’s a good way to keep the spell’s children bound. In fact, there are adults who also like to be entertained by puppets. If you have a rich sense of creativity, you may want to consider creating characters that will keep children entertained. It can be a live broadcast, a TV show, or a radio show.

  1. Business park

One way to relax with the family is to go to the parks for picnics and the like. Today, the area’s parks are bursting with recreational activities like never before. If you are looking for just one source of income, you can start a park business. A park like this can be filled with horseback rides, swings, and many other types of attractions that the family adores.

  1. Organization of concerts in show business

If you have the means and the funds, you might consider hosting a celebrity show. Of course, it would pay off; because everyone who wants to come see your celebrities has to pay a fee. It is a good way to earn a lot of money. You can also consider asking these celebrities to do what they do best. This means that if you bring in a musician or a comedian, they should entertain people.

There is no doubt that the entertainment industry has plenty of business opportunities due to the millions of people who are avid followers, which is why millions of dollars are earned in various aspects of the industry – be it the movies, music or other categories. You can earn a lot of wealth and fame if you enter the industry in any of the above ways.

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