Starting a business in Jigava Top 10 opportunities

Starting a business in Jigava Top 10 opportunities

Jigawa State is one of 36 Nigerian states located in the northeastern part of Nigeria and was founded on August 27, 2096. The capital of Jigawa State is Dutse City. Jigawa State is bordered by Kano, Katsina, Bauchi, Yobe and the Republic of Niger.

Islam is the main and dominant religion in Jigawa State, where a small percentage of the indigenous population is Christian. Hausa and English are the primary means of communication in urban areas of Jigawa State, especially the state capital, Dutse, but local languages ​​are spoken in rural communities.

Besides the state government, which happens to be the largest employer of labor, agriculture also accounts for a significant portion of state government revenue. Cattle ranching, carpentry, trade and commerce, blacksmithing, tanning, metallurgy, auto repair, dyeing, food processing and masonry were other areas that generated income for locals. of Jigawa State.

Undoubtedly, Jigawa State is one of the northern states of Nigeria. it has good prospects for investors. Indeed, there is a free trade zone in Jigawa state, coupled with the state government partnering with international organizations to help develop state infrastructure. The state receives support from the UK government, the World Bank, DFID, UNICEF, UNDP and other multilateral agencies.

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If you are an investor and want to start a business in Northern Nigeria, you should consider investing in Jigawa State. Below are the top 10 business opportunities in Jigawa State;

10 small business investment opportunities in Jigawa State

1. Tannery

Jigawa State is one of the famous leatherworking states, although most of their leather goods may not meet international standards. If you want to compete with Italian companies when it comes to tanning, you should consider starting your own tanning business in the state of Jigawa. Wallets, bags, shoes, belts and more are perfectly finished, your market will not be limited to Nigeria. You can also export your products to other countries around the world; furthermore, it is economically viable to set up this type of business in Jigawa State.

2. Metallurgy company

3. Food processing and packaging company

If you are interested in the food processing industry, you may want to consider starting your own food processing and packaging business in Jigawa State. The truth is, Jigawa State has the infrastructure to grow your business. The state has its own independent power station (IPP), a good road network, a good health care infrastructure and a good IT infrastructure.

4. Information and communication technology society

Jigawa State is one of the few states in northern Nigeria to have fully adopted information and communications technology. As an IT Professional – If you are looking for a northern state to start your IT business, you may consider setting up one in Jigawa state. The truth is that there are many organizations, from government agencies to schools, that need your services. In addition to providing ICT services, you can also add the sale and repair of computer gadgets such as laptops, modems, routers, printers and mice, etc. to your commercial proposals.

5. Car wash business

Jigawa State is one of the northern states of Nigeria with a thriving car wash business. There are particularly notable car owners in Jigawa State, particularly in the state capital, Duce, who will need a car wash service if they come across one in the state. The truth is, Duce has minimum standard car washes. So if you are looking for an easy business setup to get started in Jigawa State, you might want to consider starting your own car wash business. Just make sure it’s on a busy road and you won’t have a hard time attracting customers.

6. Mechanized agriculture

In fact, entire states in Nigeria are lagging behind when it comes to mechanized agriculture. Accordingly, if you have the financial capacity as an investor, you should consider investing in mechanized agriculture in Jigawa State. Creating your own mechanized farming business is a step towards positioning for the future, because manual farming players will soon be faced with the business.

7. Auto auto sales, service and repair center

Another good company that does not have a strong presence in Jigawa State is an auto sales, service and repair center. If you don’t have the experience and ability to start this type of business from scratch, you can buy a franchise from a reputable brand or look for partners. Investing in this really profitable direction.

8. Jewelry business

You can easily become a jewelry merchant in Jigawa State. A free trade zone and easy access to the Republic of Niger make it easier for people in this type of business to register their sales. The truth is, if you start doing this type of business in Jigawa State, especially selling Arab gold and jewelry, you will get a huge return on your investment.

9. Veterinary clinic

There are many animals in Jigawa that are used for domestic purposes. It is for this reason that you may want to consider opening a veterinary clinic. This means that you will find enough customers who want you to take care of their cows, goats, cattle and whatever else you have.

10. Hairdresser

It’s a business that never goes away. It is because of the importance of haircuts for men. This does not exclude the fact that some women prefer a haircut. Either way, it could be; make sure your store is strategically located to attract customers.

Having selected some of the ideas from this article to get you started; only means that you have to be prepared for the hard work if you want to be successful.

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