Things to Avoid When Buying an Ice Maker

Things to Avoid When Buying an Ice Maker

Having your own ice maker is a smart business decision. Instead of relying on an outside source, you can offer your customers and customers ready-to-use ice cream anytime, anywhere they need it, and generate a lot of passive income.

When looking to buy an ice maker, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to make sure you aren’t getting something that isn’t right. Here is what you should avoid when buying an ice maker.

A machine that doesn’t match your plumbing

If your machine is not suitable for your plumbing fixtures, you may end up with irregular cubes or serious valve leaks. When you receive your ice dispenser, make sure it goes through a medical examination by properly matching your existing plumbing.

Always remember that you will need a proper drainage setting for your ice maker. You may have existing drains that you can connect too easily, or you may need to call a plumber to insert a drain line.

Wrong type of machine

You also want to be able to control your car without having a dedicated assistant on the car. You should have real-time access to the status of the filter, the amount of ice sold and the location of the ice-making cycle.

Wrong machine size

Getting the right size car is always the best use of your money. A car that is too big will not only cost you more, but it will waste your water and energy unnecessarily. You can also have performance issues if you do not release enough ice from the machine regularly.

If your car is too small, it could be even worse. Better to have no ice at all than to offer a vending machine, but it constantly breaks down or cannot keep up with demand. Check with your vending machine for the correct size for your needs.

The machine is too difficult to maintain

Every ice dispenser requires periodic maintenance, and not being able to take care of yours could result in compromised quality. You can have a lot of downtime to fix something, or worse, a mold build-up problem in your car.

Find a car with as few moving parts as possible. The fewer details there are, the fewer errors there will be. If you have a machine that lets you control everything remotely, you can know when the filters need to be replaced and if the ice cycle is stuck.

Unsecured computer

The last thing you need is an easy to hack computer. Inexpensive aluminum enclosures, outdated locks, external hinges, and the lack of remote monitoring mean you have to keep an eye on your machine at all times and can’t rely on its durability if you have to put it down. outside.

Look for a car with no obvious intrusion and with advanced locking features that give you good security. For protection against thieves, steel is always preferred over aluminum, and you should also look for a machine that has been declared corrosion resistant if you must place it outdoors.

A quality ice vending machine is good for your business and offers the value and convenience that sets your business apart from others. Look for a safe, easy-to-use machine that matches your plumbing and styling requirements and your size.