9 Cool Ideas to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Week 2021

9 Cool Ideas to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Week 2021

While unofficial official holiday falls on the first Friday in March and lasts only one day, the weekly celebration is not so much. After all, it’s not every day or every week that companies show love, joy and support for the people who make things happen, including moving mountains.

When employees are happy, they are more productive and engaged in their roles. But what makes them happy in the week of their work and their contribution? For those responsible for celebrations, you’ve come to the right page with ideas for the best employee appreciation week.

Leave the office

And no, it’s not for team building activities that you can schedule at a different time. Pick a day to go to a beautiful place with no strict schedule except some games to ruin the monotony, this trip is all about giving people time to socialize, sigh from ordinary office chores, and do nothing.

Easter Egg Hunt

Instead of traditional Easter eggs, this hunt will cover gifts that can be used for work and play, such as headsets, mice, USB hubs, thumb drives, and laptops. The party planning committee will fill out a piece of paper with the name of the object under the chairs, tables, and appliances. Whoever finds the ticket wins a prize. If the management feels generous, every day is good for an Easter egg hunt.

Everyone gets money

There are complaints that cash is not as effective in motivating employees, but in giving it money dignity especially when made locally. The challenge for managers is to approach their team members, say “thank you” and hand out the money. This is, of course, a great gesture.

Offer education

Professional development is an important step in the career ladder. Management can purchase courses online as gifts for employees. This step is a victory for both parties: the employee applies the results of the course on the job and the company saves money on updating the training material.

Writing cards

“Are you butter? Because you are on fire. It’s one of those things you can write on thank you cards for hardworking people in the office. The mind is talent when it has to be said on paper, but sincerity also melts. It is time to resume the practice of handing out handwritten cards.

Burrito Day

Here’s another holiday: National Burrito Day on the first Thursday in April. Office workers can chat because burritos are their perfect breakfast, lunch or snack. They are a pleasant surprise when fresh food is served in a burrito basket along with tacos, enchiladas, and other delicious Mexican specialties.

Say it with coffee

The goodies never end and this time it’s freshly ground coffee. Staff can order their favorite concoction or a concoction offered by the company. Another way is to buy a packet of premium coffee beans that anyone can take turns brewing. A cup powers the wheels for a productive day at the office.


Premium Friday in Japan is all about cutting long working hours and increasing consumer spending. For your company’s thank you week, ask management to reduce a workday from, say, seven to five hours. Or those who can complete their results by Friday can leave earlier than usual. The staff who are the primary caregivers will say yes to this.

Celebrate employees

End the week-long celebration with an awards ceremony on Employee Recognition Day. Although it is very effective and efficient, it should become the title of the event, others who have registered in one way or another will receive recognition.

Make your day special with personalized award plaques … This is an annual ceremony that deserves thoughtful and professionally designed certifications for worthy and dedicated employees.

Other activities can be organized throughout the week to devote the time and effort of all workers. Fun, exciting and memorable, there’s a place in Staff Appreciation Week to celebrate heroes who don’t wear a cape.

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