100 unique wedding business ideas for 2021

100 unique wedding business ideas for 2021

Looking to start a business and take a weekend getaway to the wedding industry?  here are 50 best unique wedding-related business ideas for 2021.

One of the most memorable days in anyone’s life is MARRIAGE DAY. One person collides with another person and falls in love, fits into the dream of the other, builds a lasting relationship, and the next thing on their mind, friends and family is taken to the next level, that next level. becomes legally married and spends the rest of his life together as couples …

As an entrepreneur you can make a good living doing wedding business, all over the world weddings take place almost every day, chances are good that reading this the wedding is taking place somewhere. goes to a corner of the world.

Today, brides have no reason to spend more money on the bride’s wedding. life expectancy. There are many aspects of a wedding, and it is this aspect that you build your business around. The marriage business is a big industry that is not affected by the economic depression or the global crisis.

An overview of the wedding industry

According to the Wedding Consulting Association, 2.4 million weddings are held in the United States each year, and weddings total $ 51 billion in the United States. Money spent on weddings has increased 47% since 2009, according to a research firm. They went from $ 995 for a wedding to $ 1,466 in 2012.

The expansion observed in the industry is the result of stronger growth. economic conditions. It is expected that as disposable income increases, couples will be encouraged to marry and spend more money on marriage-related services. Industrial growth is expected to accelerate over the next five years if the economy continues to strengthen.

This does not mean that the industry is saturated because if you find a niche that you can fill, you will continue to attract many customers for your business.

The factors and incentives that motivate people to engage in these activities are the ability to get a good return on a small business investment if you are passionate about your job. It is a profitable business that can be started with a small initial investment. Here are 50 wedding business ideas that you can use;

50 best unique wedding-related business ideas for 2021


A professional who assists in the design, planning and organization of the client’s wedding. As the name suggests, the wedding planner assists in the implementation of the wedding program. The wedding planner manages things from start to finish, designs the look, creates things, organizes them, finds and manages vendors and coordinates everything for the day.

They can attend meetings with or without a couple, make decisions on their behalf, and find many ways to make life easier for future couples. Simply put, a wedding planner takes away the stressful and energy-consuming part of planning a wedding, leaving only the fun and exciting part for couples.

From the above, it is clear that wedding planning is big business in this part of the world. The wedding business, especially in the United States, is gigantic, with two million weddings held each year costing over $ 80 billion. The starting salary for wedding and event planning companies ranges from £ 16,000 to £ 20,000 per year. With experience, senior wedding and event planners can earn £ 25,000 or more. Freelance salaries will depend on your fees and the number of weddings you organize.


A makeup artist is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty in the human body. In its simplest form, it improves a person’s appearance by highlighting color and features, as well as hiding or smoothing out blemishes with the help of cosmetics. Makeup artists are some of the best in the entertainment, wedding, and beauty industries.

Their level of income is a factor of their ancestry, experience and network. Training programs for makeup artists vary in length. A course can last several weeks, and the entire program can take several months. Every bride loves to look unattractive on her big day.

Brides spend a lot of money on makeup for their big day in order to look their best on the big day. However, the bridal makeup industry is a bit saturated right now, so if you want to become a makeup artist, you need to make sure you do it right. This is the only way to beat the competition and survive in this business. Outside of the bridal industry, there are other opportunities for a makeup artist.


Food and drinks served to guests usually take up a large portion of the wedding budget. As the taste of food and the quality of service become serious issues, more and more couples are choosing to have food prepared and served by professional vendors during their wedding. Catering for weddings has become very popular due to the wide range of menu options available.

Nowadays, most menus include small chops, snacks, cocktails, multi-course and desserts. Starting a catering business is a great idea for entrepreneurs who are well organized, hardworking, creative and able to adapt and adapt to the changing needs and demands of customers. It is a business that can be done part-time while gaining experience, building new customers and purchasing equipment.

  1. BAKER

For those who love baking, this is the deal for you. Express your creativity by starting a business specializing in wedding cakes. Create a photo gallery of your cake samples to use as an online brochure. Place your ads on various social networks leading to your website. Offline, start gifting your family and close friends wedding cakes for a nominal fee and hand out your business cards with your email and web address. Cutting the wedding cake in front of friends and family is one of the highlights of the wedding day.

Cakes tend to be the central theme of most weddings, and most couples like to take the time to select special and unique designs, flavors, and colors for their wedding cake. For couples, there are different types of cakes to choose from, depending on their preferences and budget. Traditional wedding cakes have multiple tiers (or layers) and are usually decorated with creative decor and patterns. If you have a knack for baking and a creative approach to creating attractive and delicious wedding cakes, starting a wedding cake business might be the right idea.

  1. Designer wedding dresses

To start a wedding dress business, all you need to do is post photos of the different dresses online, as this is usually where the bride looks for models. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in new dresses; Instead, give the newlyweds their full set of surrounding dresses at a lower price, so they can save on some of their costs and you’ll either rent your dresses or sell them for a lot less. Either way, brides spend a lot on their dream wedding dress to create the perfect look on their wedding day.

You can expect the numbers to increase further if it is a celebrity wedding. If you follow fashion and top quality, you can start helping brides by selling wedding dresses, bridesmaids, men’s tuxedos and suits, lingerie and corsets, bridal shoes, tiaras and cosmetics. If you don’t have too much capital to invest in the business, you can meet the needs of thrifty couples like me and start a wedding dress rental service – with a little dress, a business phone, and a website, you are good to go.


Weddings tend to be a very hot topic, especially among young single women. This customer segment is always interested in the latest trends in wedding dresses / gowns, wedding themes, rings, cake designs, flowers and many more. First of all, brides-to-be always need all the help and information they can get to make their dream wedding a huge success. Publishing a wedding blog is generally easier and cheaper than publishing a magazine.

We recommend that you start with a blog before treating print media like magazines. Most blogs are free to set up and you can get started in under 30 minutes. These websites provide lots of useful information on the latest wedding trends, styles and fashions.


Despite the capital intensity, you can start a wedding magazine. Start publishing bridal magazines and you will immediately become popular. Not only will you be popular, but you will always be smiling in the bank when you publish your magazine.


On average, around 30% of the wedding budget is spent on the reception or the wedding venue. This often makes it the most expensive part of almost every wedding. Couples look for places with plenty of seating for their guests, ample parking, security, and space in a very accessible part of town.

Other features that make the place more attractive are the beautiful scenery and surroundings (which would be great for photos), toilets, air conditioning and good sound systems. Typically, most wedding venues are outdoor spaces, hotel conference rooms, government buildings, or special venues specially designed for weddings and other celebrations.

While wedding events can require significant capital to build and set up, they can be very profitable businesses if set up in the right location in a densely populated part of town. Since most couples usually pay for a venue in advance to reserve preferred dates, this business can become a significant source of income for its owners. Entrepreneurs can also use the wedding venues to sell other wedding services to clients.


When it comes to dancing, people tend to like it or hate it. For engaged couples in the hate category, this private dance lesson can help create a simple yet elegant first dance. You can even offer classes for the entire wedding party, so they’re ready to hit the dance floor on the big day.


Thanks to the trend of marriage, this role is becoming more and more important. Additionally, as the number of interfaith marriages increases, non-confessional ministers are an obvious choice. If you want to travel, speak in public and know how to tell stories, this may be for you.


Another simple business idea that can be a lot of fun is becoming a wedding videographer. Basically, you spend your professional life at parties where people are energetic, positive, and enthusiastic. You also have the ability to turn one of the most important events in a person’s life into a visual memory they’ll love to watch over and over again.

If you’re a videographer with a passion for your own creative ideas, starting a wedding business can be a great way to make money while skipping your daily job. In fact, most weddings take place on weekends, which means you have time for some arts. For a successful wedding videography, you will need a car to travel freely, as well as the space and equipment you need for the editing – whether at home or, as desired, in a setting. office or studio.


If you’re a creative person, selling wedding gifts is easy. business idea to consider! Unlike other industries, whose financial viability tends to decrease and decrease depending on the economic climate, the wedding industry is always in vogue. In fact, the average Australian wedding costs around $ 36,000. So, once you build a loyal following, you will likely have a steady flow of work. It’s also the perfect job for anyone who enjoys meeting people, participating in organizing special events, and bringing creativity to their work.

Plus, it’s an activity that offers a lot of flexibility – you can decide whether you want to focus on a specific topic or market niche you’re interested in, or take a more general approach. Business for a wedding can be done online, from your home office or through a store. for the sale of bricks and mortars.


Many weddings, parties, memorials and receptions now feature Power Point presentations to share with guests. Presentations generally involve the use of photographs with short text and films. If you don’t have the necessary skills, you might want to consider learning some skills in this regard.


If you have excellent writing skills and are good at listening, consider writing wedding vows for couples. You can offer these services in person, online or over the phone. You can also apply your writing skills to create invitations and personal announcements.


What could be more important to a wedding than flowers? Why not choose a wedding florist? Gather a photo portfolio of your bridal and bridesmaids bouquet, mom’s corsages, and boutonnieres for the gentlemen of the wedding party. A good way to start a career as a wedding florist is to provide your services to a wedding of friends or family for a fee. Be sure to take photos to build your portfolio.

Services typically include bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, mothers’ corsages, and boutonnieres for all the gentlemen attending the wedding. Couples usually ask for two arrangements for the ceremony location and a few single flowers on the sides of the aisle. At the reception, florists can play with beautiful centerpieces, cocktail tables and petals on the cake and cake table.


If you like cars, you can get married. You can hire limousines, party buses, classic cars, or even a motorcycle. There will always be a need for the right type of vehicle to suit the couple and their marriage. Couples love to use smooth rides for their dream wedding. You can run a car rental service that specializes in weddings, and when weddings aren’t taking place, you can rent your car to tourists and others interested in renting a car.

You can turn your love of cars into a wedding business by renting limousines, party buses, classic cars, or even motorcycles for couples looking to make the front door. Most companies charge by the hour and offer additional services such as special lighting, music, and drinks.


All wedding venues require chairs, tables, glass plates, cutlery, backdrops, table and chair covers, tents, portable toilets, electric generators, and sound equipment. Some smart entrepreneurs run a rental business that provides all of these things and more. Depending on the location of the wedding, rental companies will charge a fee for delivery, rooming, and next day delivery. Some rental companies also provide refrigerators that store and cool any drinks that will be used during the wedding.

Often, wedding venues offer additional equipment rental services. Home furnishings can be billed on the basis of an individual item or a daily flat rate. The rental business needs start-up capital to purchase chairs, tables, tents, and all other items needed for a wedding. You will also need (or hire) a large truck to transport these items to and from the premises. Labor is also needed to load and unload trucks, set up tents and set up furniture on site.


Invitation cards usually create the first impression of a wedding. This usually indicates the theme and the general mood of the vacation. Couples around the world spend up to $ 2 billion annually on wedding stationery such as party invitations, wedding programs, and greeting cards, and this space offers plenty of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. If you are artistic or have a knack for print design, this will be a great deal for you.

If you are running low on printing and design software capabilities, you can hire a professional designer to create templates for your clients to choose from. of. Anyone looking to be successful in this business should also have a reliable, experienced, and professional printer that produces extremely high quality prints.


The host of the ceremony (MC or moderator) is the host of the wedding who must make sure that everyone has a good time. More often than not, the success of a marriage depends a lot on the quality of the MC. A good wedding MC is more than one who is good at public speaking or who can tell a few jokes. A professional MC keeps the wedding reception running smoothly by coordinating everyone including guests, food service employees, photographer and camcorder, as well as the DJ, band and performers.


The bride and groom consider the photographer to be one of their most important salespeople as they capture the special moments of the day. Most photographers offer different packages depending on the couple’s budget. A luxury package can include an engagement, wedding portraits, two wedding day photographers, an engagement record book, and a wedding album. Some couples prefer à la carte services.


From first dances to father-daughter songs, bring everyone to the receptionist’s dance floor with great music and entertaining wedding DJ skills. Use your music collections from different eras to delight every generation of music. A wedding DJ can make or break an event. If you have a lot of energy, an eye for detail, a love of music and personality, this may be the perfect role for you. Some DJs also serve as wedding planners. By looking at both offers, you can add value to your customers.


Couples with big budgets have problems with the DJ and the band, and they alternate during the reception. For example, they may want their first dance song to be played live, but prefer a DJ later in the evening for a nightclub vibe. Or some might stay with a live band all night. Create a CD with the best jams from your bands and send it to wedding planners in your area.


Ice sculptures are a striking addition to any reception, ice sculptures can take any shape, whether near the main entrance with the steam monogram, in the corner like a cake stand or at the bar like a sleigh for drinks. It is also a business that can be integrated with other types of corporate celebrations and events. Melt hearts with your artistic talents by creating ice sculptures for weddings. Couples are looking for unique settings for their parties, and ice sculptures are a proven sight.


A day coordinator differs from an actual wedding planner in that their sole responsibility is to ensure that there is no disaster on the wedding day. This is ideal for a bride who wants to take control of her wedding but can’t do it all herself on her wedding day. The Day coordinator typically meets with couples about a month before the big day to catch up and get lists of suppliers. Wedding planners may also offer next day coordination as an additional service.


Since couples spend more money on their wedding day, they also risk a lot more if a natural disaster ruins their plans. Wedding insurance generally protects against inclement weather, death or illness that results in cancellations. Bride and groom typically pay around $ 300 to $ 25,000.


According to The Knot, the average budget for a honeymoon is $ 4,200. This means that some couples make shorter and easier trips, while others choose exotic and luxurious destinations. Either way, your role as a travel agent and honeymoon planner is to find options that fit their budget while also meeting their wishlist criteria. If a couple enjoys golf, schedule some time for them. Special touches in white gloves will help you stand out from traditional travel agencies.


With a busy schedule before the wedding, most engaged couples don’t think about what to bring with them on their honeymoon a few days before the wedding, which is likely to forget something. Create fun bridal baskets based on popular destinations like Hawaii or Tahiti. For example, in Hawaii, you can include snorkel shoes, sunscreen, after-sun lotion, beach shelters, and flip-flops. They make great shower gifts and save the couple time and money.


If you can’t tell the honeymooners out the way they look at each other, these shirts and hats will confirm that they were recently pinned. With words like the bride, the groom, the bridegroom, “Mr. and Mrs. ”, Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith, it’s a fun way for a couple to show off their new marital status.


Bride and groom are tired of typical services and instead look for unique pieces that match their wedding theme. For example, Emmanuelle says beach services are hot right now. Some couples decide to give up the favor entirely and donate money to charity instead. In this case, you can create an elegant card that will be displayed in each location, explaining where the donation takes place.


It’s a relatively new trend that bride and groom are starting to ask for. And that’s no surprise: if you didn’t know, weddings today are all about personalization; and what could be more personal than a painting at the reception by the artist who was there while it was happening? It is also a cool feature for guests to enjoy creating their masterpiece. So if you are a good artist, the wedding industry has its own niche for making money.


Since weddings are all about food and drink, a toilet will be needed. For outdoor dates or weddings, portable toilets are a suitable option. Sleek toilets usually have cutlery, marble sinks, rugs, and a black tie. Companies typically charge around $ 3,500 for an eight-hour lease. In this way, you can also earn good income from your mobile toilets by renting them out at weddings.


Lighting can make a big difference in a room. When done effectively, it can transform mundane ballrooms into a winter wonderland or an underwater paradise. It’s best to connect to a location so that customers are more likely to use you. In many cases, if you have an agreement with a venue, couples will be charged additional fees if they use another provider. As a lighting engineer, marriage is another place to make money.


Furniture rental companies give certain techniques a living room feel by providing sofas and other fancy plush seating in designated areas. Some couples also hope that the wedding party and the family can have fun after the party and make sure the night lasts as long as possible.


This setting usually belongs to the category If we have a budget for this category for the busiest couples. Slipcovers are the most common way to give your chair a little slap. Chiavari armchairs are an option for more formal weddings. They come in a variety of colors including gold, brown, silver, and white. Most companies charge a fee for shipping, room setup, and next day delivery.


Don’t forget your pets. Pet stores can make a name for themselves in the wedding industry as the experts in animal weddings. More and more Americans are choosing to include pets in their weddings, it’s a growing market. Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Tory Spelling and Adam Sandler have their dogs herded together at weddings.>

Once they have found the perfect dress, brides want to wear accessories with the perfect tiara, veil, necklace, earrings, handbag and shoes. A website offering all of the above would be a good one stop shop. Or, if making necklaces and earrings is your forte, focus on that. You can also ask local bridal shops to display their jewelry at trade shows in the trunk  .


As the wedding day approaches, brides and their bridesmaids need PO. So why not bring them a spa? Provide massages, pedicures, and manicures, but don’t forget the mimosas. On a related note, hot parties are also a popular night out for girls instead of a bachelorette party.


Looking great when getting married is the goal of many couples ready to take the plunge. Use your personal trainer skills to help grooms and brides-to-be in great shape on their big day. By the time the bride puts the ring on her finger, she’s probably already thinking about how she will fit into the perfect dress. This is where you come from. By providing fitness workouts and dietary advice, you can fill a growing niche in the wedding industry. Other popular cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening, cellulite treatment, and hair removal.


Couples may think that love is all they need, but a marriage preparation course is invaluable for couples before they take the next step. If you and your partner have a long-term romantic relationship and are willing to share your victories and tragedies, it may lead to the number of marriages changing.


According to experts at Wedding Channel, people spend between $ 3 billion and $ 5 billion a year on bride registration. Most of that money is spent in department store chains like Macys, but what about smaller stores? Give small retailers a national online presence for their marriage registry offerings by including them on your website. This service also allows brides to find everything they need in one place.


Once you master the art of calligraphy, this business won’t have a lot of overhead. Although envelopes are printed on some brides, calligraphy remains the traditional way of inviting to weddings. Services include personalization of internal and external invitation envelopes, as well as placement of cards, menus and programs. The current price for a set of handwritten invitations is around $ 4.


Once the potential suitors plan the proposal, the looping learning process begins. And they do their own research. Many brides and grooms are increasingly interested in conflict-free diamonds. There aren’t that many diamond retailers currently offering them exclusively, so you can fill that niche to saturation point.


Since every girl wants the perfect romantic proposal, you can take advantage of this idea if you are creative and can always think outside the box. Many bride and groom are looking for a memorable way to kneel down. Acting as an advisor, ego booster, and inspiration, your goal is to create the most romantic and personalized proposition. You can be as creative as their budget allows, including making suggestions in a hot air balloon or atop the Eiffel Tower.


Manage the couples’ social media presence throughout their wedding so that fans, followers, and guests who might not be able to attend are in the front row for photos and commentary on this momentous day.


Since you are a hairstylist, get ready to create your own bridal hair. In the United States, couples spend an average of $ 30,000 on a wedding, according to Theknot.com. A few simple steps will ensure that you have created a beauty wedding business with happy brides singing your praises. The easiest way to book your first wedding client is to have photos of your work. You immediately build trust when potential customers can see the different types of styles you can create. This is one of the main reasons why a bride-to-be will choose you over another hairstylist or makeup artist.

Brides want to know that you will listen to their wishes on their big day and believe that you can deliver them. Collect a portfolio of photos of hairstyles you made for other brides or special occasions. This will show the range of your work as well as ideas for the bride’s hairstyle. Don’t have pictures? Use clients, students, or models who have special events to attend. Style their hair for an event and take photos of your work. Use photos as placeholders in your portfolio until you get more professional photos of your work.


The couple, although deeply in love, are still afraid and worried about certain aspects of their marriage. You can start a marriage counseling business and charge couples per hour.


there has been an increase in the number of so-called destination weddings, which were held where neither the bride nor the groom live or have a family. It is estimated that one in 10 marriages is a targeted marriage, which has grown significantly over the past decade. Modern couples are often older than 15 or 20 years ago, often travel better and / or may want something more exotic.

The main destinations for American couples are Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe, southern France and Italy. Hot zone resorts and hotels are becoming more and more active in their wedding business, collecting packages and offering more services for those looking for wedding favors.


Highlight an area that you can use to run your home wedding decorating business. At a minimum, the site should have a computer, phone, desk, plenty of seating for you and your clients, several storage solutions such as bins, and a large table for assembling jewelry. Research the wedding industry to discover the services offered by wedding decorators and identify trends. Look for other wedding decorating companies in your area that are your direct competition.

Find ways to differentiate your business. Identify the types of wedding decorating services you want to offer to engaged couples and associate a price for each. Find a name and label for your home wedding business. Make sure customers can easily identify the type of business you run when they see or hear the name and tagline.


No one wants to drink hot drinks, you can take advantage of this idea by starting a van business. You will be helping the couples chill their drinks in your fridge van, it is a mobile business and with the right marketing strategy you will be attending the wedding every week.

The wedding business is one of those evergreen industries that never go out of style. The population of the planet is increasing every year and you will never need customers if you have a new approach to your niche. Despite its status as an old institution, marriage and related practices continue to develop over time. If you can learn how to roll with the bangs and respond to new market realities, running a long-lasting wedding business that rakes the green isn’t difficult. Continuation of the article …

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