WordPress small business intranet

WordPress small business intranet

For many modern professionals, working means traveling on behalf of their business.

Their office laptop is in constant use and they have become skilled enough to work remotely.

This is the kind of employee who will benefit if your company decides to set up an intranet.

The intranet is a popular business tool because the workplace has changed. Some people in the office have desks. Others work in a mobile workspace. When employees are on the move, laptops become an online link to headquarters.

So, how do you connect employees in your headquarters with teleworkers? No Email – Employees can take too long to search through all of their emails for the right ones.

A small business intranet is the perfect way to communicate with colleagues and is more efficient than email. With employee laptops connected to your company intranet, everyone at headquarters will be up to date.

Intranets are ideal for expanding your mobile workspace. And it is, as more and more companies are hiring remote workers. The intranet allows mobile workers to continue to collaborate on projects with their colleagues in the most efficient way, which increases productivity.

Fluid communication between teams can increase productivity and team cohesion. If your business is evolving towards remote workers, this type of system helps keep all your employees on the same page. And you won’t have to rely on tons of emails coming and going all day.

How can an intranet improve the productivity of the mobile workforce?

Today, more and more companies are turning to mobile jobs. In a limited job market, it is sometimes easier to find talent in another city. Employers should be able to hire top talent regardless of their location.

However, this choice means a change in the tools that companies want to provide to their teleworkers. Many of them switch from emails to notifications in apps or chat apps.

There have also been changes from office meetings to video conferencing.

And the key. The tool for doing all of these tasks is the intranet.

An intranet is a valuable way to connect employees and share information, no matter who is in the office and who is not. This type of system allows communication between all employees on a daily basis.

What can an intranet do for your business?

This innovative solution provides a central portal for company resources and tools. Each department has its own page, accessible only to employees of that department. It is a completely private network, accessible only to people in your organization. Businesses can stay in touch with all of their employees, including remote employees, so that teams can communicate in the most effective way.

News blogs, static pages, and internal announcements can be posted to all departments. Thanks to the centralized system, employees are fully involved in working with their colleagues and managers. A WordPress-based system means employees can use the most popular WordPress features.

Department administrators can use various software to create site access for an unlimited number of employees. They can also coordinate tasks and work together on long-term projects.

It’s the most natural WordPress intranet solution for small and medium businesses looking to improve team collaboration.

The best part about this software is a cost effective solution for small business because it only costs $ 499. These are not a monthly fee, but a one-time fee. Once purchased, you have a system that is easy to install and does not require an IT department for maintenance.

How is mobile technology changing our workforce?

Today, it’s important that businesses keep up with mobile technology. You should be able to use your intranet to help all of your employees, regardless of their location.

A mobile phone is an efficient way to perform everyday business functions. An intranet that connects remote workers allows workers to work efficiently.

This is even truer in an age when many professionals spend more time on the road than in the office.

Many companies have chosen WordPress for some reason. It is a versatile content management system that allows users to build functional websites and mobile apps.

It also remains very easy to use, flexible for different uses and customizable with plugins that add extra functionality to your site.

“Most WordPress users are not web or software designers. Most people start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of website development. The reason WordPress is an ideal candidate is that there are thousands of free templates (themes) to choose from, allowing you to give your website the look you want. There is a WordPress theme for just about everything … WordPress themes are easy to customize as many of them have their own option bar which allows you to change colors, upload a logo, change the background, create cute sliders, and do other cool stuff from your site without ever writing any code. “- WPBeginner

This means that employees are more likely to use your intranet for precisely these reasons.

Most businesses today realize that email is not the best option for digital communications. On an intranet, most of your internal communication takes place on a private network.

By using intranet services from a trusted source, you can save money. Other expensive intranet software requires you to use monthly payments to use it. But some of them give you the same great service for a flat fee.

Businesses also save money by hosting meetings, discussions, and brainstorming sessions on their intranet. Instead of worrying about setting a specific time and place where everyone can meet in person, teams can now connect to the Internet using the intranet anywhere.


Today, the rule of thumb for the growing segment of the workforce is simple: No office, no problem. Businesses can connect with all of their employees, regardless of their location, with the Internet being an essential internal communication tool.

An intranet is essential for staying in touch with your employees when they are on the move. Keep them up to date with company news and conversations that matter to them so everyone is in the know.

Collab Hub provides a central portal for corporate resources and tools. Each department has its own page, accessible only to employees of that department. It is a completely private network, accessible only to people in your organization. Businesses can stay in touch with all of their employees, including remote employees. In this way, teams can communicate in the most effective way.

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