Make Money Teaching English In Singapore

Make Money Teaching English In Singapore

Looking to earn money as a teacher in Singapore?  here is the full requirement to teach English in Singapore without experience / diploma.

Singapore is a country that lacks significant natural resources but offers a wide range of business opportunities. for a foreign investor. The ease of doing business in Singapore is said to be one of the country’s top attractions.

Living and doing business in Singapore promises prosperity, even if one decides to start a business around education. language. Of the four main languages ​​spoken in Singapore, English is the one receiving the most attention, so learning this language would definitely be beneficial as English is not the country’s first language.

You could learn English more effectively if you study the language professionally; it would not be desirable to rush into teaching the language if you do not have the necessary training.

Anyone who teaches in English should have a thorough understanding of literature, pronunciation, sentence structure, vocabulary, etc. Teaching English also includes teaching creative composition, writing, speaking, etc. The English teacher will need to develop a program that incorporates accepted English language standards.

This article will focus on the concept of making money teaching English in Singapore. Here’s how to make money teaching English in Singapore.

How To Make Money Teaching English In Singapore Without Experience / Diploma

  1. Teach English in an institution

You can make money by teaching English reading skills to children aged 3-14 at the appropriate school or institution. You might think that all English language instruction in Singapore would be in ESL (English as a Second Language), but there are schools that do not require teachers to teach English as a second language, they usually require that English teachers also teach English. how students should study physics, chemistry, etc.

  1. give private lessons

In addition to teaching in a regular classroom or school, you can give private lessons to children and adults who may need this service. In fact, private tutoring is said to be more profitable than standard teaching work in school.

As a private teacher, you can choose your rates for different types of clients; The ability to refine your methods to get the most out of your student is also a way to become even more effective in your work. In addition, the watch can be very flexible, giving you more control over your time. You can decide what to do with other free time in addition to regular schoolwork and private lessons.

  1. Teach English Online

Information technology has shaped the way we do things and as such, creating an online learning platform is another way to make money teaching English in Singapore. Private lessons are a great idea; however, switching from one customer to another can create limits on the number of customers you can reach or the reach.

Fortunately, this problem is solved when someone decides to start an online learning portal. This will allow interested applicants from all over Singapore to access your videos and training materials. Rather than enduring the stress of taking you to different locations, you can have your own virtual classroom where students can log into your live sessions and participate. E-book sales

In addition to the above points, developing eBooks that focus on various aspects of the language is another way to make money teaching English in Singapore. These eBooks will be sold through your online platform to those who sign up so they can have your own content on the topic.

You may need to create more than one eBook for additional diversification. your source of income. Beyond that, you can also sell other eBooks and materials from verified authors on your e-learning platform, as long as you know how to profit from selling these materials. I believe that some form of financial compensation must be paid to the author or his publishers in order to legally sell these materials.

  1. Instruct other teachers

Teaching other aspiring English teachers in Singapore is another way to make extra money teaching English, there are always those who want to do what you are doing and need guidance.

Is the aspiring teacher ready to teach English as a Foreign Language and needs to prepare for the required certification, or does he wish to learn the language in order to teach at a general level? Providing professional advice can be a great source of additional income beyond your regular teaching job at an institution.

  1. Development and sale of specialized lesson plans

Developing specialized English lesson plans is another great way to make money teaching English. These lessons can be sold to other teachers who wish to use your methods if they prove to be effective. They can be sold to schools in Singapore to further enhance their already established curriculum.

Or they can be sold to students who want to learn a language on their own. I can imagine the level of creativity and discipline it would take to make this rewarding innovation available, but if the lessons are sold well, they can be very profitable.

  1. Organization of events for English teachers

Hosting live events, workshops, and exhibitions that expand the scope of your English learning is another way to make money in the profession. This event can be organized for English teachers in Singapore who wish to upgrade their skills or be part of any English teacher community.

When people of similar professions come together in this way, ideas on how to improve the services they provide are discussed, professional relationships are established, equipment is sold, etc. The event can also attract those interested in learning English and looking for the best options available in the country.

  1. Write for websites

You can write for educational websites, principals or other teachers about English as a language. I’m sure there are various educational websites out there that would love to receive content from someone who has a lot of experience in the field.

One of the things that connects site visitors is the power of content posted on a blog or on the internet. Forum. Building relationships with the owners of these websites and writing relevant articles or even creating engaging videos will benefit educational websites, or even principals will appreciate it.

  1. Promote your own for-profit website

Of course, after creating your own website and developing online tutorials, videos, eBooks, etc., this is another way to make even more money by promoting this site as much as possible. There are different ways you can make money with your website other than the people who directly buy your content.

You can get paid per click if your content is on various educational websites that use your content or video content. promote the coverage of said educational site. Or earn money by advertising other brands or related content on your site. Once your site begins to attract a large number of visitors, it can be a great way to make money without even putting in a lot of effort.

  1. Teach English at special events

Singapore is known for its festivals, vacations, and even tourist attractions. You may be teaching English during these holiday periods to tourists and visitors. It will surely pique the interest of people so that they can seek additional knowledge of the language.

Additionally, you can contact various travel agencies or travel agencies to provide their English teaching services as part of the program. the services provided by these organizations. The travel agency can simply inform interested travelers that there is a crash course in English upon admission to Singapore, interested customers can register.

  1. Classrooms in your home or rented space

If you have a lot of space in your apartment, you can teach at home or, better yet, rent a room where students can come and practice. You may need to register your private academy in order to comply with the law, except registering a suitable business gives you the opportunity to grow over time.

In contrast, just use the sole proprietorship so that your teaching can work as well, if that’s what you’re comfortable with. I imagine it would be much easier to rent a place and ask the students to come and study.

  1. Freelance English teacher

You can be a freelance English teacher for several organizations. This is great because there may be different educational institutions or even organizations that may need you to teach English to your employees. The administration can give you time during the week to come. You can also teach in summer schools or summer camps when the time comes.

  1. Obtain a higher qualification as an English teacher

We know how additional qualifications can increase customer confidence. As with many other professions, if a client knows that you have received multiple specialist certifications in your field, whether it is a master’s degree or some other type of professional certification that increases your credibility as a teacher in the field. English, he tends to feel you are more comfortable with your service. You can even use these skills as a selling point to earn more income because they show your level of experience and knowledge.

  1. English magazines

Either you develop your own study and English journal, or you write an existing journal for them. If you are the editor of a magazine, you can make money by selling magazines directly. It is possible to spread the word about schools, airports, travel agencies, and even schools as an easy way to gain knowledge of the language by browsing through other interesting articles and topics.

  1. Develop a tutoring application

You might not need to develop it yourself, but having your own tutor app can be another way to attract more people to your content and earn money selling the app. This can be done in two ways; the app can be your personal app that directs people to your service as an English teacher and your e-books, audio and video lessons. Or it could be an app you developed to help you teach people English.

  1. Language magazines

Journals are academic articles designed for scientists around the world. When you write these language journals with English as the main concept, there is a chance that your journals will be sold on various academic sites around the world depending on whether they are published or not. As a published author, you may also be invited to speak at university events across Singapore.


When creativity is applied to any profession, the ways to make a profit become endless and teaching English in Singapore is no different. To be successful in any field, you need to understand the environment in which you operate and develop several innovative approaches to reach your target market.