How local merchants can attract more customers

How local merchants can attract more customers

The commerce industry is incredibly competitive and new customers are hard to find. Many marketers rely on advice for the job, and while word of mouth is great free advertising, there are other avenues you can take.

Internet access

Most merchants don’t have a main street storefront, so your site is your storefront. It should have a simple yet eye-catching design that reflects the hard but nearly done work you do and builds with a constant flow of relevant content. If you have the foundation of a reliable website with quality content, you will create lots of new customers. Content can include blogs, portfolios of past work, tips and tricks for aspiring marketers, or specials. Keep it relevant and interesting.

Social networks should not be disrupted

Besides a good website, social media is another platform to attract more customers. If you manage the right strategy, only Facebook can attract tons of new customers. Plus, for a reasonable price, Facebook ads will show your work to thousands of new potential local customers.

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Offer a discount

Pricing is often one of the reasons a prospect might seem reluctant, so try offering a discount as it’s a great way to let customers pay for your work.

Autonomous brand

Since most of your customers are likely to come from referrals, your business can best be described as word of mouth. This is why it is important that your offline branding look good. This is how your customers will notice and, most importantly, remember you. Build yourself as a brand by creating a logo and embellishing it on your van or uniform. You can make a brand logo for next to nothing and be represented by this badge for a long time.


Partnering with other businesses is an incredibly effective way to promote your business. services for a new audience. Accept, formally or informally, a business that offers a variety of products or services that you relate to each other with your relevant existing customers. You need to maintain a collaborative relationship as it can really help your business grow. However, choose a potential collaboration partner wisely, as a business with a negative reputation can retain both customers. A negative reputation can come from something as simple as not having third party liability insurance – which is crucial for a UK trader – with a list of bad reviews. Constructaquote’s social responsibility protects small businesses from unforeseen accidents.

Distribution of brochures

Although most modern times can now be experienced on the Internet, the method of distributing leaflets in old age is far from over. A so called “flyer” can still be very effective, so take your new logo and paste it on your flyer along with a list of your services and contact details. Whether you are promoting your business or promoting an advertisement, flyers are another great way to make a lasting visual impact. We recognize that door-to-door flyer distribution can be time-consuming, so try to choose public parking lots and common living areas. You can even go to local stores with a package and deliver it to waiting customers.