Highly Paid Career Ideas For A Tattoo

Highly Paid Career Ideas For A Tattoo

Do you have a visible tattoo and want a high paying career that requires a tattoo?  here are 50 best career ideas to get a tattoo and get paid well in 2021.

Tired of hiding your tattoo from your boss? Worried that your tattoos will prevent you from finding a job in the future  ? You don’t have to worry anymore. According to the latest statistics, at least 30% of young people between the ages of 18 and 35 have or have had tattoos at some point, so tattoos are nothing out of the ordinary.

It is true that many companies do not hire people with highly visible tattoos, such as people with tattoos on the neck, face, arms or other obvious areas of the body because they believe this will a negative impact on their corporate image.

However, for every business that will not use you for your tattoos, there are dozens of other jobs / professions where the presence or absence of tattoos has nothing to do with them as they are primarily interested in your skills and talents, not your physical attributes.

We have offered at least 50 such careers where tattooing is crime free:

50 Best High-Paying Career Ideas That Get Tattoos For 2021

1. Virtual Assistant:  By becoming a virtual assistant, you can work from your home or any location you want so that your client doesn’t necessarily know or care that you have tattoos.

2. Scientist:  As a scientist, you are essentially your own boss, but even when you take a job with an employer, employers are mostly interested in your research skills and knowledge and hardly care about your tattoos.

3. Fashion Stylist:  Tattoos on a fashion stylist make him look even more fashionable. You can help celebrities and other interested parties come up with clothing ideas that will make them stand out from the crowd.

4. Soccer Player:  No one cares about your tattoo as a soccer player. In fact, almost all football players have ink on their bodies.

5. Vet:  Animals don’t really care if their caregiver has ink, so why bother anyone? As a vet, you can easily find a job without being tried on for your tattoos, especially since you will be working directly with clients most of the time.

6. Website Designer:  Another career idea in which your skills and professionalism are more important than your physical qualities is website development.

7. Cattle / Groomer:  If you do not have the qualifications to work as a veterinarian, you can work as a breeder or cattle groomer instead.

8. Architect:  As an architect you are a creative person so people naturally expect you to be creative in developing building plans for their clients. Tattoos are generally not a problem for architects.

9. The Astronaut:  There are not many astronauts in the world, so those who are available are glorified and recruited whether they have ink on their bodies or not.

10. Call center operator : Call center  operators do not deal directly with customers. They mostly work with clients remotely, so tattoos are usually not considered when hiring call center operators.

11. Actor:  Many actors have tattoos on their bodies, although when they need to act, they may need to cover up the tattoos temporarily.

12. Security Guard : Some security  companies do not hire tattooed guards, but many security companies employ people with tattoos, especially uniformed security companies.

13. Hairdresser:  Tattoos are the norm in the hair and beauty industry, so their use will not be a problem for you in this career.

14. Interior Designer  As long as you can come up with bright and vibrant designs for homes, offices, and other spaces, your clients or employers won’t care about your tattoos.

15. Doctor:  While some hospitals frown on tattoos and piercings, there are hundreds of hospitals that do not care. Even the hospitals that condemn them only care about visible tattoos, such as tattoos on the face, neck or arms.

16. Farmer / Agricultural Scientist:  Farmers and agricultural scientists can get tattoos as much as they want and no one really cares.

17. Film Editor: Film  editors mostly work freelance, so tattoos are usually not a problem for them.

18. Graphic Designer:  This is another career for creatives where tattoos are considered the norm or even a sign that you are very good at what you do because you can create your own tattoos.

20. Researcher:  Most researchers these days work online or remotely, so tattoos are usually not a problem for them.

20. Lifeguard:  Your strength and passion for saving others are the most important things for people who hire lifeguards. Many people who visit swimming pools, beaches and water parks get tattoos, so this is usually not a problem for them.

21. Makeup Artist:  As a makeup artist you mostly work independently or with actors, celebrities, and fashion people who also have tattoos so your tattoos won’t be a problem.

22. Nurse:  Your tattoos can be a problem only when you are in nursing school, as most nursing schools do not allow tattooed students, but if you are already a nurse, find a job. won’t necessarily be a problem, as many hospitals allow nurses to get tattoos or at least cover them with long-sleeved scrubs.

23. Physiotherapist:  You can work as a physiotherapist with tattoos; this is usually not a problem for physiotherapists.

24. Private Investigator: Another career idea is to work as a private investigator  . In fact, your tattoos can be a plus as you can blend in with the crowd while working on certain things.

25. Tattoo Artist:  What better way to showcase your talents and the services you offer than by having your body tattooed? In this career you will not have any problem, even if every square inch of your body is covered with ink.

26. Musician:  a large percentage of musicians have ink; it won’t stop people from listening to your music, nor will it stop record companies from signing you.

27. Basketball player:  Any career that involves playing ball allows you to get a tattoo without discrimination.

28. Backstage Artist:  Since your job is not physical and, most importantly, you have a charming voice, you can easily embark on a career as a vocal artist regardless of the tattoo.

29, zookeeper:  When working with animals, your physical characteristics don’t matter if you can do your job well.

30. Athlete:  You can represent your university, country or state at a sporting event and no one will care about your tattoos.

31. Engineer:  Many engineers have tattoos and this is not a problem for them, although some corporate engineering companies do not hire engineers with tattoos, but as engineers do. plenty of freelance opportunities no matter if the company chooses to hire you or not. …

32. Bus driver:  You can work for public or private transport companies as a bus or taxi driver without any problem.

33. Circus artist:  You can perform in a circus with or without tattoos; your viewers are only interested in your ability to present a good program.

34. Plumber:  Many plumbers have tattoos. For every customer who doesn’t use a tattooed plumber, there are dozens more who don’t really care if they manage to clean the pipes and their plumbing system is working great.

35. Programmer: As a programmer, you will be hired for impressive programming skills whether you have tattoos or not, as computer programming is in high demand in the market today.

36. Cosmetologist:  Cosmetologists are also allowed to get a tattoo. Your job will be to administer beauty treatments, and since tattoos are considered a fashion trend, many fashion customers will not be bothered by tattoos.

37.Dentist:  You can start your own dental practice after graduation and self-employment, although many dentists do not hire ink dentists.

38. Electrical Engineer:  Another career idea that allows you to display your tattoos stress-free is electrical engineering. With or without tattoos, you will work as an electrician if you are good at what you do.

39. Firefighter:  You can make a career out of fighting fires. It is a fun career saving lives and property without being discriminated against for your tattoos.

40. Forester:  The ranger helps maintain campgrounds and similar facilities and makes sure people obey the rules and regulations. Again, no one cares whether they have tattoos or not. Your ability to do your job well is what matters.

41. Information Specialist:  You may have tattoo issues if you decide to work for a company, but if you use the many freelance opportunities available in this career, your tattoos will be no problem.

42. Scientist / Lab Technician:  Scientists or lab technicians are another career idea where tattoos are irrelevant. Just like doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, you can find hundreds of employers who will hire you with your tattoos, even though there are organizations. who disapprove of tattoos.

43. Miner:  You can work with a mining company without any issues and also work as a cryptocurrency miner without any issues.

44. Military:  Both public and private military organizations allow you to get tattoos without any problems, although in the past the US military was very strict with tattoos. As long as your tattoos aren’t offensive, extremist, sexist, racist, or obscene, you’re fine.

45. Fashion designer:  As long as you can design beautiful dresses for your clients, no one cares whether you have tattoos or not in the fashion industry.

46. ​​Builder / Sailor:  Boat builders, sailors, and most people in the shipping industry can get tattoos – that’s okay.

47. Writer:  You can get a tattoo as a writer, especially if you choose to work as a freelance writer or author rather than in professional organizations.

48. Welder: Welding  services are generally required by construction companies, automotive engineering companies and sometimes by individuals. This is another career where you are free to flaunt your tattoos without any problem.

49. Construction Technician:  Construction technicians also work primarily on construction sites, so tattoos are generally not frowned upon in their trade.

50. Pyrotechnician:  Pyrotechnics works on filming films to create fireworks and explosives for entertainment. Since they work with film producers and primarily as freelancers, they usually have no problem finding a job with or without tattoos.

In conclusion, you need to understand that companies that refuse to hire or discriminate against people with tattoos do so because of their customer base. Tattoos are mistakenly associated with being ‘bad’ or notorious, so they fear that customers will start boycotting their business. However, if your tattoos are not visible, these companies won’t have much of a problem with them.

In addition, most companies in the beauty, entertainment and fashion industries allow you to get tattoos.
If there is a career that you love but are worried about your tattoos getting in the way, you can purchase tattoo covers to make them less noticeable, wear clothing that covers the tattoos, or have your tattoos cleaned. .

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