Why Jacksonville, Florida is the best destination for your next move

Why Jacksonville, Florida is the best destination for your next move

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business, Jacksonville, Florida is a great choice, not only can you enjoy the benefits of Florida’s warm weather (mostly year round), but you can also enjoy life. urban area a short drive from the beach. We’ll cover all the perks of living in Jacksonville, Florida, including entertainment, great food, sports and culture.

Cost of life

The cost of living can be a stressful topic to think about when you move. Fortunately, Jacksonville home prices are lower than the average living price in America. However, experts warn that you must be prepared to see the fluctuations in the Jacksonville real estate market depending on the home and location you choose.


If you are moving to Jacksonville from a large city, you might be surprised to learn that most locals have their own cars which they use to get around the city. For this reason, travel costs are typically the highest cost (relative to accommodation and other living expenses) for Jacksonville residents. Be aware that city traffic is heavy and buses are often delayed. There are ferries and water taxis in downtown Jacksonville, and when it’s time to get out of town for a while, you can take a greyhound, fly from Jacksonville International Airport, or take a cruise ship that will pick you up from the JAXPORT cruise terminal in the Mayport area.

Hit the beach

One of the most popular reasons people visit Jacksonville, Florida is the beaches! Amelia Island and Ponte Vedra are a short drive from Jacksonville. Both of these beaches have crisp white coastlines as well as numerous golf courses within walking distance of the coast. Whether you choose to live in the city or closer to the coast, you always have access to the beach for a relaxing morning stroll or a fun weekend with family and friends.

Pick up for dinner

Food is what unites us all. One of the most exciting parts of moving to a new city is trying out all the new restaurants. You will have a variety of restaurants in Jacksonville, whatever food you prefer. If you fancy a taste of the local cuisine, be sure to visit Metro Diner or Southern Charm. If you fancy a high quality experience, the Wine Cellar or Marker 32 will serve you beautifully covered and equally delicious dishes.

Local sports

If you are a sports fan, you are up to sporting events in Jacksonville. Local teams include the NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as the Jacksonville Sharks. You can spend an afternoon or an evening cheering on one of these soccer teams! If you are a golf lover, you will also be delighted to attend the PGA Championship in Jacksonville. Finally, you can still see the local college sports teams at the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville.

Cultural event festivals

Jacksonville hosts a variety of festivals that take place throughout the year. You’ll find musical events, including the Jacksonville Jazz Festival in May, the Jacksonville Caribbean Festival in August, and a variety of school events, activities, and monthly markets across the city. When you decide to live in Jacksonville, there will always be a fun event on your calendar!

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