What to do when you forgot to pack something important

What to do when you forgot to pack something important

On vacation out of town and forgot an important item? We’ve all been there. While in a hurry to collect items for your long-awaited vacation, you did not realize that you had forgotten an item, now you have to hurry to the store. Fortunately, in today’s competitive retail market, customers have plenty of options to quickly buy what they need in a pinch.

1. Don’t panic. Sometimes the lack of things we need in the city can be a cause for concern, especially if the item is needed. Try to breathe deeply and stay calm.

2. Determine what you need. What item is missing? Please note what exactly you need to buy and where you want to buy. Is it an electronic device, personal care item, or clothing? Determine if it can be purchased at a department store or specialty store.

3. Select a retailer that offers in-store pickup: BOPIS (Online In-Store Pickup) is becoming an increasingly priority strategy for retailers. Also known as click to collect, it has grown around the world as a convenient way to shop for consumers. With BOPIS retail solutions, you have the ability to shop anywhere – as long as you have internet access. In most cases, the store will even have an exclusive parking space right in front of the store, an option that will help you save time and energy while on vacation. Many stores quickly joined the BOPIS trend, from small retailers like Petco to large stores like Best Buy, Target and Walmart. Both are experimenting with new ways to improve the customer experience in the BOPIS process.

4. Find your product in the store’s product list: Once you’ve selected your retailer, visit their website or download their app. You can then consult the store’s inventory to determine what it has in stock. In many cases, retailers will also display inventory for other stores in your area. This can be useful when you are on vacation as you may not be too familiar with the area and need to get to your groceries as quickly as possible. If your item is out of stock, you can request a notification when it becomes available. The overall goal of retailers is to ensure that they create a seamless shopping experience for you, the buyer.

5. Do you need medication? Out of town without a prescription or without a prescription? Many pharmacies now offer pick up services from many locations. This allows consumers to place an order online through their website or app. You’ll even get a notification when your order is ready to ship.

6. Order and receipt in the locker. Many retailers have automatic lockers to store your orders. Place your order online and arrive to collect your items. You will collect your product from the assigned locker and be able to leave the store unassisted.

Try these tips while on vacation to make it easy and enjoyable to discover the important things you forgot on your trip. This way, you can get back to what’s important: enjoying your vacation.