What is a bodily injury?

Most people think that trauma is only physical damage. According to the legal dictionary, the word “injury” can include physical damage, as well as damage to reputation or dignity, loss of a constitutional right or breach of contract. It helps you find out what the protection of your rights as an individual and of those around you is based on.

Types of incidents that constitute injuries

  • Defective Products – Even without harmful intent or wrongdoing, the defendant can still be held liable for personal injury. Such incidents occur when purchasing a defective product which has caused injury.
  • Accidents – Injuries caused by negligence such as slips and falls, car accidents, medical malpractice, etc.
  • Libel – This happens when another person’s remark or statement damages another person’s reputation.
  • Intentional acts are situations in which the accused intentionally harmed another person. Attacking and beating are examples.

Reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer:


You are injured due to someone else’s negligence and more often than not these types of accidents can be costly. One of the most precious resources we have is time. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Kent will save you precious time and you won’t have to learn much about raising a family, commuting to the office, and shopping. Most of the paperwork, such as obtaining medical records, insurance documents, and attorney checks, will process police cards. A personal injury lawyer will surely know what to do due to similar cases he has faced in the past.


If you’ve been in an accident or injury recently, chances are you still haven’t recovered from the pain or shame of the accident. Having a personal injury lawyer will help you control your objectivity and you will have proper advice as the lawyer has no personal interest in the case. The solutions will be in your best interest and the lawyer will compensate you for your injuries.


Most likely, the other party also hired a lawyer. It will be less stressful on your part because your lawyer will be your official representative in the matter. If you decide to file a claim or negotiate a settlement, the other parties to your case will contact your lawyer directly. This facilitates the whole process of exchanging documents and facts.


Hiring a personal injury lawyer does not mean hiring just one person; in most cases, personal injury attorneys work with investigators to review various aspects of the case, conduct necessary interviews and study every detail of the case. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the experts are working for you and with you as they examine various aspects of your case to find the best possible solution.

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