Companies Invest $ 1 Million To Generate Revenue

Companies Invest $ 1 Million To Generate Revenue

Are you looking for where to invest $ 1,000,000 for guaranteed income?  here are the top 50 companies to invest $ 1 million for guaranteed income.

Starting a business is a sure-fire way to get rich, and if you’re already wealthy, you need to keep your business. wealth and growth means you need to be ready to start a business if you don’t already have one.

Without a doubt, if you have $ 1 million, you are considered rich even if you have won money in the lottery. In fact, if you have a million dollars in your account, you are eligible to become an accredited investor and that will of course open up more business investment opportunities for you.

According to Wikipedia, an accredited or experienced investor is an investor with special status under financial regulatory laws. The definition of an accredited investor (if applicable) and the consequences of its classification as such differ from country to country.

But typically, accredited investors include high-income individuals, banks, financial institutions, and other large corporations who have access to sophisticated, high-risk investments such as venture capital, hedge funds, and angel investments. .

There are tons of high performing businesses you can start with $ 1 million, and here are the top 50 companies to invest in $ 1 million;

50 Best Companies to Invest $ 1 Million in Revenue

  1. Business with breakfast

A good business that you can start with millions of dollars, especially if you are interested in the hospitality industry, is the bed and breakfast. A typical bed and breakfast is a small lodge that offers guest rooms to its guests.

Other than breakfast, they usually don’t offer any other meals. Typically, people who run guesthouses use their private home or family home. A typical bed and breakfast has 6 rooms, but the bed and breakfast typically has 4 to 11 rooms in a facility.

  1. Create a biotechnology company

Another business idea where a million dollar person can successfully start a business in the United States of America is a biotechnology company. Biotech companies use living organisms or molecular and cellular technologies to deliver chemicals, foods, and services that meet human needs.

This is truly a profitable business to invest in as there are several areas that require the participation of biotech companies such as; medicine and pharmaceuticals, agriculture (production of hybrid food products, production of hybrid birds and production of hybrid animals, etc.); and the non-food industry (production of biodegradable plastics and biofuels, etc.).

  1. Start a car sales business

Another good business that a budding entrepreneur with a million dollar start-up capital should consider is auto sales. Car dealerships sell new and used cars and they can fall into one of the following slots; Classic Car Dealers, Online Used Car Dealers, Local Car Dealers, Import Car Dealers, Luxury Car Dealers, and Multi-Brand Car Dealers With $ 1 Million, you are confident your garage will have the best brands of cars.

  1. Create a chemical company

One business that you can start if you have a million dollars is a chemicals business. Chemicals, organic and inorganic, are the primary raw materials in many manufacturing companies; and there are a variety of products and manufacturing facilities that depend on different types of chemicals. Petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries can be safely classified as chemical industry. It is important to clarify that the chemical industry is a very delicate industry, therefore, if you want to start a business there, proper training is required.

  1. Start a cosmetics and beauty product business

A cosmetics and beauty product business is another viable business idea that a successful entrepreneur or million dollar investor can start in the United States. Cosmetics and beauty products are used in all parts of the world, and those who manufacture these products are known to generate sales year after year if the business is run properly. Indeed, the economic recession has virtually no effect on the consumption of cosmetics and beauty products, as it plays an important role in our daily life.

  1. Start a flight school

If you have a million dollars, one of the areas related to training that you can start is to open a flight school. Before starting a flight school business, you need to think about how to acquire the different types of planes needed to run the school. Available options: direct purchase or rental; Buying direct is generally more expensive than leasing. You will also need to decide how many boats you should start because the more airplanes and professional flight instructors your business has, the more you earn. Planes need to be in good shape for you to enjoy a high turnover rate. You can decide to go into a maintenance contract or hire your own maintenance staff, which can cost more up front.

  1. Create a holding company

A holding company is a good business idea that a successful million dollar investor or entrepreneur can start. A holding company is a company interested in buying and owning shares (stocks) of other companies in order to profit from its investments, as well as to control the activities of the company. In fact, holding companies serve as an investment vehicle for investors. Holding companies are not under the stress of starting a business from scratch, but are specialists in buying a business that they believe has the potential to make profits not only in the short term, but also in the long term. long term. Please note that you will need a large financial base (working capital) if you really want to run your own holding company successfully,

  1. Create an Internet service company

With a million dollars, you can successfully create a standard Internet service provider. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use a wired infrastructure to provide customers with Internet access and related services such as web hosting, web page development, and hardware consulting. or software related to your Internet connection. In addition to telecom operators, ISPs can also lease capacity on their networks to support other companies’ network infrastructure (i.e. backbone services). It is a profitable business to invest in as there is a huge global market for the services provided by Internet service providers.

  1. Start Limousine and Town Car Service

A limousine and car rental business in town is without a doubt a lucrative business that anyone with a million dollars can start. Limousines and city garages offer a wide range of specialty and luxury passenger services, usually on a reserved basis. This type of business is considered capital intensive and you may not break even for a short period of time, but you can really be sure that this business will bring you regular income.

  1. Create a business for the development and production of medical devices

Another great business idea that you can invest your million dollars in with the guarantee of a good income. from your investment a medical device development and manufacturing company The medical device development company manufactures various devices used in healthcare. They develop electromedical and electrotherapy devices such as magnetic resonance imaging equipment, medical ultrasound equipment, cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids, electrocardiographs and electromedical endoscopy equipment. They also manufacture irradiation devices and tubes for applications such as medical diagnostics, medical therapeutic research, industrial research,

  1. Open family entertainment center

Opening a family entertainment center is definitely a good business idea to consider if you have a million dollars to invest in a business. It’s important to note that building a standard family entertainment center can get expensive, but you can be sure to make money within a few years of starting the business. The fact that you are going to secure a facility large enough to host the events and services that you intend to offer means that you really need to be prepared for this business. If your family entertainment facility is of a high standard and is close to an apartment complex with many growing families, you will attract a lot of people,

  1. Open a mineral water plant

With a million dollars, you can safely open a mineral water plant, which has the ability to distribute its products to different cities. It is known that mineral water is one of the raw materials consumed in all parts of the world, and of course, it is known that those involved in the production of mineral water often generate sales and profits. In fact, the economic recession hardly affects the consumption of mineral water, because it is the same commodity as the air we breathe.

  1. Start a construction business

Another great business idea to consider if you have a million dollar startup capital is a construction business. Starting a construction business is capital-intensive due to the type of heavy equipment required to complete construction projects, as well as the cost of managing a large workforce. Even though the construction industry requires huge start-up capital, it is very profitable, especially if you have the experience and the ability to provide quality jobs. The main clients of construction companies are governments and the private sector.

  1. Set up a standard cooking gas plant

Opening a standard cooking gas installation is another great business idea for someone with a million dollars to consider starting. A gas cooking plant is where individuals and small businesses go to fill their cooking gas cylinders. These are generally more organized and larger than the average small gas stores you can find around the corner. Basically, companies in this sector sell gas to individuals and small businesses.

  1. Create a foreign exchange company / non-bank bureau de change

Starting a foreign exchange company / bureau de change is one type of business that a million dollar entrepreneur can successfully start in any part of the world. If you want to start a business in the financial sector anywhere in the world, you can open a bureau de change / bureau de change; a business where people can exchange one currency for another. A non-bank foreign exchange company, also known as a bureau de change, competes with other finance-related companies that profit from selling currencies at an exchange rate higher than the rate at which it buys that same currency, plus any commission. In fixing its exchange rates, they follow the rates quoted by competitors and may be subject to government currency controls.

  1. Start a home flipping business

Another fantastic and lucrative business idea that a million dollar person can invest in is a house reversal company. A house is the purchase of real estate that is put up for sale, renovating, and then reselling real estate for profit. Typically, house fins will sell their house at a price that will cover all costs incurred and provide enough profit to make up for the time spent in the business. The profit can be large or small; it all depends on how you can rebuild the property and where it is.

  1. Open a brewery production plant

Another great business idea that a million dollar investor should consider to get started is a micro-brewery. A microbrewery, or craft brewery as it is called in some neighborhoods, is a brewery that produces a small amount of beer at a time; it is a very small brewery that cannot be compared to regular breweries. Any brewery that produces less than 15,000 barrels of beer per year is considered a microbrewery in the United States of America, so most people who go into beer production open breweries because it requires very minimal start-up costs.

  1. Start a development company

Starting a development company is without a doubt another lucrative business, with a million dollar investor. The development industry is a multi-faceted business spanning a variety of activities, from acquiring land to selling, renting or leasing fully finished and furnished properties. Basically, developers are responsible for turning ideas into real properties; that is, they acquire land, finance real estate transactions, participate in construction projects and sell, rent, lease and manage real estate on behalf of their clients.

  1. Invest in a solar farm

Investing in a solar farm is one of the many businesses that a million dollar investor can easily open in the United States of America. A solar farm is a large area with several earth towers to track the sun. This can usually be on a working farm or on other open and mostly unimproved land. Work performed in this industry includes new work, renovation, remodeling and remodeling.

  1. Create a check loan and payment company

A payday loan and check cashing business is another lucrative business idea for a million dollar entrepreneur to consider. They can also cash checks, checks or money orders for the general public. Note that you will need a good working capital to maximize your profits from this activity.

  1. Open a pharmaceutical manufacturing business

If you have a million dollars and you are a pharmacist and you are convinced that you have a winning formula when it comes to producing effective generic drugs; then you should consider starting your own generic business. This business is always open to investors to enter and compete for the market available in the country. Generic and pharmaceutical companies primarily develop prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are used to prevent or treat disease in humans or animals.

  1. Create a private ambulance business

A private ambulance business is certainly one of the many businesses that a million dollar investor can successfully start in the United States of America. Private paramedics provide transport and medical care for patients by land or air. These services are most often provided during a medical emergency, but they are not limited to such cases; they are also used for non-urgent medical transport. Please note that running this type of business requires you to have some training and it is indeed a very lucrative business in USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

  1. Rice growing and export

The fact that rice is a staple food consumed in all parts of the world, including places where it is difficult for farmers to grow rice or perhaps the processing and packaging of rice, makes it a lucrative business. that a million dollar entrepreneur can start successfully. Own business. While there are many markets for businesses that grow and export rice, it is important to note that growing and exporting rice is not an activity that requires little start-up capital.

  1. Open an amusement park (RV)

Opening a holiday park has yet to unlock another lucrative business idea that a million dollar investor should consider to get started. Please note that the real deal in opening an RV Park (Recreation Vehicle Park) business is providing a facility large enough to accommodate recreational vehicles (RVs). You need to choose a location that can attract customers who will pay to use your RV fleet. It can take months to get the perfect property, so it’s best to let your real estate agent know in advance to help you find it.

  1. Start a toy manufacturing business

A toy business is undoubtedly one of the businesses that a million dollar investor can start in the United States of America. It is a fact that toys are used by the children of the rich as well as by the children of the poor. The toy business is indeed a lucrative business that a budding entrepreneur with the necessary start-up capital can start successfully and achieve profitability. As a toy company, you are required to produce dolls, doll accessories, action figures, toys, games (including electronics), hobby kits, and children’s vehicles (except bicycles in metal and tricycles).

  1. Start an equipped office rental business

If you have a million dollars and want to start a business, one of the business ideas you can use is renting an office with a fully equipped office. Rental companies with services primarily rent or lease fully furnished office space to businesses on a part-time or as-needed basis. Those who run this business provide a business address (physical office space and meeting rooms) where letters are accepted, meetings are held, and visitors are greeted when needed.

  1. Start a business with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

If you are interested in IT and have start-up capital (millions of dollars) and want to start a business in the IT industry, one of the best options is to start a voice over internet protocol company ( VOIP). Indeed, there is a significant global market for the services offered by voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) companies. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology converts voice signals into digital data transmitted over the Internet.

  1. Create a waste management company

If you have a million dollars and decide to start a business in the waste collection business, you are confident that you will get huge returns on your investment, as reliable statistics show that the collection industry of waste in the United States of America generates about 45 billion per year. dollars. If you want to get involved in this thriving industry, you need to get all the necessary licenses and then start your own waste management business. Although there are competitions at different levels in the industry, if you can come up with a good business strategy, you are confident that you will get your own fair market share in the industry.

  1. Start a wheat flour business

Another business idea that can make a million dollars is a wheat flour business. start anywhere in the world. Wheat flour is consumed in all parts of the world in the form of flour or flour for the production of bread and other baked goods. This suggests that there is indeed a large local and international market for wheat flour. Wheat flour companies grind the wheat grain into flour, then package it and sell it to wholesale distributors, food wholesalers, or other food-related companies.

  1. Open a gas station

A gas station is one of the many profitable businesses that a million dollar investor can successfully launch in any part of the United States. A gas station, also known as a gas station, gas station, gas station, or gas station, is a business center that sells gasoline (gasoline), diesel fuel, and lubricants for cars. Gas stations offer their customers one of three types of service: full service, minimum service, or self-service.

  1. Open a sports complex

Opening a sports complex is another viable business idea that a million dollar investor should consider launching. Note that building a sports facility can be expensive, but you can be sure to make your money a few years after starting a sports facility. The fact that you’re going to be securing an area large enough to hold a regular football pitch, spectator seating, changing rooms, and parking means you really need to be prepared for this. If your sports facility is of high quality and is located near hotels, you will attract people including local and international football clubs located in your city to participate in football matches or other sports clubs.

  1. Open a boarding school

If you have a million dollars and are interested in the education industry, one type of business you can start is an internship. The demand for boarding schools is known to be driven by the fact that most public schools cannot accommodate all students. in a certain geographic location, requiring boarding schools. Creating a boarding school takes hard work and serious planning. You are expected to apply for and obtain permits and licenses from the government, and your facility must meet required health and safety standards before you can work. Starting a boarding school is very capital intensive, but at the same time it is a lucrative business. Are you confident that you will get a good return on your investment,

  1. Open a call center

Opening a call center is another profitable business idea that a million dollar investor should consider launching. A call center is a centralized office used to receive or transmit a large number of requests by telephone; it can be an inbound call center, an outbound call center, or both. The inbound call center handles incoming calls from customers and the outbound call center is only used to place calls to customers and prospects for marketing purposes. Outbound call center services revolve around telemarketing, receiving charitable or political donations, debt collection and market research, etc.

  1. Start a car rental business

Car rental business is another business that generates income for an investor with a million dollars can be started successfully. The car rental business is a competitive business and any entrepreneur who intends to go into this business should plan and research carefully so that the risks in the business can be significantly minimized. The first thing to consider when starting this business is the type of rental car you intend to operate. You will need to know the types available – package rental and day rental – and decide what you want to continue.

  1. Create a cash distribution company

Another very profitable business that a million dollar investor can invest in is a cash distribution company. The cash disbursement activity includes providing quick loans to people who cannot go to the bank because they do not have the necessary collateral, or to those who are in urgent need of money and cannot not wait for a full cycle of processing loans at the bank. The interest rate for cash disbursements varies, but it is often higher than what you can get from the bank. This is due to the risk associated with this type of business: starting a cash distribution business undoubtedly requires huge start-up capital, but the fact remains that it is a profitable business.

  1. Start a hotel business

Starting a hospitality business can end up being one of the best things you can do to make a million dollars. This is due to the lucrative nature of the industry. Every day, foreigners as well as local migrants and businessmen travel from one point to another and have to stay in hotels. There are different categories of hotels, such as 5 star, 4 star and even 3 star. Some of the things that are unique to each category of hotel are the amenities that make up each one. Please note that starting a hospitality business is capital intensive and is considered a long-term investment as owners take time to break even and make a profit.

  1. Start a laundry detergent business

If you have a million dollars and have everything you need to run your business, you should consider starting a laundry business in your town. The fact that laundry detergents are used in all homes, laundries and laundries make this product an important household item and the business a competitive business. Any entrepreneur who intends to go into this business should plan and conduct careful research so that the risks in the business can be significantly minimized. The first thing to consider when starting this business is the capacity of the plant in which you intend to operate and the machinery and supplies required.

  1. Create a packaging and logistics services business

A freight packing and logistics services company is a company engaged in consolidating shipments, preparing sales documents, wrapping, wrapping and other preparations of goods for transport and logistics consultancy services. With this type of business, you can work from any part of the country if there are businesses and people who frequent your services. The point is, starting a packaging and logistics business is a profitable and straightforward business, even if it requires a lot of capital investment. Getting the right environment (bikes, drones, motorhomes, and trucks) and the right tracking devices are some of the secrets to running a successful packaging and logistics business.

  1. Open a mini crude oil refinery

Starting a mini crude oil refining business is really a way to own a portfolio of businesses in the oil and gas industry. It is for sure a company that has made many people millionaires, even billionaires. It is true that playing in the oil and gas industry can be huge, but it definitely pays off in the long run. The mini crude oil refinery is a modular refinery capable of processing from 2000 barrels per day of any light or heavy crude oil stream with API gravity of 29 ° to 42.8 ° in naphtha, diesel, kerosene and fuel oil.

  1. Open a radio station

Another interesting radio station that is definitely running. business idea that a million dollar investor can start. If you want to operate your radio station in the United States of America, you will need a license and authorization from the FCC. It is prohibited to operate the radio without following the proper procedure. It is important to note that there are still many applicants for a radio license in the United States. It’s safe to say that the radio industry is saturated, but that doesn’t stop more entrepreneurs from entering the industry. The truth is that without the advent of the Internet, the United States of America would have experienced a marked decline or stagnation in the growth of radio stations.

  1. Open a standard vocational school

A standard vocational school is another great business idea that someone with a million dollars could start. If you didn’t know, there are plenty of opportunities for those running vocational schools in the United States of America and around the world. There are countless people trying to learn the skills that will allow them to put food on their tables, pay their bills, and ultimately become their own boss, and vocational school is here. ideal place to start their journey. You can be sure that your services will always be in demand not only by young people or seniors who cannot go to college, but also by graduates who want to start their own skills-based business. The truth is

  1. Open a weight loss clinic

A weight loss clinic is another good business idea that a million dollar investor can start.A weight loss clinic is a clinic that provides non-medical services to clients and primarily helps clients lose or lose weight. to maintain the desired weight. Weight loss clinics offer individual and group counseling, menu and exercise planning, weight and body measurement monitoring, and more. When it comes to starting a weight loss clinic, like any other health-related business, you must first familiarize yourself with the applicable laws of the country or state in which you live.

  1. Build a wind farm

If you have the capital as well as the technical capabilities and want to start a business related to technical issues, one option is to go into a wind business. Electricity, especially renewable energy which does not harm our environment, is the most preferred option in our world today, so the world goes green to save the world. A wind farm is a group of wind turbines located in one place and used to generate electricity. A large wind farm can consist of several hundred individual wind turbines and span a large area of ​​hundreds of square kilometers, but the land between the turbines can be used for agricultural or other purposes.

  1. Create a river transport company

An inland shipping company is another great business idea that a million dollar investor can start at a moderate level. The inland shipping business is mainly engaged in the water transport of goods and passengers along national lakes, rivers and other inland waterways. It is important to note that the start-up capital for this type of business can be intensive or moderate, depending on the level you want to start. But one thing is certain, the river transport activity is indeed a profitable and flourishing activity.

  1. Starting an energy drink business

An energy drink business is one of many businesses that a million dollar investor should consider. While starting a standard energy drink business can be capital intensive for a newbie entrepreneur, if you are able to do extensive market research and feasibility studies before starting a business, you will surely go bankrupt in front of most businesses. it started on the same day, in the same place and under similar economic conditions. Ultimately, the economic downturn has little impact on the consumption of energy drinks, especially during the summer.

  1. Create a prepaid card company

Another successful business idea is that a budding entrepreneur with a million dollars can create a prepaid business card. If you have decided to start a prepaid card company, it is very important to analyze an existing prepaid credit card company in your area and beyond. Know how many there are. You will also need to check out existing competitions and find out their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the weaknesses of the existing prepaid credit card companies around you means you can learn from their mistakes and in turn build a better business free from the mistakes and weaknesses of others.

  1. Gold buying and selling business

If you have a fondness for gold and jewelry, you can really make a lot of money if only you can start your own business of buying and selling gold. Buying and selling gold is not common even in countries with rich gold deposits and as such has a very high rate of return. People who buy and sell gold recognize that they are making huge returns on their investments. It is important to state that starting a gold buying and selling business requires reasonable start-up capital, as well as the ability to network and enter the market for large customers in the community.

  1. Sneakers line business

Starting a Sneaker Line business is certainly one of the many activities that a million dollar entrepreneur can start in any part of the world, and a business owner can still go global if the design is right and meets the needs of the fashion market. One thing is for sure: if you get creative you can create a unique style. In the sneaker industry, your signature is your style.

  1. Invest in hedge funds

Another great way to make more money is investing in hedge funds if you have a million dollars to invest. The essence of hedge funds is to help various businessmen or accredited investors to pool their funds so that an accredited company can help them manage these funds and guarantee them a good return on their investments. It’s a good form of investment for a million dollar person because they are flexible; You can withdraw or add to your investment. Most accredited investors choose to select hedge fund managers to help them manage their investment portfolios.

  1. Invest in a mutual fund

Finally, another investment vehicle with which an investor can earn a million dollars is a mutual fund: a mutual fund is simply a professionally managed investment vehicle that is funded by various shareholders trading in holdings. diversified; it is a collection of stocks and bonds. Investing in mutual funds brings capital gains. Compared to hedge funds, mutual funds are less volatile. Unlike a hedge fund, which is unregulated, mutual funds are highly regulated and sold to the general public. Another benefit that you can get with a mutual fund is that you have the flexibility to choose which stocks and bonds you want to invest in. With mutual funds, you can also invest in global funds, industrial funds, national funds or regional funds. and etc.

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