The 9 main trends in sustainable packaging in 2021

The 9 main trends in sustainable packaging in 2021

Sustainable packaging refers to packaging that over time reduces its impact on the environment. Sustainable packaging is not just about the end product, but also the ingredients, the manufacturing process and reusability. Ingredients must come from recycled raw materials and the manufacturing process must be shortened to minimize the carbon footprint. Thus, sustainable packaging should create a circular economy while extending the usability and life cycle of packaging.

Our planet is facing challenges such as climate change and global warming, and some countries are already starting to struggle. The rapid growth of the UAE economy has resulted in serious environmental problems arising from the demand for water and energy, as well as from urban development. One way to reduce environmental damage is to use sustainable packaging.

Why should we switch to sustainable packaging

Many companies are making environmental changes by using sustainable packaging. But do you know why they do it? Sustainable packaging has a positive impact on the environment.

One of the most important things for sustainable packaging is to reduce your carbon footprint. Did you know that the carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gases generated by human activities? Packaging products go through different processes, such as extraction, production, transportation and use.

Each phase produces a certain percentage of carbon monoxide in the environment. Sustainable packaging is sustainable and uses a variety of production methods to reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable packaging trends 2021

2021 will bring different trends in sustainable packaging as many companies will try to reach more customers while saving the environment. Here are the trends that will dominate sustainable packaging in 2021,

  1. Processing

Sustainability has been at the heart of packaging for several years and things will be different in 2021. Companies will put more emphasis on using 100% recyclable materials for packaging. This is why some companies encourage their customers to recycle bottles.

  1. Minimalism

sustainable packaging trends will include minimalism as it is biodegradable and sustainable. Minimalism means reducing packaging materials and designs. The minimalist design allows consumers to focus on packaging prints that encourage product recycling and reuse.

  1. Recycled packaging materials

Using upcycled reduces waste on our planet. Products made from post-consumer waste attract more consumers and make these bags cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Some companies will use 100% recyclable materials to encourage consumers to make sustainable choices.

  1. Smart packaging

Technology makes things light, which makes CRM branded packaging and sets up packaging companies to make their work easier. Smart packaging reduces waste, especially in the food industry. Indicators can tell you when food is fresh or when it is no longer safe to eat.

  1. Bioplastic

Many companies are also switching from plastics to bioplastics, which means they do not have to rely on fossil fuels, which require more energy for extraction and processing. Fossil resources are not renewable. Bioplastics are more beneficial and environmentally friendly because they are made from annual crops such as sugar beet, sugar cane, cassava, and corn. Bioplastics can be carbon neutral or reduce greenhouse gas emissions Bioplastics increase resource efficiency.

  1. Returnable packaging

The return packaging trend has many advantages. Returnable packaging can be reused without compromising performance. The recyclability of packaging is a critical factor in taking the environment into account. Recyclability reduces disposal costs for consumers and minimizes waste. This is beneficial not only for customers, but also for the planet. Most of the products used in returnable packaging are recyclable, making this trend green and sustainable.

  1. From plastic to paper

Did you know that paper packaging is a sustainable packaging trend? Paper is a product of trees, which makes it renewable. The use of paper encourages companies to plant more trees and maintain forests. Plus, paper is endlessly recyclable, which means it doesn’t degrade no matter how many times it’s recycled. However, it can rot when left in landfill. Paper packaging is more environmentally friendly than plastic and versatile.

  1. Mono materials

As consumers seek greener and cleaner products, companies are focusing on single-material. These bags are made from a single material, making it easy to reuse, reducing the need for new materials. Since monomaterials are made from a single polymer, they can be easily collected and recycled.

  1. Edible packaging

Edible packaging is a trend in the food packaging industry. Edible packaging is intended for human consumption and is biodegradable like the food it packaging. Different companies have different edible packaging. The first edible package was an ice cream cone made from sugar or waffle. Other examples are starch based cake wrappers and edible cups.

Many companies use sustainable packaging because it benefits not only the environment, but consumers and business as well. Different companies use different strategies to make their packaging more sustainable.

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