Floor cleaning business

Floor cleaning business

Are you looking to start a floor cleaning business?  here is a complete guide to starting a floor cleaning business with no money and no experience  .

Ok, so we have provided you with an example of a detailed business plan for the Floor Cleaning Service. We also took it a step further by analyzing and writing a sample floor cleaning service marketing plan backed by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for floor cleaning companies. In this article, we’ll go over all the requirements for starting a floor cleaning business. So put on your entrepreneur hat and let’s move on.

Why start a floor cleaning business?

In the world at large, there are many ideas for a person considering starting a business, and one of those options is to become a floor cleaning specialist. Even though the large commercial cleaning companies do the general cleaning, there are times when specialists are involved in cleaning the floor, especially if the stains or dirt on the floor resist the normal cleaning process, so if you are considering cleaning up the floor. set up your own commercial cleaning agency and are afraid of the competition you will have to face in your area, you should contact a specialized cleaning service.

This is because when you start a floor care business, you will most likely be your own boss, but you don’t have to seek clients directly. That’s why you need to develop business relationships with contractors who have private and business clients who need floor maintenance. Note that these contractors sell floor maintenance services to their customers and then hire you to do the job, paying you a portion of the money they collect.

We believe that if you have a relationship with several successful entrepreneurs at the same time, you can get enough work to keep busy all year round. Another thing is that you need to gain some experience in floor care before you start this business. Make no mistake about it, taking care of your own floors at home is a lot different than taking care of the floors of paid clients, and clients are more likely to meet higher standards.

Starting a floor cleaning business. The Complete Guide

  • Industry overview

First of all, note that the cleaning industry is diverse. Some companies focus on special cleaning such as windows or floors, others focus on residential or commercial cleaning and laundry and dry cleaning services. % of industry revenue – but there are still opportunities for the motivated entrepreneur. We have found that the cleaning industry can be simply divided into residential cleaning, interior cleaning, specialty cleaning, and laundry / dry cleaning.

In 2015, there were around 875,000 businesses employing around 3.5 million people. We also believe that this industry as a whole is very prone to economic downturns and went through difficult years during the Great Recession; Revenues fell 5.3% in 2008 and 6.1% in 2009. General cleaning services, and in particular home care services, are considered a consumable luxury in times of need.

It is also very important to know that in the years that followed, the economic strength brought the industry back to normal, with revenues of $ 51 billion in 2015. We believe that the recent upward momentum can be attributed to both lower unemployment and office vacancies, as well as an increase in activity in non-residential construction.

It just means that people have more money to spend, they feel more secure, and there are more offices to clean. According to experts, economic activity will also increase over the next 5 years, notably with employment growth of around 6% from 2014 to 2021.

The Beginning of Floor Cleaning Services Market Analysis and Research

  • Demography and psychography

This activity is carried out through individual cleaning contracts between the company and the individual or company. We believe your customers can be residential, commercial, or both. Please note that cleaning is there to ease the burden of cleaning and servicing a customer, whether it is an office, industrial building, or home.

We also believe that this business is the perfect business for the individual. with attention to detail and a strong work ethic. Note that cleaners should also be comfortable doing manual work for many hours, as this is work that requires you to be on your feet all day.

Targeted people who start this type of business also tend to work long hours and interact with many different personality types. Ideal clients are long-term businesses or long-term clients looking to sign service contracts.

List of niche ideas in the floor cleaning industry

It is very important for any serious entrepreneur who is considering starting a new business, first of all, to conduct feasibility studies in order to get information and statistics that will help them to make the right business decisions. the truth is, you can’t write a good, doable business plan without doing a pre-feasibility study or market research, etc. finally, your threats, that is, a SWOT analysis.

We firmly believe that if you are able to understand the information and statistics that you have drawn from your feasibility study, you are sure to build a very strong and highly profitable business. In fact, the floor cleaning activity consists of cleaning, polishing and maintaining different types of floors and floor elements; floors such as tiles, terrazzo, rugs and wood floors, etc. Realize that your main concern is to keep the floor as clean as it should be. The floor should always be shiny and non-slip.

But you will have to choose what you want to do with your commercial cleaning business. Do you want to clean small buildings or large buildings? Do you want this business to be small or do you want to hire employees to do the job for you or with you?

This will determine which buildings you will target. Note that you can make small buildings like banks, gyms, kindergartens, mom and pop stores, and stores. You can also make small office buildings or large skyscrapers and schools.

There are many options here. You will have to decide what you want to do. Also note that if it’s just you or just you and your partner, you can start small. You should start by targeting small buildings that you can build yourself; Then when you have a business savvy and want to hire help, target the tall buildings.

The level of competition in the floor cleaning industry

Reports This means that the average cleaning company loses up to 55% of its customer base due to poor service. This is due to the fact that in this company, a good job goes unnoticed for years, and a bad job leads to immediate dismissal.

The competition in this industry is very fierce. One reason is that many small businesses compete for residential and commercial cleaning contracts. Also note that the barrier to entry is low as very little expensive equipment is needed and virtually no training is required for employees. therefore new competitors appear all the time.

Probably the best franchise opportunity is in the cleaning services specialty, which has more room for differentiation and is less likely to face local competition (assuming the right company is chosen, of course!). Marketing, reputation and location are essential.

Cleaning companies are most successful in upper middle income urban or suburban areas. Also in this sector, green cleaning is a market phenomenon driven by customer demand and the general trend of a large market for environmentally friendly products and services. We believe that home and business owners are increasingly aware of the chemicals used in their premises and that cleaning services that focus on non-toxic materials and processes are growing in popularity.

List of famous floor cleaning companies

  • Avant-garde
  • Jani King
  • Anago cleaning systems
  • Missile defense
  • CleanNet United States
  • Jan-Pro
  • Stratus
  • Molly cleansers
  • Cleaners
  • Funny cleaners
  • Cleanerpro
  • Cleaning authority
  • Cleaning masters

Economic analysis

The cleaning industry is essential for businesses because they always need bedrooms, offices, windows, floors, appliances, etc. in immaculate condition for customers and employees. That is why it is usually run by franchise cleaning companies offering services such as office cleaning. These franchises currently represent about 10% of the cleaning industry.

As we mentioned above, the cleaning industry is divided into residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, specialty cleaning, and laundry / dry cleaning. In 2015, office buildings represented 31% of the cleaning industry. In 2016, there were around 2,794 companies in the industrial cleaning industry, employing around 20,567 people. The cleaning industry has a current income of $ 998 million. In 2021, this figure will increase by 1.8%.

Importantly, commercial and residential cleaning is by far the most important of all cleaning services and revenues are expected to increase 2.3% per year through 2016. -17 to $ 9.1 billion We believe demand Household cleaning is declining as people cannot find any cleaning services nearby or cannot afford to come to their homes all the time.

Cleaning companies would lose around 55% of their customers. every year due to poor service. One of the big problems in the industry is that good work goes unnoticed, but if something goes wrong it will be picked up immediately. As the industry grows, more and more companies will compete with each other.

Start your floor cleaning business from scratch or buy a franchise

There are three options. business models that work with the floor care industry.

  • You can start your own business from scratch and work as an independent contractor.
  • You can pay a franchise in order to have an instant selling name for your floor care business.

You can start a new business and hire a team of executives and cleaners to serve your community. When it comes to floor maintenance, most contractors start out as independent contractors because the costs are lower and there are usually fewer supplies and equipment to purchase. It takes more capital to start a business, but it can also generate more income.

Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the benefits of buying a franchise. When you buy a franchise, they will work closely with you to start your business and bring it to a level where it runs smoothly and profitably. However, you may find that once you are stable and financially secure, the franchise agreement becomes a critical flaw.

But for people who want to have their own business, but would rather choose an opportunity that has been proven to work for many others, rather than play to develop their own system, franchising is the way to go. Also be aware that many franchises provide some kind of marketing support, especially in the area of ​​national advertising and name recognition, which is very difficult for people if they are starting from scratch.

But you should know that you will likely invest a lot less money as an independent service than as a franchise. In addition, if you choose to start from scratch, you will not be bound by any pre-established formula of concept, name, services offered, etc. which, in our opinion, is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Note that this idea is a plus because you can do things your own way, but a minus because you don’t have any guidelines to follow.

Threats and Potential Challenges of Starting a Floor Cleaning Business

In this business, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when launching will be the amount of responsibility you have on your shoulders. Keep in mind that once you decide to become your own boss, you will need to find new clients, earn enough money, manage your schedule and if you plan to hire employees, so will you. responsible.

Another thing that you should get bored of is the competition in the industry. This is because there is a low barrier to entering the general cleaning industry, so you will see a lot of competitors, from personal cleaners to large cleaning companies. That is why you need to be aware of this fact and make sure that you have something special in your service to offer your potential clients.

Launch the legal aspect of the floor cleaning business

  • The best legal entity for your floor cleaning business

Keep in mind that you can start your floor cleaning business as a corporation, limited liability company, and limited liability company. You can start setting up these businesses through the Secretary of State. We recommend that you consult a lawyer or accountant to find out what is best for you. For the sake of this article, LLC is the best company for cleaning floors. The benefits of an LLC simply include:

  • Easy to install
  • Cheap start
  • Recommendations
  • Flexibility
  • protection

Eye-catching trade name ideas for floor cleaning companies

  • Mud cleaners
  • American cleaning service
  • Fabric care services
  • Cleaning products for belt cleaning
  • Wet cleaning of the sky
  • Alfred cleaning products
  • Dry cleaning of carpets
  • Clean Surface Company.
  • Intercontinental cleaning products
  • Household cleaning products
  • Crystal angel cleaning
  • Safe cleaning products
  • Red apple cleaners
  • Natural cleaning products
  • More ecological cleaner
  • Unique floor cleaners
  • Nice dry cleaners
  • Laundry artillery cleaners
  • Cleaning aid
  • Cleaning area
  • New Life Cleaners and Laundries
  • Perfect dry cleaners
  • Household cleaning products
  • Perfect touch
  • Professional cleaning products
  • Dry cleaning at home
  • Revolution cleaners
  • Future cleaners

Insurance conditions

Floor cleaners are trusted to work in their clients’ private homes and offices, but it cannot be guaranteed that they do not face the same risks as large commercial cleaning operations, while facing their own. set of risks.

There are many types of commercial insurance that you can consider for your floor cleaning business, which is why you should consult with an insurance lawyer or broker to be able to understand your business’s insurance needs. , now and in the future. The insurance you need may include:

  • Property and equipment insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Loyalty crime insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Liability insurance, etc.

Protection of intellectual property

Modernization has made it necessary for every company to protect its intellectual property. Intellectual property rights, which largely consist of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights – even the correct URLs – play an important role in monetizing innovation. When you let others steal your ideas from one of your business endeavors, you are simply allowing them to leverage what makes your business unique and functional.

In this business, you can invent a way to carry out your business. activities and ideas to outperform your competition. The protection of intellectual property is essential in this unique industry to protect patents and new ideas, registered and unregistered trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Do you need professional certification to run a floor cleaning business?

We believe that certification gives employers and / or the people they serve a certain level of confidence that the person knows how to provide their specific services according to established standards. In the floor cleaning industry, formal training is not required or provided by the employer (or franchise) without disclosing to the general public what was included or whether the employee actually passed formal tests. But this is still very necessary and will go a long way in strengthening your collaboration.

Floor cleaning is more than a mop, bucket and vacuum. Currently, a cleaning lady is responsible for taking care of the house, its furniture and the health of its inhabitants. Please note that thanks to the many new materials used in furniture, the professional cleaner has a much wider range of jobs than in the past, as many of these new surfaces require special care.

In addition, in addition to taking care of the house and its contents, a professional cleaner helps to take care of health. This includes hygienic cleaning, effective disinfection of surfaces, the use of appropriate cleaning agents, and procedures to avoid cross-contamination.

  • IICRC Hard Surface Cleaning Technician Certification
  • HCT certification
  • ISSA Solid Surface Technician Certification
  • Cleaning Business Owner Certification
  • Green Clean certification, etc.

Legal documents needed for a floor cleaning business

Some of the most common licenses and permits that you need to purchase to run your business are:

  • business license
  • fire department authorization
  • air and water pollution permit
  • sales authorization certificate, etc.

Finance your floor cleaning business

As with all known and unknown businesses, you will need funds to purchase equipment, hire staff, and pay bills. Besides traditional fundraising, you have a variety of options for fundraising. Here are some suggestions:

  • Of your personal resources

Start by taking a careful inventory of your assets. Analysis shows people have more assets than they immediately notice. Note that this can include savings accounts, real estate, retirement accounts, vehicles, recreational equipment, collections, and other investments. At this point, you can decide to sell the assets for cash or use them as collateral for a loan.

  • Go to friends and family

Another step you should think about after gathering your own resources is reaching out to friends and family who believe in you and want to help you succeed. no matter how close you are, present yourself professionally, put everything in writing, and make sure the people you contact can afford to invest in your business.

  • Acquisition of partners

We really have to offer it. It is not a crime to look for someone who wants to team up with you in your business. You can also choose someone who has the financial resources and is willing to work with you in business. Another option is to find someone who has the money to invest but is not interested in doing real work.

  • Use of government programs

Choosing the right location for your floor cleaning business

In this business, there is a good chance that your customers will not come to you. That’s why you can start at home. It should be noted that many municipalities have bylaws limiting the nature and extent of business activities that can take place in residential areas.

While others may authorize such businesses, they impose restrictions on matters such as signage, traffic, employees, vehicles traded, and noise. As such, experts advise, before applying for a business license, to know what regulations govern home businesses in your area.

But to really grow in your business, you have to get out of your home and enter a business establishment. We believe this will help you create a successful and professional image, but before you start shopping for your office, think carefully about what you need.

Your office floor space should be large enough to accommodate a small reception desk. , a workplace for you and your administrative staff, as well as a warehouse for equipment and consumables. You may also need to create a laundry room and maybe even a small work area where you can do minor equipment repairs. Also, depending on the size of your staff, consider taking a short break.

Starting a floor cleaning business. Technical and personnel requirements

Indeed, self-employment is not for everyone. You need to decide if you have the managerial and entrepreneurial skills to start and run your own business. Here are some qualities required for successful business owners:

  • Definition  – You will need a lot of effort to meet the demands of the business, including abandonment of sales, failures and obstacles to launch
  • Sell  – You have to master the art of doing business. Plus, get ready to market your business wherever you go.
  • Organization  . You have to plan your work and develop your plan. Landing new accounts requires constant attention. You need to focus on your priorities and avoid distractions
  • Productivity  – You need to deliver consistent results on a daily basis. You need a meticulous and disciplined team
  • Tip  – You need to learn business skills to accurately weigh the  pros  and cons that influence each decision.

If you are considering getting a cleaning deductible, make sure you can live with a monthly fee deducted from your income. Find out if you can end the relationship if you are not happy with the franchise’s controls and rules. Check the lawsuit against the franchise and demand full disclosure. The general procedure is no different from cleaning your own home.

You scrub debris, surface dust and mop stains, vacuum floors, wet mop floors, vacuum mats, clean rest rooms, soap and paper dispenser refills and clean entrance gates and fountains. Please note that your cleaning equipment may include yourself a $ 200-350 commercial vacuum, plus a trash can, bucket and squeegee press, wet mop, dust mop, dust stick, scraper and basic cleaners like all-purpose detergent, spray cans, towels, garbage bags, dish cleaner, sanitizer and window cleaner.

Your total supply needs can exceed $ 500, allowing you to clean up to $ 3,000 per month in bills. Your local utility store can help you choose the right cleaning supplies. Here are some general cost projections:

  • Beginner’s guides, audio, video, JanBid evaluation software, documentation and FREE ongoing expert consultation
  • Basic set of accessories and consumables
  • Commercial license and commercial current account
  • Liability insurance and loyalty guarantee
  • Stationery (computer and printer?)
  • Monogrammed shirts, business cards, literature

In addition – accounting software, CPA or lawyer $ 500-2000. Another great thing about starting your own floor cleaning service is that you don’t need all of the tools up front. You can buy a launcher to learn all the tricks of the trade, print your cards, get a license, and then start marketing. Once you get the contract, you can purchase insurance, stationery, and cleaning supplies.

Service process associated with the floor cleaning activity

Keep in mind that your daily activities will include vacuuming, mopping, cleaning and tidying up, window cleaning, and general cleaning of premises and possibly exterior surfaces of some buildings. You also need to manage accounts receivable and accounts.

Also be aware that large companies spend a lot of time maintaining and signing accounts receivable; while small cleaning companies generally maintain a low customer load due to the nature of small businesses. On average, a small cleaning company can serve 20 to 70 customers. We believe there are many business opportunities for floor cleaning companies.

You can turn to building contractors for floor cleaning services. Most floor cleaning business owners make huge profits from cleaning after construction. Also, be sure to submit proposals to construction companies as well as offices around you.

When looking for floor cleaning deals, you can also run an official website for your business; Promote your services in print and electronic media, then seek referrals from your clients. If you are willing to work hard and smart, you will surely get a good return on your investment. Just make sure that whenever you have the opportunity to work for someone, you are doing some in-depth work that will open up new business opportunities for you.

Starting a floor cleaning business. Marketing plan

  • Marketing ideas and strategies

Business events are a great way to meet potential clients. Distribute flyers to local businesses or neighborhoods (check local laws first). If you have experience with direct mail, contact the list reseller and purchase a list of names of people who have purchased cleaning services in the past. Then send a mail to these potential customers providing them with your services.

  • Build a community around your brand

You must be wondering if your business is on social media? Otherwise, you might be lagging behind the rest of the market. Whether they realize it or not, polishing, waxing and floor cleaning companies need to communicate better with their customers. Direct mail campaigns using mailing lists from a trusted list partner can speed up the social networking process by expanding your customer base and increasing awareness of your social media presence.

Note that viral marketing is one of the most elusive marketing techniques in a small business owner’s arsenal. We believe that by incorporating viral elements into your floor polishing, waxing and cleaning campaign, we hope that your brand and product line goes viral. But whatever the risk, viral marketers can influence the odds of success.

  • Marketing Consultants

We think it can be tempting to think that you have what it takes to effectively promote your brand. Maybe you do. But in our experience, there is no substitute for hiring a qualified marketing consultant. The best consultants have a wide range of skills, including the ability to accurately convey your basic polishing, waxing and cleaning skills, product values ​​and benefits.

Most importantly, it will provide the knowledge you need to identify the most productive marketing channels and improve your brand in the industry. As we continue to see changes in the polishing, waxing and cleaning industry, exposing your strategy to knowledgeable marketers should be a top priority.

Strategies to increase awareness of your floor cleaning business and your corporate identity

Marketing is tricky at first. There are many ways to market your business and some will work and some won’t. Below is a list of many things you can do to promote a commercial cleaning business.

  • Flyers / mailings / cold calls
  • Phone book
  • Website
  • internet advertising
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Car magnets
  • Distribution of business cards
  • Valupak
  • Word of mouth
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