Business  Top 10 opportunities

Business Top 10 opportunities

Yobe State is one of the 36 states of Nigeria, it is located in the northeastern part of the country and the state was established 27 e August 2091. Yobe State Capital – Damaturu, nickname “Pride of the Sahel”. Besides Damaturu which is the largest city in the state, Potiskum is also another major city of Yobe. The languages ​​spoken in Yobe are English, Hausa, Kanuri and Fulani.

The state of Yobe borders on the states of Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa and the international border with the Republic of Niger. The main ethnic groups in Yobe state are the Kanuri, while the other minor ethnic groups in the state are the Baden, Hausa, Fulani, Shuwa, Ngizim, Kare-Kare, Ngamo and Boleva. Islam is a religion practiced in Yobe State.

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The main residence of the people of Yobe by state are agriculture, fishing, cattle ranching, mining and trade and commerce. Yobe state is famous for cultivating the following crops; beans, peanuts, cotton and gum arabic. The state also has large deposits of the following minerals; quartz, kaolin and gypsum. Pastors in Yobe State enjoy enormous patronage from Nigeria and beyond; In fact, the Potiskum Cattle Market is considered the largest cattle market in West Africa.

Now let’s take a look at the top ten business opportunities in Yobe;

10 small business investment opportunities in Yobe

1. Mechanized agriculture

More than 90 percent of farms in Yobe State do so by hand, hence the state’s low agricultural yields. If you are interested in the agricultural sector, you might want to consider starting your own mechanized farm in Yobe State and you are sure to get a good return on your investment. Although there is a lot of investment in mechanized agriculture, if you have a good business plan, you can get a loan from a bank in Nigeria, as well as grants from the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Government. by Yobe. p25>

2. Cattle breeding business

Yobe State is one of the most ideal places in Nigeria to start a livestock business due to the many customers who come to the state every day to purchase livestock. People from all over Nigeria and parts of West Africa buy their cattle at the Potiskum Cattle Market, considered to be the largest cattle market in West Africa. So if you are interested in the cattle business, you should consider starting your own cattle ranch in Potiskum, Yobe.

3. Cotton cultivation

Cotton is one of the notable cash crops grown in Yobe State. The soil composition is ideal for cotton cultivation and the cotton market is large. There are many textile companies in Nigeria and neighboring countries that would buy cotton from you if you set up your own cotton farm. So if you want to start a business in Yoba, you should consider starting a cotton farm.

4. Fishing company

Yobe is one of the northern states with a large number of fishermen. You can go fishing full time to earn money from this activity; all you have to do is open a standard store where anglers can buy all of their fishing gear. The truth is if you make the fisherman’s store a one stop shop, you will reap huge profits from it.

5. Water filling station

Another business that an entrepreneur can start successfully in Yobe is a water filling station. The constant water shortage in key towns of Yobe makes this type of business a staple of the state. The truth is, once people can easily get purified water from your gas station, you are sure to make a profit because water is really needed for every household and office in the state.

6. Transport company

Another very successful business that an entrepreneur can start in Yobe is the trucking business. In fact, if you start this kind of business in the state and only focus on helping a cattle dealer move his cattle from Yobe to other parts of Nigeria and South Africa. ‘West, you will surely make a lot of money out of it.

7. Chewing gum company

Gum arabic is one of the cash crops grown commercially in Yobe. If you are looking for a manufacturing business to start in Yobe, you may want to consider starting your own chewing gum business in Yobe. The fact that you are looking to source your primary raw material, gum arabic, at a very low cost in Yobe makes the state ideal for this type of business. Proximity to the source of raw materials is what investors look for the most before opening their plant.

8. Transport company

Another business that an entrepreneur can start in Yobe is the transportation business. While fewer people travel to Yobe compared to those traveling to other northern states, the people of Yobe travel to other states and that should be your goal. You can also do domestic transportation in Yobe State.

9. Veterinary clinic

If you are a veterinarian, look for the ideal conditions to direct your vet. clinic, then you should consider starting Yobe. The fact that Yobe state has the largest livestock market in West Africa means the state will need veterinary services.

10. Consignment store

While some public commentators think Nigeria is a dumping ground for second-hand goods, the truth is that people who buy these second-hand goods need it to meet their needs. If you are looking for a business to start in Yobe, you might want to consider starting your own consignment store.

Here you have it; Top ten business opportunities in Yobe State.

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