Shisha Bar Launch business plan

Shisha Bar Launch business plan

Shisha is a flavored tobacco soaked in fruit shavings and smoked through a damp pipe called a shisha. Middle Eastern people; That said, Arabs and Israelis are known to smoke shisha, and the shisha smoking habit in the Middle East is believed to date back several hundred years.

Recently the habit of smoking shisha has been tacitly adopted by America. That is why there are some shisha bars here and there in different cities.

What is a shisha bar or lounge?

A shisha lounge, also known as a shisha lounge, provides shisha smokers with a comfortable environment in which to smoke shisha and drink alcoholic beverages. However, before running a hookah bar, you need to get some government permits and licenses to do business in your state.

Shisha Bar Launch – Example of a business plan template

1. Develop a business plan -: You need to take the time to develop a business plan. The shisha business plan serves as a calling card. It should include topics such as capital, how to get capital for your business, ownership of the business, whether you run the business alone or with a few partners.

When you have another partner, you need to define the partner’s role and contribution to the growth of the business, where the business is, where to look for hookah smoking, business goals to keep your business alive. Your business goal should be easy to achieve so that you cannot achieve those goals.

2. Obtain the necessary licenses and permits … This industry is very sensitive and you may be breaking some government regulations if you don’t have all of the necessary licenses to run your business. So try to get all the necessary licenses that you need to run your business. Some of the licenses you will need include: A zone license that allows the building to be used as a hookah or lounge.

Smoking indoors is prohibited in most states. Therefore, you will also need an indoor smoking license that will allow you to smoke indoors in your shisha bar. If you want to serve alcohol together with shisha smoke, you also need an alcohol license. Don’t forget to get a business license and insurance for your company.

3. Raise capital -: after obtaining the required license; You need enough capital to set the bar. It is best to start a business with your own capital. If you don’t have a personal foundation from which to start a business, you can find angel investors to fund the business, or you can bring in a partner who becomes an inactive partner with a financial contribution to the business. However, customizing the shisha bar is a little more expensive depending on how big the bar will be.

4. Set up a shisha bar – … This step involves renting a shop that will serve as a shisha bar. The rental must be long-term and have a flexible renewal scheme. Then you need to enlist the help of a professional interior designer to decorate your lounge or bar.

Most of your customers are expatriates from the Middle East or Americans who have been to the Middle East. By giving your bar an oriental style, theme and music, you will get more customers for you. For example the colorful tapestries around the bar.

All in all, your hookah bar should be a cozy place where hookah lovers can come together to have a good time. If you can set the bar by which a sizable number of Middle Eastern people, or possibly a college student, live, you will have repeat customers in no time if you can serve up the best of shishan smoke.

5. Work with your workers -: The next step is to hire workers to help you in your shisha bar. and depending on how big the shisha bar is, you will need at least two people to help the bar. One of the staff will be in the background and be responsible for making sure that the water pipe smokes.

You can handle this part if you are good at making shisha smoke. Another member of staff will be at the bar to help people who are having trouble with their water pipes. It is better to contact employees who have prior knowledge of making hookahs, are diligent in their work, and also honest. It is important to have a criminal record prior to employment verification.

6. Source of raw material -: You need to find a supplier of raw materials necessary to make a water pipe. Shisha bowls, hoses, disposable shisha and various shisha flavors. The supplier should be able to handle bulk orders as needed and provide you with the lowest possible cost.

7. Promote your shisha bar -: This should be the final step in creating a hookah bar. Advertising is required so people know there is a hookah bar in the neighborhood. Some of the cheaper ways to advertise your hookah bar are:

  • Start bar -: Take advantage of the first day you open a bar and get as much patronage as possible. You can arrange a small opening ceremony where you create a press release and send invitations to your friends and neighbors in the Middle East. As part of the opening ceremony, you can smoke for free that day or get a big discount.
  • Send out flyers -: You can apply for permission to hand in flyers from your water pipe in restaurants with Middle Eastern cuisine.

Finally, the shisha bar serves coffee, sandwiches and snacks. This will also attract those who do not smoke a hookah.