Cleaning company contract letterhead template

Cleaning company contract letterhead template

BONUS CHAPTER Part C -: This is a bonus chapter in The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Cleaning Business. Many business owners face avoidable hardships in running their business, simply because they never take the time to research their industry and then close deals. You can operate at a loss and your business can even collapse if you make certain mistakes while working for your client; you could be sued for negligence or even for circumstances beyond your control.

To avoid unnecessary litigation or embarrassment as the owner of a commercial cleaning business, you should write your own terms of the contract; terms of an agreement. Of course, you can’t do it yourself, but you can pay a lawyer to help you draft the draft. Lawyers, especially industry lawyers, are good at drafting terms, but you may need to communicate your expectations to them. The essence of the contract is to protect you in the event of a problem when working for your clients.

The terms of the contract are intended to clearly define the rights, obligations and obligations of each party under the terms of the contract. It is important to clarify that the terms of your contract should be agreed and signed by both parties, so you should make sure to consider your potential customers before writing your own contract terms etc. Now let’s take a look at 10 key clauses that should be included in your cleaning contract form;

10 Important Legal Clauses To Clean Business Contract Forms

1. After the start of the works / conclusion of the contract, no returns are made.

Part of what needs to be in the form of your contract is that there is no refund after the work or contract begins. This is important because some organizations may decide to terminate the contract if you decide to purchase the cleaning chemicals and equipment needed to get the job done. If you keep giving money to anyone who needs a contract, you will probably lose.

Mutual agreement should be made on the type of chemical and equipment to be used for cleaning

It is important to clarify that there must be mutual agreement on the type of chemical and equipment that will be used to carry out your cleaning work. Some people may not like the smell of certain chemicals and therefore may use it to delay or make you spend more to buy another chemical to do the job. Just make sure the required documents are signed before purchasing chemicals and equipment.

3.70% of the amount to be paid must be paid in advance before the start of the works

It is very important to collect 70% of the commission invoiced by contract before starting the work. This will help you buy the materials you need to get the job done and pay the employees who will do the job. The truth is, if you don’t get a reasonable amount before signing a cleaning contract, you may end up in financial trouble at work.

If a contract that has been duly signed and paid for is canceled prior to commencement, administrative costs and money used to purchase required cleaning chemicals will not be refunded.

You are not obligated to return all money collected for the contract after its termination, especially by the other party. At the very least, you should be able to deduct the administration costs and the amount used to purchase the chemical. This must be clearly stated on your contract form, otherwise you will have to reimburse all of the money collected.

5. The remainder of the contract must be paid within 2 weeks of completion of the work: If you collect a percentage of the contract fee before starting the work, you must clearly state in your contract that the remainder of the billed fee is to be paid within two weeks of completing the work.

6. You must clearly indicate whether VAT is included in your fees or not: some customers may not understand whether VAT is included in your charge or not; Please make sure to clearly state whether VAT includes your expenses or not. Your invoice should clearly state whether VAT is included or not.

7. The deadlines for the completion of the works should be clearly defined and agreed – … It is important to clearly state and agree on the contract / work schedule. This is especially important when it comes to a short-term cleaning contract i.e. a post construction cleaning contract etc.

8. It is necessary to clearly indicate the paragraph on compensation for damages.

This clause exempts you from any liability. In the event of unforeseen losses or expenses during the execution of the works. You should use this clause with care so as not to limit your ability to recover losses etc.

9. Cleaners must be paid as agreed.

It is important that customers sign that they will pay as agreed and that they will not accept employee deductions. This is because some people may be unhappy with their job and therefore withhold money. If such a case occurs; You can go the extra mile to say that workers can be fired for review if they are not satisfied.

10. Treat injured workers

Be sure to report that workers are treated as soon as they are injured in the process. This means that if you send workers to work and they get injured in the process, customers have a responsibility to take care of them.

Make sure that all the key provisions you have stated in your contract are strictly adhered to so that you do not have any problems with your client.