Freelance ideas

Freelance ideas

Did you know that you can develop successful business ideas from your Talents or Skills hobbies? Yes! That little thing you love to do can turn into a giant business. As is the case with JK Rowling; she became a billionaire who had only one passion for writing. Well, for those who don’t know her, she is the author of the series Harry potter

I’ve been thinking critically these past few days trying to come up with a great business idea. But as I write this, I seem to have overcome my first hurdle; who should come up with a good business idea.

So instead of thinking on my own, I decided to share my thoughts with you. As part of the process of finding the best business ideas; I critically analyzed my basic skills, hobbies and talents.

My goal is to see if I can combine my passions or my skills to rise with one or two entrepreneurial ideas. Now let’s get down to business.

Never invest in a business you don’t understand. “- Warren Buffett

Now Like I said earlier, I have compiled a list of my skills, hobbies and talents; and even went even further to come up with business ideas. All of these processes were my little attempt to create a business idea; and I managed to create several business ideas. But experienced entrepreneurs know that a great business idea doesn’t turn into a great business opportunity; so i know i still have a lot of work to do.

A startup business idea is just another idea. But an idea backed up by a solid feasibility study, a thorough business plan and a smart business management team is no longer an idea. Now this is a good business opportunity to seize. “- Adjaero Tony Martins

After compiling a list of possible businesses that I could start, I went even further to find their viability. After days and nights of reflection and research; I finally found a business opportunity to take advantage of it.

Now due to legal restrictions I will not be able to reveal all of the details of this opportunity, but I want you to know that this business idea is the product of a combination of my skills.

However, the way I came up with this idea is not rocket science, but common sense. Now, without wasting my time, here are the best business ideas I could come up with by analyzing my hobbies and talents.

List of the best entrepreneurial ideas I got from analyzing my hobbies

1. Reading

One of my hobbies is reading, and this hobby is the reason I am never idle. I was not born a reader; my parents instilled in me the habit of reading. But other than novels and other kinds of books, I’m more interested in books that challenge my perception. I am inclined to read books that motivate me, inspire me, or make me think for myself. Can I start a business around my love of reading? My answer is YES

4 business ideas I learned from my reading hobby

  • I could start a business in a specialty bookstore ( a bookstore dealing with a specific genre of books, such as commercial books )
  • I could open a book club for kids or teens and pay for membership
  • I could open a private library and charge an access fee
  • I could set up an online book review website (where I will read, rate, summarize and recommend books, encouraging people to express their opinions ).

Will I stick with any of the ideas listed above ? I really don’t know, but I doubt building a business around my reading habits is something I am passionate about. The reason I say this is that getting into reading is a lot different from starting a business around reading; different skills are required.

2. Drafting

I can write, but the problem is I can’t write for others as a profession. I’m too lazy to do this, and it makes me an unemployed writer. But when it comes to writing down my ideas or whatever interests me, I never get tired of it. Can I start a business around my love of writing ? My answer is yes, but I’m sincerely not interested in this area, so I skip it.

3. Training

I love to teach and am really surprised by this new love as I naturally despise the traditional way of teaching or learning. Sitting for hours on end listening to my boring teachers and teachers usually pisses me off. Why? The reason is that I hate boring structured teaching.

But when it comes to teaching or discussing topics that fascinate me, I never get tired of it. I am talking about topics like entrepreneurship, business, investing, religion or any other topic that requires creativity and is not difficult.

5 business ideas I learned from my teaching hobby

  • I could set up a seminar company for the purpose of organizing events, exhibitions and seminars on topics of interest to me.
  • I could position myself as a public speaker or consultant; with particular attention to subjects in which I am well versed.
  • I could set up a publishing company with the aim of producing information products in various formats such as e-books, books, magazines, audio recordings and videos.
  • I could blog on topics that I like. In fact, I already have it on my drawing board.
  • I could start a TV show production company that has weekly segments to teach or discuss topics that I’m passionate about.

Will I follow any of the ideas that revolve around my love of teaching? My answer is yes, but only if it is possible.

4. Martial arts

I’m a martial artist, to be precise I practice taekwondo and love the game. I’m so passionate about it that I don’t worry about how hard my workouts are. Can I start my own business based on martial arts skills ? My answer is yes, and that’s what I would really like to do.

5 business ideas I learned from my martial arts skills

  • I could start a martial arts membership club ( taekwondo ) passionate. However, I would have to get a black belt in combat conditions, pass a few tests, and get the required license before I could run a martial arts club.
  • I could open a self-defense school for women and men. and children.
  • I could create a business dedicated to teaching martial arts to children in their various high schools and universities.
  • I could start a business that will help people learn self-defense at home.
  • I could set up a retail business to strictly sell martial arts tools, equipment, clothing, etc.

5. Invest

Investing is a game that fascinates me and I think I will start a business based on this passion. Investing is a game that requires constant learning; Every investment you make will always be a learning adventure. As an active investor in stocks, start-ups and real estate investors, I believe that there is still a lot to learn when it comes to investing.

  • I could start an investment club
  • I can blog about investment trends, tips and issues
  • I can create video tutorials on investing and investing
  • I can create a private private fund management company

6. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a subject that fascinates me so much; not theoretically, but practical. I love to start a business and enjoy solving business problems. One of the main reasons I love business is because of the difficulties; You can never know what to expect. You just have to deal with problems as they arise; and seize opportunities when they arise.

Can I start a business based on my passion for entrepreneurship ? My answer is yes. In fact, I cannot exhaust the possibilities that can be found on this topic. My passion and my experience as an entrepreneur are the reason for my success

In conclusion, we note that it is these ideas that I am currently considering to achieve my goal, now for those who are interested in starting a business, but do not have enough ideas; Analyzing your hobbies, skills, talents, like I did above, is a great way to start.

Before I drop my pen, I want to categorically state that I have not dared to sue any entrepreneur. ideas listed above; I can also end up giving it up. I still need to critically analyze each of the above entrepreneurial ideas to discover their feasibility and profitability. I will get back to you with my results. Until then, keep the entrepreneurial flame burning.