Mobile Billboard Business Plan

Mobile Billboard Business Plan

Would you like to set up an advertising agency for mobile billboards?  here is an example of a complete feasibility study of a mobile billboard business plan template that you can use for FREE to raise funds  .

OK, so we’ve covered all the requirements for running a mobile billboard advertising agency. We also took it a step further by analyzing and writing a sample mobile billboard advertising marketing plan template backed by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for mobile billboard ad agencies. So let’s move on to the business planning section.

Why Start a Mobile Billboard Advertising Business?

With the advent of technology and modernization, advertising is no longer limited. Television and radio advertisements. New ideas and new ways of advertising are emerging every day. One advertising method that generates so much dust is billboard advertising, which is becoming very popular as it spreads to the public on the streets and provides local and national businesses with advertising opportunities independent of any consumer activity.

This industry is changing and everyone can take advantage of it. Many mid-sized cities in the United States are still in this industry and therefore you will most likely be spared the competition in this industry.

Starting this business is not easy, it takes many factors and strategies to generate stable income in this industry. One factor to consider before starting a mobile billboard advertising business is capital. This activity is capital intensive as you will need to purchase an upgraded truck or van to transport the billboard.

You will also need to consider how much you spend on fuel. You also need to equip your vehicle with a GPS tracking system, create a website to advertise your services, and obtain a license. Your job in this industry is to take advertisements from new and existing businesses and display them in your mobile advertising vehicle. and also drive a truck in busy areas during working hours for 8-14 hours a day.

It is very important that you know the traffic patterns in your city in order to do this effectively. Note that you can bill your mobile display service for a minimum number of hours, a week or a month. Prices will depend on the route, the event and the inclusion of certain services and features such as GPS, driver, lighting, fuel and number of billboards.

Sample business plan template for mobile billboard advertising

  • Industry overview

The mobile billboard advertising industry is part of the overall outdoor advertising industry. Companies in the industry create print and digital posters and display them on outdoor screens such as billboards, vehicles, and outdoor furniture.

According to statistics, the total revenue from outdoor advertising in the world is around $ 50 billion. Strong growth is expected to come from markets where infrastructure investment is increasing, such as Turkey, China and Brazil.

The report also states that the outdoor advertising industry in the United States has approximately 2,500 locations (single-location companies and multi-company divisions) with combined annual revenues of approximately $ 8 billion. Industrial products were increasingly used by private companies and advertisers over the five years to 2021.…

Fortunately for the industry, sharp increases in advertising spending in the United States and private spending on non-residential construction have resulted in significant overall revenue growth. Over the past five years, the industry has maintained strong appeal, even in an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

Experts believe that the outdoor advertising industry operates with low capital intensity. For every dollar spent on salaries, the industry would have to incur $ 0.07 in capital expenditures. It should also be noted that the industry’s capital intensity increased slightly over the five-year period, with the industry having incurred $ 0.05 in capital expenditure per dollar of wages in 2012.

Capital investment in industry is primarily related to the use of equipment for making signage. Despite the fact that the production process is highly automated, labor costs in industry are higher than in other industries. Indeed, industry companies often install and provide signage maintenance services.

Keep in mind that the demand for outdoor advertising is driven by spending on transit infrastructure as well as activities in sectors such as retail, media, healthcare, banking and financial services. The report states that the profitability of individual companies in the industry depends on the ability to attract and retain creative employees and to build and maintain successful customer relationships.

We believe that large companies in the industry have advantages in offering outdoor advertising in multiple geographic markets. While small businesses can be competitive by specializing in local markets or by offering lower prices.

Business plan summary of advertising on mobile billboard

Fast Track is a mobile billboard advertising agency that will also deliver the best taxi ads to residents of Silicon Valley, California. The main reason for advertising is to make a product or service known to a specific audience, and at Fast Track we believe we have what it takes to deliver these services to our customers.

Our Fast Track plan is aimed at businesses and individuals. Our goal at Fast Track is to become a major contributor to the advertising industry across America and to provide quality service to our customers. We believe that this goal is very achievable if we plan to do something.

We plan to provide our employees with standard training that will prepare them to deal with the issues they face. Fast Track will provide its clients with the best possible approach to planning and implementing successful outdoor advertising.

We believe that our services will help you overcome a huge amount of mass marketing, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. We plan to understand each customer’s needs first and strive to get the right message to the right people. We hope to exceed the expectations of our clients in the advertising industry.

The owners of Fast Track, John Roberts and Clinton Mind, have over twenty-five years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. Jonah Roberts was the Marketing Director of Agilent Technologies and was critical to the innovative advantage they had over their competition.

Clinton Mind is credited with creating the first digital billboard in Silicon Valley and was the technical lead for Yahoo before pitching the tent with Jonah Roberts to start Fast Track. Jonah Roberts and Clinton Mind were like-minded college friends and a common sense of innovation.

  • Our products and services

Fast Track specializes in mobile billboard advertising and also offers taxi ads. We have a solid relationship with Peoples Cab, the second most popular taxi company in Silicon Valley, and we will also design, build, test and deploy advertising campaigns for billboards and taxi drivers.

We will also update the campaign progress in real time to provide our customers with maximum flexibility. We also plan to analyze the success of each campaign to improve future company campaigns. In Fast Track plans we offer the following services:

  • Campaign development
  • Industrial research and market orientation
  • Create a campaign system
  • Test planning
  • Campaign implementation
  • Follow the progress of your campaign in real time
  • Instant measurability for ROI analysis
  • Post-campaign analysis
  • Other related media and advertising consultancy and consultancy services

Our vision statement

Our company’s vision is to create a business that will dominate the global advertising market, meeting the needs of our clients and achieving successful referrals.

  • Our mission statement

Our mission at Fast Track is to provide our clients with the best methods and tools to successfully plan and execute mobile billboards and taxi advertisements. We will provide professional and highly creative advertising and other related consultancy and advisory services, which we believe will help businesses, individuals and nonprofits grow their brands and reach a wide range of customers. potentials.

  • Our corporate structure

With the perfect example of Jonah Roberts and Clinton, Mina’s Fast Track will build on trust and a lasting friendship. We have not left you indifferent in building a business that will provide excellent advertising services. We strive to hire only the best hands in our field. We plan to hire very focused and hardworking people and we plan to start with the following business structure:

  • General manager
  • creative director
  • Ads manager
  • HR Manager and Administrators
  • Head of sales and marketing
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service Manager

Roles and responsibilities

General manager

  • Objective – to improve the efficiency of the company through recruitment, selection orientation, training, coaching, counseling and disciplinary leadership; transfer values, strategies and goals; distribution of responsibilities; plan, monitor and evaluate performance and develop incentives
  • Provides business advice
  • He will also be responsible for creating, communicating and implementing the vision, mission and overall leadership of the organization. – that is, directing the development and implementation of the overall strategy of the organization.
  • The task of signing checks and documents on behalf of the business
  • Measures the success of the organization

Creative director

  • Works as a project manager in an organization; works directly with employees
  • Work on the creation of advertising concepts and win commercial proposals for the organization
  • Works on chronological editorial and advertising plans
  • Sets goals to support implementation by developing plans, budgets and measuring results; allocation of resources; review of progress; mid-term corrections.
  • Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organizational standards.
  • The challenge is to ensure that the organization operates in accordance with international best practices.

Ads manager

  • The task of managing media planning, purchasing representative offices
  • The task of disseminating advertising campaigns through accessible media such as television, radio and periodicals, etc.
  • Tasks include handling basic digital services such as taxi ads, banner ads, video ads, multimedia ads, sponsored ads, lead generation, mobile messaging / email, digital ads, mobile ads, social media management

HR Manager and Administrators

  • The task of supervising the smooth running of the HR and administrative tasks of an organization
  • Must identify jobs to recruit and manage the interview process
  • Induction task for new team members
  • The challenge of training, evaluating and evaluating employees
  • Monitor the smooth running of the office on a daily basis.

Head of sales and marketing

  • Must model demographic information and analyze volumes of customer-generated transactional data
  • Drafting of winning bidding documents, negotiation of fees and rates in line with organizations’ policies
  • Work with business studies, market research and feasibility studies for clients
  • Oversee implementation, protect customer needs and communicate with customers
  • Develop, implement and evaluate new plans to increase sales
  • Create new business markets for the organization
  • Empower and motivate the sales team to meet and exceed agreed upon goals


  • The task of preparing financial reports, budgets and financial statements for an organization
  • The mission is to provide the management of companies with financial analyzes, development budgets and accounting reports
  • The task of financial forecasting and risk analysis.
  • Must be able to perform cash management, general ledger accounting and financial reporting for one or more objects.
  • The task of developing and managing financial systems and policies
  • The task of managing payroll
  • Ensure compliance with tax laws
  • Manages all financial transactions for quick follow-up
  • Acts as internal auditor for fast track

Customer Service Manager

  • A mission with a welcome speech to clients and potential clients, greeting them in person, via the Internet or by telephone; respond to or direct requests.
  • Ensures that all customer contacts (email, built-in hub, SMS or phone) provide the customer with a personalized customer service experience of the highest level
  • By interacting with customers over the phone, he takes every opportunity to increase customer interest in the company’s products and services.
  • Efficient and timely management of administrative responsibilities assigned to the Creative Director
  • Keep an eye out for new information on organizations’ products, advertising campaigns, and more to ensure customers receive accurate and useful information when they request it.

SWOT Analysis of Advertising Business Plan Mobile Billboard

The strength of every organization lies in the way it is planned and implemented. It takes careful discussion and planning to build a business that will stand the test of time, which we understand on an accelerated basis and plan to leave nothing behind.

A SWOT analysis is a study conducted by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats. Fast Track retained the services of Merlin Associates, a human resources company owned by Professor Lambert Cyril, a leading figure in business development and analysis. Here is a summary of the SWOT analysis performed for Fast Track by Merlin Associates:

Our main strength at Fast Track is our detailed business plan and our advertising strategies. The Fast Track Business Plan has been developed after extensive research to meet the needs of our target market and to ensure that we provide real-time feedback on the progress of each ad campaign to provide our clients with flexibility. maximum. This will ensure the transparency of the business and increase the confidence of our customers in Fast Track.

Our main flaw will be in the fast lane, it will take time for us to achieve our goals and the challenges we will face as a new entrant in the industry. At Fast Track, we took these shortcomings into account and made plans to overcome them.

Statistics have shown that the demand for mobile billboards and taxi roofs is increasing and is not expected to decrease. Competition in the business world is increasing every day and the need to attract new customers becomes more and more necessary. Businesses and individuals strive to communicate to their target audience where they are located and what they offer. This is what we plan to help them achieve on an accelerated basis.

According to our SWOT analysis, we will face violence. He also indicated that little or no government policy in this area would make us fear that things could change at any time. Another threat that will limit our success will be the funds needed to grow our business.

Note  : All the facts highlighted in our SWOT analysis by Merlin Associates have been duly discussed and solutions offered. At Fast Track, we believe in our uniqueness and the way we strive to be professional advertising professionals, and we believe our strengths and abilities will help us achieve our business goals.

Business plan for mobile advertising on billboards Market advertising MARKET ANALYSIS

According to reports, digital advertising is expected to grow from $ 135 billion in 2014 to $ 240 billion in 2021, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the period of 12.1%. In the third quarter of 2015, digital advertising revenue in the United States reached $ 15 billion, up 23% from the third quarter of 2014.

He also noted that digital advertising for the first time eclipsed television advertising, with $ 66 billion in revenue in the United States. This is all the more remarkable given that this is an accelerating trend around the world. Programmatic advertising using software to personalize advertising for individuals or niche demographics is the buzzword right now.

Many advertisers and brands have heard of it and maybe even bought an ad or two, but they aren’t. t is still widely used. That could change later this year. Experts also believe that prices increase with popularity.

This does not mean that prices will skyrocket to a critical point, but increased demand will increase costs. This is because more and more people are coming to the ad table; they can look for advertising opportunities that fall outside the norm. This is why private markets would become more active.

According to industry reports, private markets are invitation-only arenas where advertisers can select and purchase ads from elite publishers. Plus, instead of creating regular ads with just one color, one message, and one call to action, dynamic creative technology creates multiple ads and tests them to determine which one works best. Similar to how data is collected, top performing ads are used versus lower performing ads.

Also note that programmatic advertising is a growing area of ​​marketing, and many businesses in the United States will benefit from working with outside experts. This type of relationship can ensure that organizations get the most out of their programmatic ad investments – and otherwise.

  • Our target market

Silicon Valley is known for its social and business spirit that supports innovation and entrepreneurship. The San Francisco Bay Area has the largest concentration of high-tech companies in the United States, with 387,000 high-tech jobs, including 225,300 high-tech jobs in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has the highest concentration of high-tech workers of any urban area, with 285.9 out of every 1,000 private sector workers.

Silicon Valley has the highest average high-tech salary in the United States at $ 144,800. This is due to the high-tech sector: The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California metropolitan statistical area has the most millionaires and billionaires per capita.

At Fast Track, we believe that many businesses in Silicon Valley cannot operate without the help of an advertising agency. Advertising is an essential part of any business; you need people or your target audience to know what you are offering and where you are offering it.

At Fast Track, we have been able to determine who our prospects will be and how best to reach them through our extensive research, and we have taken everything into account and developed strategies to reach them easily. Below is a list of the people and organizations we hope to help promote their business;

  • Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions concerned
  • Corporate organizations and technology companies
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Owners, promoters and contractors
  • Research and development companies
  • Educational establishments (high schools, colleges, etc.) Universities)
  • Governments and hotels
  • Celebrities, politicians, public figures and speakers
  • Sports organizations and social clubs
  • Media stations and religious organizations
  • Event organizers and other companies

Our competitive advantage

Jonah Roberts is a graduate of Yale University. bachelor’s degree in marketing. Before joining Agilent Technologies in 2005, he worked for several advertising companies. Before retiring, he took on the role of Chief Marketing Officer and joined Fast Track. Clinton Meind also received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Yale University. He immediately went to work for Groom Technologies. He left in 2002 to join Dell as technical manager of the email campaign.

In 2007 he joined Yahoo and spearheaded their modern marketing approach. The two have remained friends at college and have the experience to build the dreams and visions of Fast Track. They have the connections and the experience to compete with Fast Track.

In addition, our projects and the means we hope to implement will be exemplary and innovative. We believe that, like John Roberts and Clinton Mind at Agilent Technologies and Yahoo, respectively, they will bring together a team of experts whose goals align with the company’s vision.

  • Sales and marketing strategy

As a Fast Track Advertising Agency, we understand how important our sales and marketing strategies are to our business success. That is why we have trained all of our employees to take on both sales and marketing responsibilities for our customers and also for our company.

We understand the needs of the industry and have invented the means to meet them. We will be spending huge sums of money on our advertising strategies and team. We plan to use the following strategies to reach our target audience:

  • Fast Track will represent our advertising agency by sending cover letters along with our brochure to individuals, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and religious organizations. key organizations and stakeholders.
  • We also plan to create different packages for different categories of clients to work within their budgets and always provide excellent service.
  • We will use the internet to promote our business
  • Use the direct marketing method
  • We will use the references
  • Timeliness in tendering for government advertising and digital marketing contracts and other collaborating organizations
  • We will also publish our activities in relevant trade magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations.
  • We plan to list our business on the yellow pages (in local directories)
  • Visit the relevant pages. international and local exhibitions, seminars and trade shows, etc.

Business plan for advertising on mobile billboards. Advertising and advertising strategy

At Fast Track, we believe that we can build brand awareness by effectively implementing the right strategies. As an advertising company with all of our employees having extensive experience in the advertising market, we know exactly what we need to do to attract customers and build brand awareness. With more than three million potential customers, we plan to target our advertising to a select group of 55,000 companies in each fiscal quarter.

Based on a specific analysis, we estimate a response rate of 5% for a campaign that will generate 1,250 leads. These results will be used to establish business contacts. We will generate 5,000 leads during the year. Here are the strategies we hope to use to promote and publicize Fast Track;

  • We will place advertisements on print (newspaper and magazine) and electronic media platforms
  • We will also sponsor relevant events at the community level
  • We will also use the Internet and social media such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, etc. To promote our services
  • We also plan to place our billboards in strategic locations
  • From time to time, we participate in roadshows in target areas
  • We will also distribute our flyers and leaflets in targeted areas
  • We also plan to reach out to businesses, nonprofits and government agencies by calling them and letting them know about Fast Track.
  • We will also list Fast Track in local directories / yellow pages
  • We also plan to build an official website and use strategies that will help us drive traffic to the site.
  • Make sure all of our employees wear our branded t-shirts and that all of our vehicles carry our company logo

Source of income

One of our goals is to become a key figure in the advertising market. We have made plans to achieve this within 3 to 5 years. We plan to generate revenue by offering the following advertising and digital marketing services:

  • Campaign development
  • Industrial research and market targeting
  • Create a campaign system
  • Test planning
  • Campaign implementation
  • Follow the progress of your campaign in real time
  • Instant measurability for ROI analysis
  • Post-campaign analysis
  • Other related media and advertising consultancy and consultancy services

Sales forecasts

We are at Fast Track We have chosen a suitable location which we believe will be good and profitable for our business. Detailed plans were made to update our goals, so we also used comprehensive tools to generate sales forecasts.

At Fast Track, we know that we have every chance of taking advantage of the available market in the ad agency space, and we are quite optimistic that we will achieve our goal of making enough profit in the first one. year of operation. Our sales forecast was made after extensive research, discussion and analysis of what is available in the industry. Here are the sales forecasts for Fast Track;

  • First fiscal year:  $ 900,000
  • Second fiscal year:  USD 1,500,000.
  • Third fiscal year:  $ 7,050,000

Note  . These sales forecasts for Fast Track were based on what is available in the advertising industry and with the certainty that we will use any threat or weakness as a stepping stone. This projection may increase or decrease over time.

  • Our pricing strategy

From our detailed research and analysis, we understand the various challenges we will face as new entrants to the industry. We plan to keep the prices for our services below the mid-market rate while keeping our overhead costs low and collecting down payments from organizations that will hire our services.

We also offer special discounts for all of our regular cut customers. We believe our initial price will attract customers and clients to us, and we hope to use it to increase brand awareness.

  • payment methods

Creating different payment methods is very important for the success of any business. At Fast Track, we understand this and are ready to offer a wide range of payment methods to keep our customers happy. We hope to make our business relationship as easy and convenient for our customers, and we have also used the banking platform to help us provide all of the services we offer below.

  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Internet bank transfer payment
  • Payment by check
  • Pay with mobile money
  • Cash payment

Business plan for financial projections and advertising costs on mobile billboard

At Fast Track, we have carefully researched the industry to determine what we need to successfully launch our business. Our goal is to achieve our business goals while maintaining a stable financial record. We plan to start by leasing four trucks and expand as we grow.

We believe the equipment we need can be priced the same all over the United States, and any difference would certainly not be enough to be overlooked. Below is a detailed analysis of the costs of launching Fast Track;

  • Including fees in the United States of America will cost   $  750 .
  • The budget for liability insurance, permits and licenses will cost –  $ 35,000
  • Rent / lease office space in a good location in Silicon Valley where a number of employees will reside for at least 6 months. (Reconstruction of the object included) will cost  150,000 US dollars.
  • The cost of furniture and equipment for an office (computers, printers, projectors, markers, servers / Internet equipment, furniture, telephones, filing cabinets and electronics) will be  $ 30,000.
  • The amount required to purchase the required software applications is  $ 3,500
  • … The launch of the official website will cost   $ 500
  • Our advertising and advertising budget is  $ 50,000
  • The cost of renting four trucks  $ 800,000
  • the amount required to pay bills and employees for at least 2-3 months –  US $ 70,000
  • additional costs such as business cards, signage, advertisements and promotions will cost  $ 5,000.
  • Miscellaneous –  $ 5,000

Based on the cost analysis above, we would need  $ 1,400,000  to start Fast Track. We believe that companies will dominate the market and become a major shareholder in the global market.

Build start-up capital for an accelerated transition

Quick Navigation is a mobile billboard and taxi advertising agency serving residents of Silicon Valley and across California. This business is owned by John Robert and Clinton Mind. At Fast Track, we also understand the importance of funds and seed capital, which is why, after much discussion, we have found ways to raise funds, including:

  • Generate part of the start-up capital from personal accumulation and sale of shares
  • Generate some of the start-up capital from friends and other extended family members
  • Creation of part of the bank’s start-up capital

Note  : Jonah Roberts and Clinton Mind will invest equally in the business. Fast Track will also provide a long term business loan. The two founding partners were able to raise  USD 1,000,000 (USD  500,000 each) and are in the process of obtaining a loan from the bank.

Business plan for advertising on mobile billboards Sustainability and expansion strategy

First of all, at Fast Track, we believe that the service we provide will be first class. Many people and businesses are running out of ideas on how to advertise their business. Fast Track is here to provide a new platform that will make it easy to grow your business and reach a wider audience. At Fast Track, we are confident that we will reach a wide range of potential customers by implementing our marketing plans well in advance of the store opening.

Track is an advertising company that helps other businesses grow their businesses, and we believe we should do this for ourselves before planning to do it for others. We also plan to expand to other cities in the United States over time. We believe that the only barrier to expansion is that we get the right brand recognition to be able to move and grow.

We have also established a concrete agreement with People’s Cab, the second largest taxi company in California, to help provide our customers with high profile taxi advertising. We have also developed plans to make sure our people are the best in the industry. We have entered into a safe driving contract to help train and test all of our drivers as experts.

We are confident that our founding partners will share their rich experience and help bring the best that the industry has to offer Fast Track. At Fast Track, we plan to provide incentives that will be very appealing to our employees and get them to do their best in Fast Track. We believe in our vision and dedication to providing the best platform for individuals and businesses.

Checklist / step

  • Company name availability check:  complete
  • Business registration:  complete
  • Opening of corporate bank accounts:  complete
  • Launch of online payment platforms:  complete
  • Application and obtaining of the tax identification number:  in progress
  • Business license and permit application:  Completed
  • Purchase of commercial insurance:  complete
  • Feasibility study:  completed
  • Rental, renovation and equipment of our establishment:  Completed
  • Receive part of the start-up capital from the founder:  Completed
  • Loan requests from our bankers:  in progress
  • Business plan writing:  finished
  • Writing an employee handbook:  Completed
  • Drafting of contractual documents:  in development
  • Creation of the company logo:  finished
  • Advertising printing:  finished
  • Recruitment:  in progress
  • Purchase of necessary software applications, furniture, office equipment, electronics and equipment: in  progress
  • Creation of an official website for the company:  In progress
  • Strengthening of corporate awareness (Business PR):  in progress
  • Health, safety and fire conditions:  ongoing
  • Establishment of business relationships with banks, financial institutions, suppliers and major industry players:  ongoing