How to throw a fabulous summer party

How to throw a fabulous summer party

Organizing a summer work party is always a good idea. It helps boost employee morale, fosters camaraderie, and gives your employees another great reason to love working for your company. But before you tell the office it’s time to party, read these tips because you have plans.

Choose the correct date and time

When planning work, it can be difficult to choose a date and time that encourages employee participation without impacting your business. If you decide to have a party in the evening, after hours or on weekends, the chances of attending will be low. Many people are reluctant to do anything work-related unless they work regular office hours, including attending events that should be fun.

If that doesn’t have much of an impact on your business operations, consider hosting an event. during office hours. You can schedule the event to run throughout the day, but only allow employees a few hours of inactivity to attend. As long as you create a schedule to make sure all important trades are done at all times, everyone should be able to attend.

If you have a large or medium-sized business, you can hire a banquet hall to host a more formal event in the evenings or on weekends. Also consider planning an entire day for a family event.

No matter what day and time you choose, office parties are easy to organize. Just assemble a planning team, contact the event organizer, and hire services like a water cooler rental business and catering business ASAP.

Create special expectations

The success of your party will depend on your ability to set expectations. Therefore, consider who will be on your attendee list.

Your membership list will determine your limits. You don’t want to throw a wild party for a conservative crowd or an old-fashioned party for a restless young audience.

By carefully considering the interests of your list of contributors, it will be easier for you to make the decisions necessary to organize a successful job.

In addition to inviting your employees, consider inviting people outside of your business, such as third-party service professionals who support your business, product vendors, and distributors.

Choose a subject

If your party is a corporate event, consider choosing a theme that encourages participation and engagement. With a little creativity, you can plan a fun themed event that your employees will really love. For example, you could organize a fake party in Las Vegas or a fake Hollywood award.

But you don’t have to choose a big party that takes people to a fantastic new world – your party is just different enough to be interesting. If the topic seems too complicated, consider a costume party instead.

Food and drink ideas for corporate events

When it comes to food in the workplace, cooking is usually lighter.

Here are some common meals in case of a random event:

  • Whole grain pita with hummus.

  • celery and carrots for dipping.

  • Low fat snacks like low fat pretzels, low fat popcorn, low fat granola bars.

  • Fresh fruits such as large bowls filled with apples, grapes or tangerines.

Alternatively, you can hire a supplier to provide you with a full lunch as well as dessert, plan a buffet or buffet table, or provide a main entree and your staff will bring a side dish. and / or dessert to serve.

You should also think about the type of drinks you want to serve.

Whether you are offering IC alcoholic beverages depends on the context of the party:

  • If your business is hiring young people below the legal age, this is probably not a good idea.

  • If it’s a picnic in a public park, park rules may restrict beer, wine, and spirits. However, many parks simply require members to be of legal age.

  • If the catering company you hire has a bartender, you can offer alcohol-free and alcohol-free options:

Soft drink options:

  • soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, AW Root Beer, Sprite, 7up and Mountain Dew.

  • Fruit juices like sugar cane juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and orange juice.

  • Such as Spritzers, Rainbow Coconut Water, Pink Lemon, and Lime Grapefruit Margarita

Alcoholic beverages:

  • Wines such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

  • Imported beers such as Amstel and Stella Artois.

  • House beers like Miller Lite and Coors.

  • spirits such as vodka, gin, ila teca and baijiu.

Whatever type of work night you organize, your employees will be delighted to have the opportunity to chat with their colleagues and celebrate the season.