Organize a successful NGO fundraising event

Organize a successful NGO fundraising event

If you are familiar with fundraising events, you can stop agreeing with me that they can be really interesting and fun. However, the truth is that sometimes they can be a big task as there is a lot to be done just to make sure everything is going well and is successful.

Fundraising events are not easy to start today because they have been around for a long time. This is because fundraising events are held all over the world for various reasons and therefore it is necessary to know what and why you have decided to host a fundraising event. This is to make sure you attract the right volunteer donors who may be worth your time.

What is a fundraising event  ? A fundraising event is an event organized to raise money for a project or charity. For a fundraising event to be successful, you need to plan and think about how to make your fundraising event successful. There are a lot of things to consider and there are things to implement to get things going.

There are usually fundraising companies that specialize in helping individuals and organizations. for their projects for a fee or on a commission basis. This does not mean that a person cannot plan a successful fundraising event. However, it only means that this person has to collect the correct information in order to function really well.

What are these fundraising tips you ask? If for some reason you had a successful fundraising event for some reason, you might want to consider some of the following tips in this article.

By following the following tips, you will be on your way to hosting the most successful event. Well, here are some tips to keep in mind when hosting a successful fundraising and donor fundraising event.

How to organize a successful NGO fundraising event

1.Choose your audience

In order for you to be able to run a successful fundraising event, you need to know who your audience is. Knowing your audience will make other aspects of planning your fundraising event easier. For example; Your audience can be students, business leaders, entrepreneurs, or business owners.

For example; If your fundraising event is aimed at raising funds to help young entrepreneurs start their businesses, business owners and business leaders will be the best audience to best respond to the fundraising event. Plus, if the essence of fundraising is to fund a community project, you can get the entire community residence.

2. Do your research

While you might only know a thing or two about fundraising events, if you need to run successful fundraising events, you might consider doing some fundraising research. Make the Internet your friend and you will be able to collect a lot of information which will be useful to you and your team. You might also consider asking those who have organized anything in the past so that you can get inspiration from what they have done. Here’s a sample nonprofit business plan template that you can use for FREE.

3. Select an event

Part of the procedure To plan a fundraising event, you need to choose an event that will be the main point of attraction. Some of the activities that you can organize for your fundraising program are a car wash event, a bakery sales room, and an auction. There are many other events you can organize for fundraising, but the most popular fundraising event is the auction. In a fundraising auction, valuables are purchased and guests place bids on the items during the items. The highest price goes home with each item; the money received from the auction goes to the requested project.

4. Get the team

It was not possible to organize a fundraiser even alone without a team. Therefore, you must carefully select those who have gained a vision for what you want to do. There will be an avalanche of volunteers ready to walk nine meters with you. You have to be very sensitive to be able to identify these people.

5. Determine the purpose of the event

This is one of the very first factors that determine whether you need to set up your thinking to organize a fundraiser. This means that you must first ask what is the purpose of this fundraising event. Determine if this is just a fundraising event, or if there are other reasons you want to gather guests for this event. In most cases, for example with charities, the purpose of fundraising may be outside of the original purpose. It can be better known to the general public and what you have.

6. Be sure what the goal is

You and the committee involved in organizing this fundraising event must decide the purpose of the event. If the goal is only to raise money, you need to know how much you want to receive. Be sure to know that the money you have set aside for the event will be deducted from the total amount of money that can be made.

7. make a budget

To organize a successful fundraising event, you need to establish your budget – a financial estimate. After choosing a fundraising event, you need to make a financial estimate of the amount it will take to host the event. If you are going to organize a car wash event, you need to consider how much it will cost you to rent a large car wash for the duration of the event and purchase equipment that will be used to wash the cars of all your guests who will be. present. Event. Even if you choose the auction as the main attraction, you will still need to rent the venue, pay for the decoration, and buy items to auction.

Activities such as fundraising are synonymous with budgeting. Therefore, it is very important that you and your team budget. Items to include in the budget are: employees, cost of invitations, rental location for the event, food, entertainment, transportation, security, utilities, and other unforeseen bills that may be necessary to successfully organize the event. However, you need to keep in mind that anything you plan to increase should go over budget so that you don’t lose out.

8. Consider they are at the forefront

As with many fundraising events, you need to be able to identify who will be running the events. This may include the following: the host committee as well as the chairs. You have to keep in mind that these people are made up of local celebrities, wealthy donors, and business leaders. This recruitment of people will greatly determine the success rate of the fundraising event.

9. Create a program

It is strongly recommended that before handing out the program you draw a picture of how the event will unfold on D-day. Consider defining things like; where the event will be held, how long the event will last, will you be serving people, if there will be any entertainment, what decorations will be needed and the dress code for the event.

10.Choose the date and time

The next important step is to choose the date and time of the event. You need to choose a date that suits your audience. If your audience is made up of employees or managers, the weekend, preferably Saturday, will be the best day to host the event. Timing is also important, so be sure to record the event on the correct day of the month as well as at a convenient time. The ideal time for a fundraiser is in the afternoon from 2:00 p.m., and the ideal day would be a weekend at the end of the month.

11. Choose a venue:  You must choose a location in the environment that will be a short drive from your guests, as it is a few hours from the event; most people don’t want to travel long distances just to attend a fundraiser.

12. Advertise your event

Advertising is not limited to products and services, it also applies to your fundraising event. This means that you must be prepared to do your best to promote your event; and a good way to start is to develop your marketing methods. That’s why we’ve provided a sample nonprofit marketing plan template to help you get started.

The next step is to print and send invitations to your guest because you know your target audience. This will make it easier for you to invite them. List all potential guests and send them a copy of your invitation.

Please note that you should send out the invitations well in advance to give your guests time to finalize the day’s program and to prepare financially for the event. Don’t limit your IVs to those on your list, you can spread your tentacles and invite others to the event.

You can consider good old-  fashioned word of mouth advertising  where you can convince your audience that the event will be worth their time and money. You can also consider one of them; mail invitations, direct telephone calls and direct mail system.

13. make repetitions

you don’t want the day to come and then your guests get frustrated and feel like they’ve wasted their time and resources. Therefore, you need to provide space for you and your team to practice. In order for everything to run smoothly, you and your team need to take the time to get to the event venue and put everything back in its place.

14. The day of the event

You have to make the event very lively and fun to achieve the goal of the day; One way to cover the whole event is to get a C. Live. The MC is the event coordinator and therefore the live MC will make the fundraising event very lively. If you can get an MC with a touch of humor – he’s a comedian, that will add more color to the event. Second, you can add drinks as part of the event. Snacks, drinks and a photo booth can be used for this purpose.

15. Reminder

Don’t let your guests get carried away with the pleasure of forgetting the purpose of the event; you must have a menu for all the events that will take place during the event. Try to allow enough time to move on to your main fundraising goal. Let your guests know the details of the project, as well as what they want to achieve by sponsoring the event. if it is, for example, a fundraiser to sponsor a Food Pantry project, let them know that every penny that climbs during that event will be used to create a Food Pantry that will feed thousands of hungry people worldwide.

16. Fundraising

Most people will come with cash donations to the event, while others may choose to issue checks or pledge donations. You need to organize workers with a high degree of integrity to help raise donated funds during the event.

17. Vote of Gratitude -:  You should close the event with a big vote of thanks for your guest because they enjoyed your project enough to save time and even contribute their hard earned money to your project. Make sure you thank them.

18. Don’t forget to say thank you

Once the fundraising event has been able to come and go, be sure to note which ones were hugely successful. Much more than your team who worked tirelessly to be successful, you should also be sure to thank all the volunteer donors who made you smile. You may consider receiving thank you cards, direct mail, and phone calls to show your appreciation for what has been accomplished.

Remember, the key to a successful fundraising event is that you should take the following tips above very seriously. It is because those who have done this have successes.

10 great fundraising ideas for nonprofits

There are times when money runs out and is unprofitable, organizations start to conduct fundraising activities as they need it to support the day-to-day activities of the organization. However, the truth is that there are times when someone runs out of ideas, and it is a fact that it is these ideas that make the fundraising event unique in itself.

For this reason, it becomes very important for the person to be creative in all aspects, as it is the creativity that each one brings to the table that will help fundraising ideas arise. think you are out of ideas, and then you can just take the advice that will be presented in this reading very seriously.

Here are 10 fundraising ideas that have worked for other nonprofits and could help you raise a lot of resources that you think were just impossible to raise. Here are some very creative fundraising ideas

a. Consider small groups of donors

Small donor groups are very different from large donor groups. This is because the major donor groups target a subset of people who can give at a high level. For example: major donor groups target small donors. While some non-governmental organizations may overlook this segment of the population, it is nonetheless highly desirable that you consider these small donors as you would not lose a single front in doing so.

One way to do this as well is to have these donors consistently donate at a lower level. Also, you can give a name to this group so that it has a sense of belonging and you can schedule meetings for the group. It can be monthly, quarterly, and whatever.

b. Affinity fundraising

This is a situation where you have a network or group of people who believe in your vision, whose only responsibility is to also help you raise funds from different people as individuals. You might consider making this a professional group, for example if you have a group of lawyers who fundraise on your behalf, or doctors, housewives and whatever. Think about great events

What can super events mean since you already have events? Well, super events, as the name suggests, refers to the simultaneous flow of fundraising events happening at the same time as hosts raising money on your behalf. This means if one event can bring in, say, $ 4,000 and others say 9 does the same, then you are on your way to fundraising. Therefore, it is important that you have very good supporters to accept this fundraising idea.

re. Encourage people to donate

Here’s what you can do to get people to donate food and entertainment just to keep the event alive. Once that is done, you can post an announcement that you are having a party and that such and such amount will be charged as an admission fee. You will be surprised at the amount of money that will be made when this is done.

e. Organization of a spelling contest

There are several ways to raise money by running a spelling contest. How can this be done, you ask  ? Have each participant collect a donation for the number of words they can spell correctly, when this is done and once the spelling contest is over the top winners can receive prizes. This is one of the ways to get funds for a non-governmental organization like yours.

F. Strike the gold

This fundraiser, as the name suggests, is associated with gold. Here, participants are invited to ask family and friends to donate old jewelry they no longer wear and to hand over gold for silver. This means that since gold is an important commodity for making money, you can be sure that a certain commodity will be collected when the idea is adopted.

g. Lottery tickets drawing

You can also consider a quick way to make money for your NGO by selling lottery tickets. How it works? Sell ​​Lottery Tickets Sell lottery tickets and give away half of the proceeds as a prize. Some non-governmental organizations use this method, and you should do that too, because you are definitely making a lot of money.

h. Conduct auctions

Ask people to donate merchandise and furniture that people might need and put them up for auction. Auctions are a great way to fundraise, as you will find that there are a lot of people who might be interested. Send letters and invitations to people and you’ll be amazed at how many people show up.

I. Sell ​​food

It just means that you would gather volunteers ready to cook great food in their home and donate for the sale. Since then, people really like to eat well; you cannot underestimate the number of people who can buy these meals when they are ready to be sold next door.

So when you just can’t find a reason to host a fundraising event, you can be sure that you came up with some ideas earlier.