How Telehealth is Changing Understanding of Mental Health

How Telehealth is Changing Understanding of Mental Health

Mental health awareness has been a hot topic in recent years as several celebrities have suffered from mental illness leading to suicide. However, even as more people find out about mental health issues on social media and other platforms, help for those who are suffering is only just starting to become more available.

One of the biggest issues with understanding mental health and treatment is that there are barriers to seeking help. Some health insurance does not cover mental health. In addition, about 80% of psychiatrists and therapists in the country do not accept insurance. With an average treatment cost ranging from $ 75 to $ 300 per session, this is a huge hurdle for people seeking treatment.

In addition, mental health services are not available in all regions. Finding mental health services in large cities or urban areas can be fairly straightforward, but rural areas or suburbs may not have as much access to health care. As a result, people who are more familiar with mental health and their own struggles may not understand how to seek treatment.

Enter telehealth

Telehealth changes all that. Through telehealth, people from all walks of life and from all walks of life can seek treatment and mental health education. Previously, telehealth simply meant seeing a psychiatrist or therapist through the Internet or other network. on a television screen or computer monitor, with video and audio. … Telehealth can be done in the office or at home.

However, telemedicine has evolved in recent years. You can now get help from doctors through online chats, video calls, or text messages from a variety of sources. The therapists participating in these programs are licensed and also able to solve problems as therapists working in person.

One of the great advantages of telehealth is that it is much cheaper than traditional mental health. Services. Chatting online with a therapist can cost as little as $ 35 per session. This makes mental health treatment much more accessible and affordable for many people across the country.

Increase awareness

In addition to increasing awareness of mental health in general, awareness of these alternatives to traditional mental health treatment is increasing. With the emergence of several telehealth companies such as , more and more people are discovering telehealth and how it can help them. As these businesses use social media and other platforms for advertising, they are becoming more and more visible.

Through their advertising and other online efforts, these companies are not only raising awareness about telehealth, but also about mental health issues. usually they educate people about mental health and encourage people to seek help. This heightened awareness only increases over time and can only help improve people’s attitudes towards mental health.

In the past, there was an attitude to mental health that people should just be stronger and run life on their own. But with the realization that telehealth companies are bringing to the table, more and more people are recognizing that mental health services are not just for “crazy people”. As this awareness grows, so does the industry.

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