How do I find good traders on TradingView?

How do I find good traders on TradingView?

If you are a trader, you are probably familiar with some websites or platforms that can help you. Among them, TradingView, a portal suitable for beginners and veterans.

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What is TradingView?

For those unfamiliar with this nifty portal, TradingView is a space where you can use charting and analytical tools and connect with like-minded traders.

This is useful for Forex, Index, Stock Market or even Cryptocurrency traders as it provides useful charts and analysis. TradingView consists of two main elements: one is a portal with charts and analysis tools, and the other is a social media platform where traders can communicate and share their knowledge.

As it is available on all desktop and iOS devices, it aims to be a good companion for any active trader, regardless of their level of engagement.

What does TradingView offer?

TradingView has grown in popularity over the past year due to its investing approach. They go beyond the basics and it shows in the number of graphics they offer in the first place.

Platforms like these offer simple charts such as line or bar charts, while TradingView takes it a step further and offers Heikin Ashi charts, Hollow candles, area charts, etc., which replicate the same proactivity in the tools they offer.

We can therefore see that it can divide the markets in time in one year, 6 or 3 months. TradingView provides traders with trading support, supply and demand analysis, market volatility, etc.

It also has some fun features for its users. For example, cryptocurrency users can collect coins.

Why use TradingView?

Among the useful features, traders often find this portal best suited for the following reasons:

  • You can draw on graphics – this is especially useful for people who are learning visually. Most portals and trading tools allow some form of drawing, but this is usually very limited. For example, you can only draw vertical and horizontal lines. In this case, you can draw literally anything you want on any chart.
  • You can have multiple graphics on one screen – a handy tool for those who need to monitor multiple graphics at the same time, this portal allows you to split your screen into multiple graphics.
  • You can post your ideas. The social platform of this portal helps professionals publish their plans and results, which can lead to process improvements. You don’t want to show your coworkers a bad idea.

Find people to follow on TradingView

In addition to these useful tools, TradingView offers what sets it apart in the market, according to anyone. read the review … Social Media Platform – It works like any other social media, with likes or promotions. It also sets TradingView apart from other platforms, and traders love to pitch their ideas, show off their results, or just chat with like-minded people.

Here you can find some great traders to follow. But with over 5 million people currently using this portal for their business, you might get lost in your search. The profiles you use will depend on your type of trading. You will not follow anyone in Forex trading if you are in cryptocurrency trading. So naturally, this can narrow your search.

You want to follow experienced traders with solid ideas for your needs. Obviously, start by looking at the most popular profiles. They usually have a lot of followers. They will also have a lot of activities and recreation.

Another great way to find the best profiles to follow is to read expert summaries posted online.

If you need some great Forex ideas, you will most likely follow DA Capital Trading or BullandBearTrading. For some cryptocurrency ideas, you can take a look at TradingShot or IgorPorokh.

Some profiles cover more than one type of trading, and some are more specific. Frame your group of people based on what you think is best for you.

Make sure you keep participating as well. Submitting ideas is quite easy as all you need is one click after completing your analysis, so that you can increase your accountability and use it as a driver for better results.

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