Food Truck Business Plan Resume

Food Truck Business Plan Resume

Are you going to write a food truck business plan? here is an example of a CV drawing attention to the business plan, objective, mission and vision, description of the product / service and the management structure of the food truck that are sure to attract Investors.

Sample Food Truck Business Plan Summary

On The Track® Mobile Food Company is a Los Angeles-based restaurant company that uses a grocery cart to sell a variety of meals; mainly lunches for different categories of traveling customers. It is a company owned and operated by Ms. Chavonnet, who is the Director of Operations.

The goal of On The Track® Mobile Food Company is to provide different types of foods and snacks. drinks (chapman, punch, sweet wines, fruit cocktails, fresh juices, etc.) wherever we can find our target market. Whether it’s on the beach, at a picnic area, at a carnival site, at a sports complex or on a religious crusade, all we care about is providing good quality food at a lower price. to our valued customers.

Our intention is to create a commercial mobile truck catering brand that will help event planners worry less about providing a cafe where their attendees can dine. We plan to work with community managers and event planners throughout the state of California.

Although we will be based in Inglewood – Los Angeles, areas where we will not be limited to this city; we will certainly cover all of California and even some of the neighboring states, if it is economically beneficial to us.

We will offer our customers the opportunity to purchase our carefully packaged products or give us their orders and prepare them in the meantime. We have fine-tuned our plans so that our customers cannot wait longer than necessary when placing their special orders.

Although we are a mobile truck catering company, we have a physical office () which meets our requirements. administrative division, kitchen and pantry ) in Inglewood – Los Angeles. It’s a place where people can come to learn more about our business, as well as a place where we can interact with our suppliers and government officials, ”and others.

The point is that we intend to sell our franchise to interested entrepreneurs who might want to replicate our business in other states and cities in the United States and Canada, and the fact that we are building a brand with the intention to offer training and consulting services to clients on a demand basis requires us to secure and maintain a visible office space and an official website.

At On The Track® Mobile Food Company, our meals will be prepared, served and sold at pocket prices in a neat and hygienic environment. The health of our customers is of the utmost importance to us, so it is not our intention to leave any damage unresolved when it comes to providing our customers with the best possible service.

  • Success assessment

As we’ll start off with a mobile food truck in Los Angeles, our ultimate goal is to get the business to the point where we have many mobile food trucks (at least a hundred) scattered around. throughout the United States of America and Canada within 10 years of starting a business.

We also intend to train at least 100 entrepreneurs per year in the mobile food truck industry. Additionally, we want to see that we are creating systems and processes so that our food truck business can operate on autopilot.

  • Our products and services

The mobile truck business may not be an ideal environment to prepare and sell premium high end specialties such as; However, at On The Track® Mobile Food Company, we are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that the basic needs of our valued customers are met.

To the best of our ability, we will offer a variety of menus ranging from snacks to real meals, as well as assorted soft drinks and wine. Here is a rundown of what we plan to offer;

  • We sell lunch ( assorted dishes )
  • We sell snacks
  • We sell different drinks ( Soft drinks, wines, smoothies and punch, fruit juices, Chapman and energy drinks, etc. )
  • We sell a franchise
  • We offer training and feeding consulting services for mobile trucks

Our vision

Become a leading brand in mobile grocery transportation in Los Angeles and throughout the United States of America and Canada

  • Our mission statement

We are engaged in the production of mobile food trucks in order to create a brand that can meet the needs ( food, snacks and drinks ) of our valued customers in places where they can hardly access standard cafes. And also to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity and training they need to successfully launch their own mobile food truck business in other cities across the United States and Canada.

  • Our business management structure

Most people who sell food for mobile trucks tend to choose a business over a regular catering business just because it’s arguably cheaper to run, especially when it comes to covering. general and operating costs.

On average, mobile catering businesses typically have 4 or 5 employees. Due to what we are set to create using the mobile catering brand, we were able to highlight the following employees:

  • Director of operations (owner)
  • Chef / Caterer
  • Assistant caterer
  • Saleswoman
  • Cashiers
  • Driver
  • Office administrator

Roles and responsibilities

Director of operations (owner):

  • Responsible for specifying the direction of the company
  • Creation, communication and implementation of the organization’s vision, mission and general direction, that is, leadership in the development and implementation of the organization’s overall strategy.
  • Responsible for the daily management of the company
  • Responsible for pricing
  • Human resources director
  • Responsible for the payment of salaries
  • Responsible for signing checks and documents on behalf of the company
  • Measures the success of the organization

Chef / Pharmacist / Cooks:

  • Responsible for the preparation of delicacies
  • Lists and budget for kitchen supplies
  • Supervises all kitchen staff
  • Responsible for training new chefs
  • Ensures smoothies are really tasty

Kitchen assistant / support staff:

  • Help the chef / cook in the kitchen
  • Ensures all necessary cooking ingredients are in stock.
  • Shopping for the chef / each chef team
  • Keeps the kitchen of the truck clean and hygienic.
  • Responsi If necessary, wash dishes, dishes and dishes.
  • Help pack food and snacks.
  • Responsible for transporting packaged products from kitchen to cabinet / point of sale
  • Make sure different types of drinks are in the fridge at the same time (replace them as soon as they are sold)
  • Any other responsibility assigned by the hierarchical superior


  • interacts with our valued customers
  • Collect the orders and deliver the products according to customers’ requirements after payment
  • Keeps proper record of daily sales and then checks in with the cashier
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the refrigerator and all products for sale
  • All other tasks assigned by the COO


  • Receives payments on behalf of the business (POS, cash, mobile money, etc.)
  • issues receipts to customers
  • Prepare a financial statement at the end of each work week
  • Performs all financial transactions on behalf of the company
  • All other tasks assigned by the COO


  • Responsible for driving the truck to the point of sale and back to base
  • Provides a uniform truck shape
  • Provides a truck maintenance schedule. strictly enforced
  • Responsible for renewing driving license, CE insurance and any other vehicle documentation within the specified timeframe
  • All other tasks assigned by the restaurant manager

Office administrator:

  • Responsible for managing daily back office activities
  • Prepare payroll for the organization
  • Prepare the organization’s monthly financial statements
  • Interact with vendors and third party vendors (beverage vendors, raw food vendors and service team, etc.) al)
  • Respond to inquiries on behalf of the business
  • Manage phone calls for a business
  • Company email and website management
  • Interacts with our bankers (cash packages, checks and bank checks, etc.)
  • Responsible for paying taxes, fees and utility bills
  • All other tasks assigned by the COO
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